18 Jan





He sighed and sat beside her on another chair touching her shoulder. Geet. She stirred a little opening  her eyes slowly. He smile, but she quietly got up warming the food, he went behind her standing beside her. I got busy. Work being hectic now a days. He tries to talk to her but she didn’t reply at all. I am really tired. He looks at her face, she always would kiss his cheek when he would prefer to be tired but today there was nothing. He touch her arm softly.I thought you will be sleeping. As usual she didn’t replied, taking the plates she put them on table and sat their quietly eating already. He sat and start eating looking up at her again and again but she didn’t look at him for once.








She finish her food and went to open the fridge taking something out and turn around but again found him getting up from his chair and attending his calls. She sighed and keeps the thing again on fridge going to their room.






Maan confirmed everything with defective and hang the phone going to his chair but geet was not there. He sighed, he have to do a lot for his mishti now. Entering the room he saw her already sleeping in a corner,




 he change his cloth and sleep behind her covering both with a comforter and hold her tight.




She lied down, but couldn’t take her mind from him. She prepared with so much love and heart a cake for him. So when he will come and they will celebrate together. But looks like he doesn’t have time for her now. He looks so busy, so lost in something. She is feeling really hurt by his distancing, with her heavy heart she close ger eyes and slept.





Maan mind went to brij. Tomorrow ger will meet the person who dared to destroy his love life. Who have made the biggest mistake of chasing her? But he will not let him Success and pain geet anymore. He will punish him and will make sure he will be behind the bars for always.





He was unable to close his eyes for a moment only, sleep was away from him. He himself did not know why he was having such feeling, feeling like something is going to happen, and something bad is going to happen. He stiffened holding geet tight. What if something will happen to geet? What if brij did something bad? No… He can’t bare that. He can’t let him do that. She is his life.



His thought was disturbed when geet turned and lied on her back. He quietly keeps his head above her chest closing his eyes when he felt her stroking his hair. Kya hua? She whispered softly finding him so restless but he didn’t reply, just holds her tight.



She kisses his hair and continues stroking his hair and rubs his back. But his hold only tightened around her. She got scared by his behavior he Couture her dress on her stomach hiding his face on her. Maan. What happened? He sighed. Can you hold me? She simply nod ger head and turn a little lying on her side bringing Jim in his embrace, he hide his face on her neck inhaling her aroma which slowly calm his sense.



She continuous to stroke his hair being really tense, he never ever behaved so weird. After a long time she found him calm down so tried to move little back which made him tightened his hold. Don’t go. He whispered sticking her body to his. I’m here.



She kisses his neck. Tell me, what’s wrong? He very slowly move just an inch back to look at her, she keep her hand on his cheek stroking.I don’t know. I’m having a weird feeling.  She smiles kissing his cheek and both his eyes. Making him lie down she lye top of him brushing her lips with him. He closes his eyes surrounding her, wanting to feel her only. Slowly and softly she kisses him which soon turns to passion and both started kissing each others.  Her hand roams to his body removing his vest while he removes her dress feeling her heat which made him really calm.



She sat on him tracing ger finger all over him and kiss him while filling herself with him making him sigh and dropping his head back holding her and made ger move with him. They moved for longer time and climaxes together moaning each other’s name.



It was a long night for him, the most terrible and restless night which she turned into most passionate and lovely. He brings her in his embrace kissing ger forehead. Thank you. He whispered on her lips. She smile stroking his arm still feeling him inside her, her eyes were closed with the feeling he always build on her.










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2 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. mishy

    January 18, 2012 at 1:18 PM

    Cool nice update zoha now wat is in your mind cant hold the breath update soo

  2. trs1391

    January 18, 2012 at 2:49 PM

    awsem maneet chemistry


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