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she have seen so much love in his eyes, infact it was first time this love was seen. The warmth of his embrace, she felt so good. Like her world is there, and yes it is. But she can’t just show him now. She first has to make sure that did he really change? Will he really be able to be same now? She will not be weak this time. Not until she will be sure that Maan is enough responsible. He will have to face her silence, ignorant. Although she can’t ignore him but yes she will not love him openly, the way she always did. She will not support him until her trust will be back.


Her thought were broken by the door bell. She knows who it will be. Running she opened the door, while Sam look at her curiously and Lora rolled her eyes. Maan smiled seeing her. She didn’t smile back but took his file and mobile. Giving her a kiss on her lips he says. Ready? We have to go to airport fast.



 She nods going inside the room. Sam are you ready.


Yes sir.


Maan gives the luggage to the driver. Geet hug Lora. Take care. She move back and smiled. Maan came and say her bye. Thanx for everything you have done. She smiles nodding her head.

 Trio sat in the car. Geet in middle. The drive was longer than usual.


Enough geet. Give it to me. Maan snatched his mobile, in which she was engrossed checking his office mail. Maan, I was just checking. She tried to take the mobile but he put it in his pocket. She made a face at him. Sam looks both of them curiously. Who will say that these two people were away from each others? They both are so weird when together. Geet. She is so difficult to understand. It’s been two days they are together but she didn’t saw her talking with her or Lora, the only person she speaks with is Maan. Lora will only get the answer of what she asks. She was so confused by her behavior, she expected someone really high ego, stubborn person who left Maan when he love her so much. But seeing her. She is so different from others.


Geet grab his wallet from his pocket checking it, but Maan snatch it away. Geet. You will see her after sometime. She made a face and keeps her head on his chest hugging him. I want to see her. He brings her close.Geet we will be there soon. Sam said smiling at her trying to make her talk. But geet look at Maan angrily. Why have you brought her here?  He put his hand on her cheek. She wanted to see you. She moves close, holding his waist tight. I don’t like her. Maan kissed her head moving her hair from her face. He looks up at Sam and mouth at her sorry. She smile and nods her head. She chuckled looking out of window? She was wrong. Khushi is not like Maan nor is her behavior because she was not receiving love. It’s just she is like geet.


Geet was restless in the plane too. Maan sat in-between Sam and her. Geet hold his arm and keep her head on his shoulder. He played with her finger kissing them several time. Sam could only admire their love. After sometime geet dozed off. He looks at her only bringing her in his embrace caressing her cheek with his thumb.Khushi will be so happy. Sam said finding him lost in his wife. Hmm. she is going to get her mom. 

 His eyes were fixed on her, moving his thumb to her chin caressing her skin. My job is complete sir. You have found your wife. He softly kisses her forhead then cheek ever so softly. I have found my life. He turn to Sam. you can come home whenever you like. She chuckled looking at geet. He turns to her again carrying her face. She will not like it. He smiled. She will. She just needs time mixing with people. He kisses her lips softly removing her hair from her forehead.


They reached Delhi. Driver was already present there. She was getting restless as time passes. During the whole drive she hold on Maan hand tight. Oh god. Will she recognize me? He smiles squeezing her hand. She will. Don’t worry. She nods.

When they reach little nearer. She keeps his hand on her heart. He could feel her rapid heartbeat. pitting his other arm around her he rub her arm. He also called maa and brij. no one knows the reason except brij that why he strictly told everyone to be present.


finally they reached the mansion. her eyes were stuck on it. it is so changed. so big. Maan held her and took her toward the door. Sam simply walk with them. geet give a worried look to Maan, he kiss her forehead. ringing the bell geet hold him tight. he chuckled and bring her behind him. Maan. what are you doing? he hold both her hand in front of him, not letting her to move. ssh geet. I want to surprise her. she hold his shirt tight when the door opened. he smile looking all of them already waiting for him. giving him confuse look to see a big smile in his face.


KHUSHI. he shouted, still holding geet behind him. no one could see her. baby come fast. Khushi ran down. papa. she shouted from upstairs running down. geet shivered by her voice holding Maan tight. when Khushi was little away he gesture her to stop by his hand. wait their honey. she frowned putting her hand on her hips. he smile moving away so all can see geet. a loud gasp came out from all seeing her. but her eyes were stuck on her angel. tears rolled down continuously. she leave Maan hand and run toward her hugging her tight. Khushi. my baby. she cup her face kissing her both cheeks forehead. mama. she whispered in low voice and bring her little fingers on her face. mama. you came. geet nods her head smiling widely, hugging her kissing continually, tears of joy didn’t stop.I missed you so much baby. Maan stood at the door seeing the site which he dreamt for so long. all the family came near her. rano put a hand on her shoulder. geet look up taking Khushi in her arm she stood and hug her maa. rano kiss her head. all were in tears. she hug mom and dad. I’m so happy that you came. dad said kissing her forehead.


