They felt like heaven feeling do close to each others in such a less time. This is really beautiful.

Maan sit on the sand making geet sit beside him holding her hand. This is really beautiful. She smile looking down at their hands And blushed remembering what happened few moment ago. How they have came so close to each others in just a day. She never has thought in her life that she can be this much happy and smiling with someone. But maan changed her life the day he came and now living without him is like impossible for her. He has given her so much happiness that it seems impossible to forget him.. Spending time with him always gives her some peace which she never has felt in her life.. Not even if she was with Samar.. Something different she feels being with him..

Maan look at her finding her lost and smiled at her shining face even in the dim light. He admired her smile which has adored on her face the moment they came and is only widening making him know how happy she is. He doesn’t have to ask her anything.. Her beautiful face and hazel eyes always speak about everything she feels..

At first when he saw her laughing for the first time today his heart missed many beat by her sweet sound and brightening face. He promised himself at that moment only to keep that smile on her face always and give her every happiness of life. He will do anything to keep her happy because this smile has given him the biggest happiness which he never has felt before..

After sometime she keeps her head on his shoulder snuggling close holding his arm still holding his hand with other. Maan move his arm around her shoulder bringing her close to which she happily keep her head on his chest wrapping her arms around him.. He kisses her hair softly looking ahead..

I always used to come in this place alone. When I used to be sad. Kisi se baat Karne ka man nahi Hota to Yahi aati ti.

Looking up at him she smiles. But today you made it different. I can never forget this night. Thank you.

Maan put his finger on her lip not letting her to complete.. Moving his finger to her cheek he caresses her skin. I can do anything to make you smile. She smile and close her eyes when his thumb stroke her lip. Moving close he brush his lips with her again bringing her in his embrace. She happily keeps her head on his chest both looking ahead.

They stayed in beach for some hours and when it was late night maan decided they should go at their room. Holding their hand he let her to her room she smile entering inside. But he too enters and looks at her room.

Geet came from washroom but was shocked to find him still there sitting on bed reading her diary. But she didn’t mind it because it’s her life he is reading and he gave her life to him only now. He should know everything about her life and she wanted to tell but can’t express..

He smile closing the diary and hold her hand making her lie down. Holding her hand he sat besides her stroking her cheek softly. Her eyes were open looking at him which was fixed on her skin. Bending down he softly kiss her cheek nuzzling his nose there making her shiver closing her eyes.

I will take your diary with me.. She smiles moving her finger on his hair making him sigh feeling her soft finger and kiss her jaw.. Geet.. A wisphere escaped from his lips to which she inhaled a deep breath feeling his breath falling on her skin.. Aapko jaana chaiye ab..

He move back at once looking at her eyes she look away but her cheeks were deep red making him smile and lean down to kiss her but she turn around mischief giving her back to him giggling.

Maan who was first shock but gained himself smirking. So she finally wants him to go Han.. But she doesn’t know him yet.. Geet smiles with her close eyes when she felt him standup and close the lights. The voice of door gave her idea that he has left the room.

Smiling she was about to sleep when his strong arms engulf her from back. Maan.. She gasped loudly but he holds her tight

Ssshhh geet. I’m tired.. Let me sleep sweetheart.

Now how can she deny him. Biting her lip she looks down at his hand covering her and shied to the level they have gone. She never thought that they can get so close in just a day.. But nothing seems wrong Infact it all seems so beautiful..

He snuggle close keeping his head on her neck kissing her soft milky skin. She closed her eyes feeling his soft breath and soft kisses from her neck to jaw.

He kissed her few time but she didn’t move which made him chuckle and sleep behind her keeping his face on her hair inhaling her shampoo. She waited until his breath becomes soft making her know he has slept.

Slowly she turns around and looks at him. So calm and handsome. Moving her finger she softly trace his jaw line and lean kissing his chin very softly not wanting to disturb his sleep. Snuggling close she hide her face in his chest while his arms hold her waist bringing her more close.






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He assured him and went to all.Well guys. I think we should let the love birds give sometime. Geet look down instantly by the look of dev and all giving her and maan. While giggling Sam hold her hand. Hmm. Chalo.. With that she drags her to their room and dev made maan enter inside closing the door behind. Take your time bro. Dev yelled making maan chuckled shaking his head,







He turns around to find her standing, holding the handle of bed looking down nervously. Geet. He stood in front of her.  She tightly holds the bed nervous being alone with him. His closeness raise her heartbeat in such a level they she also don’t know how to calm it. 

