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Maan enter the room and sat beside geet closing his laptop. Maan I selected this dress for meera. Maan directly look at mom and then at geet. Hmm. Nice. He just smiled looking at geet. But geet wants him to participate or at least let her do something. She sure can’t see Vicky being sad in his so important pace of life.

She stayed out of room all day preparing her to manofy him.. She knows how stubborn he is and once he made any decision no one can ever change it.. And especially when it includes sameera.. It was night time when geet entered her room. Maan was with his phone changed in his night dress already so she simply changed her dress.

After changing she stood in front of him. Maan.


He mumbled lost in his mobile. I need to talk.. She whispered scare but he was just lost looking at his mail and sat on bed.. Bolo.. Now how will she talk with him being so stupid.. Cribbing she sits beside him.. Actually WO Na.. She gulped trying to say something but one look at him irritates her to the core.. Here she is trying to talk and her husband doesn’t even have time to look back at her.. Frustrated she snatches his mobile.

Geet kya kar….

He stopped when she made herself comfortable on his lap hugging him and keeps her head on his chest. He smiled moving his one hand to her hair brushing them and to her waist.

Dekha baby. Papa doesn’t have time for us now.. She complained cutely making him smile brushing her hair.

Papa has all his time for your baby.

She pout moving look at him. Mathlab mere liye nahi?

He made a serious thinking face. Hmm.

She frowned hitting his chest.


She was about to move when he hold her waist.

I have my whole life for you mishti.

His mear word made her smile snuggling close to him snacking her arms around his neck.

Yea Hui Na baat.

He giggles taking her lips in his giving her a soft and smooth kiss. She closed her eyes leaning on him and kissed him back with the same passion. She smiles in her victory making him fall on her and now the time came to ask him the question she is wanting from morning..

After moving back she kisses his cheek smiling sweetly. Maan… Can I go with mom tomorrow?

At first he didn’t get what she was saying but her scared face and mom visiting makes him know the situation.

Stiffening he look down. How can he make her understand. Sure he can’t say no to her but he also doesn’t want her to interfere in anything. Everything is settled after so long.. Finally now everything is calming and now he doesn’t want anything single thing wrong.. He knows geet interference means connecting with all meera family which he doesn’t wants her to do.. Whatever sameera did and whatever dadi did he won’t forget that..

Maan. She whispered finding him lost he look at her for some time and smiled cupping her face. If I’m here where will you go leaving me all alone.

He faked a pout but it didn’t work as she knows what he is trying to do. Please maan. Vicky will feel really bad agar hum Dono hi Na jaaye. She made a cute face snuggling close kissing his cheeks, lips, chin but nothing melts him..

Bus mishti. Mujhe is baat pe aur behes nahi Karin.

Par. He silenced her keeping his finger on her lips. Hold her tight making her lie down lying beside her.

I’m too tired plus our baby is also tired. So let’s sleep honey.

Kissing her lips he brings her in his embrace closing his eyes totally indicating end of discussion. She sighed in her defeat and holds his waist.. No matter what no one can ever change his hatred or love for any person. Now she know if she tries to push him he will become angry.. Looking at him her lean up kissing his cheek keeping her head on his arm closing her eyes.. Maan open his eyes finding her sleeping and sighed.. He knows he have disappointed her but it’s important.. And no one can change his decision..






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Geet hear Vicky call ringing but somewhere she hoped silently whoever it is should give any information of maan. but Vicky silence after the call cleared her it was no one calling for maan so she just keep her head on window .this was all so suffocating her and this moment she only need him to hold her really tight and she can  cry all her heart out. She know everyone is in tension so didn’t want anyone to see her in this state. Sitting silently she just kept praying for him.








The car stopped at khurana mansion, vicky look at geet who doesn’t have any clue where she is.. Lost in her own world. He came out, open her door. Bhabhi.. She looks up at him.  We are at home. This made her look ahead and realize where she is. Silently coming out Vicky help her to enter the khurana mansion.  The place seems so quiet today when it would shine with just the name of him.





Mom and Annie were already waiting for her.. When they saw ger tears twinkled their eyes seeing her pale face and dark circles. Mom stood beside her. Come beta. She step ahead holding her but stopped by her word. I want to be alone.. She whispered slowly looking down not wanting anyone else to see her condition. She just needs him and his embrace to shed her tears with and no one else.  Mom look back at vicky who sighed telling her tto leave geet.. She silently walks slowly and entered her room.






