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She heard all his words and thought for some time for some solution to his problem.  She can do anything to bring happiness in his face. . Main aapka intizaar karungi. Aur aap zaroor aayenge mere paas, He has become the person. For whom she feels something really very special and now she wants him to feel it. She wants him to feel special. She will make his Wish come true, she will do whatever he likes..



Geet sit on bed with maan sitting in front of her with his head on her lap one hand under his head. She brush his hair..Both sat in a silence for some time when maan spoke up.I was always a workaholic person..I love my work and it always comes first in my life. She smiles stroking his hair when he look up at her and smile. Par ab nahi. She frowned.




Now I want to be with you always..I somewhere feeling like you are more important than my work.



He again keeps his head down on her lap. Tumne mujhe itni jaldi badal diya.



Tumse door jaana nahi chahta ab. She chuckled ruffling his hair. Par ab to jaana hoga Na. sab Bahar honge. She was right they have to go. Why their life is so difficult that they can’t even meet with each others as long as they want.





Geet sat in her room thinking about what maan have said. Why was he so insecure to leave her? He wanted to spend time with her..She wants to do something for him which can make him happy. He seems so sad for not having some quality time alone.





Sam entered the room when she was sure maan has gone out. Kya baatain Hui? Geet look at her not sure if she could ask for her help? She never have talked about her wants and need to her but this is something else, this is for maan and she can do anything to make him happy.. Di …  she began with lots of nervousness.









Sam entered the room of Dadaji who was resting. Dadaji. He opens his eyes and smile. I want to say you something.



Kaho Na beta.



Wo.. Main soch rahi ti… all are here… why don’t we go to farmhouse and stay there for five days..



Dadaji look at her confused, farmhouse…






Geet sat in her room, don’t know what will Dadaji say? Will he agree? For the first time in her life she asked something like this from di, will she be able to do this for her? She was so scared about it when Sam entre the room.




She sits in front of him. I have told Dadaji what you said.



Thank you di..


Sam smile holding her hand. Pehli baar tumne kuch maanga hai, main kaise mana karti.. Geet smile a little.. Aur Dadaji bhi maan gahe hai.





Her smile got big with the word. Hugging Sam she thanks her again and again while Sam could only laugh at her. Obviously Sam knows why she wants to go to farmhouse.




Dadaji informed Savetri and all others that they will be leaving for farmhouse today only. Everybody agreed and got ready to leave.






Maan sat in driver seat waiting for dev to come..He was confuse with the sudden traveling to some farmhouse..when he wants to spend his time with geet but all are thinking of some kind of picnic. Sighing he just shake his head. God knows when will they meet properly and for a long time will be with eachothers after a long time when he saw geet and Sam also with dev he instantly eyed dev to make geet sit with him to which he just wink him smiling. Geet glance at him, he smile which make her look down again.






When they reach near car she was about to sit at back when dev hold her hand. Aik minutes geet… app yaha nahi yaha bete.. Taking her he made her sit in front and sit beside Sam which he also really wanted. Maan look at her, she was only looking down but he can see her deep pink cheeks. 





He start the car and went behind Dadaji car, Sam and dev were continuously talking to each other’s but maan And geet sat quiet. They both always need a chance to talk but in front of anyone they won’t be able to talk to each others.





Waise yea farmhouse ka idea… great han Sam..





Sam giggled.. It is not my idea… dev look at her confused, geet look outside of window knowing what she is going to say next. Its geet idea.. She said making maan look at her surprised. But she dare not look at him. Wow geet.. Awesome han..





Hmm.. I’m sure isne aur maan ne Milne plan banaya hoga…




Both started to laugh, maan frowned looking at her who couldn’t even face herself with her crimson red face. But he couldn’t understand her sudden changing of decision.










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Moving she kiss him sweetly on his forehead, he smile pulling her close to him and drift off. She stay awake for a few more minutes, snuggling into his arms, her last thoughts being how lucky she is to have Maan, whomever she love so Much and he too love her. She feels so loved, wanted and cherished right now. Her eyes close as she drift off, feeling so safe and secure in his arms.





They stayed in each other’s embrace for sometime feeling so happy and contented. After so many years they finally have become one which  they have missed for so many years, she keep her head on his chest feeling his finger trace her bare back. There was a sweet smile playing on her lips when she has seen his eyes filled with happy tears when they were close. How he kept saying her I love you again and again and kiss her.






But one thing he didn’t answered..He didnt even answered her when she wished him .. Of course he would be shock by suddenly hearing but he is not answering that is what confuses her. You didn’t answer? She whispered softly..He smile with his close eyes, he know what she means.. But he is loving her attention when she asked again..Sighing he hold her bringing her on top of him and open his eyes.





Did you know? He again smiles holding her waist tight.


She smiles, bolo Na?


Kya kahu?



You didn’t remember it was our anniversary right?




He chuckled kissing her cheek and look at her who was looking back with her raised eyebrows and a smirk on her face..She knows very well he would never remember it. Moving his finger he strokes her back up and down. Hmm..What do you expect from me?



