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Vicky ran down gearing her shouting a loud.  Bhabhi. He called her holding her shoulder. Vicky maan. He… maan… he killed him… my maan… Vicky… she blabbered continuously. Bhabhi. But she just faint in his arm calling maan name again and again. Bhabhi .. Bhabhi .. he patted her cheeks many time but she didn’t open her eyes. Poor soul dropped down saying his name in her unconscious state too.








Vicky stood outside of I.C.U room worried. What have happened so suddenly that geet fainted? Why was she saying maan is being killed? It’s been an hour and still he can’t reach maan. Where is he? What have happened to him?  Why is he not picking his phone? 



There were lots of question in his mind but nothing is being answered. He brought her to hospital calling mom in his way. They will be coming soon with geet reports which doctors wanted to see before doing any checkup on her.




He sat in a chair remembering how she was only calling maan name even in her unconscious state. Suddenly a nurse came out, he stood up. Sir, Mrs. Khurana is not seems to listen us. Please can u come? He nodded and hurriedly entered the room to find her crying and yelling a loud. Choro mujhe.. mujhe jaana hai.. Choro.





He sat besides her taking him in his arms. Bhabhi..


Vicky, mera maan Vicky… mujhe maan k paas jaana hai.He nodded cupping her face. Haan Bhabhi.. Calm down please.. She holds him tight crying hard.  He strokes her hair saying her to calm down. She holds him back crying for some time. He couldn’t speak or say something, he was himself feeling so confused with whatever was going on.






After sometime she moves back holding his collars. I want to see maan… please Vicky… he wipe her tears. Yes Bhabhi. He will come.



No… He.. He killed maan… brij killed him..



Vicky looks at her shocked. Bhabhi. She cried and hugs him. Vicky was shocked for little moment. How can this happen? Brij. He.  He killed bro?  No.. This can’t be happening. 





He hug ger tight not able to believe but this moment he have to calm her down, her state was only wording which is not good. But his tears didn’t stop and rolled down.






A nurse came telling him they have to take her for checkup as Annie and mom brought her previous results. He nodded and wipes his tear moving back. Bhabhi. Don’t cry please. She shake her head, h cup her face in his palm. I will bring bro back. But you have to be calm. Please.






She sniffs looking at him searching in his eyes but he blinked assuring her. The nurse gave her injection, she stare at him while he made her lie down wiping her tears and move her hair from her face. She hold his hand mumbling something which he couldn’t get as she slept soon but still calling his name again and again.







Vicky came out and saw mom and Annie. Should ger say mom about what geet told her?  But it will only make the situation worse than before. Geet kaisi hai? He looks at his mom and nodded slightly sitting on the bench. Maan ka phone aya? She again asked sitting beside him. He stares down at floor not knowing what he should answer her. What will he tell her? 





His son is no more?  How can he say that the strongest pillar of their family is no more? How will he make her understand? How will he hold the whole situation alone? What will he do with Geet? She has listed all her senses, not even listening to anything. How will he make her understand her life is gone? What will he do now? Everything seems so shattered, what have god done to their life?






Precap: geet results







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He silently starts the car and drove to home but didn’t let go of her hand. They reached home and sat there for little moment not wanting to leave each other’s hold only if dev wouldn’t have shown up giving a teasing smile to maan. Geet reluctantly release ger hold and went inside leaving them alone.



She enters the house and straight way entre her room. Maan sat in living room with all but his mind was only on her. What if she rejects him after what he said? What if he doesn’t want to wait for him? What is she doesn’t agree to wait for him?



But he can’t blame her if she doesn’t agree. Of course this may be really very difficult for her to make decision of ger whole life and that too so suddenly. He sighed looking up at all. They all are so happy and already dreaming about their future which he himself doesn’t know where is leading.




Later Sam entered their room but didn’t find geet WO she went to balcony, which is her most usual place. She was sitting curled in a corner looking up at the sun. She sat beside her. Geet. She turns to look at ger. Is there anything troubling you? She looks straight for some time and then slowly shakes her head which made Sam sigh sadly. She never ever shares an anything to her. Ok… Samar called. He and his parents are coming in evening.






