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It was time for their marriage. Geet and Maan were already waiting for Naina and yash to come. What’s taking them so long? Maan said frustrated pacing in the room. Today only they have to be late. Geet smile seeing his restless, he himself have come and brought her two hour before and know calling them late.



Finally after 15 minutes both came.  What took you so long? He asked walking already ahead. Yash look at his watch and that. To Naina confused. Both look at geet for answer but she giggle holding yash and move forward.


They signed the papers and yash gave the mangalsutra to him which he tied around her neck putting the sunspot. A tear escaped from geet eyes which he wiped cupping her face and softly kiss her in front of all. Yash groaned rolling his eyes while Naina and the lawyer giggle.






The moment they entreated the room he hug her tight happily. They finally are one. Finally they won’t be having any barriers or restriction between them. I’m so happy. She smiles holding his shirt. He made her sit on bed cupping her face looking at her, her face was flawless, and radiated just the kind of love that he sought all his life. Her brown eyes were just a bit bigger than the average girl, which really got his attention. Her lips were full. The beauty of their perfect proportion to her angelic face had him entranced and hungry for a taste. Just a kiss, for now, just a kiss. Her neck was so smooth and creamy, to kiss her there, he never wants it to end.



Moving close as he kissed her neck, very gently, like a feather touch, she began to squirm and stood turning around. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him. She ended up with her palms against his chest and cheek against his shoulder. She was breathing heavily. From where his hands rested lightly on her waist, he could feel her curved hip as it pushed against him; her ample breasts as she breathed.



She averted her eyes to keep from looking into his. Look at me. He told her. And she did. Just a glance at first then her eyes stared into his as they shared a moment of understanding.  Her hands reached up and stroked his stubbed jaw line and all he could do was watch as she very lovingly traces her finger there.  The innocent strokes from her hand were oddly arousing his desires for her more.



 Then, all of a sudden, she leaned up on her toes and kissed him on the cheek before making a move to dash off. He have expected her to do that and caught her around the waist before she could take a few steps. The wall cushioned her back as a pushed her against it and sampled her lips in a smooth move. She was like a statue at first. Unfeeling, cold. And then he felt her response as she bucked against him and pushed her lips firmly against him. His tongue swept into her mouth and she let out a surprised gasp. God was she sweet. She tasted like spices, unique, sweet and his. Her tongue began to move and slowly, started licking at his. The friction was so intense that both started trembling and landed on bed, Maan being on top of her. Their tongues intertwined, he felt her palms digging into his shoulder.




They stayed in each others arm, when she was lying beside him; he took her hands and kissed both of them. He could feel her shiver from delight. She turned her face to the pillow, shy all of a sudden. Geet.




She moves forward in his embrace. Promise me, you will always love me like this. He smiles kissing her forehead.Promise. I will love you more than this. His lips traveled down her arms to her forehead and he placed kisses along it. Her beautiful dark eyes vied for his attention and he pleased them before moving on to her delectable, well-shaped mouth. Her breath caught in her throat, eliciting a sound that turned him on.  Her hands were now sliding under the collar of my suit, wanting to touch him. Working the front catch of her blouse, he slid his hands over the tops of her breasts and felt her stiffen. He touched her repeatedly until she got used to his fingers, his touch. She let out a cry of disappointment when he released her mouth only to sigh with pleasure again when he traced an intricate pattern over her bra, unhooking her bra and he ripped the garments off her body, desperate to look at her. She was beautiful, perfect, and gorgeous. He was lost in her wanting you feel every inches of her lost him in her.  You’re mine, you know. Now and forever. He said and moved into position and thrust into her heat, he felt her moan.  Her nails were raking his back and the sting only added to his pleasure. And then she moved. Her legs wrapped around his waist instinctively and he groaned as he seated himself deeper within her.






She open her eyes as the morning light burn her sore skin. She stirred in his embrace reveling in the feeling of her tight skin against him. His hand automatically moves around her caressing her back and slowly opens his eyes with the bright light. The first sight has him the biggest happiness. His Geet, his life, his wife is sleeping so close to him. Their skin touching eachothrrs making his desires grow again. He smiles touching her neck to her shoulder which has turned deep red by his passion.



She slowly opens her eyes with a beautiful smile on her face. I love you. He whispered kissing her lips. She smiles moving her arms around his neck. Love you too. His head was buried in her glossy, dark hair and the smell in itself gave him more pleasure than expected. The smell of her juice was in the air and he wondered if he could ever get enough of her.








Honey I’m home. He yelled entering his house. The fresh smell of his favorite pasta told him his geet would be in kitchen. And then here she came wiping her hand with towel and hug him kissing his cheek. Missed you. He kisses her cheek giving his mobile, bad and files to her. She took his things and went upstairs to their room, Rohan. Papa is home. She yelled on one door and entre her room.



