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part 8

Just shutup.

He shouted poiting his finger to her.. She makes a face crossing her arms. Why?  You always laugh at me.maine kaha kabhi shutup? Maan rolled his eyes and drink his coffee. While geet look at him angrily to say something but mahashe was busy in his coffee.. After a while he  peeped from his cup at her..

They sat glaring at eachothers again and again but none of them felt a little uncomfortable or any kind of guilt. It was as if  they know eachothers and liked sitting together. Their was no guilt  nothing..

Maan didn’t once questined her, that why she came and  sit with him. Well it was good than starring from far. And geet didn’t  once tried to explain the treason of her sudden apperence in his table.  As if she know that he also wanted her to be here. There were no  questions and no answer but the look of eachothers were enough to kill  or describe each others hatred… Well.. We can’t call that hatred, now  we???

After some time geet food came and she started eating. Maan lookat her than the food. Tumaare ghar main khaana nahi hota kya? She look at Him frowning with her mouth full. Gulping down she said. why not? Kya hum insaana Nahi hai kya?

He chuckled looking down. This girl is slmething really very cute.. Than why do you come here? He asked sipping his coffee..

That’s my problem. Twisting her lips she look  down at her  food. Again the silence lingered between them and after  half hour maan got a call to come to office. I’m going. She just rolled her eyes as if she cares and.continue to eat while he smile and went from there.

Next day geet entre to find him sitting so she simply sat in his table smiling at him. No questions no answers… Hello. He said but she didn’t answered and just sat. The waitress came with his usual and asked for geet order. When she went geet look at her and than at maan making a face.. Weird na. She knows what you want but not about me? 

He smirked giving her a teasing look. Yahi to humaara jaadu hai. Saying so with his full attitude waala style he straightened his collar but This make her laugh a loud. This made maan frown.. she is mad.. but geet controlled her laughing session and smirked.. Achaaa . Very funny. Shakal dekhi hai apni. She said making a weird face. He raised his eyebrow at her than look down at himself.. Acha khaasa to hu. And again look at her..

Tum shahid jaanti nahi main kon hu.

Aur mujhe jaanna bhi nahi hai Mr.champu.

Dekho tum mujhe champu mat kaho ok..

Warna?  Kya kar loge han? She said angrily banging at the table..

He look here and there thinking of a answer and than chuckled. Warna acha nahi hoga.. laddoo..

Her jaw fell down hearing him calling her laddoo.. round round laddoo. Itni moti hu babaji? She make a baby face hitting the table. How dare you? Her face only make him giggle drinking his coffee.

Naraaz kyun ho rahi ho LADDOO.. she gasped a  loud and was ready to shout at him when the waitress came bringing her  food which she started eating angrily making maan chuckle at every cute  face she make.


Precap: i am sorryOuch


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He smiled lying on bed.I will call you later Dadi. He hangs the phone and smiled remembering a cute expression of the girl eating laddoo today. That was worth watching. He chuckled shaking his head. Laddoo..He whispered softly closing his eyes. Waiting for the next to see  thousands of funny expression of her..

Next day Maan entered the restaurant and sat in his table. His eyes went to search for his ajnabi but she was not there yet so he thought of waiting for her as always.. She sometime do come late so may be today too.  It was almost half hour but she was still not here now this made him curious. Why is she not coming yet?  He starts cursing and cribbing. Somewhere he didn’t liked to even think that she is not coming. It has become his habit to se her that today the idea only was not being liked by him..

He was lost in his cribbing session when suddenly he felt a thudding sound in his table. Looking ahead his eyes popped out seeing laddoo.. His laddoo.. Sitting in front of her.. in his table. He blinked few time than rub his eyes. Kya yea Sachi main yahi hai? But then shake his head.. Par aise kaise.. Aise bait gahi?? She was not even looking at him busy with her phone not giving him any importance and making his heart thud so loudly that he thought it will jump out at the table any moment.. But how can she just sit here? He mumbled again looking at her and everywhere else gulping down.

