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She pouts cutely finishing the milk finally but one look at everyone she pouts more. Aap sab mera mazak bana rahe hona? Maan giggle wiping the corner of her lips.No sweaty. Nothing likes that.. Kissing her forehead he passes her the breakfast which she eats really slowly being full by that weird haldi waala doodh only. But maan being maan didn’t let her move for one long hour before finishing her breakfast.

It has been a month now after maan came from hospital. His wound has healed pretty well but he was still he have to see his steps which irritates him sometime too much. He is the man of his own and now listening to others was only frustrating him more and more.

It was usual day geet enter the room to find him working on his laptop as usual. Rolling her eyes she closes the door. Bus kaam kaam aur kaam… Babaji aapne isse kabhi kuch sochne ko kaha bhi hai.. All the week he sometime is in his call or his laptop. His going office was better than working 24 hours in home.. At least than she was having an excuse to tell him not to work at home.. But now.. Sitting beside him she keeps her hand on his thigh.

You are working from long. Kuch dair araam karlo. To which he only nods absent mindedly and continuous to work. She sighed but didn’t argue anymore knowing now a day he is only getting angry at little things. God knows her mood swings are transfer to him. Kab gussa kare kuch pata hi nahi chalta.. she sat there waiting for him to at least look up at him but man he is so engrossed how can he spend or say waste his second to watch her…

After sometime there was a knock on the door and geet open it to find mom. Hey mom. Aayona. She smile and enter inside with some cloths. Both sat on bed. Main aur Annie kal shopping pe gahe the?

Geet frowned not knowing the reading but mom smiled. Vicky ki engagement k liye. Geet smile looking down at the dresses.You should have told me. Main bhi aa jaanti.

Mom look at maan nervously who was lost than look at geet. WO beta.. She again looks at maan not knowing whether she should tell geet but decided otherwise. WO. That’s why I came here, so you can choose one dress for meera .. For her engagement.

Geet smile and select a dress. This is nice.

Yea. It’s nice.

Maan got a call so he went out from room. Vicky kal Hume jeweler k paas le jaayega.

Mom I will also come. Mom stares at her and then looks behind confirming maan is not there. Beta maan ne Hume mana kiya hai.


Unho ne saaf saaf kaha hai tumhe insab se door rakhne k liye..

Geet frowned not exactly getting her. He doesn’t want to involve himself in these things.

Par kyun mom.Mom looks down not knowing should she tell her. Beta you know what sameera did. Aur maan jab Aik bar kuch soch le to bus.

Geet sighed looking down and understood the situation well. He strictly told all of us to not involve him or you in any preparations.

Geet know very well know once he have made his mind than no one can change him. She knows why he doesn’t want to interfere in anything as her interference may poke to Dadi or sameera out there and he won’t like that.

But he doesn’t understand doing this how much Vicky will be hurt. How much he is excited for his engagement and the preparations.. But now his most two important people are just sitting and doing nothing for him will surely hurt him which she never wants.

Maan enter the room and sat beside geet closing his laptop. Maan I selected this dress for meera. Maan directly look at mom and then at geet. Hmm. Nice. He just smiled looking at geet. But geet wants him to participate or at least let her do something. She sure can’t see Vicky being sad in his so important pace of life.





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She closed her eyes when he lean down from her neck removing her collar so her upper chest was revealed and kiss there making her hold his hair tight as possible.. He nibbles her skin making her gasp a loud.. Moving back when he sees her closed eyes and turned deep red smiling he bite her chin making her hissed in pain.. Giggling he lays on top of her completely keeping her head on her heart.. Her finger smoothly moves to his hair brushing them making him smile…

She was lying on her back looking up at the ceiling while maan who have tied his waist band around her and was admiring her skin glowing with his band more.. Tracing his finger on her belly he lean closes and kisses there. She giggles closing her eyes feeling his lips and then opens them.

Listening her giggle he again kisses her belly than move up looking at her who only smile caressing his cheek. It’s getting late. You should go.She whispered softly only to receive a soft kiss on her lips from him.