Khushi saw Maan standing. she gesture him to come. he come near and kiss her cheek. she hold geet locking her little arms around her neck. papa, you brought mama. both geet and Maan smile. geet kiss her cheek. yes princess, I finally brought her. geet was only admiring her daughter.


geet beta. go rest for a while. you must be tired, we will talk later. mom told her. she nods her head moving a step she stop, where should she go, which room should she go? she look above at their room. should she go there? have Maan still kept that room foe her too.


Maan understood and went to her he whispered. go to our room. she look in his eyes, he smile and assure her. she move and goes to their room.


Maan told everyone how he found geet. brij told that he wants to trust Maan this time. Sam bid a bye to everyone knowing they might need private time.


as geet entered the room she was shocked. Whole wall was decorated with her and their pic. There was also some Khushi pic. She smile thinking Maan has missed her so much that he tried to keep her close by seeing her everywhere. Tracing her finger to every picture she looks at them. How much she missed all this. Her Maan. Her daughter. How much she wanted to hold her like this. To see this family again. Maan have kept everything according to her wish in the room. It was clean, beautiful just as she wanted.





Precap: spending time with family

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forever with you




Mom looks at her worriedly. Did something happen between you and Maan. Why are you sitting here at this time? Geet only look forward she doesn’t want to tell anything to her. Maan will never like it. But before she could make any excuse, a voice came from back. Mom. Geet knew who it is. She didn’t look back. Only starred at TV. Mom turned around. Maan was standing there with his arm crossed. It’s late. You should sleep. Mom looks at him and then turn to geet, seeing her not looking at Maan. She concludes there is really something wrong. They need to speak. She stood up and leaves both of them alone.



Maan stood there for some time, but geet didn’t talked or looked at him for once. Get up geet. His voice was still stern but she didn’t move or react. It’s late. You have to take your medicine. Get up now. He saw her, she was not moving.





Sighing he move and put his hand forward. Come. She didn’t look at him. He kneeled down and put his hand on her lap to look in her eyes, but she look away.I’m sorry; I was angry and told that. He said in such a soft voice that her tears flow down geet. He tried to wipe her tears but she shrugged his hand away. He was so hurt to see her like this and that too because of him. Please geet. Let’s go. She sniffs. Why do you care? Go and sleep. You are tired. He sighed. You are the only person geet for whom I care.  She sniffs. He cups her face. Please sweetheart, I really don’t want her to come. It’s the second time we are fighting and that too because of her. She sniffs wiping her tears still looking down.








You talked so harshly to me. I’m so hurt. She said pouting her lips. He kisses her lips gently wiping her tears. I’m really sorry. I was angry Na. he looks at her but she was still avoiding his eyes. Having no choice he picks her in his arms.What are you doing? Put me down. He climbed the stairs. He has to be calm.





From the corner mom was watching both of them. She smiled seeing Maan convincing her. She has seen this side of him for the first time. He never has said sorry to anyone. Even she has never seen him talking this softly to anyone. She prayed they would live happily forever.


He entered the room and laid her on bed. She sat folding her legs. He locks the door and grabs her medicine, giving it to her putting the glass to her lips.  Take it. She simply takes it and swallows. He waited for her response but she simply lied again giving her back to him. He smiled her usual nautanki. If she couldn’t be angry then why showing off. Hugging her from back he whispered softly. Itna gussa. She twists her lips. Humph. He smile and kiss her cheek. Geet I’m sorry. The guilty voice made her turn. She lied on her back. He put his warm hand on her cheek. She looks into his eyes for some time. Tears started to roll down. He moves his hand to wipe them but she holds it. Do I really have no rights? There was so much pain in her voice. He sighed closing his eyes, gently kissing her forehead. You have all the rights geet. For me, for this family. You can do whatever you want. And I know you will never make any wrong decision. She looks in his eyes when he wipes her tears.I understand there must be a reason you have made this decision. But still. His eyes become serious suddenly. One wrong step. She will not be safe from me. She looks at him. How much hatred in his eyes. What is the reason that he hates her so much? She wanted to know, but this was not the right time.


He hugs her.I’m truly sorry mishti. I know I have really hurt you. But I didn’t mean it. Please forgive your stupid husband. She moves him back. Don’t call my husband stupid. He raised his eyebrow. Really so. She didn’t reply but close her eyes. I want to sleep. He smiled, lying beside her. Bringing her close to him. My sweet mishti. She put her head on his arm hugging his waist. Hmm. kharus.


Geet. He warned her. Kharus. She repeated again. Dare you repeat it again? She opens her eyes to see his threatening eyes. Kharus kharus kharus. He looks at her angrily.Fine then. He starts to tickle her. She laughs a loud by sudden tickle. Maan. Maan. Please stop. But he didn’tmaaaaan. Sorry Na. please. He stopped looking at her laughing out of breath and hit his chest. He smiled hugging her. Kissing her lips. I love you. She closed her eyes hiding her face in his chest. He looks at her for some time, she may forgive him, but he was ashamed of himself to lose himself at her. How could he say her like that? He may not like sameera and her mere presence, but he shouldn’t have behaved this with her.