Geet look up at him finding him lost and starring at her.. Raising her eyebrow she look at him which make him clear his throat looking away setting his tie. She raised her eyebrow at him.. Hmm. Attitude Han. Dekha champu geet se takkar lene ka natheeja.She giggled in her heart but soon straightened herself. Just than the waitress came with Maan coffee. Sir you usual. She smiled sweetly than look at geet with a frown. Finding it a strange.. No one ever sit with him than how today? Your order ma’am?

Dekha Babaji, unko usual or meri order. Humph. She made an irritated face while mumbling in her mind making a face at the waitress.. The waitress stood there looking at her with weird face seeing her changed expressions while Maan couldn’t control himself seeing her cute face and chuckle a loud bringing her out of her cribbing world looking at him frowning pouting her lips.. Babaji.. She yelled in her mind wanting to just pull his hair out of his head… ggrr…

She looks up at waitress and ordered her food turning to him. Aap mujhpe Phirse Hans rahe hai?She asked making a cute complaining face making him giggle more shaking his head. She sat there with her puffed cheek crossed arms while he continued to laugh at her more and more..  Oh how much he wants to see her cute expressions from near and now she sat in front of him and making such faces. She looks so adorable that he just wanted to pinch her cheeks tightly..

Champu. She shouted irritated but his made Maan stop laughing and look at her confuse. Champu? He made a weird face. Whose champu? He asked making a yuckiest face ever. She giggled loudly seeing him. Aap champu samjhe. Suddenly he forgot everything’s and glared at her. How can this girl call him some stupid champu. How can she call Maan Singh Khurana champu. But geet laugh at him.. Sure now this is her chance..

Now this time  his cheeks were puffed and she continued to giggle at him. He hated her giggles and her looking at him like she won here. He hated it.. No one ever dared o give him any damn name and this girl called him.. Champu.. Yack.. What does that mean? Now he just wanted to hold her neck so tightly for calling Maan Singh Khurana champu.. Idiot.. She is an idiot.. He sat here glaring at her cribbing in his mind but out geet loved it. Mujhpe hansta haina. She giggled more making him close his eyes due to his anger. This is limit now. Shut up. He shouted making her shut instantly.





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But she didn’t know her this cute cute faces are the thing which always make him smile or giggle sometime. There was something which they couldn’t ignore..

  It has become routine for both to come to restaurant and glance at each others. Day by day they were quiet comfortable with each others starring like it have become a part of their life. There was no guilt, no uncomforting zone nothing.. But they simply like to watch each others and would love to spend their time like this.. Maan who would never like any presence near him but now like her presence in the hotel.. His eyes would immediately roam toward whole area if he came a second late.. His restlessness would increase if she comes a little late..

He loves to see her making different face every second and giggle making her cheek goes puffed and turn into deep red color.. But nothing let him move his eyes from her as if he has every right to stare at her..  Geet started to come at the restaurant at daily basis even if yash would not allow her to. She would make any excuses but never miss the opportunity to come.. Somewhere stealing glances at her Champu become a habit of her day.. Some part of her which she also didn’t know but liked it.. She like every bit of it.. She like it when his eyes spark whenever she enters inside.. She like it when his perfect lips curled in a smile looking at her..

It was almost a month that they share this starring session with each others. One day Geet entre the restaurant and searched for him. He was sitting in his place with his coffee.. his eyes were already on her giving her his killing smile to which she twist her lips and sit in her table ordering her food when suddenly some girl came to her with a plate of laddoo. My mom made it. Geet smile excitedly taking two from the plate. Main do lu

Haan haan q nahi. Laddoo that too in London was itself made her yum.. Maan who was looking at her chuckled seeing her cute expression by just a little laddoo. How she was eating them making such a face that she is eating it for the first time in her whole life.. Laddoo kahi ki .. He whispered shaking his face.. This girl is really something really very cute like a laddoo…

Geet noted him chuckling and frowned making a face she look up complaining cutely. Babaji.. Champu phir mujhpe Haans rahe hai. She looks at him who was looking down but a smile lingered on his face. Chaddo.She put a laddoo in her mouth twisting her lip and relished the taste..

