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 Maan move forward wiping her tears and hug her but soon Khushi yelled, uuffhh, papa move, don’t crash me. This made both Maan and geet laugh; kissing her either cheek they went out to eat pizza today.




Next morning when geet open her eyes she found herself in Maan embrace. He was very lovingly holding her waist. She smiles moving her hand to his cheek. A smile which she always hide from him. A smile which was dying to come out. It’s really hard to control, but yet she is doing. She have many plans, she wants them to be special. She wants Maan to feel special when he sees this smile which she knows he is also dying to see. Her hand move to his cheek softly caressing it. She loves him, more than anything and somewhere she is starting to trust him again. Six months have passed after she came, she should also give Maan something. For that she is making some plans, some special plans.


Her smile washed off when she finds Maan stirring a little. He slowly opens his eyes to see his jaan looking at her with full love. Yet she didn’t say anything but he can see it, he can feel it. He was sure it will come out soon. Smiling he bring her close kissing her cheek and hide his face on her neck. She closed her eyes, feeling the moment. She is also wanting to love him, to open up to him, but no. she can’t. Not now. She has many plans for it. Moving back she kisses his forehead.I will wake Khushi. With that she goes to washroom. Maan lied there, how much more she will hold him and herself. He really wants to be very close to her again. But looks like geet couldn’t trust him.




Picking Khushi from school she makes her sit in her lap, trying to make her talk. So? What my baby did today? Khushi smile hugging her and keep her head on her chest.I’m so tired mama. But suddenly she looks up. You remember about the trip mama? Geet smile kissing her cheek. Yes baby, I know.


You will make papa agree Na? She asks making a cute pleading face. Geet smile, same look when Maan always makes. Of course I will. This made her very happy, kissing geet cheek she again keeps her head on her chest due to tiredness. Reaching home she takes her in her room. Let’s take a bath, than you can sleep for some time. While I will go to office. Changing her she laid her on bed and brushes her hair. Soon she dozed off. Geet kiss her forehead and cheek and went to her room to get ready.




Maan was checking the file when he heard the door open. A smile spread in his face seeing his jaan. Standing he hug her tight kissing her forehead. Ohh, I missed you so much.


Aah, Maan. Uufffhh. She moves away.I think you love to crash me and Khushi. She make a face, he giggle kissing her cheek forcely. Maaannn. She moaned rubbing her cheek. Yes my jaan. She shakes her head taking the files while Maan hug her from back. There is a meeting after an hour. Read it you will know everything. She nods her head reading carefully.I will go home for some time. He kisses her cheek. Yea, Khushi didn’t eat anything. She is sleeping.


There was knock on the door which make maan move. Sasha came in. she smile looking at geet. Sir woo, I need your sign. Maan takes the file and forward it to geet. Geet will be holding every work for some hours. She was engrossed in her work that she was not listening to them. Sasha look at geet and then to Maan. But sir, she just came. You want thing to be perfect. Maan chuckled. Don’t forget Sasha, I have learned from geet. She is the best. He kiss geet cheek which made Sasha embarrassed and she look down. Geet was too much lost that she didn’t even notice. Maan smile seeing her usual self being lost in something. He look at embarrass Sasha.


Don’t worry Sasha. My geet can never make any mistake. Sasha smile looking at them. Hmm. hopefully we will get a lovely boss for some hours. This made Maan giggle. He holds geet from back. Watch out, she is worse than me. Kissing geet cheek he made his way out leaving a shock Sasha behind. She gulped looking at geet.




Maan drop himself on bed, he feels really tired. Thanks to geet who will be handling things for sometime daily now. Suddenly he hears Khushi wimping sound. Opening his eyes he looks at door and finds Khushi rubbing her eyes and crying. Mamma. She came and sat in his lap. Mama will come later. She sniffs keeping her head on his shoulder. I’m hungry. He smile kissing her head and pick her up.




Geet just finished off the papers and was all ready with the meeting when there was a knock, maam, you have to sign these paper.


What paper are these?


Our new contract.


Ok keep them I will read and sign.


No maam, you have to sign now. She look at him, what do you mean Han? I said keep it and do as I say. She looks. At him curiously, he become nervous. It’s really important mama, you can call sir. Geet look at him in disgust, doesn’t he understand simple language? Rolling her eyes she grabs her phone dialing Maan number having no other choice. People here seem very stubborn.hey jaan.


Maan, here are some paper which… she look at him. What’s you name?


Jee, rajat.


Haan rajat bought some papers, he needs them signed now. But I didn’t read them yet. Maan smile. Jaan, sign the papers, rajat must have read them. He is trustful.


But Maan.