Mom. I have to go.. Vicky said when he made sure geet is not here. Par kaha? He explained everything to them which Adi told them. More tears flooded from their eyes. Yea sab kya hogaya? Mom cried.. Vicky embraced her while confronting Annie too. Please don’t say Bhabhi anything now.







Geet entered their room but it felt so dark and lifeless. The place which always had aroma of their love, the place which is witness of the closeness seems so empty.






She took his shirt inhaling his scent to her lungs to calm the feelings inside her. Why this does always happens to her only. First her mom snatched away, taking all their peace and happiness in their life and than his so called brother took her father away, giving the painful life to her. If this was not enough he also took maan from her. The only hope of her life. The only sunshine if her. The person who always has given her happiness is gone.







Lying on bed she cried silently only for the loneliness and so much hurt. Why does he have to take maan when he was the only hope, only happiness in her life. If this was not enough than now she is having a life inside to make her live and stay in this cruel world more and bare the consequences alone. Why this happens to her. She doesn’t want to live anymore.






Vicky entered the place Adi told him to come. His legs were trembling even by the thought which Adi told. With his heavy heart he went to Adi who was sitting in a chair with his bows head. Adi. He didn’t realize how cracked his own voice was.







Adi look up at him and stood up. Thank god you came.. Vicky only nodded his head looking down. Adi put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Vicky.. Control yourself please.






This made him take a deep breath and finally look at him. He’s there.. You can see him.. Vicky closes his eyes and saw the front door. Glancing at Adi he went ahead opening the knob with his trembling hands.






The sight inside burned him, the most amazing person, the great business man, the person who is the best among many and the perfect person lying in front of him.  He saw the lifeless body of the great MAAN SINGH KHURANA.





A tear drop. From his eye seeing the full of attitude person in such a worst state, the most terrible state. Tears started rolling down from his eyes and he slam on the chair beside him. Bro.. He whimpered taking his hand. Bro… He can only cry by the fate of destiny. How things turn up and down in just two days. How life have shown the worst part of their life to them.





Crying in his brother hand he let out the tears, the fears and all the burden of his heart. He know he have to go and face his mom, sister and most worst his Bhabhi.. How will he explain her about his own brother? How will he explain her, that the father of his child is here in front of him but.. how can he????






He cried for long in the most supporting person, the person who always has been there for him, his family but they never knew his value and now they know. They can know how much he is important to them.






His voice makes him open his eyes slowly. Vicky wipe his tears and smiled when he look at him. Geet. He whispered very slowly..





Bhabhi is fine. I didn’t tell her about you yet. Maan sighed closing his eyes. Where did you go bro? We searched for you so much.





Maan open his eyes slowly and mumbled. I asked the detective to not to tell anything till I will be fine. I knew geet would freak out.




She is really in her worst condition now too.





Hmm.. I know it.. He doesn’t need anyone to tell him that she would be missing him like nothing. But he would never want her to see him in this condition. He was almost dead and his condition in front of her will not be good for her which he never wants.





Closing his eyes soon he slept with the help of seductive and called her name in his mind again and again wanting to see her angelic face for once..





Precap: Vicky bringing geet to maan.







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PART 80 



She silently nodded her head still sniffing and tears were nowhere to stop from falling. He wipes them. Made her lie down patting her head slowly. Her hand moves to her stomach feeling a little life inside her and tears again rolled down. Vicky heart ached to see her condition but he also know nothing can change her but only her maan. The tiredness, dosage, crying made her sleep in a deep sleep with her teary eyes. Vicky finds her sleeping so kiss her forehead.  Stood and went out only to find Adi sitting in a chair. He stood seeing him and hugs him immediately. He knows how. He will need this moment.




Adi made Vicky sit in a chair sitting beside him.Kuch samajh nahi aa raha kya karu Adi. Adi keep his hand on Vicky shoulder. He know what must be he going through, how much difficult it must be to him. Vicky told him about geet being pregnant and asking for maan again and again. Adi can’t do anything but prayed silently for maan safety. This family is ruining in just days due to his absence. Hope he come back safe and sound and holds on everything.





It was late when Adi suggested. Vicky, you should go home now. Vicky looks at him. Home? How can I leave Bhabhi Adi?



There are doctors with her Vicky. But don’t forget your family is alone there.


My family? She is also my family Adi. And she needs me now.


But your mother and sister also needs you Vicky. He didn’t say anything but just look down. Go Vicky. Tell your mom everything, you will feel much better.