Geet open her eyes seeing he lost in thought. Moving his face to her she says. Stop thinking. Everything going to be ok. He smiles.But still. I’m truly. She put her finger on his lips not letting him to complete. Shaking her head she says.It was my mistake too. I am sorry. He smiles kissing her cheek. Good night my mishti. She giggles and says. Good night. And I love you too. Giving each other’s last kiss they finally dozed off in peaceful sleep. They surely can’t sleep with each others embrace.




It was midnight when geet stirred by a ringing noise, she turn to find her mobile. Ringing. Cursing at the person to call at this hour she receives the call. Hello.


Caller :  ·············


Hello. Who’s this?


Caller :   ··········


Suddenly the line got cut. She moves the phone and look at the screen. Maan hug her from back. What’s it. Close the light geet. She keeps the phone, which may it, be, calling at this hour. Maan move his hand under her shirt. Sleep. She holds his hand. He caresses her stomach for. Sometime and finally sleep. She turns around looking at him. He slowly opens his eyes a little. What? He asked with his grumpy voice. She traces her finger on his neck. Couldn’t sleep. he bring her in his arm brushing her hair, knowing it must be hurting her a little, massaging her scalp, sudden noise makes her makes her shiver, after a long time she finally could sleep. He kisses her forehead and holds her close.




Vicky was so excited. He was waiting restlessly for meera to arrive. They will be here any moment. But geet was little nervous by sameera present. Maan did still not like it, but he only agreed for her. All were eating breakfast when meera and sameera entered. All stood to meet them but Maan simply continuous to eat. Meera hug all. Sameera just shook her hand with geet. Geet also didn’t felt like being nice to her. She can still hear the word she told her. Meera went toward Maan. And greeted him. He greets her back. Sameera greet him but he didn’t reply. Standing up he look at geet. I’m getting late. She nods and went behind him. He kisses her forehead before going.




Meera mixed with all the others; she decided to share her room with Annie. But sameera told she will be living in guest room. Geet somewhere didn’t like the idea. Guest room was only beside their room, and Maan will not like it. But she couldn’t tell in front of everyone so decide to handle Maan.




Precap: sameera not liking maneet hows it??

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hidden feelings

Part 12



 Maan stopped his car in front of her mansion. Sighing he look at her. So. Finally you have to go. She smiled looking out then to him. Moving close she kiss his cheek. All the best. She smiled shyly and ran out. He was shocked with what she has done. Moving his fingers to his cheek he smiled. He looks out at her she was standing at the door. He smiled and waves her; she waved back and finally turns to leave.




Geet was pacing in the living room nervously, it was Mehndi today, and all work should be finished till night. And plus it was Maan presentation. She was calling him from morning but his cell was simply switch off. Madam, yeh kaha karna hai. The worker called out. uper waale kamre main. Jaldi karo Na aap Sab. she said again dialing maan number. Tch. why is his cell switched off.

She turn around and saw mohinder coming from office, she went and hug him.Papa, how was Maan presentation? He smiled by her nervousness. Patting her cheek he says. It was good baby, infact very good. But you see the other one was more profitable for that company. Her face fell. So it’s the reason his cell was switched off. He lost the deal. She must be so sad. You business people are so greedy. Never see how the work is, bus profit, profit and profit. She said furiously and ran to her room. Mohinder could only smile. She quickly change and went to his mansion. Entering she greeted everyone. Hey sweaty, how are you? Dev asked passing her the apple. No dev. I’m fine. She turns to dad. Uncle where is Maan?


He is in his room. Go. She nods her head and go. Dad smiled knowing it’s only her who can now make him feel light. He liked both of their bonding, geet was the only girl or say a person to whom he have seen Maan so desperate to discuss his life with. He never have talk to them properly, only did what they asked him for. But with geet he will be someone else. He many time passed his room when geet was round. He has never seen Maan so happy.




Geet entered the room and saw him lying on his stomach. She sat beside him. His eyes were close. As he felt a touch on his shoulder he knew who it could be. Sighing him open his eyes and sat looking down. She felt so bad seeing him sad, she never have seen him like this. He holds her hand. I lost it. There was so much sadness in his voice, she immediately hug him. He holds her tight. But I’m sure you were the best. Moving back she touches his cheek. You know, everything happens for good. I’m sure you will get the biggest project, which will be according to your dream. Yea to bus chota sa project, what’s in it? He sighed, feeling little well. Why didn’t you speak to me before the proect? She giggles and hit his head. You should have called me Na. i was calling you so long. But you phone is switched off. He looks down to her hand which he was still holding. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. She smiles. Not even me. He instantly lookup. How can’t I talk to you? She smiled, but her eyes caught the sight of his room. Yeh kya halat banadi. Papers were scattered all around the room. She stood and picked all the papers, he just admire her. You know today me bhai Mehndi, and you have to come. She gave him the warning look. I will select the dress for you. She went to his cupboard and start selecting the dress. He looks at her for some time. She was engrossed in his dresses. Slowly going to her he hug her from back. She shivered feeling his hard chest on her back.Will you always come to me when I feel so lonely? She smiled turning around. He holds her waist. Her hand move to his chest. You don’t have to say it. I will always be with you. He keeps his forehead on hers whispering. Promise me.

