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Hidden Feelings part 62

Anjali and sanaya were busy in kitchen.. it was Sunday so all men are at home.. anjali was keeping the bowl on dining table when she saw geet running down and ajay behind her.. geet ki bachi rukh jaa..


Nahi.. she yelled and came straight to anjali hiding behind her. Bhabhi help me.. She pleaded hiding behind her.. Anjali hold her hand looking at both Tom and Jerry confused


Move anjali.. Ajay threatened looking at geet but she shows her tongue above anhali shoulder.. Aise baat karte hai aap bhabhi se han? all giggle at their usual fight.. They were light to their family.. Ajay again tried to catch geet which made geet hold Anjali more tight..  Arey what happened? Geet laugh huging her tight from behind.. bol du bhai?


Geet.. dare you say anything.. he threatened pointing his finger but was too late as geet wisphered in anjali ear. Bhabhi.. bhai na.. always loved to sleep.. with chaddi only at night..


Anjali gasped a loud.. her eyes popped out looking at ajay.. Ajay glared geet.. her big mouth can never be shut.. Teri to main.. geet laugh a loud running and bumped to maan who just entered inside and hold her waist tight.. sambhal k geet.. He wisphered worriedly looking at hom.. she laugh and hide behind him.. maan please inse kaho jao.. She complained to which all laugh at her.. Maan come beta.. Mohinder asked maan standing up.. Ajay geet ab bus b karo..


ajay came running toward her but she hold maan arm tight.. bhaiya.. she pleaded brij having no other option left who instantly raise his voice. ajay.. ajay stopped glaring at geet who smirked evily..


Choro na ussey.. rolling his eyes ajay warned her with his eyes walking away while she show her tongue to him and look at maan. Hey.. whispering she smile widely.. his arm move around hher shoulder walking inside and sit with others..


They all ate together and geet took maan to her room when everyone was busy in their talking.



Entering she close the door turning around but maan bring her body to him hugging her waist. She smile moving her arms around his neck. So Mr busy.. she taunt him to which he smile kissing her cheek softly.. She twist her lips looking ahead avoiding his gaze.. he chuckled turning around still holding her and walk ahead thudding their body on bed putting all his weight on her..


Yes love.. he wisphered kissing her cheek and than bite their hard. Oww.. she made a crying face to which he nibble her cheek succking their.. maan.. she move back smiling shyly.. I wana eat you.. He wisphers nudging his nose with her to which she giggle shyly.. 


Hato.. hitting his chest she tried to move but he hold her both wrist pinning them on her either side.. pushing himself on her.. Aahh.. maan.. you are fat.. she said angrily.. I’m fat han.. with that he push himself more on her making her close her eyes. Maaannn..


He smirked bending down nuzzling her cheek.. hmm.. bolo na.. Sun to raha hu.. she just made a face moving her finger on his hair.. aap buhat badmaash ho rahe ha.. he giggle looking at her than kiss her chin.. Kya kare.. No other options.. She laugh ruffling his hair.. Hmm.. So how’s work going? He just sighed kissing her forehead.. Headache hain. There was some sadness in his voice which she could clearly feel.. Sometime she clearly not understand why his parents are making him do things which he have no interest in.. But tum hona.. My energy pill.. He wisphers softly kissing her lips.. 


Suddenly they hear a loud noise of anjali calling geet to which she pushes him and tried to stand but he hold her wrist again making her fall lying beside her.. Maan bhabhi aa jaayengi.. 

Hmm.. One thing just.. Smiling he bent down kissing her nose and leave her.. She smile  standing and ran only to stop at door.. turning she give him a flying kiss which he keep on his heart.. giggling she ran out before anjali comes running here.
Precap: sanaya Confused
 PART 61
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You don’t worry. Main hu Na. He whispered stroking her skin with his lips continuously wanting to calm her.. She just sighed inhaling his aroma relaxing her heartbeat and close her eyes feeling little light being in his arms. They stayed in each other’s embrace for long not wanting to be apart and maan who only wanted her to be calm. He hated how get heartbeat was racing do hard.

After sometime he frowned feeling his shirt getting wet. Geet.Moving her little back her tears squeezed his heart. Hey. Why are you crying?  Cupping her face he kisses all over her face. Her tears were only making him more and more shatter. He can see and go through anything in this word but her tears are the thing which makes him go week.. He can never bear tears in her eyes.

She sniffs.. He wipes her tear with his lips kissing her eyes..I can’t live without you maan. She mumbled with her pouted lips.. He kiss them softly stroking her scalp with one hand and caressing her cheek with his thumb.

Who said that to you Han? She sniffs cupping his face. I don’t know. I.. I have this feeling. Again a tear rolled down her cheek which he licked not wanting her to cry she sniff looking at him with her teary eyes.Nothing wrong will happen geet.. But her scared face and tears were nowhere to calm down..

Par..  Agar tumhe Aisa lagta hai.. Than I will wait to tell everyone until you feel like.

Par maan. He silenced her. Nahi geet. Tum se bar kar mere liye kuch nahi. I can wait as long as u feels better about out relation being disclosed. Geet look at this person in front of him who always do so much for her. She smiled at her love that can do anything just to make her feel good.. Keeping her forehead on his chest she closed her eyes trying to forget everything and everyone. It’s not like she doesn’t wants to tell everyone but don’t know why there is some kind of fear in her heart.. She is just scared to face everyone.. Maybe she is not ready yet..