Vicky thought for some time and thought it to be right. He also wants someone’s shoulder. His mom can only support and make him feel little better. They need him and he also needs his mother this moment a lot. Visiting geet for the last time he went to mansion and told mom and Annie everything about maan and geet. Somewhere he felt much better talking to them. They stayed together and prayed for maan.



But in these whole things only one person was left alone, there was no one for her, no one with whom she can share her feelings, a tear escaped from her eyes twinkling in the dark room. When everyone slept this late night having a very peacefully sleep but she can’t have that.



She knows Vicky went home, she know they must be sleeping this hour no matter how much sad they are but still they have someone with them. Mom have her children to whom she can find love, Vicky and Annie can clung and sleep in the warmth of their mother and find peace.



But she, she doesn’t have anyone. There is no one to hold her and Console her, that maan will be back. He will come back and will hold her close to him. She curled up sobbing hard than touch her stomach. She can’t even be happy, how cans she? How will she raise their child alone? What will she say to their baby?



She cried holding her mouth to stop the whimpers, and called him millions time to come back to her and their baby. They really need him.




Vicky entered the hospital next morning. Geet is going to be discharge; he signed all the formalities and enters her room to find looking out of window. There were no tears on her tears, she was not even crying but he can see the dark circles and her pale face which clearly shows she cried a lot. Bhabhi. She come out of her thoughts and looks at him blinking few times to come in present.  We have to go home. She simply nodded and stood up.




He made her sit in car and sat besides her ordering the driver to take them to mansion. He looks at her, she turn toward the window starring outside but he clearly knows the turmoil she is fighting with now.



His phone ring, hello.



Vicky listens carefully… I got maan. Some detective called me told me everything.



Vicky heart thudded loudly hearing maan name and glance at geet. He was shot and is in hospital. I need you here now. Will tell everything. But don’t tell geet about him now ok.





He hears what Adi says him from other side and his breath stops. Glancing at geet he makes sure she is not looking or she may understand the fear in his eyes. I will be there soon. He disconnects the call, but his heart didn’t stopped throbbing a loud with the new information Adi have given him. He can’t tell her this, no he really can’t tell. Don’t know how maan will be? Don’t know will geet be able to see him in hospital being shot. God knows how he is and what’s going on there. He should keep silence in front of her now and first visit maan.



Geet hear Vicky call ringing but somewhere she hoped silently whoever it is should give any information of maan. but Vicky silence after the call cleared her it was no one calling for maan so she just keep her head on window .this was all so suffocating her and this moment she only need him to hold her really tight and she can  cry all her heart out. She know everyone is in tension so didn’t want anyone to see her in this state. Sitting silently she just kept praying for him.






Precap: he stood in front of lifeless MAAN SINGH KHURANA.






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When they reach malasiya, maan asked her were they will go but she just smiled but dint answered. He looked at ger confused when she asked him quietly to take the luggage. He did what she told and came out of airport were a car was already waiting for both of them.





This was quiet shocking for maan when the car stopped at the hotel and few guards were already waiting for her to come taking everything from them. She just took the key from reception and told him to sign which he did after glancing at everyone who were grinning at them.






When they enter, it was beautiful two rooms and an apartment which was beautifully decorated. Everything was present there. He hugs her from back. How you did all this? She smile turning around moving her arm round his neck. Far before.. But was not getting nice time.





He strokes her nose with his. I should have done all this.


Why? Can’t I do anything?


You already did so much.


Hmm. she smiled moving close.Than I want something from you. He holds her by waist removing a strand behind. Let’s make this week the best days of our life. He smiles by her innocent demand. If she want happiness than he will give her and will make sure to make his week the best day of her life.



I promise. He wisphered kissing her forehead.





I will bring all the happiness in your life. She smiles keeping her head in his chest. Jaan. Ab main tumhe sab se ziada pyaar karunga.



She looks up at him. He kisses her cheek. Aur hamesha karta rahunga.





Haan hamesha.



Suddenly there was knock on the door. Food came and he went to fresh up leaving her to arrange everything. Coming back both sat eating quietly for some time when maan spoke up. I forgot about Khushi. She smiles taking a bite. She just went maan. I will call her later. Don’t worry. 



Why not? She is my daughter.


She is my too and she always wanted to go there.


Twisting his lips he ate quietly. She looks at him and giggles ruffling his hair. Maan wo theek hogi. Don’t worry.





He smiled and they silently finished their food than called Khushi. She was really excitedly announcing them about her all friends and masti. Geet smile listening to her, while nudging maan to say something in speaker. He said her to enjoy more and they will call often to check on her.





