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After some silence he opens his eyes looking up at both of them. Geet move forward to his ear.If you agree. There’s a surprise for you. Moving back his eyes lightened by the name of surprise. Wow another date. He looks at Khushi and immediately smiles.Of course you can go. Khushi jumped in joy hugging him tight and thanking both of them.





Khushi goes back to her dada dadi happily announcing them about her trip. Maan look at geet smirking. So. What’s the surprise? She stood up and takes his cloths. Nothing. I just wanted you to say yes. He gasped sitting and look at her shocked. What? She simply shrugs her shoulder opening the cupboard and hangs his cloths. He comes from behind.





That’s cheating.. he pout cutely , but she didn’t says anything and continue to do her work. Jaan.. you have to give me something..





I said I don’t have anything.. he could feel the coldness in her tone. As much as he is avoiding but he cant ignore the Rahul incident have left her again become somewhere away from him. She no more is near him, always making distance. Sighing he again tries to be normal not wanting to drag the moment.




It’s ok. I have you. With that he hugs her tight from back kissing her cheek. She turns around but looks down only. He leans down to kiss her but she stop him holding his shoulder and push him little away. He frowned by her behavior. She never has pushed him, not even when she will be angry with him. Never she tried to stop him than what have happened now??





Putting his finger under her chin he made her looks up. What’s wrong jaan? She shakes her head lightly. Are you still thinking about Rahul? She looks up in his eyes. He smiles cupping her face. It’s over, trust me. Everything is over.





She sighed looking down holding his shirt. Trust you. She smile sadly looking up in his eyes. You told me to trust you once, look what happened. The colors from his face become pale. His smile vanishes realizing his mistake. Again he have made the same mistake and made her suffer. Again he have given someone else so much importance that ger didn’t even once listen to her. Once again he has failed to win her trust and this time he knows, things will get worse. The thought even scared him, what if she again leaves him for his stupid mistake.






She looks from his one eye to other finding him in deep thoughts. Keeping her hand on his cheek she says.After so many years, I trusted you maan. Only once. He looks down, closing his eyes in guilt, remorse. You have built another wall for me. It’s even harder for me to trust you. He wanted the ground beneath him to vanish that moment. To cry his heart out for his stupidity.  His all efforts, all laments have gone in vain by just a single mistake.






Maan. He was unable to face her, unable to see in her eyes. She cups his face but his eyes were only close which she didn’t like. She would never want to let him suffer the same lament he suffered for five long years. No matter how much mistake he do but she cant deny her heart which have fallen really very deeply at this person.





 But I can’t deny one thing. She takes a moment and then say. I can’t deny your love toward Khushi, which always made me try to trust you once again. He opens his eyes looking at her. You are the best with her and I hope one day. Hope so, you will care, love, pampers me the same way. Leaning forward she softly, kisses his forehead and move away. He looks at her but soon his eyes moist seeing the sight his eyes were dying to.






She smiles lightly with her teary eyes. I hope, you will make me trust you from depth of my heart. She whispered softly stroking his cheek. A tear escaped from his eyes, moving his finger to the dimple he was dying to feel. He closes his eyes keeping his forehead on her. I’m sorry. He said with his croaking voice. She shakes her head smiling and wipes his tears. Unable to hold himself more ger hug ger tight hiding his face on her neck crying his heart out. Finally his get smiled at him. Somewhere he have lost the battle but still she have given him the biggest hope and the biggest strength to try again, to win ger heart again and this time he won’t leave a single chance.











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3 responses to “LOVING LAMENTS

  1. trs1391

    January 17, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    its awsem geet make him realise his mistake

  2. mishy

    January 17, 2012 at 2:17 PM

    Nice that she made him realise his mistake but feeling sad for maan hope he will win her again soon
    update soon

  3. Sana

    January 17, 2012 at 4:26 PM

    Geet needs help! … she doesnt know what she wants out of Maan … What is wrong with her … she is constantly giving him pain .. keeping him on the edge .. and yet she thinks she cant see him in pain … this lady surely needs help ….. 😉 …

    she wants a responsible uptight Maan .. I say give it to her … let Maan become the angry , ruthless. emotionless MSK for everyone .. then may be she will understand the worth of her old Maan ….


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