She smiled. Pakka promise. She again turns around. Now let me select something for you. She admires all the dresses and finally her eyes caught on dress. Yes this. Giving him the dress she says. You have to come early ok. I need to rush. The ceremony will start in sometime and I’m not ready yet. He nods his head. She move to go but he hold her and hug her. Thanking her to forget everything. She smile understanding it and hold him back.




Maan came early as she told her, few guests were arrived, and he went to her room knowing she will be there. Entering he saw her wearing the jewelry. She was looking so beautiful. She saw him and excitedly turns around. You came early. Good. He smiled and holds her shoulder. Stop you chatter and turn around. She frowned. Why?  He turns her around and took her in front of mirror. I bought something for you. He slides the necklace around her neck. She gasped looking at it.

Touching it and feel it. Wow. It’s so beautiful. There was a big smile on her face. Turning around she say. Thank you so much Maan. She said almost jumping. He chuckled but holds her shoulder. No thanking will work madam.


Then what? He gives her a mischief smile and forwards her cheek. Her cheek turned red by his action. There was shy smile on her face. Slowly moving close she kiss his cheek. He caught her not letting her go. And move his face close nuzzling her neck. Her breath caught on her throat. Hands move to his chest. He moves up to her chin kissing there softly. She gasped lightly. He move back to look at her eyes, and was so happy not to find any guilt, but there was shyness. He smiled and kisses her cheek. Let’s go.




The ceremony started all was present. Maan was with geet only; he was not the person who talks to others. Dad caught his sight and smiled, he always will be with him in every party, but now he is with geet everywhere. Wherever she will go he only will stand with her.


He didn’t leave geet sight, she never mind it. He didn’t talk whenever she would be with anyone. But whenever they will be alone he talk with her all the while and she only look at him. Both went and sat beside ajay and anjali. Anjali look both of them and smiled. Ajay went to his friend. kya baat hai geet, kuch to chal raha hai han? She whispered eyeing to her and Maan smiling misciefly. Geet didn’t understand her. Kya chal raha hai bhabhi? I didn’t get you. She hit her head. Who am I talking to? Maan look both of them. What happened anjali. Anjali smiled. Now it going to give her glimpse weather there is something. I am just asking Maan, what’s going between you two Han? She giggled seeing Maan looking down turning pink and smiling. Now that was for sure. Geet look both of them confusly. She hit Maan arm.Why are smiling. Bhabhi don’t talk in riddles. Say clearly. Both chuckled at her innocence. Nothing geet. Its matured talk. You will understand it after many years. Anjali and Maan both laugh. Geet shot a glare to both of them. You both are making fun of me. Fine then enjoy. With that she stormed off. Maan smiled. Looking at her. Now go. He nodded and stood up.Maan. He turns around to anjali. She is really nave, it might take time. He smiles. I know. Don’t worry. Anjali smiled at him. She is best for you. I’m sure. He look down shyly, he never have talked to anyone about his heart. He smile and went to her.


Geet. Geet suno to. She turns away from him crossing her arms.I was just joking. She didn’t reply. But he knows what will make her speak. Hmm. if you are angry, then I will go to sonali. Her eyes popped out remembering him dancing with sonali. Turning around she hold his arm. I’m not angry. Of course I know you are joking. She gives a forceful smile. He smile, she look so cute, and he felt like pulling her cheek and kissing hard. But they are in people. She didn’t left him after that. Late night he went to his mansion saying her bye.




Precap: anjali bidai and geet feeling bad.

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loving laments




Her thought went to Khushi, she was desperate to see her, hold her, hug her and kiss her. Give her the love which she missed so many years. Their little angel have suffered a lot in-between them. She wanted to see her, how she looks like. What she likes and what not. Hope so Maan didn’t made her stubborn. Caressing his hair, thinking of Khushi she again close her eyes and sleep.




Sam and Lora woke up early, going out they saw geet in the kitchen. Sam look at her, she look so calm, as if nothing happened. Going to her she tried to ask her the reason she left. Good morning. She turns morning.



 Again went to her task. She didn’t even smile. Sam was so confused by her behavior. She is behaving just like Khushi. Not interested at all. What are you doing? Lora asked her. Making coffee for Maan. He has a meeting. Lora rolled her eyes while Sam looks at the coffee.Sir doesn’t like so hard coffee. She didn’t reply, just give her a glimpse and again turn to coffee. Did you asked him where was he all these years? Lora asked geet even knowing she will never ask him. Sam look both of them, wanting to tell how he was but stopped remembering Maan word that she don’t like when someone interfere between them.


Geet you will not go with him. Sam couldn’t digest the words.Why not. Khushi is waiting for her. She should go. Geet poured the coffee in the cup, turning to them she said in a warning tone. Enough. It’s between us. With that she went in her room. She is weird. Sam made a face. Lora smiled at her. Yes she is. It’s been so long she is with me, but I still don’t understand her. How can you. They both are something else.