This bring a slight smile on her face, she nods her head wake up going out. Sam can never understand the relation she shares with Samar and his parents. She never understand how can she call them mom and dad. She gives them the exact place which is for their mom and dad.






All sat on dining table eating, geet was sitting beside maan. Dev observed them. They both seemed really quiet after coming from college. He absorbs the sad look on maan eyes all the while and geet staying away from all. What have happened? Maybe geet is still angry with him or something else.





After finishing the food all went leaving four of them alone. Sam looks at both of them and looks at dev with raised eyebrow who shrugged his shoulder looking at them. They both knew by than they needs sometime for alone so quietly went away.






Maan look at ger from former of his eyes playing with ger food and clear his throat. She look at him, he smile weekly by which she too smile just a little and look down. Agar aap aakar mujhe bhool jaaye to?  Maan look at her listening every single word attenditly and smile when she finishes.





I can never forget you. She sighed looking down and slowly stood up. I… I will wait for you. Saying this she went inside the kitchen





While maan sat there, what does she mean by waiting? Where am I going? Then he remembers mentioning her about his going away and that’s when he understands what she means.






He stood immediately and went standing beside her.You… you mean yes? He asked looking at ger excitedly.  She fidgets with the plate for some time, than keep it down nodding her head slowly.






He smiled happily holding her arm making her face him. She looks at his eyes which have so much happiness just because of her. There were so much peace and so Much love which never have seen for her ever. He slowly cups her face looking deep in her eyes which were searching his from one to another.






Slowly leaning forward he kiss her forward and keep his head on hers. She smile with her close eyes moving her hand and very softly hold his shirt for the first time feeling his warmness which brought a new and some sweet feeling in her.






Precap:  samar parent judging maan….





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. Yes he love her, but not the way she do… like a mad person, without any limits, without any expectations, nothing… his llove can never be campared wiuth hers, that’s impossible. You searched for me five years… she hates to see him in this condition, his mere love is everything she wants now nothing more or nothing less… they have siffered enough but not anymore.. They need to be happy, and will be… she will take a first step and will make sure to remove these laments from his heart…  You love me. She whispered kissing his lips and keeps her herself in his embrace…






Next morning when he woke up but didn’t find geet or Khushi in the bed. Changing his cloths and dredging up he went to Khushi room only to find her sitting on bed playing with her Teddy bear and geet packing her cloths.





Mama Meri pink dress bhi. He saw her ordering while geet just doing what she was saying. He sat beside Khushi silently and watches geet keeping everything which will be needed by her.






Seems like someone is really excited? He taunts Khushi picking one of her toy. She look at him and then at geet who only smile at them. Papa. She sat on his lap kissing his cheek. I’m really happy papa. She said excitedly not noticing his sad look. Geet smile seeing both and continues with her work.





Yea of course.  By leaving me… you will be happy… she pout moving her arm around his neck. Papa please. He looks at her and twists his lips bringing her more close to him. Why asking me? When your lovely mamma is doing everything.





At this geet chuckled and came sitting beside him. She look at his eyes, he know this sadness is because of yesterday, her heart drenched yesterday by his every words. He was so guilty and so sad. She has never ever seen him in this condition. May be five tears of every guilt came out of him yesterday.






Her heart ached with the thought even that how lonely he had been during these years; he must have suffered a lot to only let out all his sorrow to her. She only know how week he is from inside although he shows himself the strongest person to the whole world but only to him he can show his weakness and sorrows.






But what could she do? His trusting stupid act again have brought trouble in their life which for once have brought the memories of past in her heart and she is now really very week to even trust him for once. It may be really hard for him to build up everything from beginning.







Mama khushi voice brought her back, and she saw both of them looking at her. Mama look… papa is blackmailing me. She pouts cutely which made her smile and look at maan. He sighed resting his back on her wanting her warm embrace at that moment. Not wasting anytime she tightly hugs him kissing the back of his ear.