Sshh, sign them. Trust me…. if you like. He said sadly. Geet sighed grabbing the pen and signed the paper. Done, I signed them. Anything else? He smiles widely.Yes, I love you so much. Muahh. She smiles shaking her head. Bye, I have a meeting now.


Bye, love you.




Precap: NOTHING..

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 Why what happened to her?He asked worriedly. She is taking too much time Maan. I hope she realizes soon. Maan smile keeping his hand on her shoulder.Don’t worry anjali, she won’t take long, I can feel the change in her. Anjali smile a little nodding her head.




Geet goes to office to drop the Tiffin in mohinder cabin. Ajay enters there smiling at her. Gudia I have a work for you. She smiles. Take this file and give it to Maan. He is in khurana construction. And yea, give it to Maan only ok. She excitedly takes the file. Ok bhai I will go now. Bye. Kissing his cheek she ran out excited to meet Maan.


Reaching his office she almost was running when she bumped to dev. hey sweaty, looking excited. She smiles widely. Yea, I have to give this file to Maan.


Oh, so give it to me, bro seems busy. He tries to take the file but geet snatch it frowning. No. I will only give it to Maan. She move and goes to Maan cabin. Dev stood there smirking. Taking his phone he dials a number. Hey, yup get ready. She is coming. Disconnecting the phone he looks up at geet and smile.


As geet entre the room she was shocked to see a girl hugging Maan and Maan was smiling at her. I love you I love you I love you so much. She says and then kisses his cheek leaving her lipstick mark. Geet stood there fuming, who is she? How dare she hug Maan and kiss him. She was blasting with fire, and she told him I love you? What the hell? she hate it, she feels suffocated seeing Maan being so close with someone, only she can be that close to him. He is allowed to be close to her only. Bus. Puffing she went and slam the file on table so hard that made both Maan and the girl jump.


Maan become surprised seeing geet but frowned seeing her eyes spitting fire. Ooppss, you came in wrong time miss, me and my Maan will talk and then he will work. What? My Maan? She wanted to just slap her so hard for saying this. How dare she? She looks at Maan and then her eyes fell on mark on his cheek which made her more furious. Maan become nervous seeing her anger only growing, he knows she would blast any moment now. Aah, radhika she is geet, I told you Na. he looks at geet. Geet she is radhika. My cousin. She just came from London. Radhika smile holding Maan arm. Hi geet. But geet didn’t answer, she look at the hold and give a glare to Maan and radhika while radhika suppressed a smile seeing her jealous face.


Suddenly entre, hey radhika you still here, come I will take you round the office. She nods and was about to go when she turn and kiss Maan another cheek. Geet gasped looking at her. Radhika and dev goes out leaving a fuming geet.


The moment they come out both laugh a loud. Oh my god dev, she is truly very cute, she was so jealous. Dev laugh. Yea, I hope bro is all well.  Thanx yar.


 Oh please, it’s my pleasure. Smiling both went. Inside geet was looking at the door furiously for some time. Turning she mumbles. Chipkali kahi ki. Going to Maan she gives him a glare he smile seeing her cute red face. He likes it that she is being possessive for him. Going to him she angrily wipes his cheek. She came from London, but it doesn’t mean she is allowed to do this. He smiles holding her waist bringing her close. Hmm, but please do slowly; you will pull my skin too. She glares him wiping other cheek this time very softly and slowly. Maan smile and start to cares her chin. Tell her, she is not allowed so close to you. She says moving her one hand on his shoulder while other still on his cheek, even the mark was all gone. He smiles softly kissing her cheek. Acha, but why? She glares him. Don’t ask reason. I said and it’s final. Stay away from her. Locking her arm around his neck she looks at his eyes and both become lost from the world. Your all mine, only my. She said looking at his; Maan missed a beat by her little possession. How much he wanted to hear those words from her. Kissing her forehead he bring her to his heart, his heart was thudding loud which amused geet, she smile looking up to him. He smiles kissing her cheek. I’m all yours. Both hug eachothers happily.




Precap: Maan trying to make geet understand the feelings



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After some hour Maan open his eyes slowly fleeing geet trembling in her sleep. Looking at her he saw her mumbling something, going near her he listen her saying. Please don’t go, don’t leave me. Please. A tear escaped from corner of her eyes. He look at her with guilt eyes, he shouldn’t have left her knowing her condition. Bringing her close he rubs her arm. I’m here geet. I’m not going away. She holds him tight sniffing and brings her face to his neck. Soon he felt her heavy breath and knew she is sleeping now. Kissing her cheek he again closes his eyes. Promising himself to nit to leave her again.