She enters the room, at the same time Maan came out from washroom, a towel around his neck. He took the coffee and drinks it. Hmm. i missed it. Going to her he gave her half hug. Only my jaan can give me what I want. He never drinks this hard coffee, because only she knew his taste. She always has made for him. But after her he quit drinking it. He saw geet, she looked down immediately. I have a meeting. She nods her head keeping the tray on table. He saw her avoiding to look at her, he smiled inwardly knowing whenever she used to control herself she does it. She gives him shirt without looking at his eyes. He goes near to her, she look down. He takes the shirt and forwards it to her. She knows what he wants. Without questioning him she takes the shirt and start making him wears. Going back she guides it to his hand, slowly moving up her hand brush his skin giving Goosebumps to both. Moving to other side she slides his shirt to his arm. coming in front she start to button the shirt slowly controlling herself, not wanting to show him she still is effected by his touch. But Maan knew her too well. He knows she is also having the same feeling as he is having by her touch. Bringing her close by holding her waist, she continued to button the shirt.


Suddenly his phone ring. He moves away to take the phone from the bed. A smile crept on his lips seeing the caller id. Turning to geet he says. It’s Khushi. An excitement came to her eyes, she ran to him, almost snatching the phone. He smiled moving it away. She gave him a glare. He smiled and came to her back, hugging her. Don’t talk. He whispered putting the call in speaker, still hugging her with his one hand. Morning papa. A tear escaped from her eyes listening to her daughter, her voice is so sweet, and she smiled. For the first time after so many years he saw her smile, not for him but he will make this smile for him too. Kissing her cheek he says. Morning princess. How are you? Geet take the mobile in her one hand and with another holds Maan hand which was on her stomach. I’m fine. But missing you so much.


Missing you too baby.


Papa, you remember Na you promised for chocolate.  He chuckled again kissing geet. I know. I will bring it. And yes we are coming today. He said wiping geet tears. She turns to look at his eyes, gently kissing her lips he moves away. Bye baby.


Bye papa. Love you. Geet tried to say something but Maan hang-up. She turns around. Why didn’t you let me talk? She said pouting her lips starting to button his shirt again. He holds her waist. Because I want to give her surprise. Finishing the button she fixes. His collar.And yea. I want you to pack your bag when I come back. He smiles. I’m taking you back home. She looks into his eyes.What if I deny on going with you. He smiles cupping her face.You can never deny me. Kissing her forehead he says. I will be back soon. He moved to go, but was stopped by a hold.

She holds his hand seeing him going away. Be turned around to her. She hugs him keeping her head on his chest holding his waist. He smiled holding her back. She was so much longing to be in his arm, for him to hold her safe. I’m missing her. 

 He kisses her head. You will see her soon. But she didn’t move. Staid there closing her eyes.




Geet was packing her bag, Lora and Sam entered. Geet think again. She didn’t reply but continued to pack. Lora sighed; no one can change her decision now. She knew well the day Maan will come she will not think twice and go with him.


It was evening, trio sat in sofa watching TV. Geet was engrossed in her thought. Maan is so changed, the person who hates to wake up early, woke so early for his meeting. Even in this important day he dint left the meeting. He sounds so soft with Khushi. Khushi was so happy. He must have really kept her happy and much pampered. She speaks like Maan, demandingly. She was so happy to see all these. So happy that she will soon see her daughter. She remembers the morning incident. it was the first time after their marriage she have seen so much love in his eyes, infact it was first time this love was seen. The warmth of his embrace, she felt so good. Like her world is there, and yes it is. But she can’t just show him now. She first has to make sure that did he really change? Will he really be able to be same now? She will not be weak this time. Not until she will be sure that Maan is enough responsible. He will have to face her silence, ignorant. Although she can’t ignore him but yes she will not love him openly, the way she always did. She will not support him until her trust will be back.












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forever with you




. He took her inside.Geet you are so wet. Go change your dress. There are jeans and shirt in the cupboard. I will make some coffee. She nodded her head and went to the room, changed in the pair of jeans and shirt. Coming out she saw Maan too changed his dress. When he saw her, he made her sit in the sofa and gave her coffee wiping her hair with the towel. She feels so relax. Closing her eyes she sipped the coffee. Finishing the coffee she moves to his lap keeping her head on his chest. I’m tired now. He chuckled brushing her hair, kissing her head. Sleep for sometime honey. He brushes her hair and soon she fall asleep. He too closes his eyes resting his head on sofa.




Both made their way to the restaurant to have dinner. Geet took the menu to order food, but Maan snatches it. Food will be of my choice. She smiled. Fine. He orders the food and turn to Geet only to find her giving him a glare. Maan I’m not going to eat it.


And why not. I have allowed you to eat that stall things now you have to eat it.


But it’s all so only salads, soup and fruit salad.