Never tell me to leave ok. He whispered pulling her chain on her neck looking at her eyes showing his authority to her. She smiles moving her arms around his neck. I won’t. Par ab yaha koi aajayega. She knew well now how possessive he can get.. But she still loves it..

Aa jaanedo. Dekh lene do jisse jo dekhna hai. He whispered dangerously leaning close to her lips brushing them softly.

She giggles at his lips when he whispered moving close at her lips with every word. Maan. A little word escape from her lips feeling him just brushing his lips with her but not at all kissing..

He move back and look at her for sometime than kiss her forehead. His eyes were speaking some unknown volume which she tried to read but she was not able to read his eyes.. There was so much passion that she knows she can’t handle this moment.. His passions and desire are something which can be over limits sometime.

Acha ab Hato. She said than went to cupboard taking her shirt and jeans making her way to washroom but before entering she stopped finding him standing at the door..

Kaha jaa rahi ho? He asked holding her waist bringing her body to him. She keeps her hand on his bare chest. Nahane.

Hmm. Need some company?

Chi maan. She makes a face hitting his chest. He only giggles letting her go inside and lyed on bed waiting for her. She came out after sometime fully dressed and stood in front of mirror wiping her hair with a towel.

Maan stood besides her holding her shoulder. Ab main jao? She smiles knowing the statement was rather to convince him. Turning she kiss his cheek. Hmm. getting late Na. He sighed kissing her forehead and was about to go from window when she call him from back.

Kya hua?

Arey shirt to pehno. Showing his shirt she hurriedly made him wear it. Giving her a last kiss he went out from window which he not at all wanted.

Geet went down for breakfast where all men already have gone to office. Anjali was eating her breakfasts so she simply sits besides her kissing her cheek. Morning Bhabhi.

Morning. Anjali said nibbling her food..Why so late?

Geet look down and then to her smiling forcefully. Aise hi.

Anjali chuckled and was about to eat when suddenly her eyes feel on geet skin. She frowned looking. There was a deep red mark on her neck which makes anjali confuse for sometime thinking what it will be? But then her eyebrow rose really high acknowledging the mark.

Geet. Geet look at her. What’s this? She asked straightly removing her collar making geet flinch a little and move away.K.. kuch.. b. Bhi to nahi.. She blabbered looking down not knowing how she will face her after this and cursing herself to avoid the marks on her skin.

Geet. Saaf saaf bol. Anjali asked really strickly making geet shiver in fear. Never have she spoke like this. What will she do now?








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Jaisa aap theek samjhe. A very very small smile appear on geet face with the biggest joy she wanted to jump high and shout a loud for this but couldn’t do now. Looking at maan she found him looking at her and smiling understanding her turmoil. Thank you. She mouthed him to which he blinks his eyes.

Everybody went to their respective room or some went to talk with each others. Geet stood at her favorite balcony looking at the sun and the beautiful weather. Today her day is also beautiful. Maan have finally succeeded to fulfill his first promise. He finally has convinced everyone to put a wait to this marriage for some time. She is so happy with him. He always does what she always wanted and not once showing to others..

Her beautiful face was shining with a huge smile on her face and eyes were twinkling with happiness.. She was lost in her world when she felt a hand covers her hand. Looking she find maan standing besides her looking at her with his killing eyes which made her look down smiling shyly. His gaze only makes her feel so different..

Koi buhat Khush hai aaj. He whispered leaning close.. She smiles biting her lower lips fidgeting with her finger which he was holding. Waise mujhe to laga ta aaj tum buhat bolo gi? He waited for her to say something but she was only biting her lower lips not daring to look up at hum. He didn’t mind.. Never will.. No matter how much silent she is but he can read her eyes.. The twinkle in her eyes are speaking so much that he doesn’t need her voice..