Maan smile looking at her and went to kitchen to see what is cooked, she never cook one type of dish. Always cooks many and never forget to add one of his favorite items. Such a sweetheart she is. Papa. He turns around to find his 5 years old son standing with his open arms for him. He smile and pick him kissing his both cheek. Hey buddy. He smiles kissing his cheek. Finally you came after two whole day’s papa. He complained while keeping his head on his shoulder. Maan sat on one sofa. Yea. Was missing you all.  Have you taken good care of mama? He smiles nodding his head.



Geet sat beside them and pull Rohan cheek. Rohan is my son. He is very protective, like his papa. She look at him, he smile keeping his forbear with her.Ooppss.  My cartoon going on. Will come soon papa. With that he ran from the and went to his room. Slowly beta.  Geet said looking at his running form. Turning Maan keeps his hand on her cheek kissing her, she move back looking down.



He looks at her and slowly keeps his hand on her small bump, moving down he kiss there keeping his ear. Why my baby kicking mama? She chuckled moving her finger on his hair. Missed u baby. Moving back he stares at her again capturing her mouth. I love you.











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 Anjali finds him looking at geet; she smirked and hit his shoulder bringing him in reality. He looks down immediately but anjali giggle. Ajay and Geet look at her curiously, she smile, but the look of Maan made her think about Geet and her feelings.






All sat in her room after ajay announced to brij and mohinder about Geet changed mood.  All sat there chatting while Maan was getting calls to come back soon.To bhaiya, kab hai shaadi?  Brij smile and look at mohinder. Ajay pat his back and say. aise kaise shaadi. Pehle humaari gudiya to dekhe apni Bari Bhabhi ko. Aur pasand kare to hi baat banegi.  All smile and look at her she Giggle. Of course. But when I’m going to see her.





Soon baby. They will come here tomorrow. She gasped and smile. Ajay tried to tease her. But must say. Now there will be a competition for anjali Han. Both anjali and Geet look at him confuse.Anjali won’t be the only one for Geet now. He smirked with raised eyebrow while all laugh. But anjali smile vanished feeling that true. Sure someone else will come and she won’t be so close to Geet as she is now. The girl going to be her Bari Bhabhi and offcourse she will be more important.





Geet find her lost and quickly hug her from back kissing her cheek. No matter whoever comes? But no one can take the place of my Bhabhi, even not you all. Anjali felt tears in her eyes with pride and happiness. How can someone be so pure? Lo. Phirse rona shuru. Ajay said irritated. Geet hug Ger and anjali kiss her forehead.




Suddenly Maan again got a call Geet glanced at him knowing he have to go now. She didn’t want it. She was wanting him to stay longer or not to go again but he said he have to. It’s urgent. Even ajay and brij also insisted to him to go as he was having less time but he wanted to spend this time with geet. She was unable to insist him infringement of everyone but somewhere she was not having a heart again to stop his work because of her. He already has come to her leaving the most important deal when these things are so important to him but he left them just for her. She was so touched by his gesture and was proud and happy to have him in her life.




Anjali somewhere felt the expected look on both their daces. She knew both would want to spend time before Maan going so she looks at all and say. Bus papaji, it’s late. We should go. Beside Maan will also go after sometimes.  All agreed to her and one by one kissed Geet cheek before leaving.  When all of them went anjali close the door but before going she turns around and smiles at both. Her respect for Maan only increases to see him leaving everything and come to geet when she just called him once she was now very sure geet will always be happy with him. With her thoughts she leaves closing the door.




When she left geet sighed in relief and look at Maan smiling. He sat besides her taking her in his arm. So, have to go now. She look up and him and smiled a little. When will you come?  He strokes her cheek with his thumb. Because you wasted my one day. I have to come after 5 or more days. She pouts hugging him. He smile and kiss her cheek softly. It’s so hard to stay away from you. She said so acutely which melted Maan heart. He kisses her forehead.  I know. It’s not easy for me too.  Suddenly Maan got a call to come to airport soon. Finding his call he turns to Geet. OK Geet. Got to go now. He stood from bed; she too stood in front of him. Both hug eacothers for the last time praying these days would pass soon. Bye. He said cupping her face and kissed her forehead. Take care and dont be sad on small things. She smile nodding her head and keep it on his chest. I really miss you. He strokes her hair. Me too. She looks at him, he lean down kissing her nose making her turn crimson red and move back letting him go.






When he came out he straightly went to main door when anjali sight in kitchen got his attention. Going to Ger he stood behind her. Anjali. She turns around and was amused to still find him there. You are not yet gone? He shakes his ahead taking a step to her. I want you to talk to Geet soon. She smiles keeping her hand on his shoulder.Sure. Was not getting time. But whenever I will get I will talk. He suddenly shakes his head. No… Not whenever. You have to talk tomorrow…



Anjali look at him confused. Why so hurry. He still have days than.But why tomorrow. He smile and pate her cheek. That’s something for me. Just do what I say. With that he left leaving a confuse anjali. She looks at his retreating back and shrugs his shoulder. Chaddo. Yea dono aik din mujhe pagal kar ke rakgenge. With that she again went to her task. While think of  the way she will disclose the truth to Geet. It’s going to be the hard task anjali.











