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He sees them move more close and geet eyes saw him and she stopped on her track. Shock written all over her face.



She slowly moves forward to him with the boy. Aap??  Yaha? She never expected him to showup in her college. The look on his face seeing the joy with her got her notice,he is Samar. My childhood friend. He looks at him from top to bottom while Samar smirked standing behind geet with his hand on his pocket. Samar, he is maan. Samar smile and extend his hand. Hello. The process makes his chest touch geet back which made him somewhere boil. Hi. Moving his hand he looks at geet. Ghar chale. She nodded.



Both silently sat in car. He was desperate to ask more about this Samar person and clear everything while geet was smiling inwardly remembering his face when he saw them. No doubt he was extremely jealous.



Maan didn’t want to think that he is the reason behind her disagreeing this marriage, if it would have been. Then she would have told him, when he saw both of them she was not scared and that guy was also cool which means they are friends. He was sure geet can never lie; his heart told him she can never. The feelings which she is making in his heart are going deep.






They enter the house; all were busy in living room. Geet was about to go when he hold her wrist.  She gasped and turns around. Aaj raat chat pe aayogi Milne? She moves her hand from his hold and look here and there.Main sochke bataungi. With that she ran from there and entre her room. A small smile crept on her lips feeling his touch on her skin, which was burning hot by just his one hold. Her breath was so fast like she didn’t breathe for years. Jumping on bed she Ltd looking up at ceiling, just thinking about thinks which just happened. Should she go and meet him? What if someone see them? But di said to spend some time with him.





All were having dinner together. Maan was again and again stealing glances of geet, wanting to know whether she will come.  Geet look up for a second when she saw maan looking at her and raised his eyebrow silently asking her. She clear ger throat putting the spoon in her mouth and look down.



He sighed, itne nakhre kisi ke bardaasht nahi kiye jitne yeh kar rahi hai. God. Ab kya karu. All the dinner he was only eyeing her only to listen a yes from her. The dinner finishes, Sam and geet were taking all the plates when geet come to him and lean down to take his plate. Main aayungi. He look up instantly at her, she turned pink shade and went to kitchen making him grin like a fool. 
Yesss … yesss.. yessss..




Geet look out of window, she is finally going to spend some time with him. Somewhere she was very nervous about what will happen. How will she talk to him? She never has talked anything about her to anyone.  She turns to look at sleeping Sam, she is so lucky. She always gets what she wants, she always says about her heart to anyone. She. Can show her desires and Dadaji so easily accept them. Her life has always been so easy.



But she. Her life, always in complications. She can never say her desires. She didn’t have that courage. She is always left out when to ask decision because she was never asked for anything. jis ka jo di aaye dede,  jo ji aaye keh de, jo jee aaye karde.  Why her? The question she is asking from doesn’t know how long but never have got the answer.



Her life is being decided, always have decided by Dadaji or Sam. Not once have they asked during all this, weather she want all this, what she wants to do?  What she feels about maan? 







Precap: the meeting.


















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He hired a detective against him and sends some trusted person behind him to collect information about him and his work which can be helpfully. He made sure to make Rahul regret whole his life to do this with his geet. Maan Singh Khurana’s geet.





Next day when maan came out of shower and saw her getting ready. Geet. She looks at him. Where are you going? He stands beside ger. Office. She was back to her usual cold self, she have become so soft after so long time and again have become the same. You shouldn’t go. She looks up at him. I will. With that she went out in another car.





Sitting in the car she still can remember what Rahul did with her and she will never ever let him do that. Again. She was week, shocked at that moment, somewhere she was broken badly, for once she trusted maan and this happened, for once she tried to do what he say and ger did this. But she won’t keep silence anymore. How can Rahul even think she won’t reply back to him, she can do anything she wants?



She enters the office where she was told Rahul was already in conference room. She inhaled and entre the room to find Rahul and rajjat, Rahul was having that dirty smile and evil eyes were all over her but she don’t care anymore. She sat on her chair, open ger file and took the first letter passing it to rajjat. Your resignation letter. Sign it. Rajjat look at her shocked and look at Rahul who chuckled. I thought this company runs by maan.



Yes. But you also forgot I’m his wife Mr. mehra. She said sternly straightly looking in his eyes. He frowned; she was so week before and just now this?