His smile on her didn’t stop which irritated her the most and she entre her house with a frown on her face. Nahi chorungi unko. Jab dekho mujphe hanste hai. Mumbling she make her way in her room lying on her bed.

Next time I will also laugh at him. Haan. Smiling she convince herself but soon frowned. But at what will I laugh? He is ..Than straightened she ..Nahi nahi. Bus theek thaak sa hai.. I will show him. He is also funny not me. Convincing herself she tried to think of a solution which can make him also angry.. But what? She doesn’t know her at all.. Suddenly an idea popped on her mind and she jumped on bed..haan yea theek rahega.. ab dekhna champu.. Kal you’re laughing will also change in a frown. Rubbing her both hand she smile widely and lied on bed…

She closes her eyes to irritate this Champu equally like he does to her. Soon her lips curled in a sweet smile.. No.. Not for ideas to irritate him.. But yes. To remember the sweet smile of him which always bring a smile whenever she closed her eyes?

Maan entre his room. Smiling when his cell Rang. Which was none other than our Dadi? Jee Dadi.

How are you?

I’m fine dadi.. Aap kaisi hai? Dadi noticed him for the first time taking calmly to her which is not like Maan. Kaam kaisa hai?

Sab theek hai Dadi. Aap ki guest kaisi hai?

She is really nice Maan.. Like a family member to me..

He smiled lying on bed.I will call you later Dadi. He hangs the phone and smiled remembering a cute expression of the girl eating laddoo today. That was worth watching. He chuckled shaking his head. Laddoo..He whispered softly closing his eyes. Waiting for the next to see thousands of funny expression of her..


Precap : laddoo in champu table….






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She got ready for her collage and made her way downstairs where her brother was sitting with a phone in his hand, a frown was present in his face making her know the reason..  Chuckling  she sat beside him taking an apple from a bowl.. . Girlfriend ka phone nahi lag raha?





He glared at her by her usual teasing.. Looks like she has taken a degree in teasing him for the same topic 1000th time a day..  She giggles taking a bite. Ma’am ka phone q nahi lag raha. He muttered dialing her number while she giggles softly by her brother irritating with just a small thing.  He was about to dial the number again when He noticed her face and rolled his eyes. Geet.


Haan bhaiya. She said making an innocent face which he never believes at..  Why are you laughing?



No. I’m not. She made an innocent face and stood up. College time. Challo. Challo..  Holding his hand she drags him out before he may waste all the time in calling and  remembering his girlfriend… Vijay drive to her college looking straight but geet eyes were on his mobile searching his log making a naughty face. Giggling time to time.. Geet give me. He snatches the phone but she couldn’t stop her giggling sound. Stop that



Maine Kya kiya?



You know that.



Ufho apni girlfriend ka gussa mujhpe kyun utaar rahe ho?She made a cute pouting face and look away.





To tum ma’am ko kyun aise bolti ho?



Kaise?  She made an innocent face blinking her eyes asking him to which he rolled his eyes stopping the car in front of her college. Take care.. She smiled holding his arm and keeps her head on his shoulder.. Don’t talk to stranger hmm. She smiled at his usual words. He would always say these things whenever she is alone..  Ok bye. She kisses his cheek. Bye. And take care.


Jee. Saying so she went out rushing inside. When her college was finishing her straight way  went home and called Vijay. Bhaiya kaha hai?



Office main. Tum khaana kha lo geet..



Kya bhaiya aap rose aise karte hai.She complained making a face.. What can I do. There are working waiting for me.



Theek hai bye. Hanging the phone she made her way to the restaurant where she always goes cribbing about the usual schedule of her brother. He never ill have time to eat something in peace but still roam around his so called maam.. Mera to khayal hi nahi. Mama ko aane do.