I don’t know.. You tell..


You know me better..


Maan please..



He giggles making her lye beside him. Aik minute.. Kissing her lips he move up and wear his jeans going out. She lyed covering her body waiting for him. A smile crept her lips remembering everything happened few moments ago. Everything was so beautiful, so blissful..Now she won’t do anything which will bring an even a small wall in their relation.




They finally have become one after such a long time, after suffering from so much. They finally are together, happy. Bus sab hamesha hi Aise ho. This happiness remains forever in their life. Forget everything and just remember this.





She chuckled but soon his cold finger closes her eyelids. Maan.. She smiles keeping her fingers on his. Ssshhh love.. Close your eyes.. She happily did what he says. Closing her eyes she feels him sitting front of her and make her sit, she roll the cover around her resting her back on Bed rest.





He move close and kiss her eyes indicating her to open them. She opens them and find a huge cake in front of her written happy anniversary jaan.





She gasped looking up at him. Tumhe yaad ta? She whispered surprisingly. Never have he remembered their birthday, never ever have he wished her in their birthday than how now?




How can I forget this blissful day?  It’s our first anniversary we are together.. Its special.. He said stroking her cheek moving close kiss her other cheek ever so lightly.. Moving back he wipes the thin line of tear from her cheek. Why tears?



She sniff shaking her head looking at the cake.. This is so beautiful. He smile cupping her face and kiss her forehead. Then why didn’t you tell me before?



He smiles moving back. I wanted you to wish me first.


Oh maan. Throwing her arms around him she hugs him tight. This is so beautiful so nice..Happy anniversary jaan. She move back smiling and kiss him. Same to you.   They cut the cake together feeding each other’s where he stole the cake from her mouth giving her a kiss..




Thank you. She whispered keeping her head on his shoulder once they again settle on bed after their cake session. He holds her waist bringing her close. Thanks to you geet..For coming in my life.. He looks at her for sometime than smile. Good night. Kissing her forehead both close their eyes so happy and contented. He stroke the corner of her lip with his thumb feeling the smile which he died to see from so many year and now will make sure it remains forever with her. Leaning he kiss the corner and both slept peacefully.







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No. most of them have gone. There’s no need of you now to go.. She smiles locking her arms around his neck. Haan. Par aapko bhi ab jaana chaiye Na. he only groaned moving his face to her neck kissing her skin. Maan.. Please jao. Bhabhi mujhe dhoond rahi hogi Na. he took his time inhaling her aroma for sometime and than move away starring at her he kisses her forehead and went out from window.



After maan goes she lies on bed for some time, feeling his breath, lips and tongue still on her skin. Closing her eyes she touches the diamond on her waist and smiled. Today she admitted how important he is to her. Yes her family is everything for her but maan .. He is very special.. Very very special.. She can’t define her feelings for him to anyone. No one can understand their hidden feelings. It’s something really natural. There passion is increasing day by day and they love it equally.







After staying for an hour in her room she changes her cloths in her usual t shirt and shorts and peeped out to find their house empty. Everybody must have gone home. Coming out she find anjali guiding the workers to settle everything.





Bhabhi.. Aap Sohi nahi. Anjali smiled. Haan bus jaa rahi ti..



You should rest Bhabhi..



Anjali smiled went to kitchen. How can I sleep when I know you haven’t eaten anything since morning? Geet smile and is on dining table and again went to her maan dream land.  Anjali warm the food sitting beside her she start feeding her.



Kaha ti kabse?


I ..Was just tired .. So just lyed for some time. She shutter to lye for the first time with anjali but she can’t just tell her what have happened between her and maan. It’s something she would never like to discuss with anyone. It’s their love ..Their feelings ..That really special.


Smiling she look at anjali who was frowning at her ..She giggles changing the topic. Hmm.. Bhabhi soon you will forget to take care of me..


Anjali frowned shaking her head. Kya Mathlab Han?  Never say that again.


Geet giggle eating from her hand. Haan but ..Jab aapka baby hoga you will forget to love me. Anjali slap her playfully. I can never forget anything about you ok ..Stop talking that.  Anjali made sure geet ate properly and then only allowed her to go and sleep. 






A week was passed after brij marriage. They were sending to their honeymoon. It was also a week since geet and maan didn’t met. He got busy with all his work; his dad gave almost every big project to him seeing maan working great. They both talk in phone for only sometime where he will get a call or his mom will call him..



She tried many time meeting him but nothing was working so gathering her all courage she made her way to his office where she never ever have went before. But now she has to. She can’t stay this away from him and she knows somewhere he must also be feeling this distance.





Maan was working on his file when he get a call telling him there was a girl wanting to meet him. Send her in. He said absently and again looks at his file. He heard the door of his cabin open and look up only to get the shock, his jaw drop seeing geet in his office… his office.. and in a shirt and skirt that too above her knee.