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It was my mistake to start thugs. He shakes his head. She lied down and brings him close to her brushing his hair. He tightly holds her waist. Maan. Please stop crying. He sniffs and wipes his tear looking up at her. She moves her hand to his warm cheek. He kiss her palm closing his eyes, she lean and kiss his forbear and brush his hair untilled he again fall sleep. Closing her eyes she snuggle close and slept.





Two days were past but Maan was being restless when there was not once when Geet told him about the date. He let her come to office for little time finding her cold behavior at all. But it was making him restless being not close to her. Since that night Geet is being far from him and making distance, he did not like it. No matter how much he tries but things always come back to same situation.


On the other hand Geet was intentionally not telling Maan about the date or reminding him wanting him to express himself as he always do. He would come to her every moment reminding her about things but now he never express himself, just sit quietly and become sad. She can feel his uneasiness but wanted to make him express, wanting to let that Maan come out again who demands unconditionally, but the only thing she can see was him being quiet and keep thing in his heart which she was not liking, she know he is feeling miserable thinking she might have forgot things but she wanted to play this game.




Later when Maan came home Geet was sitting in Khushi room making her do her homework Maan entre there, he saw both of them and went inside sitting beside Geet and tried to make Ger remember about the date. Geet was very well aware by his nervousness but didn’t asked him enjoying his plight, he look at her for some time to gain her attention but she also as quiet for him to say things before. He clears his throat. Ahem. She looks up at him. WO… ahem… I… I think you are forgetting something. She frowned trying hard to not to smile and maintain a serious face.



No I don’t.  You please go I am busy now. He sighed becoming sad that she have forgotten about such an important thing. Slowly getting up he remembers the time when she never forget a single thing about him. Always caring for him and lost herself I’m him. But seems like Khushi meant more to her now. Of course she is the main reason of her to come back to him, otherwise. May be she just was saying about the date just like that and he have taken things seriously.




Lost in his thoughts him entre his room and throw his thing in table grabbing his cloths he enters the bathroom, thinking about the change in their relationship. How life have changed now, how much Geet have changed, she no more have a single amount of trust in him when there was a time where she always have blindly trusted him. There was a time when she would only think about him but now she keeps herself away from him mostly, he was trying his level best to be a best husband and make her happy but things are not at all working.




When he came out and found Geet setting his things, she saw him and can see his swelling eyes. Frustrated with his usual crying form, she wanted to play but here this baby can only cry. She throws his file and stood in front of him. What took you so long? He tried to avoid her eyes and turn to mirror, she jerk his shoulder making him face her. Will you stop crying at every small thing Maan? She shout angrily, highly irritated by his childish behavior. He can never behave like a mature person. Just will start crying.  If you want to say something than say. Why do you always make a face and just start these stupid tears.




He look down, sad by her this behavior. She never has shouted at him like this.I’m talking to you Maan. For god sake be mature and talk to me. She said frustratingly.  He was unable to take her this behavior and sat at bed wiping his tears. She stood beside him. Maan stop crying. She yelled being highly tired of his tears.




Stop shouting at me. He yelled with more tears now. She shakes her head waving her hand on air helpless by this man. He can never talk; just will start crying at everything. What should I do then?  Ask you to cry more often. God. Khushi also don’t cry like you. She said irritated. He looks at her for sometime and lied down giving his back to her. I hate you. I just hate you. You love Khushi more than me. He complained like a child. She wanted to hit him hard on his head but on the other hand wanted to kiss him and pull his cheek for being so cute. How can she make him understand things? He cans never ever tuning anything when it comes to her will always complain and complain.






Precap: Maan baby can’t stop crying. Lolz.







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He was such a stupid to ruin their day. She was so happy but him. He just. He sighed kissing her shoulder, but her worries and being scared of small things were buzzing in his head. He has to take her fear out. This is not good for her.





And you know, she also gave her number to Maan. Vicky look at Maan and then at Geet. Oh wow. Really?  He said surprisingly, than where it is? He asked both. Maan smiled kissing Geet cheek. Don’t know. Vicky looks at both curiously. Geet giggle and say. Maan threw it the moment she went. Vicky sighed dejectedOh no. I thought I can take a chance. He winked at geet who gasped and start hitting him.What do you mean Han? Get a chance. Wait. She starts slapping him while Maan laugh. Bhabhi, I was joking. Oh Bhabhi… sorry sorry… Bhabhi…



But she didn’t stop. Wait. Chance Han. And what about meera? She said continuously hitting him while Maan stopped at the mention of meera and look t both who were nowhere in the world. Ohio Bhabhi… PLz was joking seriously….. Arey I could I forget meera… she stopped and look at him angrily. He smiled making a cute face. Joking yar. He said with his heavy breath, she sighed and softly hit him. Idiot. He laugh and after sometime geet to join him.