Kya hua? She asked when he laid his head on her lap hugging her waist. Hmm. I love you. He mumbled nuzzling her stomach making her gasp; he inhaled and kiss the skin slowly moving up she smile leaning down until her back touch the bed, moving her arms around his neck looking at him with all her desires pulling him down.





He smirked reading some thing clear in her eyes. He was happy she is not hiding them for the first time after so many years. Slowly kissing her forehead he strokes her cheek.You know something? He whispered than kiss her cheek softly.





Kya? Her finger moves to his hair playing with them.  Knowing very well what he wants now and she will not deny him today. Her finger move to his cheek and slowly to his lips tracing there and look at them with so much passion which he can clearly read. Her thumb presses his lower lip rubbing them and look up at his eyes making him know she also want what he does.





He moves down kissing her jaw and neck. She closed her eyes feeling him onlyI’m really tired. He whispered softly in her ear making her shiver inhaling a long breath only to open them wide. Tired? He is tired?






Looking at him she found him giggling which make her more angry turning bright red at her own boldness. Never have she put her first step and when today she did he is making fun of her. Getting angry she hit his chest looking at him furiously. Hato.  Yaha se.





He holds her tight still laughing. Kyun? Making an innocent face he asked. I’m also tired. She said furiously blushing hard and went to fresh up.






Coming back he again giggles holding her hand and made her lye beside him. She snuggles close, but his giggles were only making her turn more and pinker. Maan. She complained hiding her face in his chest she couldn’t help but too giggle softly. He kisses her forehead looking at her lovingly.I love you. She looks at him than close her eyes with a smile he died to see. Moving down he kiss her forehead.. Both eyes than her both cheek softly and move to her lips slightly brushing them.






He presses them lightly when she moves him smirking. Good night. Whispering she turn around giving her back to him and close her eyes. He frowned looking at her and hold her waist from behind kissing her neck. Good night jaan. She just smiles with her close eyes holding his arm around her and both slept happily.






Precap:  another surprise planning…






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His son is no more?  How can he say that the strongest pillar of their family is no more? How will he make her understand? How will he hold the whole situation alone? What will he do with Geet? She has listed all her senses, not even listening to anything. How will he make her understand her life is gone? What will he do now? Everything seems so shattered, what have god done to their life?






Vicky sat on a chair, this all is going worst than even thought and he is here left alone to handle it. How on earth will he be able to do that will calm the situation. He looks at his mom and Annie. Mom.. You both should go home.


But beta geet.


Don’t worry.. I will take care. She nodded and stood to go but again stopped. If you get to know about maan do tell me. He nodded and kisses her forbear feeling terribly week that moment. God know how bro handled so much alone all the while when he is feeling so alone just in a day.





He sat alone thinking of the way to find a single solution. Where will maan go so suddenly? But something caught him and he abruptly dialed a number. Adi.. Adi I need you hear.. In ***** hospital.. Come fast please. He explained everything to him and asked him to come fast.





Hanging the phone he heard the nurse entering geet room, he stood watching as many nurses and her doctor came. We need to take her for complete checkup.  He nodded and let them take her.






It was almost an hour when they brought her back, she was still not conciliation. Doctor called him in his cabin wanting to discuss something really important.






He entered the cabin and sat on chair with his thudding heart, he was not ready to hear any of bad things, already things are on their worst form, and hope geet will be ok.




Mr. Khurana. I checked Mrs. Khurana report and also her but there is nothing wrong with her.



Vicky sighed in relief taking out a long breath he was holding. It is just she is little week and sudden pressure made her faint. Vicky nodded looking at him with all his concentration. Is she ok now?



The doctor smile nodding his head and continues. Yes. You can take her home tomorrow but I want to tell you one thing. Vicky frowned.






Mrs. Khurana is one week pregnant. Vicky gasped a loud. Pregnant, Bhabhi is pregnant. Now what will happen, here when there is no hint of where maan is and now she is pregnant and will need him the most near her. How miserable will she feel when she will find out this.




He came out lost in his thoughts when his mobile rang. Hello.


Vicky. Meera voice from other side makes him sigh. Meera. He talked to her for sometime telling her everything except geet pregnancy. He felt much better after talking to her and thanked her before hanging.






Slowly entering her room she sat besides her keeping his hand on her head. She flutter her eyes and slowly open them, Vicky smile Vicky but soon become sad finding her eyes glitter in tears and look away sadly. Bhabhi… you have to be strong. She sniffs closing her eyes letting the drop fall down. I have to tell you something.





