Aapke liye main kuch bhi karungi. She said not realizing the biggest mistake she did to utter those word to him. Kuch bhi? He whispered with his raised eyebrow and a smirk on his face but still she didn’t understand a little about his sudden change expression. And nodded simply. Pakki baat? Baad main badal to nahi jaaogi?

He asked tightening his hold around her waist not leaving an inch between them. She jerks more close to him by which her soft body totally press with his hard body. Fine than kiss me.

She gasped a loud looking at him shocked with her wide open eyes while he just smirked tightening his hold around her. Kya hua? She wriggled from his hold wanting to run away but he didn’t let her tightly holding her. Tum to kuch bhi kar sakti hona ..She shied looking down not able to see his eyes when he is teasing her so much.

Maan please.

Nahi.. He was not his point only.. Not leaving her for a second… Pehle kiss do. He whispered making her shiver with his breath on her ear…

Looking up at him she can say from his eyes that he won’t leave her until she gives him what he wants. Taking a deep breath she tried hard to control her thudding heartbeat.. This is something worst to face.. Slowly tiptoeing she lean closes and pecks his cheek immediately looking down hiding her face in his chest.. He felt a burning sensation where her soft lips just pecked him. Looking down his smile at her red face. Her small gesture always makes him feel so beautiful.. He never has thought these soft lips can feel heaven on his cheek..

Cupping her face he made her look up at him and lean close softly kissing her cheek which make her gasp closing her eyes holding his shirt from waist tight. Moving back he saw her closed eyes and smile kissing her nose.. She opens her eyes looking at his eyes which only show love, care, life and happiness.

They walk in the sand holding each other’s hands.. He looks at her who was lost but her beauty was shining more by the dim light of moon. He knows by now she is the person he will die to spend whole his life for.. She is the one for whom he can go to any extent…

Saathiya.. Saathiya.. Pagle Se Dil Ne Yeh Kya Kiya

There was something in this girl which always makes him forget everything and wants to stare at her forever. Her beautiful eyes which speaks so much that he can spend all his life just starring at them..

Chun Liya.. Chun Liya.. Tujhko Devane Ne Chun Liya

She look at him and frowned asking him what happened to which he just shake his head smiling and look ahead.

Dil Toh Uda Uda Re Aasman Mein Badalon Ke Sang Yeh Toh Machal Machal Ke Ga Raha Hai Sun Nahi Si Dhun

They hold each others hand and walk a little where geet look at him and then splash water on him hard making him shock closing his eyes. She giggles and ran fast seeing him running behind her.

Badmash Dil Toh Thag Hai bara Badmash Dil Yeh Tujh Se Juda Badmash Dil Meri Sune Na Zid pe ara.

He ran behind her fast and within no time holds her wrist jerking her to his hard chest holding her waist tight. She breathed heavily laughing at him.

Maan look at her mesmerized ..It was the first time he is seeing her laughing from her heart.

O’.. Achhi Lage Dil Ko Mere Har Teri Baat Re

He loves it. He loves her laugh with her melodious sound. He has never seen such a beauty and her smile and giggles are only making her more and more beautiful.. Life with her will be blissful.. He know it for sure now..

Saaya Tera Ban Ke Chalun Itna Hai Khwab Re’

He starred at her and promised himself to keep this smile in her face for always. Promised to turn her life in so much happiness that it will be hard for her to handle them.. Her life will be full of happiness..

She look at him finding him again lost and chuckled keeping her head on his chest which he kissed lovingly.

seene Pe Sar Rakh Ke Tere Kat Jaye Raat Re Beetenge Din Thame Tere Hathon Mein Hath Re

After sometime he move little away smirking at her making her confuse but soon gasped when he splash water on her face hard. Maan. Now it was his turn to run for his life.

Yeh Kya Hua Mujhe Mera Yeh Dil Phisal Phisal Gaya Yeh Kya Hua Muhe Mera Ye Jahan Badal Badal Gaya

He stopped turning around and she hit him hard which made him fell in the sand holding her with him making her fall at top of him.

Badmash Dil Toh Thag Hai Bada

She smile looking at his eyes but maan eyes suddenly went to her wet lips moving his hand on her hair he stroke them moving her head slowly down.