Maan slowly open his eyes and a smile crept on his lips to find geet sleeping peacefully in his arm. Bringing her close he closely watches her, softly kissing her forehead than both eyes. She stirred a little, he smile and moves to her cheek kissing very softly and rubs his stubble on her soft cheek, he feels so good but geet tries to move. Smiling he move to her neck and kiss there moving his hand under her shirt. she open her eyes feeling his fingers playing on her body, he move up looking at her eyes both smile looking at each other’s. How much they missed each others. To be so close to each others.


Maan lean down and takes her lips in his mouth…. It was a long passionate one. There was an urge of feeling to get more & more. There was urge of feeling to melt in eachothers arm.  Geets hand move to his hair brushing them. Pulling them. Messaging his scalp feeling him.  While Maan got busy in stroking her bare waist. They wanted to separate for few second to take some deep breath but they didn’t like the idea to separate.  His hand expertly removes her clothes off along with his. Atlas having no choice both moves away and breathes heavily.  They laid there naked in one another arm. He. Give her soft and short kisses before thrushes her in one gentle stroke… Geet screamed maans name out.  She wanted that relaxing pleasure. His soft movement, yet pleasurable. He was hard, making most of it. Slowly Maan slowed as she wanted him to. Geet flowed along with his pleasure. Her wimp started to transfer in to moaning…. Screaming louder along with Maan as they started to hit their orgasm.


Maan lay on geets chest. Both sweating. Repeating twice took there all energy. After catching up with their breath Maan comes back to her lips. Kissing it gently… While geet spines her hand round his neck .I love you.


I love you too. Maan kisses her for head bringing her in his arm and both doze off.




the continuous ringing phone irritate geet and she open her eyes slowly, and move her hand at side table to find her phone, once found she pick it up. Hello. She said again closing her eyes. Bhabhi, Vicky here. Bhabhi can you please send bro in office. There is an important meeting. Geet yawned and check the time. Wow. Evening, they slept so much. Ok, I will wake him. Disconnecting the phone she turns around to sleeping Maan. Shaking him she calls out. Maan, wake up. He stirred turning around and give his back to her. Shaking her head she sits and goes to washroom.


after coming out she find Maan still sleeping, changing her cloths she make his all office things ready and keep the cloths on bed again waking him. Maan wake up. There is a meeting waiting for you. He opens his eyes. What meeting? She sits beside him kissing his cheek, brushing his hair back. Vicky called. There is an important meeting. He rubs his eyes, not in a mood to wake up. Moving he keep his head on her thigh. She continues to play with his hair while Maan move close to her belly inhaling her aroma. She giggles feeling ticklish and tries to move away but he hold her waist looking up at her with his sleepy eyes. She smile moving down and kiss his forehead. He smile again closing his eyes not wanting to move but still he have to go. Sighing he went to washroom.



Coming out he hurriedly got ready while calling Vicky and instructing him about important things. Geet button his shirt and put his tie.  He was about to go when geet hold him. Come here. Holding his hand she brings him to his dad photo. Standing beside him she says. Papa and I have full faith on you. Everything will be fine. Just be calm. Ok he smiles at her sweet gesture. Kissing her head he hugs her. I love you. Kissing her lips he made his way out.




Maan sat in his chair sighing. Still no hopes for the project. What should he do now? His mind was frustrated and only one person can calm him. Grabbing his phone he dialed the number. Hey my cutie. Her cheery voice automatically made him smile. Hey angel. Missing you mishti. There was a silence on other side. Maan frowned but suddenly he looks up only to find geet standing at door. My love missing me? Here I am. With that she goes to him and hugs him. He kisses her head.


I was also missing you, so I thought I should come. She looks up at him showing her dimples. He smiles kissing her lips, which soon become passionate. His mouth finds his way and revolves under. While his hands move to her slim waist bringing her more close. Geet lock her arm around his neck. Enjoying his lips and tongue. Soon becoming out of breath he moves away, both smile. Geet again kiss his lips and cheek. Why so worried? He smiles hugging her kissing her neck. His wife knows him better. Moving back she cups his face smiling. I told you Na, everything will be alright. He sighed looking down. Maan, don’t loose hope. I know everything will be ok. And you have faith in me Haina? He smiles looking at her eyes. Hmm. than be happy and love me. She giggles kissing his lips. He chuckled tightening his hold around her waist.


I will always love you. Don’t worry about that. Both smile but soon there was a knock which separate both. Vicky entered, seeing geet he smile widely. Wow bhabhi, you here.


Yea. Just like that.


Ahan, I cab see, it’s been only an hour bro left and you came. Wow what a couple. He laughs keeping his file on desk. Maan read the file and sign the paper. Ok bhabhi, need to go now. Meet you later. With that he goes out. The moment he goes Maan grabs geet bringing her in his embrace. She smiles moving her arm around his neck. Come home early ok. I am waiting. He smiles nodding his head. 




Precap: Maan threatening sameera.