Can she not stay? He asked her but look at Khushi who was looking both with her most innocent look. Maan. Let her go and enjoy please. He sighed nodding his head to Which Khushi Hug him. Love you papa.






She ran out when her Dadi called from outside leaving both alone. I will miss her. She giggles tightening her hold around him.Am I not here for you? He looks up at her and smile weekly turning around hugging her keeping his head above her chest. I’m really sorry. He whispered slowly. She brushes his hair kissing them.Don’t say that again and again ok. He just kisses her neck and again keep his head closing his eyes.






She continuous to bush his hair and stoke his cheek from other hand.Let’s go somewhere maan. He frowned opening his eyes moving back and look at her. Going out at this time?  But they have to drop Khushi to school.







As if she read his mind she smiles sweetly cupping his face.I want to go with you away from all this, this place. Just me and you. Let’s start from beginning.  He just looks at her in awe. How can she make everything so simple for him? He was just out of his thoughts to how to make their relation again start and here she brings the solution and that too with such a brilliant thought.







We both. She giggles nodding her head. Yes. I have booked the tickets for Malaysia.  He hugs ger tight, why she loves him so much? Even after making such a biggest mistake she is only thinking about him and still wanting to give him a chance as always. He must be the luckiest person in the whole world.





Precap: honeymoon







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But I hate this. First he gives me Indian cloths and now… this… I not yet married. She said angrily but soon realized, maan smile while anjali look at her with raised eyebrow. She turns deep red by her own word. Soon anjali and maan again start laughing at ger. Aagghh.  I hate you both. With that she slams the phone and ran out, embarrassed by her own choice of word.






 Next day maan happily entered the handa mansion which was almost filled with lots of people. He searched and spotted anjali standing with lots of people surrounded around her. His parents were also busy but where is she?  She went to sonali but she was also with someone else so he simply walks toward anjali.






Anjali. She turns around and smiles, excusing from all. Where is geet? At this anjali giggle. In her room. Go bring her down. He smile weekly and went to ger room. Why is she not down when everybody is already here?








Opening the door he stood rooted seeing her wrapped in his sari standing in front of mirror adjusting it and complaining sweetly.Babaji, kaha phasa diya aapne… yes maan bhuli Na… sari pehna diya mujhe… she pouted cutely looking at herself.








But soon saw his reflection behind her on mirror. He smile Turning her around circling his arms around her waist. Babaji se meri shikayat kar rahi ho?  She pouts looking at him. His hand moves up and down stroking her bare back, he stopped at her waist and caress her skin.








She shudders with the tilling feeling and look down shyly. He can see ger turning pink slowly and loved that color on ger cheek. She was looking not less than an angel from a salt fallen down only for him. So pure, so innocent, so sweet and the cutest thing in the world.









How can he be so much lucky having her, may be god loves him a lot giving him the most beautiful girl from inside and Outside. No one can be this much lucky than him. He move close kissing her cheek softly than reach down to her jaw line and then again move to her lips brushing his lips.









She move her arm around his neck moving back while he step ahead until she hit the wall with still their lips brushing continuously. You look beautiful. She smiles rubbing her nose with him. I hate you. She whispered making him chuckled. But you look nice.







She put her lips moving back and rest on wall. Seriously… you really look like a… she frowned but he smirked moving close and wisphered. Married woman. She gasped hitting his chest Euler he laugh at her red face.







Chaddo… she pushes him passing but he holds her waist hugging her from back. Hmm… She smiles feeling his arms holding tightly around her stomach, his breath. Her neck which turned to soft and short kisses making her gasped lightly and close her eyes.







Soon she feels a cold texture touching her skin, opening her eyes she looks down at his hands to find a beautiful diamond waist band around her. Maan. She whispered holding the single line chain which was filled with diamonds. Ssshhh… Kissing behind her ears he locks his arms around her stomach under her sari.







Just a little gift for my angel. She turns around cupping his cheek.This is not little... he smile wiping a single drop of tear in corner of her eye with his thumb. It is nothing infront of my geet… you are evrythjng for me… a long line dropped from her eyes reading the depth of love in his words and eyes. Moving close she kiss his cheek and keep her head on his chest.






