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 Ahan, I can see, it’s been only an hour bro left and you came. Wow what a couple. He laughs keeping his file on desk. Maan read the file and sign the paper.Ok bhabhi, need to go now. Meet you later. With that he goes out. The moment he goes Maan grabs geet bringing her in his embrace. She smiles moving her arm around his neck. Come home early ok. I am waiting. He smiles nodding his head. 






As promised Maan came early home. He and Vicky made his way inside mansion where all were sitting, except geet and sameera. Maan was about to go in his room. When he stopped and went to all. Mom where is sameera? All look at him shocked; they were already scared of this moment to come. Vicky tried to excuse.Bro, its quiet late. Plus you seem tired let’s go. He tried to drag him holding his arm but he didn’t move. Meera, where is she? She stood up looking at scared by his anger. Maan turn to Annie, Annie? She fumbled looking at his threatening eyes. She is in her room. She whispered with her shaking voice. Maan immediately start walking there which terrified all, Vicky came in front of him. Bro please, it’s not the time. Giving a glare to him he passes him and went.




Slamming the door open he look at sudden shock in sameera eyes, she stood from her bed looking at him scared. She was almost death scared by this moment, that’s why she kept herself in her room only. Maan came near her and stood in front of her. Did you told geet about office problems? He asked looking straightly at her eyes. She took a step back which made him step ahead. She hit a wall and traps between him and wall.




All ran there and wanted to stop him, but no one was having courage to even come before him in this state of his. Sameera look ahead and look at them pleading, Maan jerk hold her neck very tight which shock all. How dare you interfere in my life? He hissed tightening his fingers, she tried to remove his hand to breath but he was only looking at her eyes. All tried to stop him. Maan, please leave her. Mom almost cried. Vicky suddenly ran from there and went to geet room.



She was reading book with her short and track when Vicky barged in. sorry bhabhi, please come. Not giving any chance to her to speak, he drag her out and make his way where only she can be helpful. When they reached their geet gasped a loud looking a fury Maan holding sameera neck who was trying hard to breath.



Maan. Yelling she move to him and hold his hand trying to remove it. Let her go Maan. Move. His hold was tight and eyes spiting fire. What did you think Han? That whatever you will do, I won’t say anything? Sameera struggle hard, her tears flowed down. Maan, leave I said. She said firmly holding his collar. He looks at her. Leave Maan. But he didn’t and looks at sameera furiously. Geet cup his face making him look at her. Leave her Maan. She tried to remove his hand in which she was successful. Sameera rolled down coughing hard. Meera and mom went to her hurriedly passing her water. Geet was only looking at his eyes, so much anger. She never have seen him like this, she never thought he can even go to such extent. Even now his eyes were only on sameera giving her a killing look. Vicky came to her and holds her shoulder. She slowly looks at him worriedly.Take him away. He whispered softly. Geet nodded and drag Maan out, but he stopped at door and turn around at sameera.You will stay here sameera, but if you tried to talk you geet. I swear that’s going to be last day of your life. Everyone look at him shocked, geet drag him out and make her way inside room.




Once they entered she close the door and look at him angrily.What the hell were you doing? Maan, how can you do this? He looks at her furiously. What do you expect geet? I should sit quietly when she is doing hell with our life. He shout a loud making her shiver. Vicky enters the room, he knows Maan is very angry and somewhere he was scared, what if he take his anger on geet. Geet stood there looking at him. She tried to calm him. But Maan, everything is fine now. she hold his arm looking at his eyes, he look down, but geet knows he is still furious, somewhere he took his work frustration also out at sameera. i don’t care, did you get that. i don’t care. She looks ahead at Vicky who was standing at door. Sighing she goes to Maan cupping his face. Take a shower; I will bring something for us to eat. He didn’t move or look at her, brushing his hair she kiss his cheek. Going to door she indicates Vicky also to come out.




Bhabhi, I don’t think you should talk to him now. He is really angry. She take a plate of food quietly, mom and meera come to her. She was about to walk when mom stop her. Geet, Vicky is right. Don’t go, he is really angry. She turns around looking at them. He may be angry, very angry. She stopped for a while. But it doesn’t mean I should stay away from him… like you all do usually. Saying this she makes her way to their room.




Entering the room she didn’t find him, he must be in shower. Keeping the food she picks his cloths which he always throws. When will he listen to her not to throw cloths like this? Maan came out with his night suit drying his hair, she smile taking the towel and make him sit on bed while she stood in front of him softly wiping his hair. He wraps his arm around her keeping his head on her stomach below her chest. She softly massages his scalp with towel making him calm.




I told you to forget everything. He closes his eyes feeling her fingers now massaging his hair. You won’t do it again. Moving back he make her sit on his thigh, she kiss his forehead keeping her head on his shoulder. Everything will be ok Maan. Please don’t stress yourself. Putting her hand on his cheek she looks at his eyes, tears rolled down by which she look down. He feels hurt seeing her tears, wiping them he makes her look at him. I’m sorry. She shook her head hugging him. I want to see you happy Maan. Making yourself so frustrated you really are hurting me. He tightened his hold around her kissing her neck.