Smiling he move and hug her from behind keeping his face on her neck inhaling the fresh fragrance of her hair which rested there.I will go after two days. He whispered moving her hair to other side of her shoulder muzzling his face on her neck making her close her eyes with a light gasp. His closeness only make her heartbeat race in faster speed ever did before.. He chuckled finding her turning bright red.. They look toward the star but there heart was beating so loudly that they were engrossed in hearing eachothers heart beat. After a little silence he sighed kissing her shoulder.

In do Dino main tumhe apne paas hi rakhunga. Buhat paas. He whispered kissing back of her ear the most sensitive part of her making her moan in the ticklish and shudder. Maan. He smile seeing her shudder by his touch and slowly turns her to face him.

Her face was worth watching.. Full red.. She was looking really down not able to face him at all. keeping his hand on her cheek he stroke his thumb on her burning cheek from jaw to her cheek bone making her more hot by his slow stroke.

Can I ask for something? She slowly looks up at him and nodded. Kal Karwa chauth hai. Saara din rasmo main jaayega. Then we will have only one day together.

His finger moves to her chin looking at her lips making her look down shyly. Aaj raat hum Kahi Bahar chale?

This makes her look up at him confuse. Kaha? She whispered asking him to which his hand move around her waist bringing her body close to his to which she couldn’t resist but move her both hand to rest in his chest holding his shirt.

Waha. He whispered looking sideways. She frowned and looks at the direction to find the sea she would always stare lovingly whenever they come here. A smile crept her lips and look at him with so much respect.. He look at her and she nodded excitedly making him chuckle.

Aapke liye main kuch bhi karungi. She said not realizing the biggest mistake she did to utter those word to him. Kuch bhi? He whispered with his raised eyebrow and a smirk on his face but still she didn’t understand a little about his sudden change expression. And nodded simply. Pakki baat? Baad main badal to nahi jaaogi?

He asked tightening his hold around her waist not leaving an inch between them. She jerks more close to him by which her soft body totally press with his hard body. Fine than kiss me.



Precap : will she kiss him??

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Nakul prepare a cup of coffee and put it in a tray making his way to his Saab room. Opening the door he saw him all ready wearing his watch. Saab.. Coffee.

Rakho. Said maan with his usual stern tone and take his wallet. Dadi ne nashta kiya? Nakul nodded and began to take his cloths for laundry. Un se keh Dena aaj raat ko late aayunga.

Jee Saab jee.

Nakul is the only servant aloud in his room that too very rarely. He is the only person to whom maan would say about his schedule of being late or early. Although Dadi tried many times coming to his room or talking but he would just listen to her and make his way out.

Talking a lot or listening a lot is not in maan Singh khurana dictionary. He hated people who waste their time in useless talks. He hates when his time is being wasted for a moment only.

Sipping his coffee he went out taking his files and laptop which soon his guard took from him as soon as he came out of mansion.. Sitting in his car driver make his way to the khurana construction switching the radio which he was hearing in a low voice. He knows his sir hates music a lot.

Dadi came out and saw Nakul coming from maan room. Maan Chale gahe.

Jee Dadi. Unhone kaha hai aaj late aayenge.

Dadi sighed. Tell me something new.

His grandson is day by day becoming such a workaholic. He just wants everything so perfect that never ever think about anyone else in the world. Pata nahi inka kya hoga. Nakul just listen and make his way to kitchen. Hum to aise hi jaayenge is duniya se.

Aisa mat Kahiye Dadi. Dadi shake her head drinking her tea. Nakul stood beside her. Uper waale par yakeen kijiye. Sab theek ho jaayega.

Kab Nakul.

Jald hi. Har kisi ko saathi ki zaroorat hoti hai zindagi main. Saab ji ko bhi is baat ka jaldi ehsaas ho jaayega.

Dadi just prayed whatever Nakul said will become true and fast. She wants him to be like all and spend his life normally like others.





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He holds her waist and kisses her. Good night. She whispered when he move inches away.It’s the best night ever. He whispered on her lips making her giggle. He moves back seeing her face turn deep red from the moment they touched each others. Bringing her in his chest both hold each other’s closing their eyes.