Badmash Dil Yeh Tujh Se Juda Badmash Dil Meri Sune Na Zid Pe Ada..

She smile knowing what he wants but keeping her both hand on his chest she move back and stood up leaving him alone lying there shocked.

O’. Neendein Nahin Chaina Nahin Badalun Mein Karvate.

He stood up looking at her and hug her from back tight ..She closed her eyes holding his hand over her. Feeling the cold wind pass through their body and smile at this beautiful coupe who are so lost in each other’s..

Taare Ginu Ya Main Ginu Chadar Ke Sarwate.

They remained like this feeling each other’s when he turns her sound slowly looking at her eyes with all his love.. She smiles giving him all extent to entre her soul and make a safe place for him..

Yaadon Mein Tu Khwab Mein Tu Teri Hi Chahatein Jaaun Jigar Dhoonda Karun Teri Hi Aahate

Cupping her face he looks in her eyes and slowly kiss her both eyes ..Moving back he smiles seeing her look down and kiss her cheek softly.

Yeh Jo Hai Dil Mera Yeh Dil Suna Na Keh Raha Yahin

Leaning more close she felt his breath on her lips and close her eyes letting him do whatever he wants to. First he press his lips softly on hers wrapping her arms around her waist bringing her body close to him.

O Bhi Kya Zindagi Hai Zindagi Ki Jis Mein Tu Nahi

She moves her arms around his neck kissing him slowly and softly the way he was doing. There was not hardness, no passion, and nothing but only soft, sweet and slow love of each others.

Badmash Dil Toh Thag Hai Bada Badmash Dil Yeh Tujh Se Juda Badmash Dil Meri Sune Na Zid Pe Ada..

They felt like heaven feeling do close to each others in such a less time. This is really beautiful.






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Geet tear were fighting their own battle to come out. Why this always happen to her. Maan have given her so much hope that she can do her study and now everything is shattered so suddenly. Why everyone want this marriage so soon. She knew from now maan can’t say anything as Dadi have already claimed her and her own Dadaji who have said yes not even asking her decision for once.

Hum buhat Khush hai beta. She looks at maan and than at geet but none of them were satisfied with her decision. Thinking it a shy silence she lean close kissing geet forehead.

Maan look at his dadi shocked .. How can she do this? He has made everything so clear to her before coming here than how can she? Why did she talk to Dadaji before even asking him for once? He looks at geet and knew very well how she must be feeling. He has made so many promises to her and now Dadi shattering everything. How will he make dadi understand things now. Why did she do this??

Looking at dadi smiling and happy face he couldn’t be happy and smile for once. Sighing he takes geet hand in his taking the bangles out from her hand making Dadi and geet both look at him in shock. He took them and gives them to Dadi. Maan beta?

Aapko Maine yaha aane se Pehle kya kaha ta Dadi.

Dadi look at him and then at geet. But.

I told you clearly I need time but still you will do what you want?

Geet look down not knowing whether she should sit there or not. This is their family matter. She shouldn’t stay but how can she just walkout. The only thing she hates is to be the reason of any fight and now here maan and dadi are almost fightiing just because of her.. She wanted maan to support her but seeing the cold war she just wants him to stay quiet for now.

Geet ke Dadaji KO koi aitraaz nahi hai.

And Geet? He asked sternly. Did you ask what she wants Dadi?

Dadi look at him and then at geet who was only looking down. Geet beta. She looks up hesitantly. Aap bhi yahi chahti Haina.

Aap puch rahi hai yea bata rahi hai Dadi. He question irritated by all these people. Why are they so much forcing them in this marriage? When he made it clear why is Dadi making geet her weapon.

I’m sure geet is all ready for this marriage.. She said looking at geet asking for her reply..

Dadi please.

But maan.

That’s it. I said I don’t want to marry now and it’s final.

This made Dadi really sad. She thought coming here meeting geet will change his mind which she thought have done but why is he rejecting now. Why is he behaving like this.

