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But I hate this. First he gives me Indian cloths and now… this… I not yet married. She said angrily but soon realized, maan smile while anjali look at her with raised eyebrow. She turns deep red by her own word. Soon anjali and maan again start laughing at ger. Aagghh.  I hate you both. With that she slams the phone and ran out, embarrassed by her own choice of word.






 Next day maan happily entered the handa mansion which was almost filled with lots of people. He searched and spotted anjali standing with lots of people surrounded around her. His parents were also busy but where is she?  She went to sonali but she was also with someone else so he simply walks toward anjali.






Anjali. She turns around and smiles, excusing from all. Where is geet? At this anjali giggle. In her room. Go bring her down. He smile weekly and went to ger room. Why is she not down when everybody is already here?








Opening the door he stood rooted seeing her wrapped in his sari standing in front of mirror adjusting it and complaining sweetly.Babaji, kaha phasa diya aapne… yes maan bhuli Na… sari pehna diya mujhe… she pouted cutely looking at herself.








But soon saw his reflection behind her on mirror. He smile Turning her around circling his arms around her waist. Babaji se meri shikayat kar rahi ho?  She pouts looking at him. His hand moves up and down stroking her bare back, he stopped at her waist and caress her skin.








She shudders with the tilling feeling and look down shyly. He can see ger turning pink slowly and loved that color on ger cheek. She was looking not less than an angel from a salt fallen down only for him. So pure, so innocent, so sweet and the cutest thing in the world.









How can he be so much lucky having her, may be god loves him a lot giving him the most beautiful girl from inside and Outside. No one can be this much lucky than him. He move close kissing her cheek softly than reach down to her jaw line and then again move to her lips brushing his lips.









She move her arm around his neck moving back while he step ahead until she hit the wall with still their lips brushing continuously. You look beautiful. She smiles rubbing her nose with him. I hate you. She whispered making him chuckled. But you look nice.







She put her lips moving back and rest on wall. Seriously… you really look like a… she frowned but he smirked moving close and wisphered. Married woman. She gasped hitting his chest Euler he laugh at her red face.







Chaddo… she pushes him passing but he holds her waist hugging her from back. Hmm… She smiles feeling his arms holding tightly around her stomach, his breath. Her neck which turned to soft and short kisses making her gasped lightly and close her eyes.







Soon she feels a cold texture touching her skin, opening her eyes she looks down at his hands to find a beautiful diamond waist band around her. Maan. She whispered holding the single line chain which was filled with diamonds. Ssshhh… Kissing behind her ears he locks his arms around her stomach under her sari.







Just a little gift for my angel. She turns around cupping his cheek.This is not little... he smile wiping a single drop of tear in corner of her eye with his thumb. It is nothing infront of my geet… you are evrythjng for me… a long line dropped from her eyes reading the depth of love in his words and eyes. Moving close she kiss his cheek and keep her head on his chest.






Both come down from stares holding hands. The moment all saw her; almost everybody just stares at the beauty.  She looks down and went to her father and brothers.  They look at her with their wide open eyes. Maan move his hand to her waist pushing her lightly to mohinder.






Papa. She looks at him shyly. Baby. Is that you? He asked jokingly hugging her tight. Ajay and brij kiss her cheek sweetly. How did you wear this? Anjali came forward. Maan gave her this sari. All three look at him thanking him from their eyes.Must say. Today you look little matured. Ajay joked by which he receive a smack on his arm. Brij giggle cupping her face and kiss her forehead.





Precap: Ooppss Mr. Savior also in wedding








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2 responses to “HIDDEN FEELINGS

  1. trs1391

    January 26, 2012 at 1:17 PM

    its awse4m love it

  2. mishy

    January 26, 2012 at 1:32 PM

    Its awesome zoha but yaar thoda aur hota to hmmmmmmm… But nice.
    Ye mr saviour ko kahi handa parivar apna damad banane k chakkar me to nahi ha lets see


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