She smile and entre closing the door, he was too stunned to even react and just gazed at her which make her giggle.. Kissing his cheek   bringing him in reality. Geet tum..



Haan main.. She sat in front of him on his desk. But maan look at her like she was some kind of alien. Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?  He got up but she holds his wrist and makes him.sit again. Kyun? I can’t meet you?




He gulped down. Meet me?  Aise?  Office main mini skirt pehen ke mere cabin main aa k mera kachra kar ke.. Wah.. He stopped murmuring when he felt a tug on his tie. Looking he saw her getting up and sit in his lap pulling his tie. Kya budbudha rahe ho? She whispered locking her arms around his neck.




Tum Aise yaha? Aur Aise kapre?


I always wear these cloths maan. She complained cutely.But for you I always try to wear full jeans.. Today I wanted myself to be with you. She said kissing his lips and smile moving back. Coffee Han? He chuckled knowing she must have tasted the coffee he just drinks few minutes before.



I don’t like if anyone sees you like this.


Uuffhh.. Here is no one and only we..Bus.


Now how can he ignore this? His sweet little innocent geet have came for the first time in his office, not caring another anyone in this world.. A small smile crept his lips and he wraps his arms around her waist bringing her more close. She smile keeping her head on his shoulder wanting to be close to her..He kisses her neck than lean back letting her rest on him.


They didn’t spoke anything but just sat close feeling each other’s embrace. Her fingers played with his hair while his fingers find her soft skin on thigh and got busy in stroking. Both just wanted to be close and feel this moment which they have not felt for a week now.













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Hmm.. I know it.. He doesn’t need anyone to tell him that she would be missing him like nothing. But he would never want her to see him in this condition. He was almost dead and his condition in front of her will not be good for her which he never wants.


Closing his eyes soon he slept with the help of seductive and called her name in his mind again and again wanting to see her angelic face for once..





Vicky was sitting beside maan when Adi entered the room and kept his hand on Vicky shoulder. He looks at him and both slowly went out. Adi how this happened? Vicky asked once he made sure they were out. Maan went to meet brij and there he shoots maan.



Vicky sat on chair. Maan is lucky. The gun went just above his heart. They operated him yesterday and he wanted to meet geet so the detective called me.



Vicky nodded. Somewhere his happiness have no bonds to see his brother finally, he is alive and finally back to them.. But he can’t deny the fact he is in his worst condition and wants to meet geet. Now how will he tell her about his condition? The doctor advised to not give her tension and this will make her so much stressed.



Adi find him lost in his thought. Vicky. Bring geet here. He looks at him. But Adi she..



She needs him Vicky. Let her see him.. They both need each other’s now..



He thought for some time. Yea. They really need each others. I will bring her. Standing he went out to bring his Bhabhi to her life. He don’t know how will he tell her and how will she react. Hoping for good he drives to his destination.




Mom and Annie were way too happy with the news. Their maan is alright is the only thing matters, they told Vicky about geet still being in her room and didn’t ate anything since she came from hospital. He made his way to her room and find her sitting on bed lost in her thought. He knows she must be dying to just have a glimpse of him and he will no more let these two people to suffer. They want to meet and he will make them meet. Wiping his tears he went to her.



Bhabhi. She looks up at him. Holding her hand he says.I have to take you somewhere.



I don’t want to.. She whispered lost somewhere.


Please.. She sighed and nodded.



All the drive she just sat silently not even once asking where he is taking her. She was lost in her own world. There is nothing left to ask or to do now. Once he stop the car he made her come out and lead his way inside the hospital all the while there was some nervousness in him how will she react seeing maan.




Finally when he reached to his room than turn to look at geet who was only looking down. Bhabhi… someone is waiting for you. She frowned not at all understanding what he is telling but he quietly open the door of some quiet room and gesture her to entre.




As she step inside a fresh wave of air hit her, something which made her lungs breath freshly. She steps forward only to see the person she was dying to see from these two days. Maan.. She whispered and went to stand beside him.  Maan..  But he was in his deep sleep unable to head her voice.




Not believing her eyes she sat on bed slowly touching him. Tears rolled down, making their way to her cheek. A whimper escaped from her lips which she silenced keeping her hand. Her maan, her life.. She smile and keep her hand on his cheek. Nothing can be better than this. God listen to her and gave her maan back to her.



Maan. She cried taking his hand on hers and kiss there not once did she take his eyes from him.



Vicky smiled happily from behind seeing her smile after so many days. A very huge burden from his shoulder is removed seeing them together. Now everything will be ok. Now if bro came Bhabhi will be ok and fine. Now he doesn’t have to think about anything. His precious people will do that now. Thanking god he enter inside to his bhabhi. When geet look at him she stood up and Vicky hug her letting her cry. Par..  Suddenly she realizes and moves back. Yea sab kaise?