As the shine of sun of beautiful morning came inside of the room disturbing both the live birds fallen from sky heavenly sleeping cuddled up in eachothers embrace not caring about anything else in the world.. Geet open her eyes slowly finding herself tightly engulf in his arm. His arms were tightly holding her whole night not letting a single space between them. His bare body looks as tempting for her as she wanted to kiss it but that would be really very risky seeing his passion last night.

She blushed remembering what happened last night between them. How they have lost themselves yet he knows his limits and stops himself from crossing everything. How close they were to losses everything but still he didn’t did anything which can make a single glint if guilt in both if their mind. But whatever happened didn’t build a single amount of guilt in her. She didn’t felt they have done anything wrong.

A blush crept on her cheek burning her skin remembering how close they were. How his bare upper body touched her bare chest. How he hugged her so tight letting her every single cell of their upper body to touch each others. Smiling she hide her face in his chest hugging his waist tight feeling the proximity they shared.

The hidden feelings of them have reached so high, if anyone would think about it than it will be really very wrong for them but for her and him. They both can only understand these hidden feelings and there is no guilt or wrong in their relationship. Whatever they did was very pure bliss and beautiful.

Her finger move to his chest stroking there feeling his skin under her touch. Leaning close she kiss there than move to his jaw kissing. Hmm. He moaned. Tightening his hold around her waist bringing her more close to him.

She smile leaning close and kiss his nose. Maan. She whispered snaking her arm around his waist. He smile slowly opening his eyes blinking for some time and then finally was able to see her clearly.

He lean and kiss her lips. She kisses him back holding his waist stroking his back. He made her lye on her back and kisses her forcefully. She groaned holding his hair tight while his tongue move inside rolling her tongue with his.

They move back after a long time breathing heavily. Tumne to mujh par jaadoon sa kar diya hai. She giggles caressing his cheek. Ab to tumaare bina Saans lena bhi mushkil sa hai.

She keeps her finger in his lips silencing him. Ssshhh.. Aisa mat Kaho. Main aapko chor ka kabhi nahi jaaungi.

He smiles moving close nuzzling his nose on her soft cheeks. Do you regret what happened geet? She frowned moving him away looking at him. Don’t say that. It was beautiful.

Smiling he hug her close to him kissing her neck softly. Her fingers move to his chest to back feeling every single muscles of his tracing her finger everywhere in his body. He move little up looking at her eyes that was too looking at him but her fingers were busy feeling his skin..

Aise kya dekh rahe ho? She whispered after a long time not able to hold back the bluish by his intense gaze..

Tumhe jitna Chahu dekh sakta hu.

She smiles at his usual possession over her. I’m all yours. She whispered softly making him smile and kiss her neck where her chain was. His hand move to her stomach stroking her soft skin which has some new and blissful magic. Something in her skin makes him wants to touch and feels her more and more..

She closed her eyes when he lean down from her neck removing her collar so her upper chest was revealed and kiss there making her hold his hair tight as possible.. He nibbles her skin making her gasp a loud.. Moving back when he sees her closed eyes and turned deep red smiling he bite her chin making her hissed in pain.. Giggling he lays on top of her completely keeping her head on her heart.. Her finger smoothly moves to his hair brushing them making him smile…

Precap : TWIST





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We have to go for your checkup? His words make her think that he wants to do her test again. But why? She is fine now? Looking at him he can read her confuse look and chuckled. Whispering.. For the baby..

This makes her giggle and kiss his cheek. Theek hai.

Good night.

Good night.

Next morning geet open her eyes with a new bless, fresh fragrance and sweet aroma seeing his angel face so near her..  breathing softly in his deep sleep. Smiling her lean close to him wrapping her arms around his waist and tangled her leg between his. He moans a little holding her waist bringing her closer inhaling in her hair. She always get confuse about his this little act.. He hands or face eventually finds their way to her hair and he gets lost in them or always strokes his finger in them. But whatever it is she loves it. Planting a kiss on his neck she smiles feeling his breath on her hair.

