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The ceremony ended and everyone went. Geet changed her cloths and straight way went to brij room.  Bhaiya. He looks at him and smile. She sat beside him on bed hugging him keeping her head on his chest. Kaha ti aaj?  Apne bhaiya ke paas nahi aayi. She look up at him, he kiss her forehead. I’m sorry. He smiles shaking his head. Don’t say that. He kisses her cheek and both talked for longer time. 





After talking to brij she entre her room and lied down closing her eyes but soon she hear some soft knocking on her window, frowning she open the window to find maan with his sweet smile.



He smiles seeing her in her cute tweety shirt and short. Coming down he keep a packet on table and hug her. You avoided me all day. She smiles keeping her head on his chest. She too missed him a lot.



After sometime he move back picking her in his arm and made her lie down but she hold him tight making him also lie down. Moving close she keep her head on his arm hugging his waist while he trace his finger on her cheek softly. Why you didn’t attended today function? She didn’t reply but ger know very well what is going in her heart.



You can’t forget your bhaiya for someone else geet. She move and look at him which he calmly continuous to stroke her cheek. He would have felt so bad not finding his little sister near him. She look down sadly, she was wrong, she avoided her dear brother for Sanaya who doesn’t even know anything about it. You will be with him tomorrow no matter what.  He ordered her; she just nodded closing ger eyes. He knows she must he really tired so kiss her cheek and let he sleep.







She opens her eyes next morning and sat straight finding him nowhere but a note was kept on side table. She picked it and kisses his writing before reading.



Good morning. She smiles pulling the blanket over her. Got an important meeting so went. Your dress is on table.





She pouts cutely but hurriedly takes the box. It was the dress he selected previously and wanted to design it in his wish so took it with him. She excitedly opens the packet and takes the dress out only to get the shock of her life. What the hell. Angrily putting the dress on packet she dials his number.



Maan was busy in his meeting when his phone rang, first he thought of avoiding it but the name didn’t let him. He quietly picks the phone only to jerk it off from his hear.

She shouted a loud making all look at maan, he clear his throat and keep the phone on his ear. I… I will call you back. She puffed her cheek. What?  No. You have to talk to me… now. He looks at all. Yea larki bhi na. He connects his Bluetooth and say. Yes say.





She frowned hearing other side person to talk to him. Maan. Main aap se baat kar rahi hu.








Just than anjali enter her room with a smile but soon frown finding her in phone this morning. Yea aap ne kya kardiya.  She complained making a cute face, he smile lightly at ger voice wanting to pull her cheek at that moment but he have to be present in the meeting also.





Anjali sit on her bed and open the dress for which she was yelling like hell.Aaj shaadi hai, how can I wear this? At same time anjali open the dress and become shocked but soon her shock turn to giggle and she start laughing a loud which made her angrier. Bhabhi. She yelled snatching the dress.






Mean time maan was finding it difficult to concentrate hearing anjali laugh and her yelling. God this girl. Why on the earth you turn the dress in a sari.  She said in the most cutely making anjali laugh more and pulls her cheek. Maan giggle but soon clear his throat. We will discuss it later. he said to the clients, went out and almost ran to his office laughing. She pouts her lips and sat there seeing her baby and listening him to laugh at her. 






Because I want to see you in sari. She shakes her head stubbornly. Sari and me. Oh god maan. Why? She takes the sari looking at it sadly. Anjali smile at ger. don’t worry geet. I will make you wear this.






But I hate this. First he gives me Indian cloths and now… this… I not yet married. She said angrily but soon realized, maan smile while anjali look at her with raised eyebrow. She turns deep red by her own word. Soon anjali and maan again start laughing at ger. Aagghh.  I hate you both. With that she slams the phone and ran out, embarrassed by her own choice of word.








Precap: geet with sari. 

ab to sab tease karenge bechaari ko 



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2 responses to “HIDDEN FEELINGS

  1. kavita

    January 19, 2012 at 12:52 PM


  2. mishy

    January 19, 2012 at 1:45 PM

    Wooooooooow so sweet update very nice. Bechari geet maan ne fasa diya
    maan nd anjali teasing geet haha very nice
    thanks for update
    update soon


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