  Sign Mr. Rajjat. Rajjat take the paper sign it passing a look at her. You are dismissed for five years. She looks at him. You won’t work for any company for five long years. Another shock came for both of them. What? Rajjat whispered looking at her curiously. Yes. Now get out. He sat there shocked, not knowing what he will do now. His career is over for Five years. Out. She said again finding him lost. He stood and quietly left from their looking at Rahul angrily.






Rahul stood up coming to ger. That was great. He leans down to her bringing his face very close to ger. Her jeep her hand on his hand and push him hard standing up. Stay in your limits Mr. Mehra. Don’t forget it’s my office where you are standing. He look down at his shirt and up at her smiling amazingly. Wow. So many attitudes.  She ignores him and takes the file throwing at him. The contract is cancelled. You should get out of here right now. He takes the file and read it. His all contract was canceled and he got loss of 25 lakhs.  He looks up furiously at ger. How dare you? Throwing the file he storm toward her bit she slap him hard on his cheek. He looks at ger furiously with his hand on his cheek. Told you. Stay in your limits. I was not able to react before but you have to pay for even coming this close to me. With that she slaps his other cheek really hard.



He steps toward ger wanting to slap her but his hand stop in mid way by a strong arm around his wrist.  Grunting he look at maan furiously looking at him. How dare you? He pushes him hard so he jerks to floor lying. Maan storm to him kicking his stomach and hitting his hands. How dare you put you filthy hands to my wife. Geet called the security and they arrived. Take him. She ordered and all guards took the bleeding Rahul outside but she stops him standing in front of him. You have made the biggest mistake to come back Rahul. You just Mess with geet khurana. Count your days. She threatened him, he look at her furiously while geet stood beside maan, both glaring him.





Geet came home after that, and told maan she no more wanted to work with him in office, he quietly accepted what she told. She stayed in house not believing what happened in few days. How many things have changed? No matter how much she tries to trust maan but he always do something to hurt her deeply. If he would have been little concupiscence about his work this wouldn’t have happened.  He always takes things so lightly about her. Because she was dealing the project ger didn’t even once thought to check the file, didn’t even checked with whom he is sending her to do the project.  He is still the same careless about her.



But what can she do? Why does she love him so much that whatever he does with her, her heart never wants to punish him, never want to see him suffer Than why he always make her suffer?  How long will she wait?  How long she have to lament? How much more time will he take to understand her.



She lean back her head to window and a tear escaped from her eyes. Why he only have to hurt her so much that it become so hard for her to forget and come close to him.





Precap: maan Singh khurana faces Rahul






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It was almost evening when anjali called geet. She ran down to her. Geet. Can you please go to office? Ajay as usuall forgot his file. Geet giggle and take the file. She entre the office and turn to ajay cabin when she hit someone and was about to fall but was saved by two strong arms.





She opens her eyes to see someone holding her and looking at ger amazingly. She stood up smiling. Thank you. I thought I’m gone. He smiles.  It’s ok. She was about to go when he call out. Do you work here?  Turning around she smile. No.  I’m geet handa. She said proudly.


Oh. The daughter of handas.  Good to meet you.

He forwards his hand which she takes.  I heard a lot about you. Lovely meeting you. She giggles and moves her hand. Geet. A voice came from her back. Turning she sees maan. Maan. Smiling she went to him. You here?


Yea. We have a meeting. And you?







Wo. Bhai forgot his file. And see he help me to fall Down.

She said giggling and looks at him. Maan look at him. He is our client and brij friend. Anurag. Anurag smile at geet bowing down. She giggles and then looks at maan but maan didn’t like this. Geet being so close to someone didn’t liked by him. Anurag take this file and go to brij and ajay. He nodded and looks at geet. Ok geet. See you soon. It lovely meeting you.



She smile and again shame hand. Maan hold her hand and bring her to cabin. She smiles seeing his red angry face which clearly show how much he is jealous. She suppressed her smile and tries to put more oil. Anurag is so sweet Na. Such a lovely boy. She said making cute face burning maan more. He look at her angrily and hold her arm jerking her to him. Lovely, sweet.  She smirked moving close. Haan. You know. He have some image, I like it.



With this she start singing animatedly


Aanknon hi aankhon


main ishara ho gaya.


Gifted bachate jeena ka


Ishaara ho gaya…


Song idea by


Love u.



As she says that he twists her hand bringing it behind her back hurting her. Ouch. But he didn’t care and glued her body to him pressing her hand from behind.