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Both went to door but Maan stopped and went to dining table picking the house. Its mine. He smile and turn but geet stop him. Your photo. He keeps that to her hand. It’s yours. With that he went out. Waving her bye.



It was another morning; geet was getting ready when her door bell ring, she frowned. No one comes to her house, being confuse she open the door a little only to find a smiling Maan. Maan? He smiled passing her and entered, she stood there looking at him curiously. He sat comfortably and turns to look at her. What? Don’t you want to go office? She starred at him as he is some alien. Maan smile, get ready geet, I don’t want to be late. She stood there for some time. You. You came to pick me? She asked with raised eyebrow, he just gave his usual smile to her going to kitchen he take a banana which was kept.


Starring at him she stood there for long time then finally sighed and went to her room. After changing she come out and saw Maan bringing coffee for her. She frowned looking at cup than to him. You made coffee? He smiles,why? Cant me? I am hungry, so thought to make for both of us. Showing his teeth he gave her a wide smile. Shaking her head she drinks the coffee hurriedly and both went to office. Geet somewhere didn’t like how Maan was coming close to her day by day, he is being so nice and comfortable. He should not, he has a life, and he shouldn’t waste it with her.





Geet was in Maan cabin drawing her drawing, Maan sometime steal glances of her and then look at his file. Suddenly they heard a coughing sound. Looking up Maan suddenly got up. Geet turn around and there was a big smile on her face. Maan was about to go to that person when he cone to geet and both hug each others. Hey, geet. How are you? She smiled happily hugging him who shocked Maan, she never have smiled like this ever before. Somewhere he becomes a little jealous.I am fine yash, how are you? I missed you so much. Yash smile caressing her head. You missed me? Than here I am. She smiles looking at him.


Maan didn’t like it, coughing he tried to gain attention. Yash turn to him and goes to him hugging him. Hey Maan how are you dude, Maan smile fine. Yash look at him who was not so happy for the first time seeing him, smirking he went to geet holding her waist only to see Maan blood shoted eyes. For some knowledge Maan, I know geet from too long, and I am the one who have got her job here. Maan frowned looking at them. What is he saying? And geet Maan is my saala, I mean his cousin sister is my wife. Haina Maan.


Geet smile looking both of them. You two talk, I will go and do my work. With that she takes her things and went to her cabin. Yash continuous to watch her from glass, Maan immediately close the blind. Yash look at him. What? She is married. Yash had to laugh at him.Oh Maan, seriously. I know that man. I know things better. She is like my little sister. Cool down. Maan still didn’t smile but look at him subspecialty. Yash smile again opening the blind.I know you want to know everything. That’s why I came. He sat in chair and gesture Maan to sit. Actually I met geet in hoshiyarpur. It’s a long story. For now, let’s say she is different right? He asked raising his eyebrow. Maan rolled his eyes with his usual teasing habit.


Naina want to meet you, she has some work with you.


I know what work di have, she must have searched a girl for me. He said annoyingly. Yash giggle, Maan and naina may be cousin sister but they truly love each other’s a lot.I will just say, pay a visit. It’s really important. Maan sighed and look at geet who was engrossed in her work. Yash smirked tapping the table, which jerk Maan. He looks down nervously. Yash whispered.  Maan, she is married. Saying so he laughs. You know her, right yash? He smiles looking at geet.Yea, I only know her. Maan sighed. Finally I got someone in this world to whom she knows. He look at yash frowning. Where is her husband yash, and her family? Why is she like this? What happened?


Yash giggle.If you want answers, than tomorrow come home. Saying so he stood up. Maan look at him shocked, yash will tell him. He glances at geet. He can do anything to know everything about geet. Yash saw him lost looking at geet. Well naina is really missing you. Maan smile,I know. I’m just busy. Will surely come tomorrow. He looks at geet. To know about geet. He turns to yash. I will surely come. Yash smile hugging him and went out.




Maan become lost whole day, he was not able to concentrate anything. He himself don’t knew why but he was feeling little nervous, his heartbeat was so fast. He was so scared that what will happen tomorrow, he will know everything about geet, her marriage. What if he fined out that she is happy with her husband? But it doesn’t look like. But what if she doesn’t want anyone in her life? He was scared. His destiny is based on geet now. He surely loves her beyond anything, and can’t loose her. But what if he looses her, or she will never be his?





It was 7 when Maan entre to geet cabin. Closing her file he looks at her. Geet look up at him surprised. Let’s go geet. Office is over today early. Neither has she nodded her head closing her files. Whole ride geet felt Maan quiet and lost for the first time they ever met.  Reaching home Maan too entered as usual without invitation. Well geet, I’m starving you know. He said sitting in sofa closing his eyes and resting his head little back. Geet giggle at him and went to kitchen to make something.