What could be more beautiful than this moment. Very complete moment. Having the person so close to you with a little life inside you. She traces her finger on his neck seeing him frown stirring. She smile and almost forget about his injury moving more close which makes her head hit his chest and he yelp a loud. Ouch geet.

Terrified she look up finding him lie on his back rubbing his chest with his right hand..I’m sorry. I almost forgot. She caresses the bandage looking at him worried. Dard ho raha hai? He didn’t answer but just close his eyes in pain.

She sat rubbing his bandage but than irritated says. Who told you to lye like this?

And who told you to come close? She pout hurt by his word but didn’t say anything. Moving from bed she takes his ointment and sit on his side. Let me see. She whispered slowly removing his bandage but he jerks her hand. Don’t. I’m fine. He said without realizing his statement were only hurting her more and more and keep his right arm above his eyes.

She sat there looking at him for some time and than stood up. Tears rolled down from her eyes by his word. She didn’t do it purposely. He was so close to her after so many days she just wanted to sleep with him.

Sitting beside window she looks at the morning sun. How beautiful it looks but nothing felt nice by his words. Why was he so ride with her. A sniff escape from her lips and she raise her hand to wipe her tears but instead she felt a finger wiping them.

Looking up she saw him standing and wipe her both cheek sitting in front of her.. She sniffs looking away from him. But he continuous to wipe her faces.. You know.. I just wanted to experience. A frown build on her dace by his word not understanding but he just chuckled looking at her. You know..Hmm..  mood swings.. She frowns more but his chuckled turn to laugh and then she understand his joke.

Maan. Hitting his arm she pouts cutely looking away. I felt so bad.

Oww.. Come my mishti. Wrapping his both arm slowly he bring her close in his embrace kissing her hair. I’m sorry.. But you were looking cute..

That’s not fair. She pouts wiping her tears. He cups her face kissing her lips. Did I really hurt you? She asked to which he simply shake his head. No. How can it hurt me being close to you?

She smile leaning close keeping her head on his chest. But I love that. She smacks him giggling softly. Moving away both kiss each other’s feeling bless being so close and happy after which seems like eternity.

Her arms move around his neck coming close to him while nibbling his lips.. He too reached his hands wanting to make her sit in his lap but suddenly yelp in pain.. She move back worried kya hua?  He breathes in sitting and closes his eyes.. She moves close caressing his face than lean down kissing his chest. Sorry.He shakes his head not letting her..

Both came down for breakfast where all were already sitting and talking. Maan sat in his chair geet sitting beside him. Mom stood and went to kitchen.. Morning love birds. Vicky announced making geet giggle and maan glare at him. Mom came with a glass and put it in front of geet.

Yea kya hai mom?

Haldi waala doodh. Tere liye acha hai.. But geet make a face looking at the glass. Mou mat bana. Pee le. Pichle kuch dino se waise tuney khaana theek se nahi Kaya.

Maan. She tried convincing him but he simply moves the glass to her lips. Nautanki nahi. Piyo. Making a baby face she takes a sip and move it away .yuck..

Vicky laughs at her and says.Now you have to listen Bhabhi. Buhat suni humne aapki. Geet frowned and smack him hard. Tu chup kar. Maan smile and again pull the glass near her.lip.. Maan please. It’s so tasteless.

It’s good for the baby geet. Mom said sitting on her chair and eyed maan to make her drink. Without wasting time he convince her talking sweetly finally make her drink making a yuckiest face after that making all laugh at her.

She pouts cutely finishing the milk finally but one look at everyone she pouts more. Aap sab mera mazak bana rahe hona? Maan giggle wiping the corner of her lips. No sweaty. Nothing likes that.. Kissing her forehead he passes her the breakfast which she eats really slowly being full by that weird haldi waala doodh only. But maan being maan didn’t let her move for one long hour before finishing her breakfast.







