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 She just wanted to talk to Maan, be in his embrace and cry all her heart out. Tel him everything. He is the one who she needed the most. She wants to run to him and hug him doing to pour her heart out. Tel him how she is missing her mama. Holding his chain and bracelet she keeps them close to get heart and cried. The two people she wants mostly now are not with her.





It was almost night, she sat beside window looking out, feeling extremely low and lonely, and missing Maan to the core. She has called him twice but he seems busy in something and didn’t pick her phone. So she thought of not disturbing him and sat alone missing him.  Although she was desperately wanting to talk to him and cry. Closing her eyes she sighed, when her phone rang. Opening her eyes in jerk knowing who it will be she quickly takes the phone in one ring. Hello geet, sorry was busy in a meeting. She smiled with tears in her eyes after listening to his voice. That is what she was waiting for so long his voice, the concern, The softness, how much she was craving for it.Geet, you there? Wiping the tears she looks out. Feeling much better by just his voice, clutching the bracelet and the chain together she whispered. Maan. Her voice came out as a whimper which made him frown. He know something is wrong, just few hours back she sounded good, she speak nicely. What happened now? Geet, kya hua? Are you crying? His words made her more sad, oh how much she wants him. Starting to cry she told him everything which happened, not able to hold on her more, and just spill out everything and every word of all. How she was feeling lonely. How they have hided such a big thing from her. How she was left out from all. Maan curiously listened everything and knew well something must be serious that they have hides thing from her, otherwise they will never ever thing of it. He knows very well how much they all love her. He tried to console her, but she was nowhere to listen.




Why have they done it to me Maan? I’m really very hurt. He hated to listen that weak voice of hers, it hurt a lot. But the thing she said also is right. Why have none told her anything? They knew very well she is very small hearted person who feels bad on every small thing. But now consoling her is more important.  He could not see her in this condition being so sad and crying. He can never see it especially when he is away from her and can’t be there to console her.


Geet may be there is any reason. Why don’t you talk to them?


I don’t want to. I only want to talk to you. She complained cutely. He becomes more restless. He never have said her no and she is in not a condition to listen no, already she is feeling so low how can he just sit there and listen her crying. Restless by hearing her shaking voice. I am with you geet, please don’t cry.  He pleaded feeling helpless by her voice. She wipes her tears and waited for some time until she felt herself calming down slowly. He also didn’t say anything feeling she just need little time. After a long time she says. I’m missing you Maan…. allot. I want you here.  She whispered with her heavy voice. Knowing very well he will not come, how can he just leave everything and come for her here.




He sighed closing his eyes not knowing what should he do?  Should ye leave everything and come to her, hell yea he was desperate to be with her but this stupid meeting. Geet, talk to them for once please, I won’t be able to come in few days. She sniffs shaking her head. No. i don’t want to talk to them. I badly want you or mama with me now. He stood for some minute not knowing what to do and what to say to her that she would stop crying. He very well knows she needs someone desperately when she will be low. And her missing her mother, his heart drenched with the feeling if her being alone. Sighing a long breath he says. Ok. Wait a minute I will call you back. With that he hang the phone leaving a confuse geet. She sat waiting for his call,




After about half an hour her phone rang she picks it up immediately. Kya hua?  He smile listening her worried voice and cute voice, clearly could hear Ger rapid heartbeat. Nothing, I have fixed my flight. I’m going to come to you soon. She gasped in surprise. Not believing what she heard. He is coming, did I heard right?  Am I having some nightmare? Is he leaving everything for me? He found her lost and called out. Geet you there?  Coming out of her thoughts she stammered. You. You are coming…. Really? He could only smile at her. How much he love her sweet voice and just want to run you her and hug her tight keeping her away from all those worries and keep her happy always. He can do anything to bring that smile and cheerfulness on her back like before, if for that he have to extend his meeting of course he can do. He can do anything to bring that geet back to whomever he loves so much.  I’m coming geet, wait for me. And stop crying now. She quickly wipes her tears. Surprised to fell about his sudden act but was very happy to have him with her soon. So she and hug him tight and jeep him close to her.Please come soon Maan, please. She whispered hopefully. He smiled leaning. I’m coming Geet, don’t worry. I will be there with you soon. She smiles feeling little good by his so much careful. Nature. He is leaving everything just for her, she made it clear in her mind to not to let him go away from her again. And keep him very close to her always. Bye. He said hanging the phone. She smile closing her eyes and lean back, just waiting for him to come back to her and engulf Ger in his arm. I can’t wait for long. She whispered not able to control her own heartbeat which was beating so fast to have a glimpse of her.






Precap: Maan coming back.



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Kuch bhi to nahi. She replied coldly not wanting him to know the reason. He didn’t ask further just kept her close massaging her scalp making her calm down. She sighed and look up at him, he smile caressing her cheekbone with his thumb with other hand. Little later the food arrived. Let’s eat something. He said moving away and takes a spoon of soup feeding her. Both lovingly feed each others. Hmm, I Love It. He Smile Moving Close to Her Lips. Yes me too. She Giggle again kissing Him when a voice disturb them. Oh my god.  Wow.






Turning around they found a girl standing with her mouth open. Oh my god, I can’t believe I am seeing Maan Singh khurana in front of me. Geet frowned and look ay Maan, he shrug his shoulder indicating he doesn’t know her. Hello I’m Alisha. I am a big fan of yours sir, I just love you. Geet raised her eyebrow by which she clears her throat. I mean I like you sir. Can I sit here? With that she sat beside Maan, both gave her an irritated look but her mind was only to Maan. She start blabbering about how she is mad about her while it make Maan little uncomfortable knowing how much geet is possessive about him. Geet sat there giving a dirty look at her, while she was busy in her blabbering. You know sir; I always tried to come to your mansion. I live near it…. But you see guards. She said shyly.