Both lied down, but sleep was not in their eyes. She traces her finger on his chest while he holds her waist. Both were lost in thoughts to where their life is leading to. What is wrong with the project that it’s not working? She looks at him now caressing his stubble. He looks at her and chuckled, she hit his chest.I know I don’t know business, but you can share it. He smile kissing her cheek and lay on top of her kissing her neck, sucking the soft skin. She closed her eyes moving her hand on his back. He moves to her throat nibbling the sensitive part. She moves her hand under his vest feeling his skin. Moving back he kiss her eyes, she open them and smile moving up softly kissing his lips. His lips brush her cheek softly.The idea dad gave, are really old. That’s why no one seems interested. He said with his lips on her cheek and moves them to brush her lips.Then why don’t you add up your ideas a little. He looks at her, while her hand removes his vest caressing his body. How can I? Its dad project. She smiles kissing his lips, nibbling them. His hand slowly removes her shirt. Caressing her skin under his palm. She giggles moving away. Its dads, but you are his son and he will be really proud if you help to improve his idea. He thought for some time and then smiles sucking her earlobe.Hmm. i will. Looking at her he says. Love you. She smiles accepting his love. Both lost them self in each others, loving each others as more, feeling each others.






Precap: I don’t want to die.Cry

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 After finishing Maan said bye to her and went out. He sighed resting his head back in car. Why is he having some weird feeling? I really can’t lose geet, I really can’t.



I made my way to yash and di house, I am coming here after almost five months and that too for geet only. I couldn’t sleep well knowing the next day will be the most important day of my life. No matter what will be the truth but now I couldn’t stop loving her. She has become the reason of my living. Till today I have done what my heart told me but now if I have to hold on my heart to be away from geet because of her family or husband, I can. And I will, it will hurt me, a lot but I will. Because I can do anything for her.



Sighing I press the bell to face the anger of di; of course she will burst seeing me after so much time. After sometime yash open the door and pass me a wicked smile, oh I knew it. She must be waiting for me. Hey. I hug him when he whispered in my ears.All the best friend. Yea I need it. passing a smirk I entered only to find di sitting and giving me a glare she look down at her tea. I smiled at her usual self and sat beside her. Hi di. How are you? I put my arm around her kissing her forehead, I really missed her. Theek hu. I smiled looking down at her little big tummy. How’s the little one here? I touch her tummy and felt the moving sensation.



Hmm, ab yaad ayi mamu KO tumaari baby. She mocked me keeping the cup on table. Oh di please. You know I’m little busy. She pouts putting her hand on her tummy. Yash giggle sitting opposite to her, I passed a glare to him which made him more giggle. God I’m in this position and here he is. Good. Turning to di I hold her tight. I’m really sorry really missed you.




Yea, if you will have time from your that mother and brother than. I sighed shaking my head. di. I’m sorry. Seriously. I said becoming sad by seeing her almost in tears. She looks at me and hugs me. You know I only have you. And you too were away. he  wiped her tears and kiss her forehead. These mood swings. Finally she smiled hugging me. Yash and I too smiled looking at each other’s.




Hmm, so naina lets ask Maan. What brought him here today? He asked giving me an evil smile while di too. Hmm. maan i have to tell you something important. She looks at me seriously. But I didn’t wanted to hear anything else than about geet. You know geet little well till now. She tells looking at yash and than me. I blinked sometime. You know geet? I asked curiously. She looks at yash. He sighed coming beside me. Yea, we know her very well and I think you should also know her. He looks down for sometime than looked at me. Because I think somewhere you are falling for her.


I look at him and turn to di. I’m not falling for her. I love her. I can see the shock faces in both eyes but I don’t care. Ahem. Di cleared her throat. Yash please.



He sighed. Maan, three years ago I went to hosiyarpur for some land issues, and that land were of geet parents. I look at him curiously. I lived with them for six months and in that time I came to know about geet. At first I thought she was only a servant their but soon I came to know she was their own daughter. And everyone thought she was very unlucky for them so they kept her away from everything. I looked at him shocked. Geet family has kept her away from themselves only because they thought she is unlucky. Then he remembered how she used to be away from any projects because somewhere she too feel herself an unlucky one.



Yash continued. She was always sad, crying. That’s how I always have seen her. One day I came to know that her parents her getting her married to some unknown person for some money. He was a 40 years old man. I looked at him with another shock.40 year old man. How could they. That was first time she actually talked to me. She begged me to take her out of all this. But I couldn’t do anything. Nothing. And they got her married. He sighed shaking his head. Naina sat beside him rubbing his arm. She was going with her husband after marriage, and I was coming here, when I saw their car getting out of control. Not thinking twice I went and helped them, she was saved but her husband died.




There was a long silence in the room. I always thank god about the accident that happened, it brought her out from that cage, that hell. I brought her here and kept her with me, but she didn’t accepted it as she thinks she is unlucky so she wanted to love alone and I brought her that place.



He stopped; naina continues to cares his arm. He looks up at Maan. You may love her Maan. But she doesn’t want to; she doesn’t wants to move on. She thinks she is not good for anyone. I sat there stunned by everything. Geet have faced so much, she always wanted to be away from all this, what she needed, only happiness. And that’s what she didn’t get, never.



But not anymore, he won’t let things be like this. He won’t let her live in dark any more, he will be the light in her life, the happiness which she always craved for, he will give her. He will always love her, and now he will make her love him. He will.



I don’t care for whatever you said yash. I still love her. Yash and naina look at each other’s and smiled. I knew you love her; I saw it in your eyes when I came yesterday.


But Maan, she won’t agree.


I will make her love me. She will have to.  Naina smiled. We both are always with you. He smiled and looks down. He will have to work hard now.







Precap: Maan appointing geet for presentation…




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