When she completes the dinner she calls Maan to dining table. He start eating in silence, why are you so quiet? He looks up at her suddenly and smiled after a little.Nothing, just thinking about something. He said eating his food. Geet, you seem to be very close to yash. Geet smile nodding her head. Yes, he was the one who always helped me, or say he always does. You know, he is like you, never asking before doing anything. He just made a spare key for him to come here. She giggles looking down. He never knocks on my door; just take the keys under doormat and open.


Oh, so that was made for yash. What are you thinking about whole day? Maan look only down. Just thinking what life will bring for me tomorrow. Geet frowned by his reply but he didn’t say anything else, so she didn’t ask for more. Both ate in silence.


After finishing Maan said bye to her and went out. He sighed resting his head back in car. Why is he having some weird feeling? I really can’t lose geet, I really can’t.





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Geet ran to a beach which is near their house, sitting in sand she hug her knees and cried, how stupid she is, she always has thought so wrong about herself. She is the most unlucky girl in the world. She sat there till evening crying hard.





she went home little late, after holding her tears she entered to find brij and mohinder talking about business, passing them she tries to escape from them and went where she always go whenever she misses her mom.  Standing at the door, she saw ajay sitting on bed reading a file while anjali setting his cloths in cupboard. Standing their she called out. Bhai. ajay and anjali look at her and smile, anjali turn again to her task but smile of ajay face faded seeing geet trembling and pouted lips, he sit straight looking at her, she ran and hug him sitting in his lap hiding her face in his neck, he could feel his skin getting wet. He knows whenever she does this she would be missing mom.


Hugging her he removes her hair to see her face. Gudiya. She cried a loud bringing all her emotions out. Anjali turn around when she listen her cry, she become worried by her change behavior. Sitting in bed she rubs her back look at ajay worriedly. He kisses her head. Bus geet, ssshh. He tries to console her. Anjali look at ajay and then to geet. kya hua geet, bol na. She didn’t reply but kept on sobbing. She looks at ajay who look at her and wisphere. Mom. Anjali straightway understood what happen. She must be missing her mother. Sitting beside ajay she brushes geet hair. Why are you crying geet, am I not here? Am I not like your mama? Geet look at the sniffing, anjali smile wiping her tears. You love me right? She nods her head. Than how are you away from mother love if I am here, as your mother, she smiles caressing her cheek. Ajay also smile kissing her head. See princess, we all love you so much. She looks both of both and smiles a little. Always remember geet, you are not motherless, if anyone says that, than say you have me. I am your mother. Am I not? She smiles hugging her.I love you bhabhi. Anjali smile, her tears come out overwhelmed by so much emotion. She never has seen geet crying so much. It hurt her badly to see her in this condition. Ajay wipe her tears shaking his head. She smiles looking at him. Moving back geet kiss her cheek.


You will always be with me Haina? She asked innocently. Why will I leave you? Anjali asked removing her hair from her face and wiping her face. You know many people love to live alone with their husband, that’s why I ask. Both ajay and anjali giggle hugging her.Hum apni gudia ko chor kar kabhi nahi jaayenge. She smiles widely kissing both of their cheek.




She comes to her room smiling, she feels very happy and light now. She was about to close the door when anjali come. She smiles moving a little; their geet saw Maan standing beside her. He caught up the reason behind her sudden leaving after a long time. He felt really guilty for saying so much even without realizing how much it will hurt her.


Geet smile seeing him. Anjali went out leaving both alone. Maan enter the room closing the door. Turning around he hold her hand making her sit on bed and kneeled down keeping his hand on her lap. I’m truly sorry geet; I was so much lost in my thought that…. he sighed looking down. Geet smile holding his chin making him look at her. It’s ok Maan. I’m alright now.


You are not angry with me? She giggles, why will I be angry on you? He smile sitting beside her on bed and take her in his arm kissing her head. She jeep her head on his shoulder holding his collar. He holds her cheek making her look up. She look at his eyes, his thumb cares her jaw softly. You know geet; there was nothing important for me after mom. I lived my life just according to her. He paused for her moment. But you know what; you have become so important in my life, that I can do anything for you. She smiled holding his waist, he lean down kissing her cheek than her jaw line. She closed her eyes feeling his soft lips, but her breath caught on her throat when she feels his breath on her lips. Her hand tightened and eyes tightly shut.


Maan was not able to hold his proximately, moving more close he wanted very badly to feel her soft lips, to taste them. But instead he keeps his lips on corner of her lips very very softly, nearly touching. Geet was unable to move from her place, she staid numb by his soft touch, she doesn’t want him to move away. But Maan move little away and kiss her chin. She smile turning red and hide her face in his neck. He smiles holding her.