Geet felt miserable seeing both of them fighting because of her. The thing she hated most is happening. She wanted to leave everything that moment. Knotting her dupatta she nervously sat there listening to the fight between them. She knows maan is saying all this because of her happiness and his business but fighting won’t solve anything. And if they decided anything how her happiness and his stubbornness can will change anything…

I made a decision and it’s final. Saying this he stood up and goes to geet side holding her hand. Chalo geet. Holding her hand he went out leaving dejected Dadi behind.

He walk with geet and went to her room finally leaving her hand and look at her. She was looking down. Putting his finger on her chin she looks at him with her fearful eyes.Aapne yea Sab.. He silenced her keeping his finger on her lip. Smiling his finger move to her soft cheeks stroking her skin.

Remember I told you. I will take care of everything.

But maan.. He cups her face lovingly stroking her cheek with his thumb. Kuch mat socho. Main hoon Na. Wisphering softly he lean close kissing her forehead.Sochna hi hai to bus mere baare main socho. He whispered making her look down blushing. But dadi ..She ..

Geet don’t worry ..I will talk to her..

But her worry was same as before. He smiles seeing her red face.Now go and sleep. It’s late. Pecking her forehead he move away and let her go inside. When he made sure she went away the smile on his face vanished . He turns and again made his way to Dadi room. There is lot more to discuss with her and make sure this will never repeat again in their future.

Precap : will Dadi agree??




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Vicky ran down gearing her shouting a loud.  Bhabhi. He called her holding her shoulder. Vicky maan. He… maan… he killed him… my maan… Vicky… she blabbered continuously. Bhabhi. But she just faint in his arm calling maan name again and again. Bhabhi .. Bhabhi .. he patted her cheeks many time but she didn’t open her eyes. Poor soul dropped down saying his name in her unconscious state too.








Vicky stood outside of I.C.U room worried. What have happened so suddenly that geet fainted? Why was she saying maan is being killed? It’s been an hour and still he can’t reach maan. Where is he? What have happened to him?  Why is he not picking his phone? 



There were lots of question in his mind but nothing is being answered. He brought her to hospital calling mom in his way. They will be coming soon with geet reports which doctors wanted to see before doing any checkup on her.




He sat in a chair remembering how she was only calling maan name even in her unconscious state. Suddenly a nurse came out, he stood up. Sir, Mrs. Khurana is not seems to listen us. Please can u come? He nodded and hurriedly entered the room to find her crying and yelling a loud. Choro mujhe.. mujhe jaana hai.. Choro.





He sat besides her taking him in his arms. Bhabhi..


Vicky, mera maan Vicky… mujhe maan k paas jaana hai.He nodded cupping her face. Haan Bhabhi.. Calm down please.. She holds him tight crying hard.  He strokes her hair saying her to calm down. She holds him back crying for some time. He couldn’t speak or say something, he was himself feeling so confused with whatever was going on.






After sometime she moves back holding his collars. I want to see maan… please Vicky… he wipe her tears. Yes Bhabhi. He will come.



No… He.. He killed maan… brij killed him..



Vicky looks at her shocked. Bhabhi. She cried and hugs him. Vicky was shocked for little moment. How can this happen? Brij. He.  He killed bro?  No.. This can’t be happening. 





He hug ger tight not able to believe but this moment he have to calm her down, her state was only wording which is not good. But his tears didn’t stop and rolled down.






A nurse came telling him they have to take her for checkup as Annie and mom brought her previous results. He nodded and wipes his tear moving back. Bhabhi. Don’t cry please. She shake her head, h cup her face in his palm. I will bring bro back. But you have to be calm. Please.






She sniffs looking at him searching in his eyes but he blinked assuring her. The nurse gave her injection, she stare at him while he made her lie down wiping her tears and move her hair from her face. She hold his hand mumbling something which he couldn’t get as she slept soon but still calling his name again and again.







Vicky came out and saw mom and Annie. Should ger say mom about what geet told her?  But it will only make the situation worse than before. Geet kaisi hai? He looks at his mom and nodded slightly sitting on the bench. Maan ka phone aya? She again asked sitting beside him. He stares down at floor not knowing what he should answer her. What will he tell her? 