Cribbing she sat on her chair and the first thing she did was to search for that ajnabi Person who would be here always. When she find him looking at her than look away ordering food for her.





Kuch kaam vaam nahi bus ghoorta rehta hai. Champu kahika.Making faces she ate her food but indirectly her eyes would again and again go to him looking at her.Concentrate geet. Maana k dikne main theek thaak hai  lekin iska mathlab nahi tu pagalo ki thara roz roz usse dekh.





Cribbing cutely she looks up at him only to find him chuckling. He always does that. Once look at me and then laugh at me. She looks up.Babaji main kya itni bhuri dikthi hu? She made a pouting sad face and ate a spoon full of salad.





But she didn’t know her this cute cute faces are the thing which always make him smile or giggle sometime. There was something which they couldn’t ignore..



Precap : geet planning something against ajnabi



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He talked to her and finished the call. Dadi bhi Na. Looking up him saw that girl looking at her and just look away finding him looking at her. She looks away and twist her lips which make him chuckled. The girl is something really cute. Making really amazing faces every second.

Next day again maan went to the same restaurant and sit on his usual table.. He look here and there automatically his eyes searched for the same girl for some weird reason he himself also doesn’t know why but today she was not here. Maybe she came for one day only. He sighed looking down at his mobile..

You order sir? He look up at the same waitress and her stupid smile maan rolled his eyes and was about to speak when his eyes fell on the door where the same girl entered with her cute cute frown face. He smiles looking at her. Sir? The waitress called him making him look at her Han? Oh order.. Coffee..

She smile sweetly and went away leaving him to look at the girl who came and took the menu. After sometime she ordered her food and her eyes fell on him looking at her. He looks down immediately being caught by her for the second time. His heart thudded loudly.. Is baar pakka nahi choregi..

For long time he didn’t dare to look up at anyone and look down only cursing himself starring at some unknown person at an unknown hotel.. Par.. Wo bhi to baar baar yahi dekthi Rehti hai.. Haan. Wohi hai jo mujhe ghoorti hai. Consoling his heart he smiled.. He is not the only one starring but she also glance at her time to time.. Hmm.. agar chillayi to keh dunga.. You were watching..

He cleared in his mind that he is not the only one starring. Convincing himself he again glance at her and sighed. She is not looking. Great.Bach Gaya..He inhaled a long breath smiling.. But soon straightened himself… why is he smiling just like that… yea pagal larki mujhe bhi Pagal bana degi.. Cursing himself and her he continued drinking his coffee.. And not to forget starring at her…

Few days past. It became his regular routine to visit the restaurant and drink his coffee starring again and again at that unknown girl. He noticed her always entering with her cute cute frown and sit there for hours. He always notice her making faces every second.

There were many times when their eyes met for mili second and both look away feeling embarrassed. He could always feel her gaze on him when he would be looking down. He tried to avoid this but nothing went like that.

It was like a habit for him to come to the hotel and search for her and both would glance at each other’s particularly.

One day when he was drinking his coffee looking at her she also glance at him and look away frowning which make him chuckle by her usual habit.

He actually liked her making faces. Every moment there will be different expression on her face which makes her extremely cute. Must be the cutest thing in world.

One day he was sitting there when he got a call from his Dadi. Ji Dadi.

Beta Hume aapse kuch kehna hai.


Wo. London k office humaara aik assistant hai. Vijay.. Unki maa India aa rahi hai to Maine socha unko mansion main bhula Lu.

He frowned by the brilliant idea of his Dadi. What do you mean? She is bringing some ajnabi to their mansion and asking him like she is doing a great job..

Beta wo buhat ache log hai. Vijay ko to jaante Haina.. Humaare dil k buhat kareeb hai. Sachi. Dadi tried to convince him.. But maan rolled his eyes..

Great. Now she will bring every dil k kareeb people to their mansion.Fine. Do whatever you want. Saying this he cut the call.