He slowly move close holding her arm softly, her breath stopped and eyes closed feeling him coming closer. He look at her eyes and red cheek.. Smiling he kiss her forehead and very slowly bring her in his strong embrace to calm her nervousness.





She slowly circled her arms around his waist keeping her head on his chest, hearing his steady heartbeat which was beating as fast as hers. As smile crept on her cheek understanding she is not the only one to be in this situation but he too feels the same for her. His heart also beats sane like her when they are close. They stayed like this until he felt her calm down and hold his shirt tight. He kisses her head tightening his hold around her.





You are becoming something special for me geet.  She smiles turning her head looking out of window but still hearing his thudding heart.  I can’t bear to lose you. He whispered stroking her hair.  She closed her eyes feeling his soft fingers on her scalp. I need to tell you something really important. She moves a little back looking at him. He keeps his hand on her cheek. I will go to London after here geet.. I don’t know how much time will it take to settle my business there..




She just smiles looking at him. It’s ok. Maine kaha Na. I will wait for you. he sighed looking at this girl who he have met just few days and here she is ready to wait for him when even he also don’t know how long will he take. He stayed quiet looking at her gathering the courage to say the next thing. Like she understand his inner turmoil so look at him curiously.



If I took too long.. Please don’t wait for me.. She frowned looking at him confused but he cups her face looking deep in her lovely eyes.I want to see you happy.. Always..



If.. If I didn’t come… move on with someone….  but she keeps her palm on his lips not letting him to complete. How can he even think like that? Her eyes glitter in tears, just now he has given so many hopes to her and now he is saying her to leave him just like that. Shaking her head she didn’t wanted him to continue.





He could read the pain in her eyes. It really hurts to even think.. But I can’t see you in pain.. she shake her head not wanting him to say anything and hug him close fearing he may just vanish fearing for the new feeling she have just felt will go just like it came to her.





This was really hard for him. He can’t even thing his life without her now. She has become so much important to him who he doesn’t know when and how. But he can’t ignore that his business is not as easy and settling it may take too long. But he will never want anyone in their family to question her or put her again in such a situation. She has a life and has every right to live it like she wants.





Dipping his head on her head he inhaled her aroma trying to forget everything and live this moment forever.  She could feel his heavy breath and rapid heartbeat.  She could feel him restless; there was some intense fear in his voice. His heart beat was thudding so loud that she was able to hear it clearly. Moving back she keep his face in-between her palms, there was a small tears at the corner of his eyes which tear her heart.  She hates to see him like this.




Moving close she just brush her lips with his keeping them just there.  A sudden child ran to their body feeling the softness of each other’s lips. His hand move to her cheek to her hair. Bringing her lips more close to him feeling her soft texture which makes him amuse. Her lips tasted so good. It felt like heaved to both and they didn’t want to be apart from each others. Her hand caress his cheek with her thumb by which he open his eyes looking at her angelic face. Her eyes were close but there was such happiness in her face which he can read clearly. They keep their lips just touching for a long time not moving away or not even deepening it.



She moves a little away whispering softly. You will come back.. Very soon. He sighed and hugs her, holding her waist crushing her petite body with his, raising her a little so their height match. She crossed her arms around his neck hiding her face on his neck. It feel so good, so warm yet so special like this place is made for her only. She is only made to be so close to him. He is hers only and she can do anything to make him feel special.




Aap dobara aisi baat nahi karenge.. She mumbled when he put her down but didn’t let her go from his arm. He looks at her sadly but she keeps her hand on his cheek. I won’t.. I just want to spend my time with you. But here being with all its rarely possible.



She heard all his words and thought for some time for some solution to his problem.  She can do anything to bring happiness in his face. .Main aapka intizaar karungi. Aur aap zaroor aayenge mere paas, He has become the person. For whom she feels something really very special and now she wants him to feel it. She wants him to feel special. She will make his Wish come true, she will do whatever he likes..



Precap:  visiting other place…..



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Mujhe is rishte se koi aitraaz nahi. He look at her lovingly. Infact I would be really happy… but I just need one thing…he take his time and then say.Time. I need little time. Jab tak tum apna MBA katam Karo aur main apna business.






She stayed quiet listening to Jim while he was busy in her eyes searching for some answer. He wanted her to say something but she just stares at him with her usual blank eyes and said nothing.