Say it again. She tried moving her hand but his hold didn’t lose. Losing her calmness she yelled. Uuffhh. He is much better than you. More handsome more smart and more more and more lovely. Saying this she look at him angrily and he too glare at her. But soon his face softened and holds too. She frowned by this and looks at him smirking. Moving his hand around her waist he kisses her cheek. Say whatever you want. I know your only my. only mine.





She pouts and hit his chest. Then why you did that? He bring her close rubbing his thumb on her lower lips making her smile shyly and blush hard. He smile and move close very softly kissing there.I hate it when someone sees you like that. She sighed and move back not forgetting the place where they are.I will go now. He smile and nodded hugging her close to his heart.






She come home and went to anjali room.  She was sitting on bed but seems like was in deep thoughts. Smiling she sat beside her. Bhabhi. She jerks and looks at her smiling. Kya soch rahi hai anjali smile and jeep her hand on her cheek. Nothing. You say. Geet smile.






Bhabhi. I don’t know why Sanaya Bhabhi behaves like this to me.

Anjali frowned but soon understand what she is saying.Geet. She need time to be part of us. Everything will be ok. Geet look down nodding her head. Hmm.



Anjali look at her for some time and say. Whenever someone says something about you. Learn to give answer sweetie.






But you always told me to give respect.

Anjali smile.





I know. You should. But at least let people know what you are and what you have.




Geet thought for some time. Maybe it’s right. She should have told Sanaya that she know what responsibilities are. She knows what home is. If she doesn’t have a mom it doesn’t mean she don’t know anything.







Precap: marriage preparation main


 good news.













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They reached and she silently went to her room. Sameera words were still ringing in her mind. Suddenly her phone Rang. It was maan. Geet. She smile hearing his voice but soon frowned. Something was thief in his voice. It seems like he is stressed or nervous. You ok. He sighed closing his eyes.Hmm. Have one big meeting now. Wanted to gear your voice. She smile sitting on bed. I love you.


Love you too sweetheart.


Be yourself. He smiles. This voice has some magic which bring such a power in him to fight with anything possible. Wait for me.  Will be little late. She talked to him for some time until he was called for meeting.




It was almost 12 pm. Both Vicky and geet were sitting in living room and talking. Geet was sitting alone waiting for maan so Vicky sat beside her. So. How’s thing going between you? He smiles shyly.  Good. She is so quiet now with me.



Geet laugh putting her hand on his head. It happens. Give her time. He smiles nodding.



After sometime geet says. Vicky. Please don’t say maan about sameera. He looks at her and made an angry face. Why? Why not?



She will go after engagement. So let it is. He sighed shaking his head. They sat for another hour but maan was yet not back. He got tired and keeps his head on her lap closing his eyes. Geet smile looking down at him and tried to call maan. What’s taking him so long? After some ring he picks the call.



On my way honey. She sighed. Come fast.


Coming sweetie. Hanging the phone she takes the remote seeing the TV. But nothing was interesting for her. She just wanted to sleep in his arm but ger is not coming at all.



After sometime the main door opened and he stood there. She smile, he came and kiss her forehead sitting beside her and saw Vicky sleeping. Groaning loudly he smack his head waking his. Kya hai? Vicky said irritated and open his eyes.  Turning he saw maan giving him glare. What??  You were late. I felt sleepy. He said rubbing his head. Geet giggle looking at him and look at maan.



Why are you so late? He smile widely and kiss her cheek. Geet and Vicky look at him confuse. Guess what?  He asked but got nothing from them. He takes a file and show to both. Dad project is being purchased. He whispered looking both of them making them gasp loudly.




They ask together. He nodded smiling but soon crashed in a hug by both of them.Wow bro. You did it. You finally did it. He smiles at both. After sometime Vicky move back and geet kiss him.  He closes his eyes and ears yelling. Geez guys, control please. She giggles and move back keeping her head on his shoulder. Vicky gave them a dirty glare. You both just need a chance. Maan slap him while she laughs.



Vicky makes a face holding his cheek. Bhabhi. She hit his chest. Maan please. He grinned raising his eyebrow at maan who rolled his eyes. Stupid idiot.



Geet move back. Maan. How does it happen?


I got their call in morning. And there my whole day went on presenting site seeing discussing and many issues. And finally they agreed. Geet smile and hug him kissing his cheek.



Ok now let’s celebrated this. Both look at ger curiously.I will make something sweet. And ofcourse coffee for my maan. Kissing his cheek she went to kitchen getting busy while maan adore her with his love.