His son is no more?  How can he say that the strongest pillar of their family is no more? How will he make her understand? How will he hold the whole situation alone? What will he do with Geet? She has listed all her senses, not even listening to anything. How will he make her understand her life is gone? What will he do now? Everything seems so shattered, what have god done to their life?






Precap: geet results







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You want to know?  Than listen. My detective came to know about brij. He is being trapped. Very soon Vicky. And I don’t want geet to know anything about it. Vicky frowned. I don’t want her to suffer more. She should forget everything. Only happiness.



Vicky sat there listening to his plans. Brij is the person who is stalking geet from months. He looks at him shocked.Yes. When geet told me about this in hospital than I increased the security in our mansion and behind geet. A week ago I came to know he is brij. He is behind geet.



What will we do now? Maan sighed and open his mouth to talk when Annie entre the room. Bhabhi is calling, food is ready and all here. Vicky and maan nodded and stood up.








All start eating together before chachu going back. Geet sat beside maan but didn’t look at him for once. He moves his hand to her thigh slowly under the table. She was putting a spoon in her mouth but stopped for a while feeling his hand and again start eating. His hand reaches till her waist softly stroking her making hard for her to giggle by the tickling sensation. He smiles inwardly seeing a small smile in her lips. He knows this trick will work as his sweet wife is so much ticklish.




She holds his arm removing his hand but he holds her hand keeping it on his thigh. She didn’t remove her hand and start eating with other hand. It was so good being here. Chachi said smiling and look at all. Geet smile. Yes. Hope the engagement have occurred soon.. but… all look down sighing. Geet slowly move her hand and put it above the table which maan didn’t like.Maan said he will arrange a big party after engagement.  For the project. All smile looking at maan but he look down only. You all have to come a week or two week before. Mom tried to protest. No Bhabhi. You all have to. Geet smile delighted, hopefully their maan can leave his work for at least a week and they can spend some time.






Chachu. All will be there before two weeks, but I won’t be able to. Geet look at him curiously, he glance at her and look at chachu. I can’t leave my work. I can only come a day before. He nodded his head but geet become really upset. Can’t he even leave his work for a while?






Suddenly he gets a call from office.Fine I’m coming. With that he stood up and went to their room. Vicky looks at geet and knows well she must be upset. Bhabhi. He whispered but geet stood up and leave the table saying she is done. He sighed shaking his head. When finally everything are going well. Then also bro can’t leave his work for a while and concentrate to his wife who have supported him always and never complained knowing how much pressurized he will be. But bro can’t even do a single thing for her.








She entre their room finding him in his phone, without a word she take his office cloth out and keep them on bed.  He hang the phone and turn to her, she was removing her bangles in front of mirror when he hug her from behind kissing her shoulder. I will try to come soon. He speaks softly noticing her puffed cheek and avoiding any eye contact with him. It’s ok. You can take your time. She removes his hand and wanted to leave the room when he holds her wrist softly pulling her toward him holding her waist.Geet honey. You know I can’t go like this. She just looks down holding his button. He leans down kissing her soft cheek when his phone rang her move away leaving him.










He went to defective and they told him about brij and his contact number. Sir, we have to arrest him but for that we need prove. He nods his head. I know a way. With that he called his number, after few calls he pick the phone. Brij. I know it’s you. The other side was silence but he knows it was brij.I’m maan and I want to meet you personally. Brij took a moment and spoke up finally. Playing with me maan Singh khurana? Maan could hear him chuckled. He wanted to kill him on the spot. Whatever you think, but we have to. For your goods.




Fine. But no one else than you. Maan agreed indicating the detective the work is done. But brij was on the other side smile; he wanted to play his card too. He knows maan Singh khurana too well and knows he must be on something hut he knows what is the week point of this great maan. Geet.







Finishing his work with detective he tried to rush home to geet but to his dismay he has to go to office for some work. He knows geet must be waiting for him but things are only getting difficult for him to handle between her and his work and he know geet can wait but work can’t. 