Vicky made her sit in one of the sofa and sat beside her.Bro brij se Milne gahe the. A loud gasp escapes from her lip to which he nodded. usney bro ko shoot kiya. But thank god it just escaped from his heart. Geet look at maan thanking god million time for bringing her maan back to her. Giving her life back to her. She smile and sit beside him holding her hand and look at Vicky. I want to be alone with maan.


He just smile and stood up. Going to her he kisses her forehead and whispered. Take care.  Making his way out he could only smile after two whole days which were hell for everyone in their family and for his bhabhi the most who almost have lost her life and was alone in the most important pace of her life.


Precap: will they meet??









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He assured him and went to all.Well guys. I think we should let the love birds give sometime. Geet look down instantly by the look of dev and all giving her and maan. While giggling Sam hold her hand. Hmm. Chalo.. With that she drags her to their room and dev made maan enter inside closing the door behind. Take your time bro. Dev yelled making maan chuckled shaking his head,







He turns around to find her standing, holding the handle of bed looking down nervously. Geet. He stood in front of her.  She tightly holds the bed nervous being alone with him. His closeness raise her heartbeat in such a level they she also don’t know how to calm it. 

He slowly move close holding her arm softly, her breath stopped and eyes closed feeling him coming closer. He look at her eyes and red cheek.. Smiling he kiss her forehead and very slowly bring her in his strong embrace to calm her nervousness.





She slowly circled her arms around his waist keeping her head on his chest, hearing his steady heartbeat which was beating as fast as hers. As smile crept on her cheek understanding she is not the only one to be in this situation but he too feels the same for her. His heart also beats sane like her when they are close. They stayed like this until he felt her calm down and hold his shirt tight. He kisses her head tightening his hold around her.





You are becoming something special for me geet.  She smiles turning her head looking out of window but still hearing his thudding heart.  I can’t bear to lose you. He whispered stroking her hair.  She closed her eyes feeling his soft fingers on her scalp. I need to tell you something really important. She moves a little back looking at him. He keeps his hand on her cheek. I will go to London after here geet.. I don’t know how much time will it take to settle my business there..




She just smiles looking at him. It’s ok. Maine kaha Na. I will wait for you. he sighed looking at this girl who he have met just few days and here she is ready to wait for him when even he also don’t know how long will he take. He stayed quiet looking at her gathering the courage to say the next thing. Like she understand his inner turmoil so look at him curiously.



If I took too long.. Please don’t wait for me.. She frowned looking at him confused but he cups her face looking deep in her lovely eyes.I want to see you happy.. Always..



If.. If I didn’t come… move on with someone….  but she keeps her palm on his lips not letting him to complete. How can he even think like that? Her eyes glitter in tears, just now he has given so many hopes to her and now he is saying her to leave him just like that. Shaking her head she didn’t wanted him to continue.





He could read the pain in her eyes. It really hurts to even think.. But I can’t see you in pain.. she shake her head not wanting him to say anything and hug him close fearing he may just vanish fearing for the new feeling she have just felt will go just like it came to her.





This was really hard for him. He can’t even thing his life without her now. She has become so much important to him who he doesn’t know when and how. But he can’t ignore that his business is not as easy and settling it may take too long. But he will never want anyone in their family to question her or put her again in such a situation. She has a life and has every right to live it like she wants.





Dipping his head on her head he inhaled her aroma trying to forget everything and live this moment forever.  She could feel his heavy breath and rapid heartbeat.  She could feel him restless; there was some intense fear in his voice. His heart beat was thudding so loud that she was able to hear it clearly. Moving back she keep his face in-between her palms, there was a small tears at the corner of his eyes which tear her heart.  She hates to see him like this.




Moving close she just brush her lips with his keeping them just there.  A sudden child ran to their body feeling the softness of each other’s lips. His hand move to her cheek to her hair. Bringing her lips more close to him feeling her soft texture which makes him amuse. Her lips tasted so good. It felt like heaved to both and they didn’t want to be apart from each others. Her hand caress his cheek with her thumb by which he open his eyes looking at her angelic face. Her eyes were close but there was such happiness in her face which he can read clearly. They keep their lips just touching for a long time not moving away or not even deepening it.



She moves a little away whispering softly. You will come back.. Very soon. He sighed and hugs her, holding her waist crushing her petite body with his, raising her a little so their height match. She crossed her arms around his neck hiding her face on his neck. It feel so good, so warm yet so special like this place is made for her only. She is only made to be so close to him. He is hers only and she can do anything to make him feel special.




Aap dobara aisi baat nahi karenge.. She mumbled when he put her down but didn’t let her go from his arm. He looks at her sadly but she keeps her hand on his cheek. I won’t.. I just want to spend my time with you. But here being with all its rarely possible.



She heard all his words and thought for some time for some solution to his problem.  She can do anything to bring happiness in his face. .Main aapka intizaar karungi. Aur aap zaroor aayenge mere paas, He has become the person. For whom she feels something really very special and now she wants him to feel it. She wants him to feel special. She will make his Wish come true, she will do whatever he likes..



Precap:  visiting other place…..