Meera?  The voice which stunned both Geet and Vicky. He looks at Geet nervously and dare not look at Maan while Geet gulped down. Both were dead scared to face Maan. Oh how stupid of them to even forget he is also sitting with them.Where meera did came in-between?  He asked curiously looking at Vicky and Geet. Vicky gave Geet a pleading look, while Geet dare not say a single more word. She knows very well Maan will not shut until he finds everything but how will they say him and who will. I’m asking something?  Vicky nervously moves a little. Knowing his brother will attack him very soon.Ahem… Bhabhi… woh… I… want to…. sleep. He stood up and tried to run away from the situation when Maan voice stops him. Wait there.




He stood on his ground dumbstruck and holds his breath. He is dead today. Maan stood and went to him standing in front of him. Tell me. He gulped down and looks down nervously, Geet stood up and tried to speak when Maan raised his hand to her. Not you today. He looks at Vicky with his hand on his waist. Vicky will tell. Vicky looks up frightened and slowly turns his head to geet. Look here. Maan said sternly which made Vicky shiver in fear and turn but didn’t dare to look at him. Maan was giving him a dangerous glare.




Geet finds the situation going out of hand and went beside Maan holding his arm. Sweetheart, it’s late, we will talk about it later. But Maan eyes were only at Vicky. Vicky… But Geet interrupt him. Aahh. Vicky you should go now. He immediately nods his head thanking her in his mind and fastly starts walking. Wait. Maan tried to stop him. Vicky holds the knob tight. Vicky go. She ordered making Vicky escape immediately. Maan sighed and look at Geet angrily.What was that for?  She smiles kissing his lips snuggling close to him. Nothing. But I can’t see you shouting at Vicky. She said sweetly and kisses his cheek. She knew she can’t escape but being Vicky here will only make the situation worse. Maan will ask question and Vicky being the stupid, god know what have he been done that time. Maan sighed, yea. Your laadla… but I won’t stop asking.




She move back and went to cupboard.Don’t stop. Coming to his she touch his cheek.I will be back. With that she went to change leaving a frustrated Maan behind. She always escapes her chamcha from him.


When she return back Maan who was sitting on bed look at her. She continues to comb her hair but the look n Maan face made her sigh. Keeping the brush she went to him and sat on his lap with both leg either side. Can we talk on this later? She career his stubble to remove his mind from this but he move her hand from his cheek. She sighed keeping her head on his chest. Vicky love meera Maan. Moving back she wanted to see his reaction but he was so shocked to react in it. Meera? He whispered. She nods her head. From very long. But she doesn’t know about it. She stopped and waited for him to say something, he look down as if thinking something. After a long moment she keeps her hand on his cheek making him face her. Kya hua? He looks at her for some time and then looks down. He loves someone from long, but was unable to say any of us. He stop for some time and than continue.It shows how perfect our family is. He smile detective by himself. His brother was in love but never has shared his feelings with anyone. Not even mom, how can he be so careless in his own world that he have kept himself away from his own family when he promised his dad to be the pillar of them all. What if geet wouldn’t be here and his brother would have kept it in himself always. He look at Geet, she have brought so much happiness here. She fulfilled all the promised which he made to dad. She always takes a very good care of Vicky Annie and mom.







Precap: Maan step for the information he got.






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Yash look at get curiously who have turned red and was looking only down fidgeting with her finger. He again looks at Maan.I’m here from yesterday. He said with his raised eyebrow and biggest smile, Yash gasped a loud popping his eyes and look at geet who didn’t look up at once. Maan went to her and put his arm around her.We didn’t did anything wrong geet. Look up. He whispered to her slowly making sure Yash won’t listen. Geet slowly look up at Yash who was looking both of them with his popped eyes.





Both were sitting with their heads down while Yash and Nana sat opposite to them glaring them. Yash have immediately called Naina in mansion and took both of them there. Maan was not at all sorry but geet was all the while quite looking down only.



This is the limit. How can you do this? Naina ask finding both of them quiet. Maan look at geet and the look at both of them. What do you mean?  We will be getting married. I don’t see any point to be shocked or talk about limits. He was irritated with both of them to interfere in their life. This is only making geet more and guiltier which he never wants. But how can he make these two big people understand. If you don’t like it than fine. We will get married today only. A loud gasped escape from three of them.Yea. And if you have problem with it. Than don’t even try to stop me meeting her. Naina stood in front of him while Yash shook his head. But Maan. We never stopped you meeting her. We are just… he stop her raising his hand and stood up. I don’t need explanations. I need geet with me always. For that I am all ready to marry today.