He came home back in middle of night and find the entire house quiet. She must have gone to sleep. He also knows Chachu and everyone must have left to their place. He quietly made his way upstairs but someone caught his attention. Turning he saw geet sitting on dining table with her head resting on her arm sleeping there. He sighed and sat beside her on another chair touching her shoulder. Geet. She stirred a little opening  her eyes slowly. He smile, but she quietly got up warming the food, he went behind her standing beside her. I got busy. Work being hectic now a days. He tries to talk to her but she didn’t reply at all. I am really tired. He looks at her face, she always would kiss his cheek when he would prefer to be tired but today there was nothing. He touch her arm softly. I thought you will be sleeping. As usual she didn’t replied, taking the plates she put them on table and sat their quietly eating already. He sat and start eating looking up at her again and again but she didn’t look at him for once.








Precap: maan restless



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As much as ger didn’t wanted to leave her but geet insured to go as there must be something urgent that Vicky called. They went out to see all sitting. Chachu discussed with maan, they were urgently called for some business matters and have to leave. He even told, it was meera holidays for a month wo suggested to go for a month and they should come there for engagement. Maan and mom agreed and told them, they will come for the engagement.



Vicky was not so happy for this delay but geet made him understand the situations.






Geet entered their room with Vicky behind her. Maan was sitting on bed with his laptop, the moment he saw Vicky he rolled his eyes. Here he comes again. He sat beside maan resting his back. Geet sat in front of him. Bhabhi. Why this always happens to me? He complained pouting. She laughs. Everything happens for good. It’s for month only.






Yea. Only… it may be only, for you. But for me its 30 days wait. He sighed sadly, geet pull his cheek. Now don’t be sad. he looks cute but things need time to be solved.

Maan keep his laptop aside and look at them they both continue their talk while his eyes admire ger only. Wanting to touch and feel ger every parts always and forever, to keep her with him close to his heart always never letting her go. 






He move and hold her hand bringing her in his embrace so that her back rested on his chest and start playing with her hair inhaling the fragrance. Vicky rolled his eyes. Here you go again. Bro at least let me talk. He nuzzles his face on her hair while geet giggle. Shut up. He mumbled hiding his face on her neck, bringing her more cloe to him. only if vick would be here.



Vicky shakes his head. Waise bro. How about a party. Dad project need a grand party. Geet jump excitedly.  Oh yes. Maan sighed kissing her shoulder. I know. I just need time.





Time for what? She questioned turning around. Well. To sort something. Vicky and geet look at him curiously. What things? He simply holds her bringing her again close to him. Hai kuch. Holding her fingers he starts playing with them while Vicky and geet exchange a worried glance. What is in his mind now? geet sat agian comfortably on him looking down at their hands.




They sat for almost hours talking to each others. Maan lied down on his right watching both of them while geet rest her back on him pulling her knee up. She spoke up. Chachu wants engagement to be held on their place. It will be so exciting. Haina. She exclaimed excitedly. Vicky nods his head. but suddenly geet remember something.



She turns to maan. Maan. You told you will take break after this project. He closes his eyes. This is the question she is been asking him from morning again and again. he really have no time for any vacations, his works being really hactic including the project now.. he have to sort them himself and here she is again and again talking about taking leave. I know. I need time.










How much? Please take a leave for at least 15 days.

He opens his eyes looking at her curiously. Are you mad?  15 days. What’s wrong with you? Vicky look at both knowing where exactly they were heading. What do you mean?  You have told before, than why are you rejecting now.





Geet, please. I have some work. I will think about it.





Yes. Your work always comes first.  I doubt you even think about me.  She frowned and move away from him.  He sighed dejected and sat.Ok I’m sorry. I will seriously take my time. He looks at Vicky who was also giving him that look. A blaming look. How much he hates that.









Rehne do. Karo apna kaam.

With that she stood up and went out slamming the door. That’s not done bro. Vicky said making maan shake his head. You both are married nearly a year now, but you never have spent time peacefully with her.










He warned him. No Vicky bro. She also needs your time. He sighed rubbing his temple. I know. I think I said I need some time.


What is so important?










You want to know?  Than listen. My detective came to know about brij. He is being trapped. Very soon Vicky. And I don’t want geet to know anything about it.

Vicky frowned. I don’t want her to suffer more. She should forget everything. Only happiness.







Precap: maan keeping track on brij.
               Geet bechaari complaining.