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Dinner was nice.. But.. What now?She blushed looking down and tried to move but he lock her tightly holding her waist. Bolo Na geet. This made her turn more red and hide her face in his chest giggling softly.





He smile taking her in his arm and slowly made his way to their bedroom but not once taking his eyes away from her while she was only looking down away from his desired look.



Entering he gently put her on bed living her chin and without wasting anytime he touch her lips softly first. The moment past and she too participated cupping his face, their love is pretty uncontainable at the moment, and both of them were so in need. His kisses migrate to her neck and he nibbles her skin making it turn deep red whispering in her ear. I love you jaan.



Just feeling his passion more she gasped closing her eyes. He nibbles down her neck towards her collarbone while his hands grope and feel her curves slowly removing her pallu. She tried breathing with the thudding sound from her heart underneath the material of her blouse and his thumbs soon find them, rubbing them, making her whimper.




His hands continue to caress her curves while removing her cloth. He attacks her nipples in earnest now, licking and sucking one while rolling the other in his fingers. Her whimpers become soft moans as her hands feel his hard chest and blow. The passion between both becomes more in need. He licks and kisses continue downwards, and pause to her belly button. She inhaled a deep breath when he gives a very soft and wet kiss.







The night couldn’t be more beautiful than this. After waiting for so long they finally got so close to each other’s and now wanted to make more of it. She knew he wouldn’t stop or even slow down, she have made him suffer for so many years and now she don’t want to stop him.


His sounds of pleasure from his heart urge her to give him as much pleasure as she can. She just loves him beyond any words. Licking, sucking and taking each other’s name in their moans they spend long to just be close.





He kisses her forehead and hides his face on her neck. Her scent is intoxicating to him and he move to take her in his mouth again but he take her arm and pull me upward.






They continue to kiss each other’s untilled both couldn’t able to take anymore.  He lied her down on the bed. He lean down and kiss her again, pushing her back on the bed, till he lay atop her. She was not going anywhere now, not that she would want to, trapped underneath him and she was just loving’ it. They kissed and touch, her hands roaming up and down his strong back. He lay between her and she was sure that he can feel the heat emanating from their body.






I love you. He whispered pushing his way in ever so slowly to allow her to feel every thick inch entering her and claiming what is her once again.
She moans as he fills her up completely. They begin to move together, with her matching his thrusts to maximize their enjoyment. It feels so good and so beautiful to be where he really belongs. After so many years they finally are so close. They kiss and moan as they move together while expressing their love and passion for each other. It’s so beautiful being with her like this. Happy anniversary. She whispered, and felt him kissing her lips.





They ease down unto the soft bed underneath them. He kisses her a few times saying her again and again that he love her and lay down beside her. She moves her head resting on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around her. They lay there in bliss; no words have to be exchanged to each other. They both feel the love and passion that they both just shared and no words are needed to express that. Besides she was a bit too tired to talk anyway, actually both are. She looks at him and he seems tired too but with a big grin on his face.




Moving she kiss him sweetly on his forehead, he smile pulling her close to him and drift off. She stay awake for a few more minutes, snuggling into his arms, her last thoughts being how lucky she is to have Maan, whomever she love so Much and he too love her. She feels so loved, wanted and cherished right now. Her eyes close as she drift off, feeling so safe and secure in his arms.




Precap: arey!! Celebrate to kiya hi nahi???







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But suddenly he gets an idea and told his mom that he want to go home right now so went to meet everyone. When he went to anjali he can see geet sad eyes when he tells them he is going.


Saying bye to everyone he went out and stood beside his car but inspire of sitting inside he smirked and entre the handa mansion again with the perfect idea to meet her.



Geet was talking with sonali when her phone vibrate, looking at the screen she saw maan msg.


Waiting in your room.. Come fast. A smile crept on her face to finally be able to meet him alone. Excusing herself she almost ran upstairs to her room and open the door. Anjali saw her running to her room and assumed it as she wants to be alone so just let her be.



The moment she enters the door close behind her and she was jerked against the door. Ma..





Ssshhh… He silenced her keeping his finger on her lips. The lights of room were switch off so they were not able to see each other’s but can clearly hear the loud thudding of their heart, the twinkle of each other’s eyes and can feel a smile on their lips





He lips move to her kiss, just feeling her soft and delicate skin on his cheek. She gasped closing her eyes and holds his shirt for support. They were so desperate to meet alone, and this moment only brings his desires more and more passionately.






His lips slowly move to her jaw to neck and give very soft and short kisses all the while making her shiver. Moving a little back he again kiss her neck but this time biting it slightly and sucking her soft skin in his mouth.






Maan. She moaned holding him tight. Her knees felt so week at that moment, thousand butterflies danced in her body feeling his tongue on her neck and traveling to her throat making her so week to even stand. Holding his hair she can’t do anything hut to let him do what he wants to.