She looks at him least interested in whatever he wants to tell. This moment she just wants maan and nothing else.




He takes a deep breath holding her hand and slowly said. You are pregnant. She instantly look at him with her question eyes, Vicky nodded his head and then saw ger smiling a little moving her other hand to her stomach feeling the gesture.





She slowly sat straight and smiles widely. I’m pregnant. She giggle softly making Vicky too giggle in his tears but soon a moan escaped from her lips making him circle his arm around her. I’m pregnant. She cried hugging him tight hiding her face and tears. How much she wanted to celebrate this day, how much she wanted to tell this news to him before everyone. How much she craved. That they will also be called as parents.



She cried a loud hugging him wanting her love to come back listening ger cries. Maan. He can never tolerate her being so week but she was not having any choice other than to let all the pain out from her heart.



How the happiest moment of their life have become the worst moment. Why is she given another life inside ger when she doesn’t have the courage to live anymore? To breath anymore, when there is nothing to live and she wanted to go to him but here she have a part of him inside her growing. Now when she wants him more than anything but have to take care of someone else more than anything. Why?






Vicky soothed her brushing her hair saying her to calm down again and again.Everything will be ok.. she just cried not able to believe anyone now.  After a long half hour she slowly moves away wiping her tears and look down sniffing. Bhabhi, please be strong. I’m trying to find bro. But you have to take care of yourself.






She silently nodded her head still sniffing and tears were nowhere to stop from falling. He wipes them. Made her lie down patting her head slowly. Her hand moves to her stomach feeling a little life inside her and tears again rolled down. Vicky heart ached to see her condition but he also know nothing can change her but only her maan. The tiredness, dosage, crying made her sleep in a deep sleep with her teary eyes. Vicky finds her sleeping so kiss her forehead.  Stood and went out only to find Adi sitting in a chair. He stood seeing him and hugs him immediately. He knows how. He will need this moment.





Precap:  Vicky getting a call





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We both. She giggles nodding her head. Yes. I have booked the tickets for Malaysia.  He hugs ger tight, why she loves him so much? Even after making such a biggest mistake she is only thinking about him and still wanting to give him a chance as always. He must be the luckiest person in the whole world.







There was some time left for Khushi to leave. She was all ready but geet was in her room packing her cloths when maan enters with Khushi, he lied on bed while Khushi stood there watching geet. Aap kaha jaa rahe ho? She asked with her tiny hands on her hips.Hmm. We are also going to a picnic. She looks at him frowning and climbed up the bed. Mathlab?







Geet smile seeing them and says. We will be back before you sweetie. Khushi smile and start playing with maan for some time.






Later they both went to drop Khushi. She happily ran inside while both stood outside, geet look at maan finding his usual sad face with lips very little pouted. She giggles moving her arms around his waist hugging Jim from side. He look down at her, she smile sweaty making him smile too. How much he wanted just a glimpse of her sweet smile. How lucky he is.







They packed everything .only two hours left to go to airport. Geet took the sari she wore on the date and went to change. Maan came in room but didn’t find her so too his cloths tto change. Geet came out just at that moment but her sight makes him gasp. Wow. She wore the same sari. She smile widely which make her blush and look down shyly.






He came forward holding her shoulder putting his finger under her chin.Jaan. She smile leaning forward but didn’t look up at him. Iraada kya hai? He chuckled making her turn in deep shade hiding her face in his chest. He holds her tight kissing her head.







They bid good bye to mom and dad and went to airport. After finishing all the formalities they sat on airport where she moves in his embrace keeping her head on his shoulder. He holds her close to him. Khushi was so happy.



Yea. She got what she always wanted.


Hmm. Are you not getting what you wanted?





No.He simply replied making her frown and look up at him. He strokes her cheek. I’m getting more than what I wanted. She smiles sweetly moving her face more close.





They sat in silence for some time. Just feeling each other’s so close without antithetical thoughts and wishes.






Sometimes I think… do I really deserve all this. She moves a little away.Maan. Stop saying this. He sighed holding her hand.Yea but seriously… I never thought it will happen… after what I have done all the while.







She didn’t reply, because there were no words left which can make him feel better. She tried so much and told him many time in these two days to forget everything but he doesn’t seems to stop lamenting. Maybe this can be really hard for him to digest the truth that everything is over.