 Geet rolled her eyes while man smirked. Alisha eyes went to geet; she just hated how she was sitting so close to Maan. She has a huge crush on him and wanted to take the opportunity of meeting him so she moves little close to him again starting with her stories. Maan find her coming close so he moved to geet wrapping his arm around her which got noticed by Alisha and she just burned in jealousy.



Oh, sir why are you eating these things. There are very good food available here. Now this make geet more irritated. This girl is really getting out of nerves.Why can’t we eat this? She said it really rudely which made Alisha frowned. Humph, jaise Maine isse pucha. Maan tightened his hold looking at her, she look at him and saw him shaking his head a little indicating to keep silence. Sighing she grab her spoon only to play with food. Sir I will order something good for you. She takes the menu but was stopped by Maan. Ahh, no we are ok with it. Turning to geet he knows she must be in full mood now. Rubbing her arm he brings her close. Why are you not eating? She starts eating trying really hard to hold on her anger.




Maan and geet were rather amused by the amount of her taking. God she talks a lot. After eating a little geet move back. I’m finished. He nods his head turning to Alisha. Nice meeting you. We need to go now. He stood up holding geet hand. They walk to the reception to pay the bill, not wanting to sit there more but to their dismay she comes behind them. Sir will you please drop me in a mall, it just near. He looks at geet not knowing how to get her out of them.


She rolls her eyes. Fine. Muttering she went to reception. Maan stood there paying the bill, Alisha beside him just adoring his every move.



Geet went a little ahead waiting for him to come, but suddenly someone jerk push passing her, she winced looking at him but he already passed her and went fastly.


She looks at him furiously and was about to turn but her eyes caught the paper. Lied down, looking straight at the person who was going, she picks the paper to find it a blank paper again. Her mind went to that man again who she saw at the traffic. She shivered and look at the paper scared not knowing who he is and what is he wanting from her. Why is someone doing all this to her?



She was lost in her thoughts when she felt an arm around her. Turning around she saw Maan looking at her worriedly.  You ok? She shows him the paper. Someone threw it. It couldn’t be co incident Maan. She whispered with her shaking voice. Maan was alert by her continuous scariness from small things, why is she feeling herself being involved in everything? Geet, don’t shake. It might be there from before. .it’s not necessary it for you. Holding her tightly he take her out, turning around he indicate Alisha to come.



Making her sit in her seat Alisha sat back highly irritated by the way he was taking care of geet. He sat in his seat and move to geet putting her belt knowing she wouldn’t be able to do it, finishing it he look at her and find her lost, putting his hand on her cheek he look at her worriedly.  You ok? She smile a little nosing her head, not wanting him to be worried by her statue, but somewhere she was scared for whatever was happening with her.  He turns around. Where do you want to go?




A mall near. he start driving but his mind was on geet, she was not in herself from sometime and he decided to take her to hospital after dropping this irritated girl.



 Taking her hand he kisses her fingers and keeps it in his lap. She lean back tracing her finger on his jeans. Alisha twists her lips looking at them. He reached the mall and waited for her to go out. Thank you so much sir. It’s really nice meeting you. Not wanting to go from him, she was not at all in the mood to leave a chance to be close to him for once but was irritated to see he was not once moving his eyes from her. She sadly went out. Maan sighed in relive. Finally. He said leaning back.



Geet look at him and smile finally, he smile moving close rubbing his noise with her but were again disturbed when Alisha popped in from his window. Sir.  He jerks away rolling his eyes.


Now what?


This is my number. You can call me whenever you want. Giving her number she smile, ok fine. She waved bye and moved away. Throwing her number out of window he cursed her. For some time and look at geet. Both burst in laughing at her. She is mad. She said laughing and looking at her entering the mall.  She talks a lot. God my head hurting. He said rubbing his tremble.


She giggle brushing his hair, he look at her smiling and softly kiss her lips. Hmm. finally got to taste the sweet. She looks at him blushing, hitting his chest. Chaliye ab.




Your love is true

My dreams are real

This love is so pure 

I can’t hold back

Here with you 

I want to be

Now and forever

Until the end of time

Just promise me

You’ll be mine…


                              By bloomy sunday.

                                                        Thanks dear.







Precap: will geet agree to go to doctor?



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 He waited for her to reply but could only feel her smiling. She hangs the phone keeping it close to her heart. How life seems beautiful with his sweet love. Will it be the same always? She blushed by the idea even to spend her whole life with him.





She stayed quiet for sometime smiling like a fool and slowly was about to keep the phone when she remember about Yash. She has to call him dialing his number she nervously tab the table not knowing how she will break the news to him. After a long ringing the phone picked up. Yash… she was about to continue when she heard a voice. Geet. Geet smile. Bhabhi aap. wo mujhe laga Yash..



Yash washroom main hai. How are you?  Naina said sitting on bed. I’m fine Bhabhi. How are you and the little one?


We are fine. Long time I haven’t seen you.


Yea. Suddenly Yash come out wiping his face. Here your Yash. She gives the phone to him and start tying his tie.

Geet. Kya hua?  Everything ok? You OK Na. She smiles at Yash usual worrying form. Yea I’m fine. Just have to talk to you about something.

She was feeling so shy how to tell everything to him and how will he reacts.Yea say?  Everything ok?  She giggles at his worried sound. Calm down Yash. Everything is fine. It’s just want to talk to you. Naina silently listen to both and could only smile at Yash. He always goes over possessive by single call of his little sister. She kisses his cheek seeing him really worried about geet. Ok fine.  Naina have an appointment. I will come after that. Geet than remember she have to go to office. I have to go to office.


It’s ok. I will come there to receive you.