Naina shake her head and look back at yash, he raise his eyebrow and stand beside her. Well. What could we do now? Maan smirked putting his hand on his pocket. Nothing, just get ready, by evening, at xyz court. We will be there. Naina groaned and stormed off, yash gave him a look and went behind her.


He smiled at both and turns around to find geet starring at him. Standing in front of her he push the strand behind her ears. I want to be yours. As soon as possible. Cupping her face he looks at her eyes searching for an answer but instead she keeps her head on his chest keeping her one hand on his chest. You happy? He asked not knowing what she will feel after his decision. Not once have he looked at her to see how she reacted by his sudden changed decision. Will she be agreeing with this? If not than he can change his plan and marry her whenever she wants.



She looks up at him. How can you do things which I want? That too always. He smile keeping his hand on her cheek, we will have a grand wedding later. She shakes her head holding his shirt. I don’t want it. Nothing. He tried to protest. But. She stops him keeping her palm on his lips.No. I don’t want anyone. It’s good like this only. He kisses her palm which made her move it down circling her arm around his neck. Whatever you want. Both smile, moving close her rub his nose with her. Making her giggle.I will buy a bright new sari for you. For our wedding. He holds her hair in his hand and with other holds her waist. She moves her finger to his stubble tracing there. And I need a suit, a very beautiful suit for you. Chuckling he keeps his forehead on hers, she lean forward softly kissing him. He kisses her back. But suddenly were disturbed by the loud noise.



Stop it guys. Moving back they saw yash with his back toward them. You people are getting married in few hours. Have some patience please. Groaning he started walking ahead but again turned hitting his head and went to door, forgetting fully where and why he was going. God this maan.



Maan laugh looking at his plight and look at geet with raised eyebrow. Your poor brother. She giggles slapping his chest playfully and keeps her head again on his chest. Finally they are going to get married soon. Wow, life can’t be more beautiful.





Precap: marriage bell.








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He move back and look at her. No its not. He cups her face in his palm lovingly looking at her eyes. I love you geet, I don’t know how much but I can’t tolerate a word against you. She keeps her hand on his and smiles with tears rolling down. He shakes his head kissing her tears. She sniffs and wipes her tears. Keeping the tray on bed she made him eat while he just admires her with all love in his eyes. She is his life, his strength; he will make sure she won’t tolerate anything anymore. She must be happy and he will make sure about this.





Maan lied down looking at geet and holding her hand. She was about to stand up when he tightened his hold. Turning around she look at him.Don’t go. She look here and there not knowing what to do or say. It is late and she should go, she. Amy tells him to go as he already is so sad she can’t make him more sad. Stay with me please. He sits and holds her arm. She looks at him. But Maan. She tried to make sense but Maan put his palm on her cheek.



Please. She sighed looking down. All this is not right for her but how can she explain to him. He looks at her nervous face and move close; she closed her eyes feeling his breath on her lips. Gently brushing his lips with her he move inches away and Caesar her jaw. She opens her eyes, and looks down unable to see his passion full eyes. Holding her waist he brings her close and slowly lye on his back brings her on him. She keep her hand on his chest and look down, slowly turning her he made her lye beside her holding her close to him and stroke her cheek making her look up at him.



The moment she looks at his eyes, there was only love for her. The love she craved for all Ger life, how she can deny this person who has made her such an important an important part of him. He always think about her happiness first always, closing her eyes she snuggle close inhaling his sweet aroma and keep her hand on his heart making him know she is there with him always with him, he smile and stoke her hair making her sleep, it was heaven to lye beside her, so close, his eyes didn’t wanted to close and miss this sweet and lovely moment of his life where his geet is for the first time sleeping with him. His finger move to het soft cheek, feeling her skin which ibis feather like soft. He can spend his whole life in this moment by watching her close, but there will be more nights and days where they will be closer. They will live together in whole their life now. How much more can great want. He gets geet which is everything.



His eyes slowly felt heavy, so kissing her forehead he hold her waist bringing her more close to him and went to one of the most peacefully sleep.




Kuch ansuni tamanna

kuch ankahi si baatein

kuch dard kuch aahein

kaho tum ko kya bataaein

kya wo khushi ke lamhe ya dard ki dastanein

ye to hai kal ki kahani

jo ab ho chuki purani

ab hai ek nayi kahani

tere sath ki mere sath se

 tujhe keh diya tujhe chah liya

bus me ne ab tujhe pa liya

meri har tamanna ab tu hi tu.



Tu hi khwahish hai tu hi arzoo.

                                                             thanx sunaea…










Geet sat in her dining table sipping her tea and remembered last night. A smile crept her lips remembering Maan sleeping face when she wakeup. He was looking so cute and sweet as always. She just loves him.