But for him things are really going out of limits. He always known the truth that she loves him without any expectations, but this is the limit. Even after breaking her so much and so cruelty she even came back to him is the biggest thing for Jim and above that, he again made such a stupid mistake but she didn’t uttered a single word or never ever have uttered. She never have told him how much she feels hurt by his attitude but now he can clearly understand and really laments from his heart to hurt the lady who have given whole her life to him.






Chup kyun ho gahi?He questioned which make her sighed on defeat looking up at him. Maan… I want to forget everything. So please stop remembering the past.He can see the pain in his eyes for him. Obviously he know how much she hates to see him so much defeated and in guilt but what can he do? He is left to lament only. To remember the times where he always have hurt her and gave her pain where in return she always have given love and nothing else.





Maan. She whispered keeping her hand on his cheek. You know something? He just stares at her by which she smiles kissing his nose. You don’t look nice being serious. He chuckled shaking his head. Acha?





Hmm. Mera maan bewakoof ziada acha hai..He frowned pouting his lips. I’m not bewakoof ok.




You are… my duffer.






Jaan. He complained making a face holding her tight. She giggles kissing his cheek.I’m not duffer. The statement was more a question which make her laugh and close her eyes keeping her head on his chest.. Mujhe neend aa rahi hai..










She didn’t reply but kiss his neck with her closed eyes but a sweet smile on her face which soon melt him ..He smile kissing her forehead and bring her more close waiting for the new life..


he close his eyes but geet open her eyes and smile at him.. 


Precap: reaching Malaysia.








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Vicky ran down gearing her shouting a loud.  Bhabhi. He called her holding her shoulder. Vicky maan. He… maan… he killed him… my maan… Vicky… she blabbered continuously. Bhabhi. But she just faint in his arm calling maan name again and again. Bhabhi .. Bhabhi .. he patted her cheeks many time but she didn’t open her eyes. Poor soul dropped down saying his name in her unconscious state too.








Vicky stood outside of I.C.U room worried. What have happened so suddenly that geet fainted? Why was she saying maan is being killed? It’s been an hour and still he can’t reach maan. Where is he? What have happened to him?  Why is he not picking his phone? 



There were lots of question in his mind but nothing is being answered. He brought her to hospital calling mom in his way. They will be coming soon with geet reports which doctors wanted to see before doing any checkup on her.




He sat in a chair remembering how she was only calling maan name even in her unconscious state. Suddenly a nurse came out, he stood up. Sir, Mrs. Khurana is not seems to listen us. Please can u come? He nodded and hurriedly entered the room to find her crying and yelling a loud. Choro mujhe.. mujhe jaana hai.. Choro.





He sat besides her taking him in his arms. Bhabhi..


Vicky, mera maan Vicky… mujhe maan k paas jaana hai.He nodded cupping her face. Haan Bhabhi.. Calm down please.. She holds him tight crying hard.  He strokes her hair saying her to calm down. She holds him back crying for some time. He couldn’t speak or say something, he was himself feeling so confused with whatever was going on.






After sometime she moves back holding his collars. I want to see maan… please Vicky… he wipe her tears. Yes Bhabhi. He will come.



No… He.. He killed maan… brij killed him..



Vicky looks at her shocked. Bhabhi. She cried and hugs him. Vicky was shocked for little moment. How can this happen? Brij. He.  He killed bro?  No.. This can’t be happening. 





He hug ger tight not able to believe but this moment he have to calm her down, her state was only wording which is not good. But his tears didn’t stop and rolled down.






A nurse came telling him they have to take her for checkup as Annie and mom brought her previous results. He nodded and wipes his tear moving back. Bhabhi. Don’t cry please. She shake her head, h cup her face in his palm. I will bring bro back. But you have to be calm. Please.






She sniffs looking at him searching in his eyes but he blinked assuring her. The nurse gave her injection, she stare at him while he made her lie down wiping her tears and move her hair from her face. She hold his hand mumbling something which he couldn’t get as she slept soon but still calling his name again and again.







Vicky came out and saw mom and Annie. Should ger say mom about what geet told her?  But it will only make the situation worse than before. Geet kaisi hai? He looks at his mom and nodded slightly sitting on the bench. Maan ka phone aya? She again asked sitting beside him. He stares down at floor not knowing what he should answer her. What will he tell her? 





His son is no more?  How can he say that the strongest pillar of their family is no more? How will he make her understand? How will he hold the whole situation alone? What will he do with Geet? She has listed all her senses, not even listening to anything. How will he make her understand her life is gone? What will he do now? Everything seems so shattered, what have god done to their life?






Precap: geet results







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