Precap: time to know something about AJNABI







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Next morning he got ready. Nakul Dadi ka khayal rakhna. The only sentence he said before leaving but didn’t try once to go in her room and talk to her.

He reached London but the main problem was. All talks of Dadi have made him forget to see a good hotel and book it for him. Now he doesn’t have time to do it now at this time so simply went to the first good hotel he saw and booked there.

Finishing his meeting he went to a nearby restaurant to spend some alone and peaceful time for himself. Sitting in his table he ordered for himself a black coffee with less sugar. The girl smiled sweetly and went..

He sat there and noted the restaurant which was filled with many people and almost couple with their little romantic moment every now and then. Rolling his eyes he looks down. People won’t change. Instead of romancing in their house god know why they always start everywhere. If he would have booked a hotel for himself he wouldn’t have seen these kinds of people.. Dadi always screw his mind from his work which he hates a lot..

When his coffee came he simply took it but the girl stood there smiling at him.. He raised his eyebrow to which she giggle going from there.. Stupid.. Murmuring he look at everyone when suddenly his eyes suddenly fell on a girl sitting alone in one corner. . This is very strange for this restaurant. She was sitting and eating her food not looking anywhere else like him.. Must be waiting for boyfriend. He chuckled drinking his coffee. Girls of this country are so out of control..

It was almost an hour he was sitting but he also noted that no one came for that girl and neither was she looks like waiting for someone. Just patiently sitting alone. He glances at her few times when he got a call so went from their after sometime glancing at the girl for last time.

Next day he aging came to the same restaurant sitting and ordered his usual. The waitress again came smiling shyly and went making maan roll his eyes cursing her. He looks around at people and somewhere his eyes searched again for the same girl he saw yesterday. Just than he was about to look down when he saw her entering inside with a frown on her face which made her look really cute. Maan couldn’t help but chuckled at her cute expression and look down.. Soon his coffee came and he started drinking..

He sat their glancing at her again and again but suddenly she look at him making him look away quickly becoming nervous for the first time in his life.. Oh god. Dekha to nahi. Kya sochegi. Maan Singh khurana larki ko ghoor raha hai. He fumbled and slowly looks at her from corner of his eyes. She was ordering her food. After that she again look down which made him sigh a deep breath. Aahh. Nahi Dekha. He smiled and drinks his coffee.

Few minute passed when he was drinking his coffee and his phone rang. Seeing the I’d it was Dadi calling. Great. Inhi ki kami ti. Ab kahengi call nahi kiya. Yaad nahi kiya. He picked the call only to listen his Dadi repeating his mind.

Beta kaise hai aap.

Theek hu Dadi.

Haan. Aap to theek hai par itna yaad nahi k koi Dadi bhi hai yaha. She taunted making him roll his eyes. Dadi it’s just a day I came here.

Haan haan baatain mat banayie. Hum sab jaante hai.

Kaisi hai aap? He asked making her silence for few second. Theek hai. He nodded obediently. Aap jaldi aa jaate to acha Hota.

I will be back in three months.

It’s too much for me beta.

He talked to her and finished the call. Dadi bhi na. Looking up he saw that girl looking at her and just look away finding him looking at her. She looks away and twist her lips which make him chuckled. The girl is something really cute. Making really amazing faces every second.







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Jald hi. Har kisi ko saathi ki zaroorat hoti hai zindagi main. Saab ji ko bhi is baat ka jaldi ehsaas ho jaayega.

Dadi just prayed whatever Nakul said will become true and fast. She wants him to be like all and spend his life normally like others.

Finishing his work maan made his way again at the mansion. It was usual late night and he thought like usual his Dadi must have slept but entering inside he saw her sitting waiting for him.

Nakul take his files and laptop from him and went to keep them in his room. Maan sat beside Dadi. Aap Soyi nahi?

Aap Jaisa pota ho to kis Dadi ko neend aayegi.

He rolled his eyes by her usual self. Nakul came back and hurriedly went to make his coffee and his dinner. Kaisi hai aap? He asked after a little silence..