Precap: sagai cancel



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Sam look at her from behind, her eyes were closed but she can see a small tiny drop of tear in corner of her eyes. Holding her she kiss her cheek and lied behind her. She knows it’s hard for geet but somewhere she like maan and his family. They were so sweet and nice plus it’s the only wish Dadaji have seen all his life. He is really happy with this relation.



The day when Khurana family has to come has come. Geet was putting her books on her bag when Sam entre the room. Tu kahi jaa rahi hai? She sat in bed. Hmm. Collage. Aur kaha. Sam frowned.


Geet. At least stop going t collage for one week.


Please di.


Geet. Maan is coming today.


To main darwaaze par kari ho kar unka suaagat karu ? She put the bag and went out but was again stopped by Dadaji. Beta. Aaj bhi collage. She stayed quiet and looks down. No. You won’t go for this week. They are coming today. She hated it, why are they stopping her if they are coming. Why can’t she go?
Why are they forcing her to stay? But Dadaji.




No but beta. You have to stay. She looks up at Sam and looks down, her cheek puffed. But she can’t say anything in front of him. Sam looks at her and tried to talk to her. I will come home soon Dadaji. With that she tried to go escaping from Dadaji question. Sam went behind her. I will walk to collage. No need to come. She went out angrily. Angry with herself. Why her life is so difficult, why can’t she get what she wants for once only? Why are all trying to decide her life?






Whole khurana mansion came, Maan eyes hungrily roam around the living room searching for geet but to his luck he didn’t find her and felt strangely annoyed. He wanted badly to see a glimpse of her. After sometime Dadi asked a question which his heart was dying to ask. Where is geet Sam? Sam fumbled looking at Dadaji and said nervously.WO. She is in college.  Dadi smile nodding.



Time was passing so slowly for him. Sam show them all their room. He went upstairs and Sam too went behind him. Maan. He turns to her. Do you know where is **** college?


Of course. Who won’t know?


Actually. Geet study there. I’m quite busy. Can you please bring her?



He looks at her shocked. He will go to her college, and alone. While some part of him jumped in joy for seeing her alone. He thought for some time and smile slightly. Ok.
Sam smiled. She would have gone but has lots of work and didn’t want geet to come home alone and walking. She already went without car, the college is so far and she must be tired walking there and already is in bad mood. 






Hurriedly sitting in car he started it and went to the college to meet her. He stops the car and went out standing at the gate not knowing now where to go. Taking a breath he entre inside to get the shock of his life.



There stood geet hugging some boy whose back was to him. She was smiling, the smile he have not seen in her face. The smile which made him goes crazy over her. She move back and the boy move his arm around her shoulder and turn around walking with her.



Oh. So this is the reason she don’t want to marry. This is the reason she was not home when he came. This is the reason she didn’t wanted to fast for him. His fist clenched seeing them so close. Her being so normal with him.



He sees them move more close and geet eyes saw him and she stopped on her track. Shock written all over her face.






Precap: ab kya hoga???



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Slowly turning to geet he saw her silently looking outside with her head on window. His heart ached to see this sadness in her eyes. Reaching for her hand he slowly holds her and looks at her. She looks at him and tightened her hold bringing his hand close to her heart. She needed his support more than anything. He was the one who vanished such a terrible memory from her and she needed him to do it again.






They reached home. Maan hold Khushi and made her sleep in her room and went to his room finding geet curled in bed crying. His heart ached to hear that voice and went to her. She sat and hugs him tight and starts to cry more. Maan. He brought her more close kissing her head but she was not where to stop. The smell, the touch was making her feel so exhausted.



After a long hour when he felt her little calm down and silence,  he move her back and wipe her tears. Her face was full of tears and pink. Grabbing a glass of water  he presses it to her lips making her drink and remove her hair from her face cupping her face. Don’t cry. He will have to pay for it. Very badly geet. She sniffs and keeps her head on his shoulder. He made her lie down brushing her hair. Rahul have done the biggest mistake of his life to mess with him. His life will become a living hell now.







She was sleeping in the bed when she feels a cool breeze on her skin. Opening her eyes she sees the window open and went to close them. Maan was not in the room. She turn around but was jerked by a hard body, looking up she finds Rahul standing very close to her with his dirty smile. I love your smell. He move forward touching his lips to her but she jerk him yelling. NOOO….




Maan open his eyes by her loud voice and find her sitting. He sat and saw her sweating and panting heavily. Keeping his hand on her shoulder she winced and move back but seeing maan she clung to him. Ssshhh.  It’s just a dream…



She hides herself in his arm crying. He stroke her hair slowly wisphering again and again. It’s ok. It’s ok… I’m here.