Ok. Bye.


Bye takes care. Handing the phone he sighed and take his things. What happened? Anjali asked standing beside her. Don’t know. Have to go to her.








She entered office quiet nervously not knowing how she will face Maan. As she was infringement of his cabin and glanced at him only to find him starring back at her and winked. She blushed looking down and rushed to her cabin. His one look made her so week and he is winking at her in the office, what if someone will see.



Maan was so desperate to be close to her. He picks the phone and dials her cabin number. She already knew this will have to come. Slowly keeping the phone close to her ears she speaks up. Hello. He smile widely like a fool and look at her. Haye, my heart. He sighed keeping his hand on his heart and saw her turning red. But she dares not kook at him. Come to my cabin please. He whispered observing her reaction. She smiles fidgeting with her pen, he smile with her usual nervousness. No. She whispered slowly. Please. He made a very pleading face which made her giggle even she didn’t have seen him but she can feel it. Maan. She said shyly. Hmm. Kaho na. He replied very lovingly making her shy again and requests him. Please. The more he speaks the more she is getting shy. But suddenly there was knock on his door. Sasha peeped in. Wait. He said geet, Hmm come Sasha. And hang the phone.








After sometime when Maan again got free he glances at geet and smile seeing her engrossed in work. Tapping the glass to gain her attention she looks up at him while he indicates her to come. She shakes her head, looking down smiling. He again taps making a pleading face. She smile and look down. Maan was so happy to see her glowing and smiling face and was desperate to spend time with her. But Suddenly Yash entre her cabin. She looks up at him and smile brightly standing and hugs him. Yash. Maan smile at both, no matter what but geet smile always widen seeing him and Maan understand it now very well that Yash have a very different and special place in her heart. Everything ok. Yash asked worriedly moving back and look at her.  Uffhh haan baba. She smiles hugging him again. Let’s go home and talk. She move back and look at him. But I have work.



I will take your leave for some time. Come. Holding her waist both entre Maan cabins who knew very well they will come here.Maan. I am taking geet for some time. Maan look at geet who was looking at him back, he can say by her look that she want to share everything with Yash. A smile formed on his lips and look at yash. Sure. Why not. Yash smile and take geet with him.





They reach geet house and both sat on sofa. Now say. She smiles nervously. Looking down for sometime not knowing how to say him everything. Yash look at her confused by her shyness. She smile and hug him keeping her head on his chest.GeetHe put his hand on her cheek by her strange behavior. She slowly moves her hand up show her ring looking at Yash. He curiously look at the ring and then to her and again at ring. A ring in geet finger, and a blush on her face. She was sounding very happy at phone and at office her crushing hugs. Her soft giggles which he never has heard and her shyly showing the ring. After a long pause he look at geet with shocked expression and wisphered. Maan? She smile bidding her head and sat straight lovingly looking at the ring.


Yash was shocked to hell. Really? He asked curiously which made her giggle shyly and nod her head again. Maan proposed his sister. He proposed her and geet. She is happy, very happy. He couldn’t control and hug her tight. I’m so happy for you. He was on cloud nine, seeing his Geet finally happy and found her love.  Moving back he cups her face.  I’m sure Maan is the vest for you, and will always keep you happy. He kisses her forehead, moving back he saw her smiling with tears in her eyes. Gently wiping them he says. No tears now geet. You are going to see happiness now. She smiles nodding her head.





Precap: naughty Maan.



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I will make sure you will see every happiness in your life. Tumara sapna, tumaari tamanna, har kwaahish Poori koruna geet. Tumhe had so khushiya dunga jiski tumhe tamanna hai. Moving close he softly kiss her cheek and turn to other kissing there, looking at her face he kiss her forehead promising her again and again.




They reached home very late; geet was feeling very cold so Maan switched the heater in car to make her body warm. Geet was all the while very quiet than usual Maan was somewhere finding it curious that why is she so quiet?  He needed to ask her badly but she was not finishing the awkward silence between them.




Finally reaching home Maan as usual came behind her but she didn’t once turn knowing very well his entry form. She changed her cloths and was about to come out when Maan stop her. You sleep. I’m just going.  She nods her head but stood there. Maan smile and hold her shoulder guiding her to bed. She silently just went and lied down. Softly covering her with delvet he removes her hair from her forehead looking at her. She was not looking at him.




Geet. She looks up at him. Aren’t you happy? She could feel some sadness and hurt in his voice.I have never been this happy before. He smile finally hearing something he wanted to since he has confessed. But I’m not used to this much happiness.  He moves his thumb softly caressing her cheek.You will get used to it. I will make sure of this little thing. She smiles looking at his pure and sincere love which have no limits.




Leaning down he kiss Ger cheek.Sleep now. Tomorrow going to be your new morning. With that he kiss her forbear and move just a little with his face only inches away from her,  very slowly moving down so she could feel his breath on her lips and close her eyes clutching the cover around her. Very softly he touch his lips with her giving her a short and soft kiss, then move back keeping his nose on her cheek nuzzling there. She was unable to move from her place with what just have happened. Slowly opening Ger eyes she found him looking at her with full love. Good night sweetheart. Giving a last kiss on her forehead he unwontedly stood and went out closing the door. Oh he loves her so much, how much he wanted to feel her soft lips more. But he knows she needs time right now. Smiling at his new happiness he went out of her house closing the door.




Inside geet was unable to sleep with what have just happened. She keeps her finger on her lips still feeling him there. A smile form on her face and eyes glitter with happiness. She prayed silently to have maan with her all the life, because she won’t be able to live without him now, after he Ave given her so much love, so much happiness in just one day. And how will be the life with him. Looking at her finger she notices his ring and smile caressing it. He has claimed her today. She remembers him saying she is only his now. He has possessed her, with all the rights. She is so lucky to find him. And somewhere she couldn’t stop thanking Yash to bring Maan in her life. If geet wouldn’t force her to join Maan office she wouldn’t have seen so much happiness and love today. She made her mind to call him at morning and tell him everything she have got, she was out of world by the love of Maan and she was so excited to explain every single thing to yash.