Yes I know. See I’m also eating it. She cross her hands and looks away. He didn’t want to talk more. The food arrived she was not at all eating; Maan was now getting frustrated with her avoidance. Look Geet. You know the oily stuff is not good for you and specially from out.


Then why did you bring me here. Let’s go home. He sighed and holds her hand. You wanted to spend time with me. I did everything you wanted, can’t you do this for me. She looks at him for some time, to change his behavior but he didn’t. Sighing she took the spoon and filled her mouth with salads. Happy. He smiled and kisses her cheek.Very happy. She smiled too shaking her head. She may be stubborn but not more than him. They eat in silence for some time. Then Geet remember about Vicky and Meera. She have to talk to Maan about the discussion between her and rishab chachu. Maan, you know Meera. She always wanted to take admission in the university here. So I got her admission there. He smiled nodding his head while eating. She was afraid to tell the next part. I told chachu about it today morning. He agreed. I told him Meera can stay with us. She stops to see his reaction, but he only nodded looking at the food. But chachu told he can allow her here only if Sameera also come with her. Maan stopped eating and look at her. She was now scared. I. I said. That… sameera can. Also come. She said slowly terrified with anger in his eyes. He stopped eating and looks at her. What? He said making a disgusting face. Maan, its OK Na. it’s not such a big deal. He was furious now. He stayed quiet to calm himself not wanting to yell at her. She look at him but he didn’t he look down. With whom permission you allowed them. She gulped down her saliva.I. I. just wanted. But she shut her.I asked with whose permission? She looks down. You made decision. Invited them to live with us for two damn years and you are telling me just now.


It’s not like that. I wanted to tell you.


When? When Han? When they would have come.


Why are you getting angry?


No I should be happy that some random people are coming to my house and I don’t know.


They are not random people Maan.


Yes. Yes they are. Did you get that? She shivered by his yelling. He inhaled seeing where they are. Finish your food fast.He said rudely not looking at her. But. He gave her a glare which shut her. Finish it. His threatening voice scared her, she start eating a little. When she finally finishes the plate he didn’t even look at her and stood up. Paying the bill both sat in the car.


He furiously drove. She tried to explain but he didn’t answer. Reaching the mansion he straight way went to his room. Geet stood at gate looking at him walking away. Mom watch both of them, she understood something went wrong. Geet passed everyone and went to their room. He was already changed. All cloths scattered in the room. She went to him.


Maan. What’s wrong? He turns around looking at her furiously, what’s wrong. You’re asking me geet. What’s wrong with you Han?


I only wanted meera


Do hell with meera. I don’t want anyone in my house. He points a finger to her. Did you get that? Call them and tell them they’re not going to come.



But. They are coming after two days. Now it made him angrier. Wow you have already planned everything. She looks down. Who gave you the right to made decision to your own. He furiously yelled not knowing how much it hurt her. She looks at him in shock. Very hurt by his words.










He cut her. Who the hell told you to made decision?  She only looks at him. Her eyes filled up. He looks away not daring to see her eyes. Don’t I have any rights Maan? She asked him whispering. He didn’t reply but give his back to him. She waited but nothing came. He stood like a statue. It hurts her more. Maan. He walks toward bed.I’m tired. He said and lies down covering his eyes with his arm. Fine. She stormed out of the room.





She sat in the sofa in the leaving room. She too didn’t want sameera to come here, she tried to convince chachu, but he was not ready for sending meera alone. She accepted only for Vicky. It’s important for both meera and Vicky to spend time together. She knows sameera, she still remembers her words she said in her marriage, and she can never forget how sameera tried to make her reject the wedding. But her Maan relation is too strong for her to come in between them. They love each other, trust enough. But Maan, he doesn’t want hear anything. The only thing he knows is to shout. Never give chance people to talk. She remembered his word. She was very hurt, does she really have no right. Did she really make a mistake by taking a decision? Is she not an art o this family?




Her thought were disturbed by a tap on her shoulder. Looking above she found mom standing behind her. What’s wrong geet? I have been calling you so long but you are not replying. She inhaled sharply grabbing the remote and changing the channel. I’m fine mom. Mom looks at her worriedly. Did something happen between you and Maan. Why are you sitting here at this time? Geet only look forward she doesn’t want to tell anything to her. Maan will never like it. But before she could make any excuse, a voice came from back.Mom. Geet knew who it is. She didn’t look back. Only starred at TV.





Mom turned around. Maan was standing there with his arm crossed.It’s late. You should sleep. Mom looks at him and then turn to geet, seeing her not looking at Maan. She concludes there is really something wrong. They need to speak. She stood up and leaves both of them alone.










Precap: geet crying, what have Maan done?


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hidden feelings

Part 11



I don’t know what is happening to me. I’m so scared. She finally told him his feeling. He sighed knowing the reason for her behavior. Cursing himself to put things so fastly, how can he forget she is so nave, not like others, she definitely feels scared after having so much feeling in short time? Taking a deep breath he gently kisses her forehead. Don’t worry. Don’t think about anything. Everything going to be ok. She looks at him.I promise. She smiled lightly keeping her head on his chest, feeling better. After sometime he finally manages to go with light heart and happy.