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Her life is being decided, always have decided by Dadaji or Sam. Not once have they asked during all this, weather she want all this, what she wants to do?  What she feels about maan? 



She went upstairs to meera the person, the person who is going to change her life. As she approached him, who was facing his back to her and talking in phone. She clears her throat to gain his attention. He turns around and smile looking at her, gesturing her to sit and again got pro his call.



She sat on the swing looking at him engrossed in his call. His talks told her he is making some office call so look above the sky.


Two hours past.



Maan was still in his phone making excuses again and again to her. Geet was pissed off now. She rolled her eyes and stood up. By the time he finishes his call and turn to her smiling.Hi. She glares him. Mr. Khurana. If your time, calls, work and family are important for you than let me tell you, my time, family and work are also important. He tried to say but she cut him raising ger hand. If you wanted to work than why did you called me in first time?




She turns around to walk. Geet please listen. He stands in front of ger. It was important.



I also had some important work, but I left that because of you. She points her finger to him. I was stupid to come and waste my time here. With that she went away. Maan stood there, feeling extremely guilty. What have he done. Uuffhh how can he forget geet is not the kind of girl whomever he always met. Waiting hours for him for just a word. Running his hand in his hair frustrated, he thought of the way now to manofy her.







She storm to her room highly irritated with this person. What does he think of himself? She waited for her for two damn hours and he, he can’t even say a sorry. Angrily she sat on her desk opening her book. She has a presentation tomorrow. But for him she left it to prepare later and went to him. Give a chance to their relation as all wanted. But what happened, looks like he doesn’t really want anything. Bus showoff. Samajhta kya hai apne aapko?



Then realization has drawn her. Why is she expecting? From when is she expecting anything from anyone? This is what happens to ger every day, every moment. No one has valued her time, her wish, and her desires. No one has waited for her. No one has asked her ever what she like or what not, except Samar and his family. That’s why she is so close to them than anyone. That is the place she gets love from only.



Maan is also like others, wanting her to do what is told, and she have to. But somewhere she was expecting at least something from him and that too went in vain today. A tear slipped from her eyes, why is her life so difficult why can’t she get just a little thing she want. Peace, happiness.



Geet. Let me sleep. Switch off the light. Murmuring Sam turn to other side. Feet wipe her tears and switch off the lamp taking all her books and went to the place where she always study alone, sit alone thinking about ger life. She sat in the balcony taking the small torch and Starr preparing her work.







On the other hand maan discussed his issue with dev who accused him badly.How can you do this maan? He sighed sadly. This was the moment you should spend with her not office.


But dev.


Oh shut up. Work could have been done later,  tu mujhe bol deta, main kar Leta. This was so important man.



He knows he is wrong, but that moment nothing went in his mind other than work. Ok now sleep. We will talk in morning. He slept and closes the light. Maan too went to his room and didn’t know what he will do now. He knows he have hurt her, but she was the one who never expected anything from him than why was she angry so much.








Precap: sad geet


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Geet thought for some time. Maybe it’s right. She should have told Sanaya that she know what responsibilities are. She knows what home is. If she doesn’t have a mom it doesn’t mean she don’t know anything.




Wedding preparation was on high level. Geet and anjali were putting their best while ajay just do what the ladies ordered him. Maan become really busy in his business which geet complained thousand times a day. Poor maan have to bare all those and stay quiet.





Anjali asked Sanaya to come so they can select dresses together for her. She came and both sat in living room, anjali showed her the dresses. Geet was sitting on kitchen counter talking to maan on phone. You are so mean. She complained drinking the sip of juice. i told you before. I’m really busy.


I hate you.


Acha, you sure about that? He asked mischief. She frowned, making a cute face. I don’t know anything. I want you here. Bus. She storms the glass on table angrily. He giggles softly. Acha, now I have to go. Will call you later.



Haan Han, bus kaam aur kuch bhi nahi. She cut the call not listening his reply and went outside sitting beside anjali. She looks at her, kya hua? She shakes her head not wanting to talk in front of Sanaya.