When she didn’t reply but just look at him he continues. Geet. I have not answer dadi yet, because I want to know you decision first. She looks at him. If you have any problem, you can reject this marriage, main sab sambhaal lunga, par tumaari Marzi k bina kuch nahi hoga. She looks at him in awe. This was the first time ever someone asked for her decision, no one ever asked for what she feels or never have anyone asked her opinion except Samar and his mom dad.







She looks at him in so much respectful eyes.You can think about it and take as much time you can. He looks at her eyes but find her blankly looking at him. He was already feeling nervous how will she react after his confession but here she was sitting starring at him giving not a single hint from her expression.







Geet. He called to ger but she still continuous to look at him. If you need time. Then why didn’t you rejected me? She asked from nowhere, he smile looking down and hesitated for some time but finally hold her hand. She looks down at his hold. I was all ready for that. He softly strokes his thumb on her skin. But you have become very special for me. She looks at their hold but maan could see her turning bright, he tightened his hold still stroking her finger with his thumb.







Par tumaari Marzi k khilaaf kuch nahi hoga. She inhaled for air; his strikes were only making her week to even say a word. His every word was building a new feeling inside her making her so week to even look up at him for a glimpse. My life is all yours now. Accept it or reject it. He whispered moving close to her she immediately closes ger eyes and ger hold tightened. Geet. It took a moment for her to open her eyes slowly and again concentrate on their hands.






The choice is yours now. He whispered softly removing a strand behind her ear. I’m all yours. His lips move close to her ears, her breath caught on her throat, she gasped lightly feeling his breath on her skin behind her ear.








He was almost loosing himself, wanting you feel her skin for just one time. Wanting to at least kiss her skin soft skin, he hide his face on her nape inhaling her sweet aroma, he was about to touch his lips on the skin of ger neck when. Suddenly loud noise of mobile ringing brings both in reality.







He sighed and moves away slowly without removing his hand on hers. She nervously put ger hair behind her ear and quickly answers the phone. Sam was calling her to come home quick but she was still lost in him. Still feeling his soft breath on her skin. She sighed mumbling to Sam just an ok and disconnect the call.







Both sat in silence for sometime avoiding looking at each other’s.  He was only looking out while she was looking down on her lap in pin drop silence. The only thing which was connecting both was the hold of the hand. It was still tight from both. No one was willing leave but was not sure how to talk.







They sat for some time, not once looking at each other’s but still their heart was in peace, not once did they cursed or felt guilty about their moments but they were only feeling damn shy.  He looks down at their hand and brings it up to his lips pressing a soft and long kiss keeping her hand on his lips for longer time.








Moving it back he strokes his thumb and look at her finding her looking outside. Geet. She sighed and slowly looks up at him. His eyes were only looking in her eyes searching for an answer still. She didn’t say a word; she didn’t once try to protest even. She didn’t show any sign of protest yet any sign of agreement.







He silently starts the car and drove to home but didn’t let go of her hand. They reached home and sat there for little moment not wanting to leave each other’s hold only if dev wouldn’t have shown up giving a teasing smile to maan. Geet reluctantly release ger hold and went inside leaving them alone.










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You want to know?  Than listen. My detective came to know about brij. He is being trapped. Very soon Vicky. And I don’t want geet to know anything about it. Vicky frowned. I don’t want her to suffer more. She should forget everything. Only happiness.



Vicky sat there listening to his plans. Brij is the person who is stalking geet from months. He looks at him shocked.Yes. When geet told me about this in hospital than I increased the security in our mansion and behind geet. A week ago I came to know he is brij. He is behind geet.



What will we do now? Maan sighed and open his mouth to talk when Annie entre the room. Bhabhi is calling, food is ready and all here. Vicky and maan nodded and stood up.








All start eating together before chachu going back. Geet sat beside maan but didn’t look at him for once. He moves his hand to her thigh slowly under the table. She was putting a spoon in her mouth but stopped for a while feeling his hand and again start eating. His hand reaches till her waist softly stroking her making hard for her to giggle by the tickling sensation. He smiles inwardly seeing a small smile in her lips. He knows this trick will work as his sweet wife is so much ticklish.