He moves back breathing heavily but still with his face on her neck when he felt her shudder and hold him really tight. Both were breathing heavily catching the moment, he scooped her in his arms and made his way to bed making her lye and gently lied on top of her removing a strand from her face. The light of moon was teasing inside a little on her bed which helps him to see a glimpse of her shining face.





Her face has turned crimson red in shy, she mentally thanks to the darkness that he can’t see it.  But to her dismay he can feel and can see the heat passing through her cheek.  Bending down he kiss her cheek lightly making her jolt in the tickling sensation on her belly by his so light soft lips. He then kisses her lips taking the lower lip in his and nibbles the soft texture.  She capture his upper lips circling her arms around his neck and start playing with his hair while he nibbled her lips






His hand freely went to her waist and removes the piece of sari touching her bare belly. She groaned pulling his face closer.  His kiss become intense moving his hand more above wanting to feel her bare skin which  was only awakening his desires. She could feel his cold finger roaming on her body wildly and were just about to touch the blouse which brings her to reality where they are really heading to.





She holds his and brings it down to her waist moving herself away from his kiss.Maan please stop… she whispered gasping and holds his hand tight. Maan too realize they were heading a little too far if she wouldn’t have stopped him. Sighing he move down and hug her tight. What have you done to me? He whispered breathing heavily. She didn’t replied but closes her eyes calming her senses.




They stayed in eachothers embrace until their breath got normal. He kisses her neck and move away facing her.I will again get busy from tomorrow.  She giggles stroking his cheek, now she knows why he was so much restless. Somewhere she knows, these days were best as they met daily and almost for too long. They have almost slept together at night. This wedding has brought them so close to each others that it is now really difficult to stay away for just an hour. Somewhere they have become so used to each others that thinking about usual days must have brought the fear of leaving without each others in his heart.






Cupping his face she move up and kiss his cheek. They stare at each other’s for sometime wanting to capture the moment and would be able to stay close to each others as much as they want. Even in the dark they can see the twinkle of each other’s eyes which is enough.  You should go now. She whispered realizing where they are and what if someone realizes her sudden absence from the wedding.




No. He replied directly. His hold only tightened around her.


Maan… everyone is waiting for me out there.



This makes him know that there is also a word outside this room, except him or her they also have someone else. Wedding is almost finishing. He tried to reason himself but she giggles ruffling his hair. Yea but..






No. most of them have gone. There’s no need of you now to go.. She smiles locking her arms around his neck. Haan. Par aapko bhi ab jaana chaiye Na. he only groaned moving his face to her neck kissing her skin.Maan.. Please jao. Bhabhi mujhe dhoond rahi hogi Na. he took his time inhaling her aroma for sometime and than move away starring at her he kisses her forehead and went out from window.



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Precap:  geet in maan office with her mini skirt. Lolz…

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Geet hear Vicky call ringing but somewhere she hoped silently whoever it is should give any information of maan. but Vicky silence after the call cleared her it was no one calling for maan so she just keep her head on window .this was all so suffocating her and this moment she only need him to hold her really tight and she can  cry all her heart out. She know everyone is in tension so didn’t want anyone to see her in this state. Sitting silently she just kept praying for him.








The car stopped at khurana mansion, vicky look at geet who doesn’t have any clue where she is.. Lost in her own world. He came out, open her door. Bhabhi.. She looks up at him.  We are at home. This made her look ahead and realize where she is. Silently coming out Vicky help her to enter the khurana mansion.  The place seems so quiet today when it would shine with just the name of him.





Mom and Annie were already waiting for her.. When they saw ger tears twinkled their eyes seeing her pale face and dark circles. Mom stood beside her. Come beta. She step ahead holding her but stopped by her word. I want to be alone.. She whispered slowly looking down not wanting anyone else to see her condition. She just needs him and his embrace to shed her tears with and no one else.  Mom look back at vicky who sighed telling her tto leave geet.. She silently walks slowly and entered her room.






Mom. I have to go.. Vicky said when he made sure geet is not here. Par kaha? He explained everything to them which Adi told them. More tears flooded from their eyes. Yea sab kya hogaya? Mom cried.. Vicky embraced her while confronting Annie too. Please don’t say Bhabhi anything now.







Geet entered their room but it felt so dark and lifeless. The place which always had aroma of their love, the place which is witness of the closeness seems so empty.






She took his shirt inhaling his scent to her lungs to calm the feelings inside her. Why this does always happens to her only. First her mom snatched away, taking all their peace and happiness in their life and than his so called brother took her father away, giving the painful life to her. If this was not enough he also took maan from her. The only hope of her life. The only sunshine if her. The person who always has given her happiness is gone.







Lying on bed she cried silently only for the loneliness and so much hurt. Why does he have to take maan when he was the only hope, only happiness in her life. If this was not enough than now she is having a life inside to make her live and stay in this cruel world more and bare the consequences alone. Why this happens to her. She doesn’t want to live anymore.






Vicky entered the place Adi told him to come. His legs were trembling even by the thought which Adi told. With his heavy heart he went to Adi who was sitting in a chair with his bows head. Adi. He didn’t realize how cracked his own voice was.