He made her lye and removes her lock behind only to feel her skin burning. He keeps his hand on her forehead. She was having fever. Geet. She opens her eyes. You are having fever, let me give you something before medicine. He moves little away making her hold him tight. No please. I’m ok. Please don’t go. He keeps her hand on her cheek. I will be here soon. Let me make some soup for you. She shakes her head again. He sighed and kisses her forehead. You shouldn’t be scared geet. He is no one in front of me and I swear he have to pay badly for his deeds.  She look at him for sometime wanting to trust him badly but this time she only have to do what he says.








Making the soup he made her drink it and give her the medicine. After sometime her fever was gone but her continuous moaning didn’t stop. While night her hold on him only tightened which didn’t make him sleep. He was their confronting her whole night. Making sure of his presence to her. Making ger know ger is there every 15 mint.







Next day he didn’t let geet to go to office and he was home. He worked from home. But the only work was Rahul. He checked all the details of the project and came to know he is doing this project with them for three months. He checked all about him and his business. He hired a detective against him and sends some trusted person behind him to collect information about him and his work which can be helpfully. He made sure to make Rahul regret whole his life to do this with his geet. Maan Singh Khurana’s geet.






Precap: geet again in office.


Ok guys. So the part you all wanted going to come.


Our shairni is coming to office, get ready.




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He knows Bhabhi. More than me. Anjali smile and stroke her hair and prayed silently for both of their happiness. These hidden things won’t bring any problem in their life and they can be as happy as or happier than she is with ajay.

She knows maan live her way more, than ajay love her. Their love is very stronger and pure. Bus kisi ki buri nazar na lage.



It was usual morning. Geet was eating her breakfast really fast because she was getting late. She and Somali have decided to go to shopping together. Ajay look at her and say. Itna mat kha moti ho jaayegi. He and brij start to giggle. She made and face. Papa. Anjali look at both. Q tung kar rahe ho usse. Tu kha geet. She smiles showing her tongue to ajay and start eating.


She entre the mall where Somali was waiting for her. Sorry. They went and got engrossed in their shopping. They almost have spender two hours there. Geet was feeling exhausted. Sona bus karna I’m tired.

Wait yar. Just some more. She rolled her eyes. That’s what she is saying for so long. Turning around she saw Sanaya in cloths section. Bhabhi. Somali turn around. Di. Kaha. Geet laugh and hit Sonali shoulder. Di nahi pagal.  Sanaya Bhabhi. Look. She looks at the direction and both look at each other’s. Chal.

They both went to her. Bhabhi. She turns around and smile looking them they hug her and chatted for a while. Can you believe Bhabhi? We are here from so long. Geet giggle and look at Sanaya. She looks at both of them than look at geet.

You shouldn’t do this geet. Both frowned. You may not have any responsibility but Sonali must have. You both should go home. Somali frowned by her reply. What does she mean by that? What do you mean Bhabhi? Sanaya shake her head chuckling. Well everyone treats her like a kid and I’m sure she doesn’t even know what responsibility is. But she should know your mom must be waiting for you, she also need your help or something.

Geet look down clearly understanding her meaning while Somali didn’t like it at all. Don’t say that Bhabhi. Instead geet was insisting me from long. Somali smile forcefully and look at the dress. Somali hold geet hand. We will go now. Bye. With that he drag geet and both hurriedly paid and sat in car. How dare she say that? She looks at geet who was sadly looking down. And why you didn’t reply back to her?

She shrugs her shoulder. Leave Na sonali.  Sonali rolled her eyes, all the drive she didn’t stop.  But geet didn’t say anything. She felt bad but somewhere she was not finding that love and affection from sonali by which she can say anything to her. It’s something she expected from her as she never has treated geet the way others do and it’s not important. She is not from this family she doesn’t know anything.

They reached home and sonali did the first thing telling anjali about the incident. Anjali look at geet who engrossed herself in kitchen but she knew how much she will be hurt. Sonali went after sometime and anjali went to kitchen standing beside her. Geet baby. Geet look up at her and anjali can see the sadness in her eyes. Holding her shoulder she hugs her tight.

Geet sighed hugging her. Anjali rub her back making her calm down.It’s ok baby. Geet move back looking down. I know. Anjali smile and cups her face kissing her forehead. Forget it now. You know it’s not true. Geet smile and nodded.