Next morning she woke up little late, having a very beautiful sleep for the first time in her whole life. The words of Maan only ring her head of her new morning. She sat in her breakfast table but was lost in his thoughts, all the evening, his warm embrace and his confession was running Ger mind. She smile sipping her tea remembering him softly kissing her, how he move away only to look at her reaction finding in her eyes that she won’t felt bad by his kiss.




Suddenly her phone ring bringing her out of her thoughts. She smiles seeing the name on her hone. Picking it she dare not speak a word. Good morning. A soft voice came from other side making her blush hard. Good morning. She said in her low voice unable to speak.I really don’t mind if you take a day off. But you see, my heart missing you badly. She smiles tracing her finger on the cup. Loving his so soft and lovely voice. I will come soon. She said turning very bright red. Waiting to see your lovely face. He whispered softly making her heartbeat fast. She closed her eyes to control herself. Bye.



Bye… and… I love you.


He waited for her to reply but could only feel her smiling. She hangs the phone keeping it close to her heart. How life seems beautiful with his sweet love. Will it be the same always? She blushed by the idea even to spend her whole life with him.





Precap: geet saying all to Yash.


 here next part too today,

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Maan stood little far letting her enjoy the way she want, he only admire her, she looks so happy, the glow the smile, he have seen it for the first time in his life. Someone being so happy with just little things. But this is not little for her,  of course it will be the most special things in her life and he have already made his mind to give her all the happiness in this day making it the most beautiful day of her life. The smile which is now in her face will always be there in her face. He will make her live her life like the way she always has dreamt of. And will make sure she will see all the happiness.







Slowly making his way he went to her. How’s it geet? She looks at him smiling delight. It’s so beautiful. I just love it. I have never seen such a beauty. He smiles holding her hand. Have you seen that water fall?  She looks ahead at water fall.  It was looking so beautiful. Yea. He holds her shoulder.Than let’s go there. She looks at him amused. Really?  He smile nodding and guide her ahead.



She was almost running when Maan have to hold her hand to stop Ger. Slow. Slow. We have a day remember?  She giggles softly and starts walking this time slow. As they went near waterfall Maan could see her eyes glittering with joy. She left his hand and stood under wetting herself and twirled around in happiness.  He just stood there and admire at her, she look so beautiful being happy.



After a long time both were sitting near the lake in silence enjoying the sweet weather. Maan stood up and gesture her also to stand.I want to ask something to you?  She smiles nodding her head. He holds her both hands and look in her eyes. Geet… will you marry me?  He asked so simply taking her breath away. She stood there too shocked not knowing what to do and say. The moment she feared to come has already come. How can he ask her this? Moving her hand from his she slowly moves back. Tears rolled down while she shakes her head looking down… geet. He tried to hold her shoulder but she shrugs it. No Maan. She whispered shakily and turns around  To leave but he hold her hand.



Just give me one good reason. She turns around and looks at him shock. There are many. How can he ask for one? Just one. She looks down removing her hand from his hold. He stood their looking at her not willing to move untilled she say yes to him.

After a long silence she look at him with her face full continuous tears and whispered painly. Maan. I’m married. He sighed and holds her shoulder making her look at him.

No you are not. I know everything geet. She looks at him shocked. He knows everything? But how?  Then it hit Ger. Yash, how can she forget he knows Yash and he must have told him. She looks down closing her eyes and again spoke up.



I’m not good for you. It made him giggle; you are the best for me. You proved it yesterday. She hated how he is having answer for her every reason. Why does he not understand this is he move forward holding her both shoulder, she was shaking by only crying, he move his one hand to her cheek to wipe her tears but she gently move his hand shaking Ger head. No. Please…



But he didn’t listen and again wipe her tears. She was feeling very week to stop him or say somewhere her heart was almost falling for him. Slowly cupping her face he looks in her eyes and say.Geet. I have promised myself to give you every happiness in your life. I want you with me all my life. Please don’t say no. She closed her eyes letting a small whimper come out. How can she say him? How could she make him understand?  She has no rights to be happy. Why does he have to make her so week with his touch? Why he have so much effect on her. Somewhere she wanted to drawn herself to all those sweet words which he has said. Because she trust him. She knows if he has said that than he will do it. But still there was some fear in her heart. Maan. What will people say? He smiles shaking his head. I never cared for people.



You have a family.



The family I have will always agree with my happiness. And who won’t are not my family. He was making her week more and more. His words were melting her heart deeply and deeply wanted to snuggle in his warm embrace. But the reality cannot split from her mind. She still tried to control her heart and hold his hands which were on her cheek. Please Maan.



I really love you geet. I have given my life to you, if you left me. I will die. Not wasting anytime she moves her fingers to his lips shaking her head. He smile kissing her fingers, and move close keeping his forbear to her, closing his eyes. She was still crying by her helpless form and holds his shirt feeling really week. Maan. A little moan escape from her lips moving close in his arms. He holds her snacking his arms around her waist rubbing her back. She holds his shirt and other hand went around his waist holding his shirt from back and kept crying.