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But her worry was same as before. He smiles seeing her red face. Now go and sleep. It’s late. Pecking her forehead he move away and let her go inside. When he made sure she went away the smile on his face vanished . He turns and again made his way to Dadi room. There is lot more to discuss with her and make sure this will never repeat again in their future.

Dadi sat there in her room sad with whatever maan did. Can’t he even do something for her happiness once only? She always has let her grand children do whatever they want but once she needs something he is not even ready to think about it.  Dadi. Looking up she saw maan coming inside and sit beside her. Ab to aap Khush Haina.She taunts him looking away. He smile looking down and hold her hand..Kitne armaano k saath hum aaye Te yaha.

Kitne pyaar se geet ko kangan pehnaya humne. Making a face she looks down sadly. He smiles keeping his palm on her cheek. Dadi. I have told you my decision before.

Lekin aap humaare liye itna bhi nahi kar sakte?

He sighed. There is no escape from this lady. I have no issue with the marriage Dadi. I like geet. She looks at him curiously. Really. I do.

To kya problem hai?

I need time.. Geet need time Dadi.. Please aap to Hume samajhne ki koshish karo.

Dadi look at him for some time to make sure whatever he is saying is true or not. Yaha se jaane k baad aap London jaayenge maan.. She tried for once again.

Wapas to aayunga Na.

Aur geet?

Ussey sab pata hai and she have no issue. She said she will wait for me.

He convinced Dadi which didn’t have waste and finally she agreed to wait for this marriage. Theek hai. Jab aap dono yahi chahte hai. To hum kal bhai Saab se baat karenge.

He smiled happily and hugs her excitedly. Thank you dadi. Moving he kiss her forehead.  Dadi twist her lips. Hume ziada intizaar mat Karana.

He chuckled holding her hand. I will try to..

Try nahi.. You have to..

Haan baba. Now everything will be ok. Dadi will set everything and geet will not have to worry about anything or anyone. She will not have to answer anyone.

But geet was super super tensed with the fight between maan and Dadi. She was frightened to face Dadi next morning. Every worse thought came in her mind what if Dadi reject this marriage thing? Why if they decide to go from here? What if she blames her for everything.

Uuffhh.. she tossed from right to left in bed not knowing what to do and what to think. Everything is so so difficult and complicated. Dadaji buhat naraaz honge agar unhe pata chala maan ne jo kiya. She didn’t want anyone to question him. He did so much and blaming him will really hurt her. agar kisi ne mujhse kuch pucha to?She made a crying face.. kya kahungi main.Even the thought of answering someone always scares her. she is not good one for talking and clearing things will be really difficult for her.

Good night keh k chale gahe khud aur mujhe yaha aise chor diya.. She continues to crib him  all the night thinking of the entire possible thing which may happen tomorrow..

Next day she was damn nervous to even face Dadi or anyone in the house so quietly sat in her room not eating breakfast but she couldn’t stay long as Sam came calling her out.

The moment she came out all were sitting in dining room with a pin drop silence which make her gulp and look at maan who was also serious. Silently sitting Beside Sam she again glances at everyone than Look down. there was surely something wrong that everyone face was fell but one look at maan who was calmly eating made her so damn more confuse and nervous. Her palms were already sweating thinking what might all will be thinking.

We are going after two days. Dadi spoke from all breaking geet thoughts and look at her. Chahte to the sab pakka karke jaaye par.. Dadi look up at maan giving him a blaming look than continued..par maan ko kuch zaroori kaam aa gaya.

Dadaji look at Dadi sadly but she assured him. Aap fikar mat kijiye. Geet humaari hi bahu banegi. Hum to bus kuch waqt chahte hai aapse.

Geet look shocked at Dadi and than at maan who smile look at her. How on earth did all this happen? Dadi was so angry yesterday and now she settled everything so nicely? Well. I think it’s better to wait. Mom suggested from all which make Dadaji sigh and nod his head.

Jaisa aap theek samjhe. A very very small smile appear on geet face with the biggest joy she wanted to jump high and shout a loud for this but couldn’t do now. Looking at maan she found him looking at her and smiling understanding her turmoil. Thank you. She mouthed him to which he blinks his eyes.