She holds his arm removing his hand but he holds her hand keeping it on his thigh. She didn’t remove her hand and start eating with other hand. It was so good being here. Chachi said smiling and look at all. Geet smile. Yes. Hope the engagement have occurred soon.. but… all look down sighing. Geet slowly move her hand and put it above the table which maan didn’t like.Maan said he will arrange a big party after engagement.  For the project. All smile looking at maan but he look down only. You all have to come a week or two week before. Mom tried to protest. No Bhabhi. You all have to. Geet smile delighted, hopefully their maan can leave his work for at least a week and they can spend some time.






Chachu. All will be there before two weeks, but I won’t be able to. Geet look at him curiously, he glance at her and look at chachu. I can’t leave my work. I can only come a day before. He nodded his head but geet become really upset. Can’t he even leave his work for a while?






Suddenly he gets a call from office.Fine I’m coming. With that he stood up and went to their room. Vicky looks at geet and knows well she must be upset. Bhabhi. He whispered but geet stood up and leave the table saying she is done. He sighed shaking his head. When finally everything are going well. Then also bro can’t leave his work for a while and concentrate to his wife who have supported him always and never complained knowing how much pressurized he will be. But bro can’t even do a single thing for her.








She entre their room finding him in his phone, without a word she take his office cloth out and keep them on bed.  He hang the phone and turn to her, she was removing her bangles in front of mirror when he hug her from behind kissing her shoulder. I will try to come soon. He speaks softly noticing her puffed cheek and avoiding any eye contact with him. It’s ok. You can take your time. She removes his hand and wanted to leave the room when he holds her wrist softly pulling her toward him holding her waist.Geet honey. You know I can’t go like this. She just looks down holding his button. He leans down kissing her soft cheek when his phone rang her move away leaving him.










He went to defective and they told him about brij and his contact number. Sir, we have to arrest him but for that we need prove. He nods his head. I know a way. With that he called his number, after few calls he pick the phone. Brij. I know it’s you. The other side was silence but he knows it was brij.I’m maan and I want to meet you personally. Brij took a moment and spoke up finally. Playing with me maan Singh khurana? Maan could hear him chuckled. He wanted to kill him on the spot. Whatever you think, but we have to. For your goods.




Fine. But no one else than you. Maan agreed indicating the detective the work is done. But brij was on the other side smile; he wanted to play his card too. He knows maan Singh khurana too well and knows he must be on something hut he knows what is the week point of this great maan. Geet.







Finishing his work with detective he tried to rush home to geet but to his dismay he has to go to office for some work. He knows geet must be waiting for him but things are only getting difficult for him to handle between her and his work and he know geet can wait but work can’t. 





He came home back in middle of night and find the entire house quiet. She must have gone to sleep. He also knows Chachu and everyone must have left to their place. He quietly made his way upstairs but someone caught his attention. Turning he saw geet sitting on dining table with her head resting on her arm sleeping there. He sighed and sat beside her on another chair touching her shoulder. Geet. She stirred a little opening  her eyes slowly. He smile, but she quietly got up warming the food, he went behind her standing beside her. I got busy. Work being hectic now a days. He tries to talk to her but she didn’t reply at all. I am really tired. He looks at her face, she always would kiss his cheek when he would prefer to be tired but today there was nothing. He touch her arm softly. I thought you will be sleeping. As usual she didn’t replied, taking the plates she put them on table and sat their quietly eating already. He sat and start eating looking up at her again and again but she didn’t look at him for once.








Precap: maan restless



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Opening her arm she called ger. Geet went and sat besides her hugging her. Anjali look behind to maan gesturing him to take her away. Moving back she keeps her hand on her cheek. Will you make something for me? I’m hungry. Geet smile weekly and kiss her cheek, standing maan move his arm around her shoulder and wipe her tears going out. Ajay look at them going and turn to Sanaya.




Aap Bari hai Bhabhi. But it doesn’t mean you can say anything to geet. She look at him and then at anjali but she look away. You don’t know what geet to all of us is. You have no idea if bhaiya and dad will listen it what they will do. Sanaya look scared at him. You are coming to our family. The first thing you should learn is to love geet. And that’s also the last thing. He said very sternly looking at her eyes.






Bhabhi. She looks at anjali. Please don’t speak to her like that again. She said in her week voice. Both stopped when they saw geet and maan at the door. Anjali smile indicating ajay.  He turns around and smile looking at them.






Geet come and put the tray on side table sitting besides her looking at her sadly. I’m really sorry Bhabhi. Anjali shake her head hugging her.No geet. Don’t say that. Moving back she carsses her cheek.