Both come down from stares holding hands. The moment all saw her; almost everybody just stares at the beauty.  She looks down and went to her father and brothers.  They look at her with their wide open eyes. Maan move his hand to her waist pushing her lightly to mohinder.






Papa. She looks at him shyly. Baby. Is that you? He asked jokingly hugging her tight. Ajay and brij kiss her cheek sweetly. How did you wear this? Anjali came forward. Maan gave her this sari. All three look at him thanking him from their eyes.Must say. Today you look little matured. Ajay joked by which he receive a smack on his arm. Brij giggle cupping her face and kiss her forehead.





Precap: Ooppss Mr. Savior also in wedding








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It was a long night for him, the most terrible and restless night which she turned into most passionate and lovely. He brings her in his embrace kissing ger forehead. Thank you. He whispered on her lips. She smile stroking his arm still feeling him inside her, her eyes were closed with the feeling he always build on her.






She feels the morning sun, move her arm on maan side but it was empty. She frowned and open her eyes, where have he gone?  Maan… she called him but there was no answer. Holding the spread around her she goes to washroom opening the door but it was also empty. Maan… It was early morning how can he leave without even telling her?  He was not well yesterday night. Something was troubling him and in this state he has to go to office. She sighed sadly and lied down not feeling much good.









Maan stood outside his car waiting for brij. He left early morning to not disturb geet sleep, she was looking little pale, plus he didn’t wanted to answer any of her questions. She is still angry with him and he don’t want her to be more upset by him hiding something from her and that too such a big thing.






After a long time he saw a car zooming to him and stood in front. There comes out brij with his two men. He gave him a smile and stand in front of him.









She come down after half an hour and saw Vicky and Annie on dining table. Morning Bhabhi. She smile and sat in-between them. Where’s bro?





He went early. She said sadly pouring tea.





Vicky looks at her sad face, why is he seeing things getting bad between them. There was always an understanding between them which can’t be seen now. He prayed for them to bring the love in their life like before.







Nice meeting you maan khurana. He shakes his hand with him but maan clenched his hand, wanting to punch his dirty face at the moment but he has his own plans. He staid quite and move his hand away from him. I’m here to warn you brij. He points a finger to him. Stay away from geet.






At this brij suppressed a giggle shaking his head. Of course why not. Only if she sign the property papers.







Don’t be sad Bhabhi. He will come soon. Vicky tried to console ger when both were alone in living room. If you say coming 1am home is soon. Than yea your right. She said scarcely and rolled her eyes. Vicky looks down. He is all the time thinking about his work only. I really can’t take it anymore.






Vicky looks at her surprised. She was the only one who always have supported him and never complained for once about his late coming or concentrating his work more but what happening to her now? May be she needs sometime for her, which is not wrong at all. They barely spend time together.






That’s never going to happen. Maan gave him a deathly glare while brij chuckled. Ok than. Let’s play a game now. With that he eyed his men who went behind maan one holding his hand behind his back and another from front. He fidgeted from their hold but they were too strong from him.  Brij chuckled and take his cell dialing a number and putting it on speaker.






Hello. The voice make maan froze in his place. Brij called geet, he smile in his victory but maan stood their shocked. This was the thing he was scaring off, including geet in this. This will really scare her.






Hey geet. Brij says taking ger breath away. Her eyes become wide in shock. Brij. He called her… but why??  She stood there alone terrified. Remember me? He asked looking at maan.  Let’s give you a surprise. Your husband is in front of me with a gun pointed in his head. He said taking a gun out pointing to him.







A loud gasp escapes from her mouth. Maan. She whispered not sure if this was true or not.  What if brij is just tricking with her but what if maan is really with him. Maan. She called again to hear at least a voice of him so she can be confirmed.







Geet. I’m ok. I’m ok. he said trying really hard to move away from the men but was not able to. Brij laugh a loud. Maan. What are you doing there? She called with here cracked voice, oh geet. See what is happening. You listed your father and now are your husband turn.