Precap:  chat pe akele akele Han





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I’m yours.. She whispered touching his cheek with her other hand stroking ..Praying that it will make him calm down and move his hand away. He stares at her for linger time not giving her a single hint of what will he do now.. She searched for some calmness in his eyes but instead his eyes were only searching for permission from her..

The next thing he did shocked her beyond anything in the world. Holding her shirt tight he ripped her all the buttons letting it open revealing her skin. Her eyes widened looking at him shock. Maan. She whispered looking at him but his hand move to her belly hiding his face on her neck. Maan no. she whispered trying really hard to make him know what he is doing is wrong. How can they even do this? This is not right..

But not a single voice of her went to his ear. The only thing which he wanted that moment was to taste her skin. Taste every inch of her. Feel every single part and mark his name everywhere.

Not wasting any time he remove her shirt from her shoulder nibbling her shoulder while other hand went behind her back to the hook. Please maan.She whimpered holding his hand. The moment her tears fall in His cheek when he was busy sucking her neck. He stopped breathing hard.

Moving up he look at her face. Tears rolling down her cheek. She sniffs shaking her head. No.

You don’t trust me? He whispered rubbing his thumb inside her hook. She shuddered looking at him. His eyes were speaking so many thinks. Asking so many questions.

He searched her eyes for an answer. Tell me? There was so much urgency in his voice. She knows by now there is no turning around. Somewhere he is out of his control today and stopping him is like impossible. His possession has reached his high point.

This is not right. She whispered when he brush his lips with her at the end point of opening her hook. She knows he will not stop but still tried to let him know where they are going.

Do you trust me geet? His question was still the same. A tear rolled down from the corner of her eyes which he licked making her gasp closing her eyes. Maan. She whispered slowly. He opens the hook. Her hand becomes fist around his neck. Jawab do geet. His again and again questing to her about trust was making her only week. Sniffing she swallowed hard

Yes I do.. She whispered making him look at her roaming his finger on her bare back. I trust you more than anything. That’s what he wanted to listen from her. Smiling he move a little above opening his shirt all the while looking at her eyes searching for any discomfort but there was nothing like that.

He throws his shirt and removed the last barrier from her upper body. You’re my geet. Whispering he hug her tight feeling her bare chest with his. Feeling the softness in his hard body.Geet. He moaned kissing her neck holding her tight in his arms. She holds him tight closing her eyes tight. Their hold was so tight that seems like their bone will crash but both didn’t wanted to leave another at that moment. It was so different.. They have spent so many beautiful moments together but nothing felt like that..

I can’t stay without you. She just hides her face in his shoulder. The feeling of her softness awoke a demon in him. He was dying to taste her but he knows his limits. He knows what he is doing and where their relation is leading. He knows they have did something really high but it doesn’t matter to him.. He loves her and knows very well where and what they are doing.

Both were breathing heavily feeling each other’s so close for the first time ever. Maan. She kept kissing his shoulder, neck, jaw feeling his lips nibbling him skin but not once he tried to mislead her. She trusts him more than anything. She knows how much he is controlling himself now because she too is in the same position.

Moving a little away he look at her eyes and got relief seeing her smile. Kiss her forehead he smile begging to trace his finger on her waist. I won’t go behind this.

She smiles keeping her hand on his cheek. I know. Moving him lyed besides her bringing her in his embrace. She kisses his lips and move awaybut he hold her waist not letting her go. Let me wear my shirt.


Maan. She touches his cheek. Let me. She whispered stroking his cheek. He looks at her for sometime than loose his hold letting her wear her shirt. She just closes two buttons again lying beside him taking the spread.

He holds her waist and kisses her. Good night. She whispered when he move inches away. It’s the best night ever. He whispered on her lips making her giggle. He moves back seeing her face turn deep red from the moment they touched each others. Bringing her in his chest both hold each other’s closing their eyes.

Precap: still together..