The bell rand of door and geet stood up opening the door. The moment the door opens a loud gasp escape from her mouth. Maan. She whispered slowly, seeing him smiling and hold her hand pulling her little out. She smile wifely and hug him tight. Still hate me? He whispered softly muzzling her neck. She giggle shaking her head and move a little away, their faces inches away. He holds her waist tightly. She lean up and kiss his cheek softly.



Geet. Kon hai? Anjali called from back making them move away. He holds her hand and entre the house. Anjali smile seeing him. Maan. Come sit. He sat greeting Sanaya. Geet sat beside him. Maan, see these are Bhabhi dresses. So much Na. Anjali giggle, while Sanaya didn’t like the closeness between them. She talked to him without stopping while he only listens. Anjali bring tea for him.



Geet, you also select one. Anjali said passing her some dress. She took the dress and made a face at anjali and than maan. He takes the dress and picks one. This is nice. She smile and took the dress. Haan. Anjali take the dress and look at it. This is nice. Let me take it. Smiling she look at geet who frowned while maan smirked. Bhabhi its mine. Anjali chuckle and stood up. No. Now it’s my. With that she stood up but geet stopped ger. Bhabhi. Give. She shakes her head and tried to move but she hold ger and anjali escaped standing behind maan.



They ran for the dress, but suddenly anjali felt dizzy and stood holding her head. Bhabhi. All ran to her. Maan made her sit on couch and Sanaya ran to bring water. Bhabhi kya hua? Sanaya brought the water and made her drink slowly. Maan ran out to call doctor and ajay for her sudden fainting. Geet worriedly caresses her hair but anjali felt so week even to open her eyes.



It’s all because of you geet. How can you be so careless? Learn to be at least some responsible. Geet look down sadly, she didn’t did anything on purpose, nor did she know all this will happen. Maan came back and told them to take her to ger room. And went to call ajay again to come fast. Sanaya made her stand and walk. Geet stood beside anjali helping her when Sanaya jerk her away. Stop it. You already have done a lot. Saying this she went away leaving her behind.



She stood there very hurt by Sanaya, why she behaves so harshly to her? Was this all really her mistake? Is anjali in this condition because of her?  Sanaya took anjali to her room. Maan came back and found her standing there. Geet. She turn around with tears threatened to fall and hug him keeping her head on his chest but didn’t felt like talking at that moment, ger throat went dry even with the thought that this all is because of her.  Arey tumhe kya hua. She sniffs moving back and wipes her tears. He holds her shoulder. It’s ok geet. No need to be sad. He cups her cheek but saw ger sad face which he hates to see. He know how sad she must be feeling seeing anjali fainting unexpectedly. Chalo. Holding her hand he took ger to anjali room. This is the time she should see her.



Anjali smile weekly looking at her, she smiled back weekly but stood beside maan only. After sometime ajay came with the doctor. She advised to check her alone. All went out and waited for half hours when she came out. Nothing to worry. She is pregnant.  All smile delight and ajay ran hugging anjali. All went inside, Sanaya and maan congratulate her while geet only smile looking at her from far. Sanaya came and stood beside her.



Dekha geet.aaj surf tummari nadaani aur bachkani harkato  ki wajah se kya ho sakta ta. Tum itna laparwa hosakti ho. Geet look down but somewhere didn’t like her talking like this. Maan and ajay look at tum curiously.Bhabhi aap kya keh rahi hai?  It was not geet fault. Maan spoke unable to take Sanaya words, he know how much geet will feel hurt by this. No one talks to her so harshly. I’m talking the truth.  She is no more a small kid. Ajay clenched his fist and was about to stand up when anjali hold his wrist. Bus Bhabhi bus. Buhat keh diya aapne. He roared coming in front of her. Sanaya move a step back looking at his eyes. Ajay stood up but anjali tightened her hold. Geet. She called out looking at her princess almost in tears. Come.



Opening her arm she called ger. Geet went and sat besides her hugging her. Anjali look behind to maan gesturing him to take her away. Moving back she keeps her hand on her cheek. Will you make something for me? I’m hungry. Geet smile weekly and kiss her cheek, standing maan move his arm around her shoulder and wipe her tears going out. Ajay look at them going and turn to Sanaya.






Precap: Sanaya topass gahi bhai….






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