It was almost evening when anjali called geet. She ran down to her.Geet. Can you please go to office? Ajay as usuall forgot his file. Geet giggle and take the file. She entre the office and turn to ajay cabin when she hit someone and was about to fall but was saved by two strong arms.


Precap: Mr. Savior…..

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maaneet one shot… Oo saathi re!!


She lied on her bed with her closed eyes and a sweet smile on her face.  Finally tomorrow will be the day she is been waiting from years. But this night doesn’t seem to be over; sleep is not near her eyes, the only thing she can see is him and only him. Weather with open eyes or close.  He never leaves her to a second.



Her world of dream got disturb by the slow knock on window. She frowned and went to open the window to see the person of her dream, he ump inside panting heavily. What are you doing here? She look here and there confirming door were close. He smile and went lying on bed. She come and stood in front of him with her hand on her hips. Maan I’m asking you? He open his eyes looking at her, she was cutely complaining him, holding her wrist ger pulled her on top of him with a Thud snaking his arm around her slim waist. Of course I came for you doll. I am desperately missing you. She blushes, keeping her forbear on his chest hiding her face. I can’t wait for tomorrow. She smiles. You should go now. She looks au at him, he smiled turning and jerk her beneath him slowly leaning down, she smile knowing his intention turning her face so his lips slam on her cheek. He moves back making a face. She laughs pushing him and stood up.



Now go. She pushes him toward the window. But geet. She stopped him keeping her palm on his lips. No. Not now. Go. He smile sweetly and went out by window.






Maan and geet, both were in love from five years, when they were in collage, things started by a simple friendship and soon both stated to love each other’s deeply. After two years, when they finished their study they revealed the news to their family but they didn’t approved the love marriage in their family. But him being maan didn’t stopped loving her and continuous to meet her. After three years of convincing, their family finally agreed, but somewhere geet family never approves maan nature. He is way too possessive about geet and always at his angry mood which they didn’t like but have to agree for geet.






She sat in front of mirror with her bridal dress all set to go but somewhere she was very nervous.  He has made a grand party down there and almost everybody in the city was invited. He made sure this wedding would be the nearest and most charming wedding.



She come downstares with the help of her sister and friend who made her sit on Mandap beside him. He smile seeing her and hold her hand making all laugh and tease them. But their family didn’t approve these kinds of things which he never cared.




The marriage was done, both were finally married. He smiles delight. Finally they are one after so many years, now no one can stop them meeting from each others. He hated it when their family told them to not to meet before marriage but he ignored all, if only geet wouldn’t have forced him he would never had agreed with anyone.



The Bissau ceremony came and she hug ger mother crying. Please take care of my daughter.  He nodded his head looking at geet hating tears in her eyes and squeezed her hand. She quickly wipes her tears and hugs her dad.






She sat in the bed with her knee up to her chest clutching her lehenga hard. The aroma around the room made her shiver; she inhaled, and moves her knee more close. Soon she hears some sound from outside, him fighting with his sister and Bhabhi to let him come. Finally after 10 minutes he open the door and turn to lock it. She tightened her fist nervously.



When he turns to her, his beautiful wife made him smile and sat in front of her. He hand move to her chin making her face him. You look beautiful. She smile lightly looking down. He lean forward and kiss her cheek making ger sigh and move to her neck nuzzling. She closed her eyes by his soft kisses all around her neck and shoulder.



He was way too happy, finally after so many years, after so much happening in their life they finally are becoming one. He finally will feel her today and make her his and only his. Taking all his time he takes ger cloths and jewelry kissing every part and inches of her skin making her lie down and explored her.




Coming to her he kiss ger with all his love, first really softly untilled he felt ger kissing him back, he showed his tongue inside her moving his hand to her Brest massaging gently teasing her, her hand move to his back, to torso feeling his full arouses body under her soft fingers. He move back from her mouth and hide his face on her neck biting and sucking her skin making her groan and scratch his back with the proximity.



Not wanting to stop most he move slightly and move his body to capture her, making her soul his, she moaned a loud holding him close loving his aroma and scenery inside her. They move in a rhythm they moaned feeling their organisms together and stayed in each other’s embrace promising to love each others like this always.






After two years



She waited outside of her car from an hour, outside of airport waiting for maan to come out.  He had gone from six months for some business deal and she wanted to come to receive him herself. Although his family didn’t approved it but she told him to convince them as she wanted to see him first and be close to him which can never be possible with all the family and she can’t wait until they are alone at their room.