After a long pause he says. Will you marry me Geet? She sniffs burring her face on his chest not having any ways, to convince him, and beside her herself was not in the position to fight. It’s not gonna be easy. She mumbled, I will be always with you. I promise. Sighing her both hands went to his waist while Maan remove her hair to one side kissing Ger shoulder making her shiver and glue herself in him more. He smiles caressing her hair. And move her back a little, she has stopped crying but still the sniffing was not stopped yet. He gently wipes her tears and moves his hand to his pocket taking a box outside. She saw the box but didn’t dare to look up at him. Slowly taking the beautiful ring he put it in her finger and cups her face. I love you. And now your are mine. With that he lean and kiss her forehead. Sure great don’t need any confirmation. He knew from before she is having affected by him but he also knows she will take ages to speak them.



Again bring her in his embrace he hold her close to him. Do you love me? She didn’t reply but hide her face in his neck, turning crimson red. Geet? He tried to move her to be able to see her face but she tightened her hold around his neck not wanting him to see her face. He smile and softly kiss her hair. She move close shying by his touch and hide herself in him. Maan. But she was unable to continue ahead. The feeling itself made her shiver and maan must have noticed it because he immediately say. Sshh, I got it. I love you too.  A smile crept on her face closing her eyes she rest in his arms feeling so special for the first time ever, having so much love, so much care from one person. It was a heaven for her. He move back cupping Ger face and say.




I will make sure you will see every happiness in your life. Tumara sapna, tumaari tamanna, har kwaahish Poori koruna geet. Tumhe had so khushiya dunga jiski tumhe tamanna hai. Moving close he softly kiss her cheek and turn to other kissing there, looking at her face he kiss her forehead promising her again and again.





Precap: happiness.


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She look at him for sometime lovingly, he was touched by the love in her eyes, leaning down he softly kiss her both eyes. Let me wash my face. He giggles moving away. She went and washes and face. After coming she fined him lying down with close eyes, she lied beside him and he quickly come close to her hiding his head close to her heart. She smile brushing his hair but soon stopped smiling when he look up at her to caught her smile but pout looking her straight face. She closed her eyes to prevent from his pout. He smile and kissed her lips again closing his eyes. Tell Na.



No. she frowned and move his head from her, tell Na. He smile shyly, she look at him curiously, what is it that he is not able to ask. He lies besides her holding her waist and bring her close. Woo, I….. Hm…. He giggle hiding his face in her neck, she became more confuse. Maan. He move away tracing his finger on her exposed skin of her chest.  I feel shy. He whispered.


Shy? You feel shy? He smiles, feeling shy to look at her eyes throughout. I… Actually Na…. I…. Want you to take….. Sighing he hide his face in shy. I want you to take me out on a date. It took a long time for her to digest the word. He wants her to take him to the date. She as a wife should take her husband on a date and he is feeling so shy in saying that. That is not surprising as she always have been the one who took the first step. But it’s been long time she have not seen this side of him. Her thoughts at least now he will understand some romantic kind of things and he will take her to a date, but oh god, what is she expecting and that to from him.


She wanted to laugh a loud. Who will believe that the great Maan Singh khurana wants his wife to take him in a date? He should have invite her but no. he look at her finding her lost. What are you thinking? She brings his face close to her neck to hide her smile from him. These innocent demands of him made her fall in love at him again. Her cutipie. Hmm. So I have to plan everything. Her breath tickles his neck. He smiles closing his eyes.


She brushes his hair to let him sleep for some time but instead he move away looking at her moving his arm around her waist. I don’t know anything about all this. You always have taken me. Remember. He asked with a slight blush, she felt like kissing his pink cheeks hard. Oh how she missed this Maan of her. His sweet demands. His so unromantic styles.


Looking at him lovingly she says. Can I have a pleasure to take my husband on a date? He giggles kissing her cheek.  Yea. He whispered shyly and hugs her tight.I would love to. She brushes his hair making them messy.I will fix a surprise date for you. He giggles kissing her neck. My jaan. She could only smile at him; kissing his hair she closed her eyes holding him.






Next day geet made her way to khurana construction with Khushi, Maan stood up seeing both of them. Taking Khushi in his arm he put his other arm around geet. I was already missing both my loves. And kiss geet cheek. Khushi giggle putting her hand on her mouth. Geet shake her head and say opposite to Maan chair. Have you asked that rajjat of your about the papers? He clears his throat putting Khushi down. She ran to her table. And he sat on his chair.Oh jaan. I will, don’t worry. She frowned by his answer. Maan he made me sign some unknown papers and you are saying later? He sighed knowing she can never ever trust anyone, but this is pointless, rajjat is really trustful employee. How can he doubt him?


Geet found him lost, shaking her head, by his usual trusting people so much she stood up and took the phone beside him. Yea, call rajjat now. She said firmly. Hanging the phone she looks at him. You can trust any second person but me still never. He could only smile at her. Yea because you are here now. My savior. She roll her eyes, he move his hand to waist bringing her close. Kya kar rahe ho? Choro. She wisphered looking at the door. He smiles stoking her waist lightly. Hmm. i thought you come office to spend time with me. Giving him a glare she moves little away while he smiles. After sometime rajjat enters the cabin. Come. She gesture him still standing beside Maan. Where is the file I signed yesterday? Rajjat look at her nervously and cleared his throat. Madam, it’s with them.


Whom? She inquired.


Mr. Mehta. She looks at him angrily and yelled. What?


They wanted them.




Ahh, woh…nm.


Do you think I’m a fool or something? He shivered by her sudden anger. Maan quietly sat and observe both of them, he dare not speak in-between knowing geet temper, and Khushi came to Maan when she heard geet yelling. Maan made her sit on table. Indicating her to be quite. I’m asking something? Do you care to explain?


Woo… maam…. they wanted to…. he just trailed off and didnt talk anything which makes any sense. It made her more frustrated.


Shut up. Just shut your mouth. He looks down taking a step back. Khushi jumped to Maan lap becoming scared seeing new side of her mama. Maan knew well she would do something worst to rajjat. Softly holding her hand he tried to calm her. She rarely gets angry. Because she rarely talks to other person. And they will have to see a cold side of her. He strokes her hand softly with his thumb.