NO… she yelled a loud… no please. Please brij… don’t do anything to maan… please… she begged him crying hard. It’s too late now Sisi.






Maan look behind brij and saw all his detectives and police were there but they can’t move from their place. This was the moment where ger was unable to think anything. Brij invoked geet purposely to weekend him.  Geet. He called her but could here only her begging and cries. Brij please… please leave him… please… Nothing went to brij ear and he laughs a loud.






She was begging him when suddenly she hears a loud sound. Thrush. A gun was shooting. A gun shot on his heart making him yelp in pain and slam on ground. She gasped but was unable to say a word. Geet. She can a small wimps from his lips and suddenly there were many shots and the phone dead. Maan… maan… she shouted a loud crying hard. Maan say something… maan… but there was nothing but only ring going one.







Vicky ran down gearing her shouting a loud.  Bhabhi. He called her holding her shoulder. Vicky maan. He… maan… he killed him… my maan… Vicky… she blabbered continuously. Bhabhi. But she just faint in his arm calling maan name again and again. Bhabhi. Bhabhi… he patted her cheeks many time but she didn’t open her eyes. Poor soul dropped down saying his name in her unconscious state too.














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Mujhe is rishte se koi aitraaz nahi. He look at her lovingly. Infact I would be really happy… but I just need one thing…he take his time and then say.Time. I need little time. Jab tak tum apna MBA katam Karo aur main apna business.






She stayed quiet listening to Jim while he was busy in her eyes searching for some answer. He wanted her to say something but she just stares at him with her usual blank eyes and said nothing.






When she didn’t reply but just look at him he continues. Geet. I have not answer dadi yet, because I want to know you decision first. She looks at him. If you have any problem, you can reject this marriage, main sab sambhaal lunga, par tumaari Marzi k bina kuch nahi hoga. She looks at him in awe. This was the first time ever someone asked for her decision, no one ever asked for what she feels or never have anyone asked her opinion except Samar and his mom dad.







She looks at him in so much respectful eyes.You can think about it and take as much time you can. He looks at her eyes but find her blankly looking at him. He was already feeling nervous how will she react after his confession but here she was sitting starring at him giving not a single hint from her expression.







Geet. He called to ger but she still continuous to look at him. If you need time. Then why didn’t you rejected me? She asked from nowhere, he smile looking down and hesitated for some time but finally hold her hand. She looks down at his hold. I was all ready for that. He softly strokes his thumb on her skin. But you have become very special for me. She looks at their hold but maan could see her turning bright, he tightened his hold still stroking her finger with his thumb.







Par tumaari Marzi k khilaaf kuch nahi hoga. She inhaled for air; his strikes were only making her week to even say a word. His every word was building a new feeling inside her making her so week to even look up at him for a glimpse. My life is all yours now. Accept it or reject it. He whispered moving close to her she immediately closes ger eyes and ger hold tightened. Geet. It took a moment for her to open her eyes slowly and again concentrate on their hands.






The choice is yours now. He whispered softly removing a strand behind her ear. I’m all yours. His lips move close to her ears, her breath caught on her throat, she gasped lightly feeling his breath on her skin behind her ear.








He was almost loosing himself, wanting you feel her skin for just one time. Wanting to at least kiss her skin soft skin, he hide his face on her nape inhaling her sweet aroma, he was about to touch his lips on the skin of ger neck when. Suddenly loud noise of mobile ringing brings both in reality.







He sighed and moves away slowly without removing his hand on hers. She nervously put ger hair behind her ear and quickly answers the phone. Sam was calling her to come home quick but she was still lost in him. Still feeling his soft breath on her skin. She sighed mumbling to Sam just an ok and disconnect the call.







Both sat in silence for sometime avoiding looking at each other’s.  He was only looking out while she was looking down on her lap in pin drop silence. The only thing which was connecting both was the hold of the hand. It was still tight from both. No one was willing leave but was not sure how to talk.