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Hmm. He mumbled holding her hand making sure she is near him and slept peacefully. She stroke his hair letting him sleep and sat beside him all the time .she make sure everything is ok with him before taking him home not wanting to take any risk.

Finally it was a day when maan was being discharged. He made it cleared to everyone that geet will be with him and no one else in hospital to bring him home. Geet advised mom to make his favorite food for him which she happily agreed.

They both entered the mansion holding each other’s hand. Mom took both of their aarti. Dono KO Kisi ki nazar Na lage ab. Applying tika on both of their forehead she led them inside. They sat in living room enjoying this day by sitting close to the person they have missed so much in these days. This house seems so dull without him everyone now know this. Somewhere this incident makes them know his importance in their life and in this house. It was late night when maan discomfort while sitting was able to seen in everyone eyes so mom decided he should go and rest and both made their way inside their room.

Entering their room He smiled inhaling the aroma of this room which he missed terribly. It has some kind of magic which always relax his mind. The aroma always makes him forget everything. The aroma of his and geet love.

He sat on bed where geet put pillow behind his back and sat in front of him. Vicky entered the room smiling and sits on bed. Finally home sweet home Han bro? He asked smiling which made geet too smile holding maan hand but maan rolled his eyes at his brother.

Enough? Now you can go and live your own life. This makes Vicky frown cutely. Dekha bhabhi. Na thanks Na kuch bus jao. He always wants me to go. Bus.

Geet giggle turning to Vicky so her back to maan. And why should I say thanks to you? Vicky gasped a loud looking at him and then at geet not believing his own brother. I did so much. Maan chuckled shaking his head. Whatever you did was your duty. This is not only my family that I should thank you. It’s your too.

Vicky looks at geet who was also smiling at him. He smiled and went to maan. Sorry bro.

It’s ok.

No… Not for that… but.. For the way we all behaved with you. All the while.. He didn’t know how he should express what he means for them. He can’t express what he went throw in just a Day and he has been handling all tithe family alone all the while.. Alone after dad was gone.. How alone and terrible he must have felt at that moment.. Now he knows why he has become so arrogant.. Handling everything alone s not so easy.. when he almost died seeing his bhabhi so week for two days only but maan had spend so many years.. How difficult it would be for him seeing mom like that, seeing Annie and him so lost..

Now don’t be sad.. geet said standing beside him and pulled his cheek. Meera se baat ki hai? She asked to lighten his mood which works as he looks down shaking his head with a shy smile. Go. Talk to her.

Saying bye to both he went out leaving maan and geet alone. Geet lock the door and goes to take her night dress. Changing her dress she make him.lye down and lyed on right side of him keeping her head on His chest tracing her finger on other side. The bandage still makes her so sad.

He wraps his arm around  her. Both were feeling really lightened and for a change didn’t have anything to discuss or talk about. Enjoying the silence they just stayed awake holding each other’s feeling so close after so much they have went through. This feels so beautiful feeling each other’s so close after so many days. Staying away was terrible and that too like this. When he know his wife needs him the most now.. And now she is not alone. Someone else is also growing inside her. Someone which should be taken care but they were alone in this time..

Feeling geet silence he sighed. Why not sleeping? Finally whispered when they have spent 1 hour in great silence. She sighed holding his waist. Just feeling you. She too whispered slowly. I still can’t hold you fully. She smile moving up and look at him. When will I be able to move my hand?

Few more days. He sighed than close his eyes..Geet smiled at his restlessness leaning down softly kiss him making him open his eyes..I love you.. He smiles moving his arm around her waist.. Stroking her..

Hows my baby? She giggles again keeping her head on his chest. Perfect. Missed sleeping with papa. He smiles closing his eyes. They again lyed with a silence for some time when he opens his eyes.

We have to go for your checkup? His words make her think that he wants to do her test again. But why? She is fine now? Looking at him he can read her confuse look and chuckled. Whispering.. For the baby..

This makes her giggle and kiss his cheek. Theek hai.

Good night.

Good night.



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