Maan sat beside her with his sweet smile, she smile passing him a cup of tea.i have taught of something. She look at him, he hold her hand. We are soon going to get married. Till that we won’t go to office. She giggles keeping her head on his shoulder. He intertwined their finger kissing her head.And even after marriage. I will take a leave for whole month. She looks up at him smiling, by his sweet dreams.  He leans down softly kissing her lips. Moving back he move his other at around her bringing her more close. I want to be close to you always.



After that month you have to. She looks up with teasing expression. I will not come you office. Will wait for you in home. He admires her sweet dream. Such sweet and so lovely. What if I come late?


I will wait, no matter how late you will be.



Won’t you scold me?



She smile looking in his eyes and shake her head. No. Because I know you think about me first than for other things. He smiled proudly keeping his hand on her cheek and again kisses her. But suddenly the door bell disturbs them and Maan move back irritated by the one person who always have to come in-between.



Geet open the door and hug Yash who smile bit soon frowned seeing Maan sitting and eating his breakfast.  Moving back he gave a questioning look at geet who look down not able to answer him. Maan look up and pass a smile at Yash and again start eating knowing very well the look of him.Why you came so early?  Maan chuckled looking at his plate and look up at geet then at Yash with his smirking look.



Yash look at get curiously who have turned red and was looking only down fidgeting with her finger. He again looks at Maan.I’m here from yesterday. He said with his raised eyebrow and biggest smile, Yash gasped a loud popping his eyes and look at geet who didn’t look up at once. Maan went to her and put his arm around her. We didn’t did anything wrong geet. Look up. He whispered to her slowly making sure Yash won’t listen. Geet slowly look up at Yash who was looking both of them with his popped eyes.









Precap: final decision.










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Now why are you crying?She whispered softly tracing her finger on his chest. He sniff holding her tight and shake his head keeping her more close, she lean close keeping her head on his chest hearing his thudding heart which amused her and she look up at him. I love you so much. He said kissing her hair.  Kissing his neck she stayed in his arms lovingly.




It was almost midnight; Maan was sleeping peacefully in Geet arm while she was awake tracing her finger on his hair and thinking about her future life. What will it be like with Maan and Khushi, she chuckled at the thought, and at first she was unable to control only Maan, his pranks, stupid jokes, his sweet lovely talks. And now she has two to handle. God knows how they will be as time passes. They start new mischief everyday.



Looking down at Maan she thinks of Khushi and her trip. She has to make Maan agree for her trip which is not so easy, but she have other plans for him. Blushing she kiss his hair still brushing them, he move a little, she smile moving her finger on his face caressing it slowly, he stirred a little in his sleep and move close to her. She smile kissing his nose lightly and move to his cheek giving him a very soft kiss. He slowly opens his eyes feeling her soft lips. She was lovingly looking at him tracing her finger on his cheek.


Why am I getting so much love today?  He asked looking at her, she move close muzzling her face on his neck.




Sometimes I think 

Did I make mistake 

To love you, to care for you 

It hurts me within 

Deep really deep inside 

But this pain 

Seems to vanish 

Whenever I see the same pain 

In your eyes 

I feel happy for our love 


In end it makes us happy 

But the journey was really painful 

I’m scared, 

I’m fearful, 

That what if 

That journey starts again 

What if you… 

Starts again to ignore me 

To take me granted 

I can’t bear this 

That time I was alone 

But now our love 

Who possess in our daughter 

Our KHUSHI, Muskan of us 

I can’t tolerate this 

That she crave for us 

For our love, our care 

I know I made mistake 

I left u alone 

With our angel

But I knew it that 

“IT “will work 

And alas!!!!!!!!!!!!


These loving laments 

Hurt our love

                       thanx sunaeza..

                                love you dear… 



Not answering his question she start nibbling his skin, he sighed closing his eyes he put his hand on her waist and slowly moving it under her shirt caressing her soft skin. She groaned moving up kissing his jawbone and with her hand she put it on his chest feeling his body. He was unable to control more. Her being so close to her and broke his last limit of control, he is dying to feel her skin. Grabbing her hair with his one hand he slams her lips on his. While his other hand caress her back softly. She wrap her arm around him forgetting everything, every promise, every single past moment becoming lost in him and kissed him with all her desire, closing her eyes she inhaled feeling his tongue nibbling her throat while his hand went to her bra strap slowly making her lye on bed he open the strap tracing his palm on her bare back.



She started to breathe heavily when she felt herself being career by him. Somewhere she wanted to stop him knowing very well where will it lead but she was unable to push him knowing it will only hurt him and make him guilty… She can never hurt him, closing her eyes she tried very hard to control her thudding heartbeat but she was feeling uneasy by his continuous kissing, this shouldn’t be done now. Things will get only worse. 


Maan was unable to control himself. She has awakened his desires which were dying to feel her. He moves his hand on her stomach feeling heaven to roam his hand on her soft body after so long. He wanted to forget everything and just feel her. His lips move to above her chest kissing her skin, and slowly move his hand to remove her bra, she gasped by his movement, this was going very far. Holding his shoulder she moaned. Maan please. She tried to push him lightly making him know the circumstances.