There was knock on door which made both move away. Maan went and open the door only to see an angry glare on anjali face, he look down moving his finger on his hair. Geet came to them. Anjali turn to her and suddenly smile geet, change your cloths and come down. Dinner is ready. Saying this she hold Maan arm dragging him to her room. Entering there she looks at him furiously.


What were you doing in there? She asks firmly crossing her arm around her chest. Maan look here and there nervously. Anjali sighed, Maan just think if in spite of me ajay, bhaiya or papaji would have come, and you just locked the door.He looks up at her. Anjali, it’s not like that. You know me.


I know you Maan, but no one knows all this. What if they didn’t like it? Don’t make things complicated. I’m already so worried about geet.


Why what happened to her? He asked worriedly. She is taking too much time Maan. I hope she realizes soon. Maan smile keeping his hand on her shoulder. Don’t worry anjali, she won’t take long, I can feel the change in her. Anjali smile a little nodding her head.




Precap: jealous geet..

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Beta kya hua? She holds him tight. Please dad. I can’t see more, I really can’t. He moves her back wiping her tears. She looks down sniffing. Whole face becomes red. He cups her face making her look at him, but she still look down. I feel as. I’m nothing here, my being here doesn’t matter. They are really happy. Maan just wanted to find me and keep me beside him as always. I hoped I would live with Khushi, but she loves Maan more dad, I think somewhere she hates me to leave her. I. I. I really feel like a Stanger dad. He hugs her rubbing her back. His eyes become moist. He hates to see tears in her eyes.


After sometime he moves her back wiping her tears. Geet, listen to me baby. Don’t cry. She wipes her tears and look up to him. Have you told all this to Maan? She shook her head, how can she, she never have shared her feelings to him. Now can I ask why? He is your husband geet. You’re Maan. You should share your problems with him. She looks down. Maan have changed a lot geet and I’m quiet sure he loves you. But it time for you to change. Pausing for a moment he says. Open up yourself to Maan and Khushi. Khushi is a kid, she will play with a person who is like her. And Maan become like her, like a kid with her, so why nit you,

She fell in deep thought, dad is right somewhere. He smile patting her head and left her alone knowing she will understand other things. Geet sat their thinking all dad word. The whole morning went in this only.

It was lunch time when as usual Maan and Khushi were in room, geet who was making lunch but her mind was somewhere else, she was thinking all dad words. Does she really have to open herself to Maan? But how can she? She never did, there relation never needed any clarifications. They both love each others, but what is still left, why can’t she be sure that Maan is changed, why is she still unsecured.

Finishing the lunch she too went to her room seeing both, Khushi was playing with her doll while Maan was lying closing his eyes. Going to him she sat beside him brushing his hair. He open his eyes feeling her touch, smiling him again close his eyes. She sat their silently watching both of them. After sometime Maan frowned opening his eyes when he listen some sniffing sound. The moment he saw tears in geet eyes he become alert and sat in front of her, cupping her face he wipe her tears.

I don’t know what to do? I’m so confused, I’m really scared. She whispered slowly while crying, but she didn’t want Khushi to listen all this. Maan hug her rubbing her back saying her to calm down. Looking at Khushi he says.Khushi baby, can you plz go out for some time. Khushi who was playing look up at Maan and shook her head, she was not able to see geet as Maan back was blocking her. Baby, you’re a good girl right. Go, I need to talk to mama. Mumbling Khushi went out taking her doll.

Turning around at geet he says. Geet please don’t cry. Tell me what happened? Why are you so scared?

I. I feel so lovely Maan. Khushi and you are always away from me. She blurt out not able to keep it more to herself. Maan sat their trying to digest her words.Why do you feel like that? She didn’t reply but burry her face in his chest. Maan was confused by her sudden behavior. Thinking for long time he came to know the reason. Sighing he make her look at him.Are you saying this because I’m being away from you knew a days. She nods her head. Maan smile. Kissing her forehead and wipe her tears. Do you know something? You are my life jaan. And I am dying to be close to you, to make love to you. She turns bright red hiding her face in his chest. He giggles, yea, and I know you’re not ready for it yet. She looks up at him surprised. So I am trying to stay little away to control my feelings. She was shocked; he was avoiding her just because he didn’t want to be close to her knowing she won’t like it. Her Maan have become so understandable that he is compromising so much only for her.

Maan smiled keeping his hand on her cheek. I told you before geet, I can wait as long as you are with me. She look down in guilt, how can she even think like that? Looking up at him she asks. Why is Khushi so away from me now days?

Khushi can never be away from you geet. She is with you. it’s just you don’t talk so much, so that’s why she also thinks that you don’t like her being so much talkative.