Adi look up at him and stood up. Thank god you came.. Vicky only nodded his head looking down. Adi put a comforting hand on his shoulder. Vicky.. Control yourself please.






This made him take a deep breath and finally look at him. He’s there.. You can see him.. Vicky closes his eyes and saw the front door. Glancing at Adi he went ahead opening the knob with his trembling hands.






The sight inside burned him, the most amazing person, the great business man, the person who is the best among many and the perfect person lying in front of him.  He saw the lifeless body of the great MAAN SINGH KHURANA.





A tear drop. From his eye seeing the full of attitude person in such a worst state, the most terrible state. Tears started rolling down from his eyes and he slam on the chair beside him. Bro.. He whimpered taking his hand. Bro… He can only cry by the fate of destiny. How things turn up and down in just two days. How life have shown the worst part of their life to them.





Crying in his brother hand he let out the tears, the fears and all the burden of his heart. He know he have to go and face his mom, sister and most worst his Bhabhi.. How will he explain her about his own brother? How will he explain her, that the father of his child is here in front of him but.. how can he????






He cried for long in the most supporting person, the person who always has been there for him, his family but they never knew his value and now they know. They can know how much he is important to them.






His voice makes him open his eyes slowly. Vicky wipe his tears and smiled when he look at him. Geet. He whispered very slowly..





Bhabhi is fine. I didn’t tell her about you yet. Maan sighed closing his eyes. Where did you go bro? We searched for you so much.





Maan open his eyes slowly and mumbled. I asked the detective to not to tell anything till I will be fine. I knew geet would freak out.




She is really in her worst condition now too.





Hmm.. I know it.. He doesn’t need anyone to tell him that she would be missing him like nothing. But he would never want her to see him in this condition. He was almost dead and his condition in front of her will not be good for her which he never wants.





Closing his eyes soon he slept with the help of seductive and called her name in his mind again and again wanting to see her angelic face for once..





Precap: Vicky bringing geet to maan.







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They kept silence seeing maan getting all serious which is rare thing but really dangerous, dev didn’t said anything and indicated Sam to be quiet.




All elders were busy talking with each others, Dadi and mom really liked Samar mom and dad and talk to them really friendly. 





While younger one went to terrene and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Geet stood beside Samar looking down while maan steal glances of her.  You didn’t answer me? Geet look at him confuse. Geet I really can’t trust these people.





But you trusted maan in morning. Samar rolled his eyes looking ahead. But his family? They are same. They didn’t ask your opinion. Geet know very well why is he being like this. He always have hated the fact that Dadaji have fixed her wedding and now maan family also didn’t talked or asked her opinion is adding fuel.. She just kept quite not wanting to talk further on this..







Maan eyes were on both of them.  Dev and Sam took the chance and again started. Arey maan why are you so quite? He glares him knowing exactly what he means.



Samar rolled his eyes at them. You should spend more time with geet only. Sam and dev giggle dragging him beside geet. Haan. Aik dusre ko samajhne ka yahi to time hai. Sam said looking at them.




You cannot win someone trust in just five days. Samar said looking at maan intentionally; geet knew very well he is still angry because she says yes to him. Kya Pata kal sab apna Faisla badal de.



Sam and dev exchanged a look. Maan came forward to him. My first decision is always last one. At this Samar chuckled giving him a meaning look. Really?  What if you like some other girl tomorrow?





Samar. Geet whispered holding his arm he look at her furiously and then at maan. She nudges him making him look at her than shake her head indicating him to be silence. Par geet.





She again shakes her head making him irritate. Jerking his arm he gave maan last look and went away. She looks at maan and went behind him. Dev look at Sam suspiciously but she told him to ignore. This was Samar who will behave Sam with her too sometime..





Maan went behind them, he wanted to know what happened which caused Samar talk like this. Just in morning he was fine and left geet with him than what happened so suddenly that he is talking like this with him. When he was little far he saw geet manoyfing Samar talking really sweetly while he was look straight not listening to her.



Why don’t you understand? She looks at him hurt by his behavior.



You do not understand them geet. She sighed standing in front of him.




Samar.. You trust me right?  Then trust me this time please.She pleaded looking at him. Samar looks at her and hated the fact that these eyes were full of pain because of him. He sighed shaking his head. What if he is just time passing with you?

She smiles holding his arm. I have seen the truth in his eyes. He really is nice.



Maan saw her talking something. He saw her convincing him but couldn’t hear anything. His curiosity was building high point but he cannot just go and listen what they are saying. Whatever t is he is seeing geet for the first time talking so sweetly. He smiled looking at her; don’t know when she will behave the same with him too.




You always have been with me.. I want you now too.. Please. He look in her eyes and could see something spark, he couldn’t ignore his sweet and little geet is falling for this person which is good, he always wanted her to be happy and marry a person whom she would love but somewhere he is afraid that he won’t break her heart. I’m just scared geet.