He was stunned by her pleading voice. It send shiver down his spine, how could he loose himself,  stopping his hand at once he slowly remove his hand and move little away panting but was unable to see her. Her eyes got teary by the proximity, she turn her face sniffing and wipe her tears. He suddenly looks at her shocked by her tears. Did he make a mistake? Putting his hand on her cheek he tried to look at her. Geet?  She didn’t look at him. I will be back. With that she went to washroom. He lied down brushing his hair back. What the hell happened to him? When will he let her be only to love him? He always has to pressure himself to her.



After five minutes she comes out wiping her face. He quickly sat and looks at her, but she didn’t look at him and lied down giving her back to him which made him sadder. Jaan. He whispered with his choking voice. She closed her eyes tight couching the pills. That’s what she was scared of, him feeling so guilty. He leans on her holding her shoulder. I’m sorry. He mumbled hiding his face on her shoulder. I didn’t do it purposely, trust me. She turns around hugging him and kisses his cheek. Don’t. Say that. He hold her tight fearing to leave her, no matter how much he makes mistake she can never hear him pleading. She keeps his head close to her heart rubbing his back. It was my mistake to start things. He shakes his head. She lied down and brings him close to her brushing his hair. He tightly holds her waist. Maan. Please stop crying. He sniffs and wipes his tear looking up at her. She moves her hand to his warm cheek. He kiss her palm closing his eyes, she lean and kiss his forbear and brush his hair untilled he again fall sleep. Closing her eyes she snuggle close and slept.





Precap: Maan sad 😦




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He put the phone down and looks at Naina. He will go there, don’t worry. Naina sighed coming in his embrace.I hope so. He never goes to anyone when he feels alone. He holds her tight. Hmm. But now he has geet. I’m sure he will go there.






Geet sat there thinking about what Yash told her. How can Maan send them away, why he did this? She was engrossed I. Her thoughts when her bell Rand and she know instantly who it will be. Opening the door she saw him standing with his head bowed, she never have seen him like this,  he would always smile brightly looking at her, but now his face seems so sad and low. She went ahead and holds his arm dragging him inside, he look up at her.



His mind was fighting with his heart. No one in this world can hate her, and he is sure that his parent would have been proud with his choice. How can mom say something like that about geet. How can she even think about her like this? he was right to send them, otherwise things can be difficult for geet. If in return they would have wanted his whole property, he can give anything just for her, and her happiness.



Making him sit she sat beside him looking at her,  he sighed keeping his head on her lap,  she start brushing his hair, closing his eyes he felt so calm, so peacefully by her soft touch have the power to make him feel calm after such a turmoil. He was not in mood to meet anyone, not to talk or see anyone. But he knew geet can screw all these thoughts from his mind, She only can do this.  He forgets everything and just enjoys her touch, which made him sleep in the deep sleep.



It was almost an hour; Maan was peacefully sleeping in her lap while geet was brushing his hair, suddenly her phone start ringing.  Maan stirred and turned moving his face to her stomach.  She pick her phone looking down at him.


Nandini : Geet.


Geet : Bhabhi.


Nandini : Maan aya kya?


Geet : Jee.


Nandini : Please take care of him.


Geet : Yea Bhabhi. Don’t worry.



Hanging the phone she looks down to find him looking up at her. She smiles caressing his cheek. You should sleep in the room. I will make something for you. He looks at her for some time and then sat,








Geet made dinner for Maan and went to room; he was just lying down and looking up at ceiling.  Putting the tray she looks at him. He sat straight but looks down. Putting her hand on his cheek she made him look at her.I don’t like to see you like this. He smile and hug her close you him kissing her shoulder. She rubs his back with her one hand and brushes his hair with another. I hate it when someone says anything about you. She sighed now knowing the reason of his mood. Moving her arm around his neck she brought him near. It’s ok.



He move back and look at her. No its not. He cups her face in his palm lovingly looking at her eyes. I love you geet, I don’t know how much but I can’t tolerate a word against you. She keeps her hand on his and smiles with tears rolling down. He shakes his head kissing her tears. She sniffs and wipes her tears. Keeping the tray on bed she made him eat while he just admires her with all love in his eyes. She is his life, his strength; he will make sure she won’t tolerate anything anymore. She must be happy and he will make sure about this.






Precap: don’t go.










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She turns around. He smile and kiss her Forehead. Moving back she smile and went out. He stood there until she close the door.




Dropping geet Maan went again in mansion you make everything clear with them. When he entre he found his mom still saying there, sitting beside her he look at her, he was not sure how to tell her and start speaking. Clearing his throat he says. Mom. I want you and dev to shift somewhere else. Dev look up instantly while mom look at him shock. All her plan to have the property will be just vanished by this. Maan knew from look of her and dev that they must be thinking about money and nothing else.