After sometime brij and mohinder also came there. Ajay told them the good news. Par yea sab kaise? Mohinder asked suddenly. Sanaya open her mouth to say something when maan move in front of ger. Anjali felt dizzy uncle. And see, geet thinks it’s because of her. Mohinder look at geet frowning. Ab yea sab geet ko Kon samjhaaye, yea sab to ajay ki wajah se hua hai. He statr laughing making all the man laugh a loud, anjali become deep red looking down in shame. Sanaya look away, ajay slap his back.





All look at geet who was having a confuse look. All rolled their eyes. Now who will make her understand? She never will try to find the meaning behind any words.






Mohinder asked brij to drop Sanaya. All the drive Sanaya tried to say brij, she indicated the entire incident to him keeping her eyes on him only wanting to see that look in his face but he was only smiling, listening about geet. When they reach the destination. She speaks up. Don’t you think, geet should learn to be responsible? He frowned looking at her. I mean. She is such a spoiled…. she stopped in her track when brij show his hand to her with full angry face. Not a word against geet. Pointing his finger to her he says. Mind that. She gulped and looks down slowly nodding her head.









Maan was going back to work which was the hardest thing, when geet is there to stop him his waist. Mat jaona.  He smiles caressing ger hair. Geet. Have some work. She makes a face, keeping her cheek on his chest. He leans down keeping his cheek on her hair. You are so busy now a day.






I know. She moves a step making him step back untill his back hit the wall. She moves her one hand on his chest moving close to his ear. Maan tried not to react, he know she is on purpose seducing him so can’t go. But he has to. She kisses his earlobe softly moving close to the corner of his lips.





Uncle. He shouts, papa she jerk away turning around with her wide eyes but didn’t find anyone. He laughs hugging her from back. Meri geet kaise darne lag gahi? She pushes him by her elbow turning around. It’s all because of you. He giggles holding her waist and moves her to the wall hiding his face on her neck nuzzling there. Her arm move around his neck.






Bhabhi. She whispered trying to love him but he push himself more on her. Maan Bhabhi. She again whispered and pushes him hard. He made an annoying face. She eyed him, he turn around to find anjali actually coming to her room. Both strengthen themselves and smile looking at her. Maan. You still here?  He looks down.Was just going. Bye. He said and almost ran making anjali giggle at his red face. He always becomes so shy in front of everyone.







Precap: wedding started






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They reached and she silently went to her room. Sameera words were still ringing in her mind. Suddenly her phone Rang. It was maan. Geet. She smile hearing his voice but soon frowned. Something was thief in his voice. It seems like he is stressed or nervous. You ok. He sighed closing his eyes.Hmm. Have one big meeting now. Wanted to gear your voice. She smile sitting on bed. I love you.


Love you too sweetheart.


Be yourself. He smiles. This voice has some magic which bring such a power in him to fight with anything possible. Wait for me.  Will be little late. She talked to him for some time until he was called for meeting.




It was almost 12 pm. Both Vicky and geet were sitting in living room and talking. Geet was sitting alone waiting for maan so Vicky sat beside her. So. How’s thing going between you? He smiles shyly.  Good. She is so quiet now with me.



Geet laugh putting her hand on his head. It happens. Give her time. He smiles nodding.



After sometime geet says. Vicky. Please don’t say maan about sameera. He looks at her and made an angry face. Why? Why not?



She will go after engagement. So let it is. He sighed shaking his head. They sat for another hour but maan was yet not back. He got tired and keeps his head on her lap closing his eyes. Geet smile looking down at him and tried to call maan. What’s taking him so long? After some ring he picks the call.



On my way honey. She sighed. Come fast.


Coming sweetie. Hanging the phone she takes the remote seeing the TV. But nothing was interesting for her. She just wanted to sleep in his arm but ger is not coming at all.



After sometime the main door opened and he stood there. She smile, he came and kiss her forehead sitting beside her and saw Vicky sleeping. Groaning loudly he smack his head waking his. Kya hai? Vicky said irritated and open his eyes.  Turning he saw maan giving him glare. What??  You were late. I felt sleepy. He said rubbing his head. Geet giggle looking at him and look at maan.



Why are you so late? He smile widely and kiss her cheek. Geet and Vicky look at him confuse. Guess what?  He asked but got nothing from them. He takes a file and show to both. Dad project is being purchased. He whispered looking both of them making them gasp loudly.




