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Vicky ran down gearing her shouting a loud.  Bhabhi. He called her holding her shoulder. Vicky maan. He… maan… he killed him… my maan… Vicky… she blabbered continuously. Bhabhi. But she just faint in his arm calling maan name again and again. Bhabhi .. Bhabhi .. he patted her cheeks many time but she didn’t open her eyes. Poor soul dropped down saying his name in her unconscious state too.








Vicky stood outside of I.C.U room worried. What have happened so suddenly that geet fainted? Why was she saying maan is being killed? It’s been an hour and still he can’t reach maan. Where is he? What have happened to him?  Why is he not picking his phone? 



There were lots of question in his mind but nothing is being answered. He brought her to hospital calling mom in his way. They will be coming soon with geet reports which doctors wanted to see before doing any checkup on her.




He sat in a chair remembering how she was only calling maan name even in her unconscious state. Suddenly a nurse came out, he stood up. Sir, Mrs. Khurana is not seems to listen us. Please can u come? He nodded and hurriedly entered the room to find her crying and yelling a loud. Choro mujhe.. mujhe jaana hai.. Choro.





He sat besides her taking him in his arms. Bhabhi..


Vicky, mera maan Vicky… mujhe maan k paas jaana hai.He nodded cupping her face. Haan Bhabhi.. Calm down please.. She holds him tight crying hard.  He strokes her hair saying her to calm down. She holds him back crying for some time. He couldn’t speak or say something, he was himself feeling so confused with whatever was going on.






After sometime she moves back holding his collars. I want to see maan… please Vicky… he wipe her tears. Yes Bhabhi. He will come.



No… He.. He killed maan… brij killed him..



Vicky looks at her shocked. Bhabhi. She cried and hugs him. Vicky was shocked for little moment. How can this happen? Brij. He.  He killed bro?  No.. This can’t be happening. 





He hug ger tight not able to believe but this moment he have to calm her down, her state was only wording which is not good. But his tears didn’t stop and rolled down.






A nurse came telling him they have to take her for checkup as Annie and mom brought her previous results. He nodded and wipes his tear moving back. Bhabhi. Don’t cry please. She shake her head, h cup her face in his palm. I will bring bro back. But you have to be calm. Please.






She sniffs looking at him searching in his eyes but he blinked assuring her. The nurse gave her injection, she stare at him while he made her lie down wiping her tears and move her hair from her face. She hold his hand mumbling something which he couldn’t get as she slept soon but still calling his name again and again.







Vicky came out and saw mom and Annie. Should ger say mom about what geet told her?  But it will only make the situation worse than before. Geet kaisi hai? He looks at his mom and nodded slightly sitting on the bench. Maan ka phone aya? She again asked sitting beside him. He stares down at floor not knowing what he should answer her. What will he tell her? 





His son is no more?  How can he say that the strongest pillar of their family is no more? How will he make her understand? How will he hold the whole situation alone? What will he do with Geet? She has listed all her senses, not even listening to anything. How will he make her understand her life is gone? What will he do now? Everything seems so shattered, what have god done to their life?






Precap: geet results







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3 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. trs1391

    January 31, 2012 at 1:10 PM

    poor geet hop[e maan is ok take him back soon

  2. Neena Hasnain

    January 31, 2012 at 1:25 PM

    Hope maan is okk..

  3. mishy

    January 31, 2012 at 2:04 PM

    Yaar zoha that was too short update yaar result bhi next pe chala gaya not fair i think she is pregnent
    nd please bring maan back soon dont make us wait too much


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