She stayed in his arm for long time. I don’t want you to avoid me, she look up to him. I will come to office; and. and you won’t leave just like that to office. And, you have to be home early, and. you will not avoid me from now. He only smiled looking at her. He so much missed this demanding geet. she always use to demand, the same which she was before their marriage, no matter how much he will have to control but he will not and he can’t stay away from her after seeing her slowly being back to her usual self. He smiled happily praying that one day he should get his old geet back.

Geet find him lost in thought. Shaking him she calls. Maan. He looks down at her and smiled kissing her cheek bringing her in his lap.Hmm. so you want me close to you. Than don’t complain that you have two babies to control. she kiss his cheek and nuzzle her face in his neck, he close his eyes feeling her breath, bringing her close he put his hand under her shirt caressing her back, kissing her neck, she move back kissing his chin. I want my two babies to irritate me. Always. He smile and lean forward capturing her lips, she immediately open her mouth inviting him to feel her, while her hand went around his neck. He moves his hand to her hook, but suddenly stopped kissing her and moves his hand out. She didn’t move away from him. Both remain in eachothers embrace for long time when Khushi ran inside.

geet bring food in their room to have together, she was trying to spend her more time with them, dad was true, she have to open up herself more, she will now be with both of them no matter what. Smiling she enters her room keeping the tray. Maan and geet start eating, geet look at Khushi and again find her making face at her food, rolling her eyes she look up at Maan. Baby, why are you not eating? Khushi look up at Maan and turn to geet looking at her with her big eyes scared by her anger, turning to Maan she pout mumbling. I want pizza. Maan sighed looking at geet, she look both of them with raised eyebrow. Hmm, I don’t mind eating pizza today. Khushi gasped in excitement coming you feet lap hugging her tight. Yay, I love you mama. geet smile, but her tears didn’t help to come out, how can she think like that, they both love her so much, she is such a idiot to even doubt on their love.

Maan move forward wiping her tears and hug her but soon Khushi yelled, uuffhh, papa move, don’t crash me. This made both Maan and geet laugh; kissing her either cheek they went out to eat pizza today.


Precap: geet in office

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Mom again entre her room with meera. She was sitting looking out of window. Meera come to her keeping her hand on her shoulder. Bhabhi, let’s eat something. I want to eat with you today. But she didn’t reply or look at them. Mom sniffs seeing her in this condition. Say something geet, please. She cried cupping her face but geet eyes were still outside and there was no reaction on her face. Crying mom and meera went out.




It was midnight, geet was still sitting beside window, she was feeling very week and down but she didn’t care for it. The only thing which matter is Maan. She remembers all their lovely moments, how he cherishes her, love her, pamper her. How beautiful their life was, so happy. They were so happy, but suddenly things changed. Her life changed. Her Maan left her, forever. Now even she is losing hope. What will she do without him, without his sweet words, his embrace? How can she sleep without being in his arm? She never has slept without him. Her whole life only depends on him.


Lost in her mind she looks up at sky, tear again started to roll down. Please Maan come back to me. Closing her eyes she prayed silently. After a long time when she opens her eyes, the first thing which came in her vision was something which caught her breath. Maan was sitting in front of her. She dint blink once, what if he disappear? She was sure it is a dream. So she just kept looking at him without blinking once. Taking all her courage she raises her hand to touch him, she is dying to feel him, but on the other hand scared. What if he disappears and I will leave alone again. Very slowly she move her finger near his cheek but not touching them, he didn’t react or move. Gulping down she put her finger tip on his cheek and gasped loudly.


Maan. She whispered hugging him tight as possible and starts crying hard. He us here, he came back, he came to her. He holds her bringing her close to him kissing her hair. He missed her, he might have left her but his soul was with her and that’s why she is able to live till now. He only knows how much he missed his mishti. She cried wetting his shirt and hides her face in his chest. I’m sorry… really… Sorry… I… won’t say… that again… she said in-between her sobs. He put his hand on her cheek pulling her face to look at him. She looks at his eyes with her trembling lips and face full of tears.Don’t… leave me… please… I can’t live… without you. He wipes her tears, kissing her eyes and cares her cheek with his thumb. He could feel her week and cold body, holding her tight he brings her to his lap kissing her cheek. She was still looking at his eyes keeping her head on his shoulder now. He cares her jaw slowly which slowly calm her and her sobs stopped after a long time.



If you can’t live without me for two days, than how can you expect me to live away from you forever? She looks down holding his shirt. I’m sorry. She mumbled.Promise me, you won’t say that again. She looks up at him, putting her hand on his cheek she says. I promise, I won’t say it. He smiles a little warmly kissing her lips. Moving back she says.You also promise, you won’t leave me again like that. He nods his head kissing her forehead.I’m sorry too. She hides her face in his neck kissing there.