They ask together. He nodded smiling but soon crashed in a hug by both of them.Wow bro. You did it. You finally did it. He smiles at both. After sometime Vicky move back and geet kiss him.  He closes his eyes and ears yelling. Geez guys, control please. She giggles and move back keeping her head on his shoulder. Vicky gave them a dirty glare. You both just need a chance. Maan slap him while she laughs.



Vicky makes a face holding his cheek. Bhabhi. She hit his chest. Maan please. He grinned raising his eyebrow at maan who rolled his eyes. Stupid idiot.



Geet move back. Maan. How does it happen?


I got their call in morning. And there my whole day went on presenting site seeing discussing and many issues. And finally they agreed. Geet smile and hug him kissing his cheek.



Ok now let’s celebrated this. Both look at ger curiously.I will make something sweet. And ofcourse coffee for my maan. Kissing his cheek she went to kitchen getting busy while maan adore her with his love.






Precap: sagai cancel



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Bhabhi. He again called out looking at her with his puppy eyes. But she still look down now at maan and start brushing his hair. Please say something. Please. She finally looks up at him and finds him in urge of crying. Sorry. He whispered holding both his ears, she look down pouting. You know I can’t tolerate a word against Maan. Maan open his eyes, by her shaking voice, her tears were coming down. Vicky move forward but Maan brought her in his embrace glaring at Vicky. Which made him guiltier?





He wipes her tears bringing her close to him. You can tell me whatever. But you can’t just call him heartless. Vicky look down in shame, tears threatened to come, maan didn’t care, and it’s nothing new to him. Always everybody call him this, he never have cared what people think about him. He always knew his own family also somewhere have this hatred toward, he can never remove it. Somewhere he was as also wrong, leaving his family at the time they needed him most. He was lost in his own misery, to bring the business back in level where his dad wanted him to, but somewhere lacked to watch out to his family.




Geet. He called, he knows this would be really painfully for her; she can’t tolerate a word against him, its ok sweetheart. Don’t cry. Vicky looks at him, how easily he said it’s ok. He have called him with so ruder but inspire he didn’t even say a word about it. I’m sorry bro. I really didn’t mean it.



It’s ok. He nods assuring him. He moves his one hand and patted his cheek. Don’t be sad. Vicky sighed in relief and both look at Geet, he wipe her tears and smile, she look at Vicky who was looking at her with his pleading eyes. Moving from maan arm she move forward and slap him playfully. He only looks down. She slaps him again and hugs him, he wraps his arm around her and tears roll down. I’m sorry. He mumbles hugging her close.  She hit his back sobbing. Dare you say like that again?


I won’t… promise. Maan only smile looking both of them. Moving back she wipes her tears and wipes his tears pulling his cheek. Ab Rona band kar. Maan smiled hugging her from behind. Now stop this crying session. Both chuckled, Vicky look up at him. He was so wrong to even think about his own bro like that all the while. He is really something else. Hmm. To shaadi karna chahte hai aap? Maan said finding him lost. Geet giggle but Vicky looks down shyly. Ok now smile later and go. He looks up at both and rolled his eyes. No matter what happens but his bro will never ever learn to speak lovely or softly to them.bye Bhabhi. Hugging user again he went out closing the door.



Maan lyre down holding her so she fell on his chest, he smirked tracing his finger on her back, she giggles moving close muzzling his neck. Office nahi jaana.  He turns around bringing her beneath him putting his hand under her shirt and start kissing her lips. She starts to giggle inbetween kissing him back. They missed to be close to each others. Wanting to be as close to each others that nothing can separate them. Moving back he looks at her and kisses her cheek. Tumse door jaane ka mann nahi hai.  Keeping her hand on his hair, she moves his hair back playing with them. Kisne kaha main door jaa rahi hu. Yahi to hu. Smiling he again move close kissing her neck.






Next day both went to hospital. Maan was more nervous than geet. He remembered the pain she went through in previous test and was now against this test,


They sat in a waiting room where she looks at him tapping his foot on floor nervously and looking here and there. She smiles keeping her head on his shoulder. Why are you worried? He looks at her and then sighed looking down holding her hand. Maan. It won’t be the previous test.



They will just check my blood circulation system and many other tests but not the previous one.


He looks at her as if confirming she is saying truth she smile blinking Ger eyes assuring him.


Precap: the result.


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