But dadi says.. Rehne dijiye beta. She sighed sadly. Fikar hoti to yea sab nahi karte app.. She said sadly making him sigh… this is her usual dialogue due to which he never sit and talk with her because she will usually start complaining..

They sat in a silence when nakul bring his coffee. Dadi. Mujhe aapse kuch kehna hai.


I have to go to London. Kuch kaam ke silsile main.

Dadi sighed sadly. Kuch naya Kahiye.

It’s for three months. This make Dadi shock looking at him. Teen mahine. Maan aap yea kya keh rahe hai.

Jaanta hu Dadi. But it is an important deal.

I don’t care. You will not go.

Dadi. Aap baat Bara rahi hai. Main hamesha to jaata hu.

She shakes her head standing. Jaise Aapka man kare kijiye beta. Hum kon hote hai aapse kuch kehne waale.

With that she went away sadly. He always think about business and other stuff but can he for once will think about her. For once will he come to her and talk to her all about his day. Ask her what she did. Ask her how she is. No nothing.

But nothing of her word affect maan and he straight way went to his room where nakul ran behind him with his dinner tray. Saab main aapke bag pack karu.

Hmm. Sab kuch dihaan se karna.

Jee. He went and takes his bag out packing all his cloths, watch, socks and every single thing he will need there. He will be out for three months which means many things to be needed.

Aap Kab Jaayenge. He asked when maan was about to take his bite. Kal subah.

Nakul nodded again looking at the bag but was not able to be quiet..Saab jee. jaate jaate Dadi se..

Tum bag pack karo aur jao nakul.

This made him be quiet instantly and begun to work. No matter how much he want to tell him to just talk once with Dadi before going but nothing can change mind of maan sing khurana.

Packing his all things nakul went to Dadi telling her that maan will he going in the morning but dadi didn’t paid any attention. Jaane dijiye nakul. Agar wo nahi mil sakte humse to hum bhi unke Dadi hai.

Next morning he got ready. Nakul Dadi ka khayal rakhna. The only sentence he said before leaving but didn’t try once to go in her room and talk to her.







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Nakul prepare a cup of coffee and put it in a tray making his way to his Saab room. Opening the door he saw him all ready wearing his watch. Saab.. Coffee.

Rakho. Said maan with his usual stern tone and take his wallet. Dadi ne nashta kiya? Nakul nodded and began to take his cloths for laundry. Un se keh Dena aaj raat ko late aayunga.

Jee Saab jee.

Nakul is the only servant aloud in his room that too very rarely. He is the only person to whom maan would say about his schedule of being late or early. Although Dadi tried many times coming to his room or talking but he would just listen to her and make his way out.

Talking a lot or listening a lot is not in maan Singh khurana dictionary. He hated people who waste their time in useless talks. He hates when his time is being wasted for a moment only.

Sipping his coffee he went out taking his files and laptop which soon his guard took from him as soon as he came out of mansion.. Sitting in his car driver make his way to the khurana construction switching the radio which he was hearing in a low voice. He knows his sir hates music a lot.

Dadi came out and saw Nakul coming from maan room. Maan Chale gahe.

Jee Dadi. Unhone kaha hai aaj late aayenge.

Dadi sighed. Tell me something new.

His grandson is day by day becoming such a workaholic. He just wants everything so perfect that never ever think about anyone else in the world. Pata nahi inka kya hoga. Nakul just listen and make his way to kitchen. Hum to aise hi jaayenge is duniya se.

Aisa mat Kahiye Dadi. Dadi shake her head drinking her tea. Nakul stood beside her. Uper waale par yakeen kijiye. Sab theek ho jaayega.

Kab Nakul.

Jald hi. Har kisi ko saathi ki zaroorat hoti hai zindagi main. Saab ji ko bhi is baat ka jaldi ehsaas ho jaayega.

Dadi just prayed whatever Nakul said will become true and fast. She wants him to be like all and spend his life normally like others.





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