They remained like this for an hour, where were you? He looks down at her, farmhouse.


Why didn’t you pick my phone? He looks at her as asking, don’t you know? She looks down. I’m sorry Maan. He put his hand on her cheek making her face him. You know we promised to be there for each others, forever. You hided so many things from me. He sighed kissing her forehead. I’m sorry my mishti, but nothing is important t me before you.


I was so scared, when you didn’t come. I thought you really left me.


How can I leave my mishti? She smiles kissing his lips. I want to forget everything. He smiles. Anything for you. Moving close he kiss her, with full love, she kiss him back. Both missed each other’s a lot and took all out in that one kiss making it the most passionate kiss. Moving away she smiles happily looking at him while he wipes her lips. Hmm, why my mishti lips are so hungry? She blushes hiding her face in his chest hitting there lightly, he giggle softly kissing her hair. I love you. Sitting the she played with his button while he with her hair. Both were tired and sleepless but Maan knew geet wouldn’t have eaten anything. Moving her little back he says. Wait here, I will bring something for you to eat. She holds him tight hearing him leaving her. I won’t leave you. She said stubbornly holding his waist tight. He sighed. Ok fine, just change your cloths, we will go together down ok. She look at him nit sure whether to leave him for a second or nit. But he promised he will not leave her hugging him again for some time, finally she goes to change in her short and track while Maan change in room.


Both made their way down, geet didn’t leave him. Holding his waist she kept herself close to him. Maan saw some toast and juice, so he just grab them taking a jam and take geet with him to living room. she sat in front of him while both feed each other’s lovingly, finishing the food she immediately come close to him keeping her head on his chest, holding his waist and pull up her knee bringing herself fully on him. He cares her cheek ever so lovely, she looks at his face but Maan slowly felt her eyes closing. Kissing them he continuous to cares her cheek with his thumb.





Vicky was unable to sleep when so much was happening in their house. he wanted to see geet one more time, as he was pacing he saw two people in living room, frowning he goes close and find Maan sitting there with geet in his arm, she was finally sleeping peacefully, and he was watching her with love full eyes. Grinning Vicky ran to them. Bro you came. He yelled a loud. Maan look at him. Ssshh. he indicate him to slow down. Vicky smile and sat beside geet.You came bro. I’m so happy. He whispered slowly. Maan smiled and look down at geet.


Vicky become so relax after seeing him. Finally now everything will be alright. He looks at geet, who finally is sleeping after two whole days. His eyes went to the tray and he knew his brother will never let geet sleep without eating. Finally they both are together.


She really missed you bro. you shouldn’t have left her. Maan look down at geet, she said things which made…


But it doesn’t mean you can leave her. Vicky interrupts him. I only know bro what she went through these days, you know she is not well but still. Maan look at Vicky surprised. He never raised his voice in front of him. It is the first time he is seeing Vicky talking to him firmly. He smiles at him. Hmm, geet ke chamche. Both giggle softly. You can call me whatever you want. But don’t do this again with my bhabhi. Maan smile at his possessive brother toward geet. He is the only person to whom faith he left geet. Knowing he will truly take care of her. Vicky smile looking at geet and sighed.  Now I can too sleep peacefully. Bye bro. he smile standing up but stood looking down at geet. Bending down he gently kiss he forehead. Bye bhabhi. Smiling he whispered softly and went to his room. Happy to see geet with her life.


Maan smiled seeing his little brother always worried about geet, the day geet came, he always have loved her like his mother or big sister. He changed so much, looking down his kiss geet nose, his angel, who changed everything in their life. she gave a new life to Annie, Vicky who never was seemed in house now always revolve around geet, she is truly an angel who brought so much happiness in all their life but she herself always suffer so much pain. Taking her in his arm he makes his way to their room and laid her on bed lying beside her. She comes close to him. Holding her waist he too closes his eyes to finally sleep after these two most dreadful days of their life. But before that he promised himself to keep geet happier than before, to keep her away from all evil eyes, he won’t leave sameera for what she did to both of them. That little witch has to pay for it. Kissing geet forehead he sleep bringing her in his arm. Finally both slept in each other’s arm.



After some hour Maan open his eyes slowly fleeing geet trembling in her sleep. Looking at her he saw her mumbling something, going near her he listen her saying.Please don’t go, don’t leave me. Please. A tear escaped from corner of her eyes. He look at her with guilt eyes, he shouldn’t have left her knowing her condition. Bringing her close he rubs her arm. I’m here geet. I’m not going away. She holds him tight sniffing and brings her face to his neck. Soon he felt her heavy breath and knew she is sleeping now. Kissing her cheek he again closes his eyes. Promising himself to nit to leave her again.





Precap: a new morning, a new start.





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