Don’t be.. She smiles keeping her palm on his cheek. Samar I can feel something in his eyes. I can’t define it but… she sighed looking at him pleading. She wants his acceptance more than anything, he is very important to her and she can’t move forward by his this attitude. This finally made him sigh and nods dejected. Theek hai. Let’s trust you. She smile widely, Turning they both saw maan standing little far and went to him. Samar looks at geet who nudge him. I’m sorry… Samar sighed looking at him. Maan smiled a little and look back at geet. It’s ok..  Geet smile finally seeing both of them smiling and look at maan.






They again went to dev and Sam. Two hours past but maan restless to meet geet alone only increase but she was only with Samar and no one else. He wants to meet her and tell her the thing for which he has come. The most important thing. But how will he do that? The last solution he had is to take help from his brother so he went to dev telling him to make him meet.





He assured him and went to all. Well guys. I think we should let the love birds give sometime. Geet look down instantly by the look of dev and all giving her and maan. While giggling Sam hold her hand. Hmm. Chalo.. With that she drags her to their room and dev made maan enter inside closing the door behind. Take your time bro. Dev yelled making maan chuckled shaking his head,





Precap: Aik kiss to Banta Haina









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He presses them lightly when she moves him smirking. Good night. Whispering she turn around giving her back to him and close her eyes. He frowned looking at her and hold her waist from behind kissing her neck. Good night jaan. She just smiles with her close eyes holding his arm around her and both slept happily.






Next  day when she woke up a sweet smile spread her face seeing him sleeping so peacefully, she have many plans to make him more happy. So for that she quietly move away from his arm and went to shower not waking him.




She finish making breakfast and keep them on table, the first thing she wanted to do is talking with Khushi. So simply dialing her number she talked to her. Mama yea sab buhat acha hai. Khushi explained excitedly everything she was doing. Maan came and hug her from back taking the phone. Missing you my princess. Khushi giggle excitedly and start talking with maan. Geet smile and let him talk while she feed him lovingly.




She has been making some plans for they from long but sometime things were out of hand and sometime situations. Though she never told him any of this. They don’t get the chance to spend some times with each other’s and haven’t had any real alone time for awhile. Unless she count the times that they spend together behind closed and locked doors, only fighting or accusing.





She has done some preparations for this evening’s meal ahead of time so she can concentrate on them only. She wanted to give this marriage a chance which couldn’t be possible if they are so close yet so far…






They spend some time together when geet insisted him to go out for some time and bring some gift for her. He tried to understand the sudden demand of gift but she just dragged him out wanting to concentrate on the task.






When maan went she hurriedly went to kitchen making all his favorite dishes, she wanted to make this night the most beautiful night of their life. It’s almost the sixth year of their marriage tomorrow and she wants it to be the best day. She knows he didn’t remember it, which is nothing new but she wants to bring a new life to their marriage in this day.






After preparing all the dishes it was almost late when she hear his keys in the door as she finish setting the table. She smiles knowing that he will walk through the door at any moment. And then she turn looking at him coming smiling back at her but when he look at the table and then at her,  she can see in his eyes that he  isn’t  sure what’s going on. But she also knows that he will love the surprise. Something special? He asked looking behind her shoulder all his favorite dishes.







She smile moving close holding his tie and whispered huskily. Yes… his arm move to her waist. Well there is something special here… you… she can see his eyes glitter.  I wanted to make a nice dinner for us since we will be alone after you finally decided to leave you daughter for a week.




This makes him chuckle and move his arm around her waist bringing her close. Moving close to her he cups her face and kisses her softly, moving back he whispers in her ear. You’re pretty special too. He said kissing her earlobe. She can feel the passion and lust in his kisses, knowing that they both just couldn’t control anymore tonight.




They knew from the look of eachothers that what they need. He move an inch away to look at her but she moves close capturing her lips with his moving her one hand to his hair bringing his face more closely. He closes his eyes kissing her. Crushing his body with him. His lips were so demanding that it made her groan and push her body more close not leaving any gap between them.





He slowed down and move away from her lips but keeping his forehead on her both chuckle because they know what exactly is going to happen here tonight. And somehow she probably does too, though they both try to hold on their beating heart and hug each others.





Somehow they find some restraint and make their way into the dining table. They sat together when he take his hand and look in her eyes. You look beautiful. A blush crept on her cheek looking down and finds the sari she bought only because he loves to see her in sari.





They have a nice dinner talking with some added flirting of maan again and again that that is just stroking their passion even more.






When they finish the dinner both clean the table, she was waiting for this moment from many day but when it came there was some nervousness in her to see that look in his eyes and wonder what’s going through that mind of his. She was continuously playing with her pallu while arranging things on kitchen counter when he hold her wrist turning her and keep his hand on either side.






Dinner was nice.. But.. What now? She blushed looking down and tried to move but he lock her tightly holding her waist. Bolo Na geet. This made her turn more red and hide her face in his chest giggling softly.




Precap: happy six anniversary







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