You don’t worry about anything. I have a place, a big place. You and dev will get 35% of my property, I have business there too and it will be under dev now. So you can live happily.




Dev look at his mother, both were quiet shock but couldn’t say anything. At least they are getting something like this but if they started to argue than they sure will not get anything. She was sure this all is just because of that girl. If she could meet her alone than she could have talked to her well about this. But knowing Maan she stayed quiet and smile weekly. As you think son. We will go. She said with an uncomfortable smile, while dev roll his eyes and went from there. Maan smiled at her, stood up and was about to go when her voice from back stop him.




If we were you real family, you wouldn’t have done this. He turns around and looks at her. Your parents will be so sad to see you throw us for some other girls Maan. He looks at her shock. No, he won’t believe this. His parents are and will always be happy for his choice, why is she saying this.








Geet was making coffee for her when her phone rang, washing her hand she pick it. Geet. She smile and sat on chair. Yash. Kaise ho? 




Theek. Is Maan there? Geet frowned; there was some urgency in his voice.Maan?  No. Why? She stopped eating, curious to know what have happened. He has sent his family somewhere else, but naina is calling him from long, he is not picking and not being here. Geet was stunned, where will he be?  Will he be alright?  How can he even do this? Why did he send his own family, he is not even picking the call. But somewhere she knows he will come to her, he will have to. Don’t worry Yash. I will inform you if he comes.




Yash sighed looking at naina. Yea. I’m sure he will come there.








Take care of him please. He may be feeling low.



Yea I know. Don’t worry.






He put the phone down and looks at Naina. He will go there, don’t worry. Naina sighed coming in his embrace. I hope so. He never goes to anyone when he feels alone. He holds her tight. Hmm. But now he has geet. I’m sure he will go there.








 Precap: Maan aayega Na???








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But still, she is your mother. He sighed and hold her and. He knows meeting his mother is not right. She will never accept geet because she always wanted a lottery ticket for him. But he didn’t want geet to meet them, it will surely hurt her. Please Maan. He looks at her. She has asked her for something first time. And he really can’t say no to her. Fine. But their decision is nothing for me. She nods her head, he start the car and headed toward his mansion.




They reach the mansion… maan was not at all liking this. He knows they will create some drama and he never ill want geet to witness it. She already has agreed after so much effort, she finally have agreed for the marriage and he don’t want them to ruin everything.




When they entre Maan tightly hold her hand and bring her close to him. Her eyes went where Dev and his mom were sitting and talking. The moment Dec saw geet with Maan he stood up, looking confused to both.



Geet move little behind to Maan seeing Dev and remembered the office incident and his behavior. She didn’t like his look but couldn’t say anything now but the things cannot go out from her mind. Mom stood and looks at Maan and geet with confused expression.



Maan. Who is she?  Mom ask him shocked somewhere to see a girl with Maan and that too with homing and this close. She tried to make him work with many girls and made some relation but he very politely have ignored them. Than how come this girl.



Maan move his arm around geet shoulder in protecting manner. She is geet mom.



Suddenly dev come forward smirking. Who can forget you ma’am.  Geet look down, holding Maan shirt. Dev stood in front of her looking at her mischief from top to bottom which didn’t get unnoticed by geet.  She was getting very restless by his gaze and wanted Maan to talk fast so they could go from here. Maan look at his mom and spoke up. I and geet are getting married.




What??  She yelled looking at him shocked and then look at geet. But we don’t know anything about her. She tried to make sense, not having another option, because she knows she is not allowed to interfere in his life.




Yes mom. Next week. Geet wanted to meet you. And I know everything about her. Dev look at geet. He did not at all like this, he has an eye on this beautiful girl and his brother has to take her. He chuckled remembering his being so close have made her so nervous and scared; don’t know what magic Maan have done to her that she is standing that close to him in front of them. Strange.




Mom came forward and look at geet and then to Maan. If you made a decision already. Fine. Your wish. Maan smile and look at geet who was only looking down, than he remembers the office incident where she was screen of dev.  Glancing at dev he fined him drooling her with his dirty eyes. He know him to well, we got to go now. With that he guide geet and went out.






All the drive Maan was only thinking about them, they didn’t seem to be interested. Of course why will them. Mom wanted some millennium to come and he was sure she will taunt geet whenever they will be left alone. And dev, he also is not so good. Maan decided to shift both of them to outhouse or other place and make it clear to them to stay away from geet that will be only the solution.





When they reach home Maan was about to come out when geet hold his hand. It’s late. You should go.



He smile, oh she is scared as what happened yesterday.Hmm get out type. She giggles looking down.




He holds her hand and kisses her fingers. Good night. She smile and was about to go when he tightened his hold.




She turns around. He smile and kiss her Forehead. Moving back she smile and went out. He stood there until she close the door.










Precap: Maan decision












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