She inhaled a breath closing her eyes, when she felt Maan softly caressing her hand with his thumb. Looking at rajjat she says. I need them to me as soon as possible, otherwise collect your resignation letter. He immediately nods his head without looking up at her. Maan sighed finally.


Go now rajjat. Maan said wanting him to leave as soon as possible so he can handle with her anger which is nothing for him. She can never show her this side to him.




Precap: how to cheer up Geet?



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Part 26


  Bye geet. She only nods her head slightly. The call ended but she didn’t put it down. Hearing the beeping sound, just keeping it near her ear still feeling his voice. A tear escaped from her eyes. She badly wanted to see him. Keep him near his heart. Not let him go away. Somewhere she was having a bad feeling of him going away so sudden. Somewhere deep she is feeling pain of him going so away from her. She lied down hugging the pillow which was kept under his head and inhaled his aroma.








two days passed when Maan went, she call him again and again telling him small and small thing about all day, he will only listen to her and continue his work.



You listening Na? She asks having her food. Yes geet, just a minute some clients are coming. She nods her head munching her food.  He talks with the client while she just listens to him. How less he talks in words and that to the point. After 15 minutes he picks the phone. Geet you there.



Yea. You talk so les with others. Why? He smiles.Because no one is my geet to whom I share my heart. She was touched by his word smiling she blushed finishing her food. How much more time u you will take? She asked sadly missing him. Oh geet. Told you Na, I’m trying. She staid quite. Geet I will cal you later now ok.




Hmm fine take care. Hanging the phone she picks the plate and went out. Everyone was sitting and taking. The moment they saw her all shut their mouth and look at her Cleverly smiling which got noticed by her, why are they all behaving so weird from some days? Talking in small voices. Keeping the plate she sits beside anjali.Papa, what you all are talking about? The question which made all nervous. Mohinder spoke up. Ah…baby its nothing. We… Just you know…. Office talks….. All smile nosing their head. She rolls her eyes and say. Don’t play with me. Tell me clearly what’s going on behind me? Anjali sighed grabbing her hands.




Geet. W are actually…. You know… We are discussing about…. She curiously looks at her. Anjali never have hide things from her, she was sure she will tell. But anjali was quite nervous to tell her or not. Mohindwr clear his throat. Ahem. He smiles. May be its the time they all should say her everything. Baby, there’s soon going to be a wedding in our house. She look at ask shocked. Wedding? Whose?




Hmm… WO… We selected a girl for brij. And we will soon fix everything. Another shock came to her. Brij wedding, she doesn’t know anything about it. Every decision made in this house was always discussed with her first. Here they are almost talking about wedding.And you all hide it from me? From how long? She asked sadly and anjali. How can they do this to her? How can they just say her like this, about her own brother wedding? Ajay says. Gudia, it was sudden. We didn’t want it to be revealed.




Dad told not to say anyone. Anjali say. She looks at her shocked. Even anjali dad knows about it. And they think she is just anyone, not a part of this family. They have told anjali dad but they can’t tell her. Am I anyone to all of you? She look at ask with hurt eyes. Tears burned her eyes, totally hurt by their behavior. Baby it’s not like this. Rajiv was just taking information about them. So we were still not sure that’s why. Great. Maan family also knows. Then she really is someone from outside. Ajay speak excitedly. You know. Gudiya bhaiya soon well have an engagement. She looks at all shocked and hurt. Engagement. They have fixed the engagement date too. hurt was visible in her face, everyone look at her guiltily seeing her tears ajay stood up but she jerk his hand and Standing up she say. Oh, than I should congratulate all of you. Give me the invitation card, if you want me to come at least. With that she domed of angrily. All called her from back but she didn’t listen and went to her room thudding the dour.I told you, we should have talked to her. Anjali said sadly.





She lied on her bed and start crying.  How could they? just how? They always have talked to her first for every single thing. And now they all made such a high decision and no one even told her. If she wouldn’t have asked they wouldn’t have told her now also. Is she really only this close to them, that they just said so easily that her own brother engagement is being fixed and she is probably the last person to be known. Tears rolled down her eyes. There was knock on the door. Geet please open the door and listen to me. Anjali said knocking her dour. I don’t want to talk to anyone of you. Go away. She yelled loudly. The whole day she didn’t talk or went out to them. She just hated it to feel she was left out. Walking to cupboard she take out a bracelet which was the last thing she have of her mama. Mohinder gave it to her when she was small. Holding it close to her she cried kissing it. She was craving to be with her, to see her for one time only, to be close to her and cry her heart. Being close to her, keeping her head on her lap she just wants to see her now. May be if she would have been here, she would have talked to her. Someone she can share her heart out. It reminds her of Maan.  He will understand her. Grabbing the phone she immediately dialed his number, which was in mail box. Throwing the phone on bed she cried more and missed her mama.




All tried to talk to her but she just refused. What do they expect from her? After ask this she will happily go and say she survive them. No it is not so easy. They hurt her a lot and she will never forgive them. She hated them very much at that moment.




She just wanted to talk to Maan, be in his embrace and cry all her heart out. Tel him everything. He is the one who she needed the most. She wants to run to him and hug him doing to pour her heart out. Tel him how she is missing her mama. Holding his chain and bracelet she keeps them close to get heart and cried. The two people she wants mostly now are not with her.








Precap: pouring her heart to Maan




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With so many thoughts she turns and went to her room still with her hand on Ger fuel feeling his touch. Sighing softly she lied down and closed her eyes only to see a Smiley form of Maan. Can a dream be more beautiful than this? 