It was midnight. Maan mom was sitting on her bed, her thought were on the day of engagement. Her mind was only on sonali. She smiled when Maan and sonali dance image came to her mind. Sonali is such a nice girl.


Wedding was near, preparation was going on. Geet demanded to prepare everything according to her wish. Brij did whatever she instructs him. Ajay was told to stay away from office as well as preparation work. Geet how about this color? Asked brij seeing geet confused selecting a color for ribbon. No bhaiya, not this, can you bring purple ribbon. Brij rolled his eyes. She is sending him probably third time only for ribbon. Every time she thinks of color then reject it.


She finally manages to select the color, and complete her task with ribbon. Finally brij was allowed to go to his office. Geet phone rang and she ran to her room. Hello. She said breathing hard due to running. Relax relax. Itni becheni bhi achi nahi. She smile blushing and sat on her bed. Nahi WO. I came running, that’s why. He smiled flipping the page of file.Hmm. can i have a dinner with someone special. She didn’t answer. But blushed hard by his word someone special, kya baat hai. Now a day’s someone is becoming really quiet.


Hmm. because someone else is talking too much now a days. He chuckled looking down. I will be waiting out for you after two hours. Be ready. She nods her head. And yea, please don’t bring anyone or tell anyone ok. She giggles again nodding. He smiled listening to her sweet giggles.See you soon. Smiling he hang-up.


She got ready on time. Going out she saw his car little away from her mansion. He saw her coming toward his car. She was looking so beautiful in white.

He smiled at her when she sat and look at him. Hi. She said cheerfully. He smiled and started the car. They drove to the big restaurant. He took her to the corner seat where no one can see them. She orders for herself and Maan knowing what he will like. They knew everything about each others.


When the waiter goes he slowly holds her hand entangling her finger with it. So how’s the preparation going? She was not able to answer, only looking at their hands and blushing hard. He looks up not getting her reply and smiled seeing she turned to cherry. Looking at her eyes he softly kisses the back of her hand. She shivered lightly looking down. Moving close to her ear he whispered bolo Na. making a current pass through her. She looks up only to find his face mere inches away. He looks at her eyes. She was getting uncomfortable with his gaze. Looking down she

Blurt out. Aap aise dekhoge to main kaise bolu. It took time for him to digest the word and when he got it, he started to laugh a loud. She looks at him, embarrassed of what she said. But his continuous laugh made her angry. You are making fun of me. Great. Laugh. I am going. She stood up and turned to leave but was stopped by his hold on her arm. Looking back at him she saw him serious now. Sorry. Now sit. Gently making her sit he again took her hand.


After finishing the food they sat again talking with eachothers. His hand was entangled on her all the while. You know geet, I have a presentation tomorrow. It’s a big project. If I get it. Dad will be so proud of me. She smiled.I’m sure you will get it. You’re the best.  He smiled at her confidence. That’s the reason he wanted to meet her today. To be calm, to be happy. Only she can make him so relax in these situations. Be yourself, everything will be ok. She gave him a warm smile.


They spent more time there. Maan discussed his project with her, although she hates business but still listened his every word. He always speaks so much whenever he is with her alone. Like he is someone else the world knows. Talking to her about his whole day, discussing with her his presentation. Talking about mom and dad dream.


She always listened to him calmly; to the word she was talkative. But in front of him the words seems not to be found. She loves to listen to him.  She is not the person who gives chance people to talk but here she always allows him to talk while she only admires him. She doesn’t know what hat feeling is that she wants to listen to him all the day.


I’m so scared. What if I failed? Dad will be so sad with me. He looks down sadly. She tightened her hold. He will never be sad. Ups and down comes in life. He looks at her with raised eyebrow. Are you really geet? No. I mean you are talking so maturely. She made a big face. You’re again making fun of me. She pouts looking down. He smiled kissing her hand again. Ok sorry baba. Chalo lets go. It’s getting late now. He paid the bill and both made their way out to the car.


 Maan stopped his car in front of her mansion. Sighing he look at her. So. Finally you have to go. She smiled looking out then to him. Moving close she kiss his cheek.All the best. She smiled shyly and ran out. He was shocked with what she has done. Moving his fingers to his cheek he smiled. He looks out at her she was standing at the door. He smiled and waves her; she waved back and finally turns to leave.





Precap: upset Maan. Geet trying to make him happy.




















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forever with you




She felt him, but thought it will be another dream as always. She knots her eyebrow feeling his soft lips. On her skin. She never dreams of him touching her. Slowly opening her eyes, she took time to adjust the view; she saw his smiling face, teary eyes few inches away from him.hey jaan. He whispered caressing her cheek looking at her eyes. She blinks little time not knowing weathers its dream or not.

He know what she is feeling, kissing her eye he whispered.I’m here. I came to you jaan. She gasped slightly resting her back on bed rest. He only looks at her, there was no change in her behavior, but her eyes were shocked. She gasped slightly resting her back on bed rest. He only looks at her, there was no change in her behavior, but her eyes were shocked.