They sat for some time, not once looking at each other’s but still their heart was in peace, not once did they cursed or felt guilty about their moments but they were only feeling damn shy.  He looks down at their hand and brings it up to his lips pressing a soft and long kiss keeping her hand on his lips for longer time.








Moving it back he strokes his thumb and look at her finding her looking outside. Geet. She sighed and slowly looks up at him. His eyes were only looking in her eyes searching for an answer still. She didn’t say a word; she didn’t once try to protest even. She didn’t show any sign of protest yet any sign of agreement.







He silently starts the car and drove to home but didn’t let go of her hand. They reached home and sat there for little moment not wanting to leave each other’s hold only if dev wouldn’t have shown up giving a teasing smile to maan. Geet reluctantly release ger hold and went inside leaving them alone.










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Finally his get smiled at him. Somewhere he have lost the battle but still she have given him the biggest hope and the biggest strength to try again, to win ger heart again and this time he won’t leave a single chance.






She made Khushi sleep in their room, maan was not home, after she spoke to him he went don’t know where. She didn’t asked him giving him sometime for alone to think. She lied beside Khushi who was in her deep sleep. But geet sleep was far gone. How things changed in few days. Everything was going so smoothly, everything was in their way and suddenly this happened.






She sighed and looks at Khushi. How lucky she is who get every attentions, care, pampering from maan. He behaves so different with her. She just loves it and those cares made her convince to forget everything and give him a chance to prove himself once again. She doesn’t know how long she has to crave but no matter how long she will wait for him.







She was in her thoughts when she feels strong arm around her waist and maan body behind her. She keeps her hand on his arm. Aa gahe. He didn’t reply but hold her tight moving his face to her neck. I always got everything in my life. Every single thing I wanted and always want. She smiles moving her hand up and down on his arm around her. And it was, is and will always be because of you only. You gave me happiness, name, fame, money, love, Khushi and much more. She closed her eyes with a sweet smile.







But I gave you, more than that… I gave you pain, laments, remorse, hurt and snatch your all happiness. She opens her eyes frowning and grid to turn but he didn’t let her.I destroyed your life; I didn’t once try to fulfill your desire, not once thought what you like and what not. She was shocked beyond words. He is speaking so helplessly which she hates the most. The tears in his eyes drop on her skin making her more restless.







Maan. She called him but he continued. Why you love me? Why you always forgive me geet? I hate myself. I hate it.. Hatehe starts crying letting all the burden of his heart to come out. She was unable to take anymore words from his mouth and turn around hugging him tight. But he didn’t stop mumbling again and again between his sobs. I’m sorry.. Sorry.






She holds him tight consoling him rubbing his back. Ssshhh. Bus. Ssshhh He cried a lot soaking her with his tears, her heart drenched by seeing him like this. Maan. Bus… her career him saying him to calm down again and again. 



After a long time she felt him calm down and his sobs finally reduced, She moves back wiping his tears while her own eyes were red due to crying. Don’t ever say that. She whispered cupping his cheek. You are everything for me. He shakes his head looking down but she made him look at her.If you think I’m unlucky to have you. Then you should make me feel the luckiest person in the world. He looks at her sniffing, than thought for some time. Yes he will, he will do anything for her, now he will live his life only for her. He will do what she wants now. Will you? She asked stroking his cheek. He nodded innocently while she smile and kiss his forehead. He holds her waist and brings her in his embrace promising himself about certain things.




Both close their eyes but coudnt sleep.. how can you love me so much? He wisphered stroking her hair. She smile and wisphered softly. You love me too..




Not like you… there was some sadness in his voice. Yes he love her, but not the way she do… like a mad person, without any limits, without any expectations, nothing… his llove can never be campared wiuth hers, that’s impossible. You searched for me five years… she hates to see him in this condition, his mere love is everything she wants now nothing more or nothing less… they have siffered enough but not anymore.. They need to be happy, and will be… she will take a first step and will make sure to remove these laments from his heart…  You love me. She whispered kissing his lips and keeps her herself in his embrace…

















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