Next morning Geet was in her deep sleep when her door bell start ringing continuously, she groaned frustrated knowing who exactly it will be, getting up from bed she open the main door only to find all set Maan standing at door with a huge bunch of flower and huge smile on his face wearing white shirt and black coat. Wakey angel. Its morning. He said cheerily and entered inside; she forgot all her frustration and smile at such a sweet gesture. I will be back. She metered her room and opens the cupboard to select a dress for her when she hears a voice. Not them today. She closes the door to find maan standing with a box in his hand.



A dress for a lady. He bowed down extending the box like a gentleman. She giggles taking the box and open it to find a beautiful while anarkali. Looking at Maan he gesture his watch and washroom she smile and went inside taking her dress.



Coming out all ready from her room she finds Maan sitting on sofa. Maan. He turns around and his mouth fell open, the world stopped to see an angelic beauty. She was truly looking like an angel.



 She came forward shyly and looks down. He smiles extending his hand and other hand move on his back. She holds his hand softly and both start walking outside.



Sitting in car he asked her. Today you will know how happiness, colors, fragrance feel like. She looks at him not knowing what to say to this person. He is changing her life without once asking her, he is doing all the things which she always has dreamt of.



After a long drive he stops his car somewhere and got out. Geet too got out and find him standing beside Ger. He holds her hand and drag Ger. She look at him walking a step ahead while dragging her, how can a person do so much for someone. He left all his works, home, family and here spending his day with her only you make her happy.



Once they reach the place she stopped on her spot and eyes got glued in the view. There was grass all overeat till her knees, different color of flower were there. Sunflower, rose, lotus and many more. There was a huge waterfall at very far and a beautiful rainbow which made the sight breathtaking. She stood there for so long that she also doesn’t know and admired the most beautiful sight in her life.



Looking down she find a beautiful pink rose beside her. Sitting on her knee she touches the soft Patel and a smile crept on her cheek, she move close and smelled it which was like heaven. She felt so fresh so beautifully. All the memories, all tension, the whole world went far behind and she could only see beauty, color, fragrance and it felt heaven. This all look so amazing. She lost herself in all the colors and sweet fragrance that almost forgot that she came with Maan.



It was not long when she felt a tiny drop on her cheek, touching it she look up at sky and tiny drops turn to little more and drops scrawls on her face. She close her eyes and open her arms twirling around feeling rain on her body for the first time in her life. She smiles widely with her close eyes feeling so beautiful with so much happiness. Maan was right, now she really came to know how it feel to be close to nature,  it was feeling so awesome, so secure, she felt like she is out of some cage and feeling the out world for the first time.




Maan stood little far letting her enjoy the way she want, he only admire her, she looks so happy, the glow the smile, he have seen it for the first time in his life. Someone being so happy with just little things. But this is not little for her,  of course it will be the most special things in her life and he have already made his mind to give her all the happiness in this day making it the most beautiful day of her life. The smile which is now in her face will always be there in her face. He will make her live her life like the way she always has dreamt of. And will make sure she will see all the happiness.







Precap: Maan confessing to Geet.

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she closes her mouth moving away and rests her head down panting. He move down and nibble her lower lip. Should cancel the lunch. She giggles with her close eyes and shake her head. I’m hungry. He smiles kissing her forehead.Let’s go before I loose myself completely. She smiles opening her eyes.






Both sat in car, Maan was driving and having glances of geet again and again who was looking out of window lost. She is being quiet and frustrated due to her own state. She was thinking about how things being good with her and bad as well. Now she is not feeling those pains like before but the effect of them is leaving her suffocated. Things being more difficult for her, and she know this is not a good sign. even though she is taking very good care of her, Maan trying his all levels to keep her happy, to give her all the things which she wants. Then why this? Why is she now being so difficult for him? She knows very well Maan could sense her week sense, her week eye side, but he never have doubted, or objected it. But she knows it.




The car stopped at the signal. Maan got a call from office so he got busy in it. She look ahead and rest her head back, was about to close her eyes when she saw someone standing little away from their car. He was looking at her. She frowned and move toward the window to be able to see the face, but couldn’t, her eyes become blurry due to focusing, she closed her eyes tight and again open them, he stood there looking at her. Who is he? She was about to call Maan when her eyes widened by his next act. he move his two finger toward his eyes and move it to her, as if saying my eyes on you with that he turn around and went away.  She gasped and looks at him horrified. Her heartbeat increased, what does he mean? Who is he? Why he did that? Is he the one who is sending those papers, those blank calls, the feeling she feels of someone stalking her? Is he the one? What does he wants?




Maan cut the call and turn to see her, but find her looking outside horrified. He frowned and looks at the direction but there was no one. Gently touching her shoulder. She turns to him, Maan, Maan woo, waha woo. She pointed out the window, but Maan was shocked to see her so scared. Geet there’s nothing over there.  He tried to make her calm down. Taking stress is not good for her. He was here… he… he… she didn’t listen to him and again turn to look outside, he turn her face toward him. Sweetheart there is nothing.




So you think I’m lying? She said furiously and looks outside again. he was there, he… he just… just… she inhaled not able to say another word and close her eyes putting her palms in her face bending down to decrease her rapid heartbeat. He was really scared by her behavior now, she is being behaving differently. He has to take her for checkup again. Gently pulling her by shoulder he keeps her in his embrace rubbing her back. I am with you. Nothing wrong will happen. She look up at him, feeling relax by his words. He smiles lightly kissing her forehead. I brought you here with me. Don’t you think you should only look at me?