After 15 minutes she saw him coming out with one bag in his shoulder he smile looking at her and she ran hugging him really tight. He smile holding ger waist tight. I missed you. She moves back kissing his cheek. Missed you too. He kisses her. 



They sat in car; he proceeded to drive while she sat close to him listening all his stories. He told her everything about his meeting, the place and the people. He always tells her every single about his day and she only listen to him quietly.




When they reach home he was welcomed by all his and her family together. They all hugged him and sat whole night talking to him. His eyes were on her who was really restless and know by know that this look of her means she want to be alone with him, so excusing himself ger said he is tired and stood to went his room. A smile came to his lips seeing a spark on her eyes and almost coming behind him. But when he reaches the door he heard his mom calling her and asks her to come and help. He sighed and entre his room changing his cloths.




It was almost early morning when she entre their room and find him sleeping on his stomach with his usual pants only. She went to change in her night suit and came back sitting on her side of bed admiring him. She so much missed him, missed sleeping in his arms, missed to see him so close. Sighing he keep her head on his back with one arm under her head and another went to his hair stroking softly. He smiles with his close eyes. You came? He whispered softly. She sat straight; I want to tell you so something. He smile and sat in front of her bringing her in his embrace. Bolo. She smile keeping ger head on his shoulder and trace her finger on his broad chest. WO… actually… I… he frowned keeping his palm on her cheek. 



Say doll.She giggles and kisses his cheek moving to his ears and whispered softly. I’m pregnant…he look at her with his wide open her eyes. Really? She nodded and head hugging him. He hugs her tight.  Life can’t be any better. They wanted kid’s years before but were not getting. They even consulted doctors many time but every time they were told everything is ok.



He moves back he asked. But when?  She looks down biting her lower lip. I found it three months before and wanted to tell you first. I was so desperate to tell you but not in phone. He smile widely and capture her mouth. Thanking her to come in his life and bring so much happiness, thanking her to Mae his life beautiful, make it worth leaving, to give him so much happiness and love him so much. He can’t define his happiness in words.




Other day they announced the news to all the family who were extremely happy and instantly her mom wanted her to come to their house in last month but him being himself didn’t approved and rejected.







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I swear she need a tight slap…. she keep her palm in his lips looking at him terrified. How can geet say that? How can he even think like that? Maan. How could you? He rolled his eyes jerking her hand away and looks away. She move forward and cups his face. Forget everything for sometime. Let’s think about Vicky and meera only. He look at Ger for some time and hug her trying to calm himself. She is saying true. He has to be calm. He has to stay quiet.




Geet was brushing her hair and maan was tying his tie. He has to rush to office for an urgent meeting. Although he himself have said that no work will be done till engagement. There were three days left but he got important call and has to go.



She turns around to him pouting. You promised. He smiles moving his arm around her waist. I know honey. But it’s important. She makes a face and looks at his the playing. We were going for selecting a ring. Looking up she say. Together. He sighed kissing her cheek and move her hair behind her hair.Vicky and meera are with you. We both will go later. Twisting her lips she moves back making a face. He smile hugging her from back and kiss her neck. Love you. Turning she kiss him. All the best.






They went to shop selecting a ring for Vicky and meera. Sameera also came with both of them. Meera and Vicky got busy in selecting a ring, geet look at sameera who was holding a ring. She smile and stood beside her. You like it. She looks up at her, than keep the ring. Yea. It’s good. Geet smile order to pack the ring. It’s ok. I don’t need it.


Take it please. Just a gift from me. Sameera look at her for some time and then reject to pack the ring. I don’t need anything…. especially from you… with that she went out leaving an ssad geet behind. 






They brought rings for each other’s and decided to eat outside something. Geet insisted Vicky and meera to sit alone. So she and sameera sat on another chair. Geet wanted to talk to her and know what she thinks now and what she wants. Sameera, kal jo hua.. tumhe pata haina maan ko jab gussa aata hai to bus…. I’m really sorry.



Sameera smile shaking her head. It’s not his mistake. It’s all because of you. She looks up at her with all herded in her eyes. You have made him like this geet. You have snatched him from me. Geet look at her shocked. After his dad he went little away… but when you came he hates everyone. She whispered slowly looking at Ger eyes. You are only a disease in his life geet. Just a disease.  Just then she feels a hand on her shoulder. Looking up she saw Vicky looking at sameera furiously. You don’t know Bhabhi sameera.