He waited patiently for her to react, to yell at him, to cry. But nothing happened. She sat their quietly watching him. Hiding her emotion to show him as always, making her eyes blank to not make him know what’s going in her mind. Cupping her face is again whispered. I missed you so much, you have no idea what went in me without you.


She just watches him, not knowing what to do, what to say? The moment she feared have finally came, he finally found her. On the other hand she was so happy to see him. After many years. He looks so matured, totally business man type. She wanted to hug him hard and cry. But didn’t want to breakdown in front of him. She didn’t want to lose that easily. Whatever he did was not so easy to forget. She was scared; he will again be depending on her and leave everything he earned. Now if he found her he will only want to spend her time with her, which she didn’t want. She wants him to continue where he is. He was looking at her eyes, as if searching something. She knew he was searching for an answer, for the same love. No, not so easily. She gave him her famous blank look which she does. Whenever she will be angry with him.


He was not able to hold himself anymore. Hugging her he cried all his heart, showing all his pain, removing all the loneliness. She didn’t hug him. He knows there are many things he has to sort out he was ready. But now he wanted to keep her close to him.


He only hugs her crying. She didn’t like it. She never likes to see him like this. Wanting to comfort him, but afraid to speak, scared the word which will come in her mouth will be something sweet, she didn’t wanted to. Keeping quite she let him pour his heart.I love you. I love you. I love you so much. He mumbled holding her tight with every word.


After like an hour he moved back facing her. She gently wipes his tears. Still my crybaby. He chuckled with his teary eyes and kisses her softly cupping her face. Why are you not yelling at me?


Did I ever? He smiled hugging her, keeping his head on her chest holding her waist.How is Khushi? He looks up to her, she looks down at him, he wanted to see her love, but she was hiding it. Sighing he look down. She is fine. Missing you. They sat in a silence, words were never important for them. They can hear each other’s heartbeat. Maan knows she still love her the same, but didn’t wanting to shown. I am scared, I don’t trust you anymore. He sits straight and looks at her. Holding her hands he says.I know. But I will make you trust me again. She just looks at him in awe. Her Maan never have spoken any words to her like this. He never cared. Moving her hand she gently touch him. Wow, it feels so good. She missed the feeling so much. How much she loves this man, but scared to show it.


Suddenly there was knock on the door. She moved her hand and sit straight. Lora and Sam enter. Sam looks at her. She expects a hot discussion to be held. But both seem to be so relaxed. Geet look at her and turn to Maan. He understands. She is Sam. sameera. She actually. Ahh. He was finding it difficult to tell her, knowing she will be angry to know he took help finding her. She helped you. She said looking at his eyes. He gave her a pleading look. She shook her head. Still the same. Always need help. No. but I found you myself. Seriously. He said making an innocent face, she fell on it, wanting to smile, pull his cheek but hold herself. She looks at Sam.


Geet. You must sleep, it’s late. She said looking at Maan. Asking him to leave. Maan didn’t like it. He looks at geet.You both go and sleep, we are fine. Lora stormed out, she did not like it. How can she be so calm to him? He just came like that after many years. Not even giving any explanation.


Sam stood there looking at geet in confusion. Not knowing the reason of her so weird behavior. You can also go and sleep. Geet said her finding her lost. Sam again was shocked. She didn’t ask her who she is. Why she came with Maan? Nothing. With her confuse mind she made her way to Lora room.


When they went out Maan keep his head on her lap. She starts to brush his hair. They were in peace, close to each others. Why didn’t you bring Khushi? He played with her finger. I wanted to spend some time with you.


Still greedy. He chuckled looking at her. We missed you. She didn’t say anything. He close his eyes finally feeling relax; a heavy burden is removed from his shoulder. His geet came to his life. Slowly he drifts to sleep. First time after so many years he was sleeping peacefully. When geet felt him sleeping. She gently kisses his forehead, finally smiling. Tear flow from her eyes. She missed him too. A lot. But he has to do a lot. I love you. 


She whispered lightly not wanting him to hear her. Keeping her head in bed rest she too slept peacefully.


She stirred by some ringing noise, opening her eyes she saw something blinking in his pocket. Slowly m

Removing it she saw his mobile. There was a mail from office. He has to attend a meeting tomorrow in London.  Scrolling down she checks all his mails. A smile spread on her face, her Maan is handling so big project. She looks down to his sleepy face. The person who never liked to do his notes is holding so many projects, she smiled proudly finally he is responsible. But her smile faded soon. What if he left everything now?


Her thought went to Khushi, she was desperate to see her, hold her, hug her and kiss her. Give her the love which she missed so many years. Their little angel have suffered a lot in-between them. She wanted to see her, how she looks like. What she likes and what not. Hope so Maan didn’t made her stubborn. Caressing his hair, thinking of Khushi she again close her eyes and sleep.




Precap: Maan asking geet to come back.

Will she?


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