She looks at him not knowing what to say and do? But she was sure she saw someone there. That cannot be illusion. He again fined he r lost. Cupping her face, he gently brushes his lipids with her. How can you think about someone else when I’m beside you? He smiles warmly making sure she also smile and she did. Very little but she did. Bringing her close he hold her shoulder & made her come near to him. She keeps her head on his shoulder tired of all the things going around. Where do you want to go after eating? She move away but still keeps her head on his shoulder when he started driving. Wherever you will take me. She would always demand of many places, but today she just said anywhere which is not she, he was really getting worried for her. Hmm. he thought of takinf her to tahe hospital after that.




After sometime they reached the place. Maan Hold her hand in his and take her to a private sofa, making her sit comfortably and say beside her. She tried to take the menu but he snatched it. It will be of my choice remembered? She twists her lips and look away. He smile and order the simple food for both of them. Maan why are you eating this, it’s for me only.




And I’m also part of you remember. She smile sweetly and keep her head on his chest. What will I do without you? He smile holding her waist and bring her close, holding her fingers her start to play with them. You shouldn’t be worry about that because I’m always going to be with you. Forever. She lovingly look at him while he was busy playing with her soft fingers, how much she may spend time with him, it always feels so little. She just wants to be with him all the while. Slowly she looks down at their finger, how softly he was caressing her tips, and feeling them.




Soon, again her eyes become blurry by looking down for little long, it irritate her. Why it is happening to her. Now even she couldn’t see anything. Frustrated by herself she jerks her hand away from him holding his waist. And move close to his reveling chest inhaling his scent. He frowned by her jerking away. Kya hua?




Kuch bhi to nahi. She replied coldly not wanting him to know the reason. He didn’t ask further just kept her close massaging her scalp making her calm down. She sighed and look up at him, he smile caressing her cheekbone with his thumb with other hand. Little later the food arrived. Let’s eat something. He said moving away and takes a spoon of soup feeding her. Both lovingly feed each others. Hmm, I Love It. He Smile Moving Close to Her Lips. Yes it Is good. She Giggle again kissing Him when a voice disturb them. Oh my god.  Wow.






Precap: uninvited guest. 


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As she went inside her room Yash turn to Maan. Thank you so much Maan. I have never seen Geet this much happy. He gave him assuring smile.I know. And I will make sure she will be like this forever. He smiles at him. Surely he can’t doubt him, how cans he? When he can very clearly see the love in his eyes. The need to keep geet happy always. He can say that Maan is the person who can keep her happy. That’s why he have bright Geet to his cabin knowing very well she won’t get w better place than khurana construction to work. But now looking at the unlimited love in Maan eyes he is really happy and very much sure he will go to any extent to keep her happy. Geet won’t get anyone better than Maan. He can only bring the happiness in her life.




Geet came out and smile at both of them. I will make coffee. She turns around but was stopped by Yash.No Geet. I must go now. Naina is waiting. He stood up and went to her. Bye. Hugging her he kisses her forehead and went out winking at Maan. Actually wanting Maan to spend time with her more. He smirked and looks at Geet. Geet. I need a coffee. She nervously went to kitchen to make coffee, but desperately wanted him to go. She was scared by his closeness as she was losing her self control. He stood behind her lightly touching her back with his chest. She shivered and tried hard to concentrate on her task. Geet. He whispered softly, her hands start to shake and heart start thumbing by the proximity. She turn her head a little to look at him. Don’t forget about tomorrow. She looks down again and he could see her cheek becoming bright red. Smiling he move from there and sat on dining table making some important calls. She came after sometime and found him in call still; sitting beside him on her chair she keeps the cup. After sometime he keeps the phone.




Drinking the coffee both sat in silence. Geet was nervously look here and there or playing with her cup while Maan got busy looking at her paintings. She looks at him and find him lost in her paintings, smiling she look down sipping her coffee. You have to make a great painting for me. He said with his serious face. She smiles looking at him. Aren’t they good? 



No. They are so dull. I need something fresh, beautiful, full of love.  He complained making faces at her paintings. She sighed softly giggling. How can she make it? She have said him clearly she can’t make other than these kind of panting But she can’t deny him. He has asked so sweetly and how can she say no.I will try to. She will make one for him as he wants. No matter how much hard it will be for her but she will try to. He smiles remembering her words the other day. Slowly holding her hand he says

 Geet. You will make one for me. And I will make sure you feel all the happiness, colors, and fragrance soon in your life. She becomes lost in his word. He always has done whatever he has said and she trusts him more than anything. But will this last longer, her being with him can bring happiness to her but what about him? He can read her eyes and squeezed her hand to bring him out of her thoughts. Don’t think so much.



After sometime He keeps the paper and stood up. OK. Got to go now. Get ready early tomorrow, she smile nodding her head and went behind him. He stood by the door and turn around; he was not able to leave her. Not wanting to go away from her but he have the have to go and make things ready for tomorrow. He has to make her day the most remember and most lovely day of her life. He wants to bring every happiness in her life tomorrow and will have to go away from her for this. Sighing he glance at her and step ahead. She looks at him confused. He smiles slowly putting his hand on her cheek. I can’t wait for tomorrow.  He said very softly looking at her eyes. She smile sweetly, unable to control himself he leaned and softly kiss her other cheek softly and linger his lips there feeling her soft skin. She gasped lightly with surprise and step beck looking at him dumbstruck.  He smirked looking at her shocked face, and turn around going to his car leaving a shocked Geet with what had just happened. Slowly she touches her cheek still feeling his lips. What is he doing to her?  Why is he making her so week.  Why he always do this. When she tries hard to keep herself away and he comes suddenly and make her forget everything and just be with him. Just his face and his closeness.


With so many thoughts she turns and went to her room still with her hand on Ger fuel feeling his touch. Sighing softly she lied down and closed her eyes only to see a Smiley form of Maan. Can a dream be more beautiful than this? 






Precap: a rememable day.



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