Geet stood up holding his arm indicating him to be quite but he show his hand.She is the one who brought happiness in our, bro and everybody’s life. He move a step forward to her which made Ger step back scared from him. Geet hold his arm immediately. Don’t cross your limits. With that he holds geet hand and drags her to the car. He sat there for meera and sameera to come. They came and he silently drove to mansion.





They reached and she silently went to her room. Sameera words were still ringing in her mind. Suddenly her phone Rang. It was maan. Geet. She smile hearing his voice but soon frowned. Something was thief in his voice. It seems like he is stressed or nervous. You ok. He sighed closing his eyes. Hmm. Have one big meeting now. Wanted to gear your voice. She smile sitting on bed. I love you.


Love you too sweetheart.


Be yourself. He smiles. This voice has some magic which bring such a power in him to fight with anything possible. Wait for me.  Will be little late. She talked to him for some time until he was called for meeting.





Precap: news.








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He keeps the phone smiling. This girl is really mad. How can Dadi say her innocent? She is clearly avoiding and rejecting him again and again. But he reminded of his career and his smile vanishes. He is falling on these stupid things, and wasting his thoughts. This girl is really pushing him in unnecessary things.






Some days were passed. There was no change in their relation. Dadi was really tensed that not once maan have talked or asked about geet and not even survinder have talked about geet. What if geet is not ready?  And what if maan is not ready?  There was not any from either of them.



She called maan to her room. He smiled and sat beside her. Beta. Did you like geet? He looks at her frowning. Aapne Hume koi Jawab nahi diya.  He sighed looking down for some time. May be its time he should h
Say her what he want. Dadi. I have seen geet. She is nice. But I need time. I want to make myself something. I don’t want to think of marriage now.



He sighed after fininshing. Finally he said what he wanted to say from so long. Looking up at Dadi he can say she is disappointed by him. Dadi. Aap ne jaisa kaha maine kiya. Please now let me do what I want. Dadi shake her head. Her maan always does what geet want. But she won’t let him do that now. Agar unhone humse kuch pucha to?



Wo nahi puchenge I’m sure. Geet is studying and I’m sure she wants to continue her study Dadi. Wo bhi yahi chahti hogi.  That’s why they not once have asked or told anything on this.



Now her so called intelligent grandson has closed the entire door for her so she tried her last luck. Hum to bus yahi chahte te. Jaane se pehle apni bahu ko dekhlu. Maan rolled his eyes by her usual drama and excuse. Whatever maybe the situation she will use this threat for everything. But he won’t accept it now. Aap kahi nahi jaayengi Dadi. She twists her lips making a very sad face which made maan sigh. Fine. We will go there for one week. You discuss this issue with geet Dadaji and let’s see what they think. Ok?



After a long time she nods her head not fully accepting it. He shakes his head and kisses her forehead before leaving. The more geet stays the more she will force him. It’s better to work than listen to his Dadi demands. Now he should speak to geet to convince her Dadaji. He wants to concentrate on his business now. He just need some time for himself. But will she listen to him. He has seen her showing attitude to him and what if she again shows her attitude and disagree him which is her favorite thing.







Sam enters the room and fined geet lost in her thoughts, holding her book. She smile and sat beside her. Kiske khayalo main ghum ho. She asked teasingly which bring her out of her thoughts and look down nervously.Bolna.  What were you thinking? Geet rolled her eyes looking at Ger finding the teasing smile. Di I’m not like you. har waqt galat soch. Sam gasped hitting Ger shoulder while geet giggle looking down at book.



Ok now seriously. Tell me do you like maan? She asks with her raised eyebrows. Geet look down for some time and then say. Pata nahi di. This is so odd. Aik hi mualaqaat main sab pakka.  Why??



Oh. That’s fine. They will come for one week. tab soch lena.



She sighed and keeps the book on table lying die. She just doesn’t want to talk about this topic. All this stupid issue, not liking how they just called and fixing everything. Not once have anyone asked for her opinion. Not once have anyone asked what she wants? What she like?  Just doing anything with her life and expecting her to be happy.



Sam look at her from behind, her eyes were closed but she can see a small tiny drop of tear in corner of her eyes. Holding her she kiss her cheek and lied behind her. She knows it’s hard for geet but somewhere she like maan and his family. They were so sweet and nice plus it’s the only wish Dadaji have seen all his life. He is really happy with this relation.




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Precap: maan in geet collage

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