Just than her phone started ringing. Startled she move back but still in his lap pick her phone. Kaha hai tu?Came the direct question from Anjali which make geet look at maan. Bhabhi main. Now she is scared to face anjali.. What will she tell her.. Anjali have clearly told her to reveal their relation and here she and maan have decided the opposite..

Maan se baat ki timne? She again asked not letting her to think. Geet look at maan giving him assurance what Anjali may be asking. He sighed taking her phone and slowly made her sit on her seat. Han Anjali.

Anjali was quiet for a moment listening to his voice and then says.Maan. WO geet ne baat ki tumse?

Hmm. She did.

Anjali smiled.. Better she has talked.. Now hope so maan will also agree with her and will talk to his parents.. To kya socha tumne?

Maan look at geet who was looking at him with her scared eyes.I will talk to you about it later. Anjali got what he means.. Maybe he doesn’t wants to talk in front of geet but what is there to talk that he doesn’t want to even tell infront of geet.

Bye. Saying so maan hang the call not waiting for Anjali anymore. He can’t talk infront of geet. She is already seems so scared about these revelations. Maybe she needs sometime to convince herself that everything will surely be alright if anyone will know about them.

Why would anyone have problem about their relation? If they have no problem with their friendship why will they with their love. But he can’t ignore geet fear. Her happiness is everything and he will try to remove her fear first before taking the last step.



NOTE: i know many of you think this ff is going in its slow pace..

yes it is.. but you know i am not a slow writer but this ff have to be slow…

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Maan.  Stood there looking down unable to bare this person.Show off. Stupid… aur geet…  lovely and sweet. Huh.isse to main dekhlunga..  He actually makes faces seeing geet admiring him solo much. While anjali smirked seeing his expressions, almost showing how much jealous he is. Of course she will know the look. It’s the same look which she always sees in ajay eyes whenever someone she talks nicely. Oh geet your gone baby. She giggles shaking her head.






You are looking beautiful. She giggles looking behind to find maan glaring at her. Oh thanks. Now I really think I am. She look down purposely showing maan that she is shy which really worked and he came forward. 




Hi maan. He shakes hand with hi. Unwillingly while geet and anjali exchange a smirking look. Maan stood beside geet very close but not touching her. I must say Anurag. You are looking really very sweet. She said with a sweet smile burning maan a lot from inside.





Anjali chuckled knowing very well what geet is doing but she also know how dangerous this game is. Oh really. That’s really sweet of you. With that he extends his hand, she take it but to utter surprise he kiss her back of hand smiling sweetly. Maan cleared his throat. Anurag. Why don’t you go to brij.. He must be waiting for you. Anjali and geet smile knowing what exactly he means while Anurag smile bidding his head.



Oh yea. Let me meet my friend. Bye geet. He went away and maan glare at him. Anjali and geet burst out mugging looking at maan face irritating him to the care. Do you really think it’s funny? He asked her.




Of course not. Why will I?



Geet. Stop that ok.


Stop what? She make a confuse face as if understanding nothing. But maan knew very well she know it too well. Anjali look at both. He rolled his eyes but couldn’t say anything in front of anjali so past from there he know she is doing this to irritate him but whatever it is he don’t like it. Never ever.



Geet. You shouldn’t have done that. She said when maan went angrily. It’s ok Bhabhi. He is just too over possessive.



I know. But see.. He is angry now.



Geet giggle looking at him standing beside his dad hut with his angry face. I know. But he won’t be for longer.



You don’t know geet..


But geet cut her saying. I know Bhabhi.. I know my maan too well.



Your maan? She asked with raised eyebrow which make her blush. Yea.. She giggles softly. My maan. She whispered looking at him lovingly who glance at her and again look away.




Anjali look at her in awe. She always doubts geet, but her eyes, her possession in calling his name truly shows how much she adores him. She can never understand the hidden feelings of both but can only see the strange spark in both of their eyes. She looks at maan who was angry with her but still his eyes were dying to look at her for once in a while. They must be from heaven because humans love can’t be so pure. She smiles happily seeing her little princess so much in love.



After sometime marriage starts and all gathered around the mandap, it was quiet difficult for geet to sit in sari so she opted to stand and look at the ceremony.



As she saw maan coming forward and standing beside a pillar she went standing beside him. Pandit start with his rituals while all look at them.



Geet slowly hold his hand making him look at her but her eyes were on his brother smiling happily, her mere touch is everything he need to know she is only his. Her coming to him from all is the proof of her feelings.  He smile forgetting everything and tightened his hold making her look at him. Sorry. She mumbled, he shakes his head blinking assuring her. She smiles keeping her head in his arm looking ahead at the ceremony. He too looks ahead with a sweet smile.




She admired everything and was really happy for her brother. Finally he is getting connected with someone forever. Maan look at her and chuckled seeing her so lost. They look nice together. He whispered seeing her so lost.  Hmm. She mumbled moving her other hand to his arm leaning closer to him.





 how can someone leave her everything in just one day?

She whispered looking lost but maan knew very well she is meaning herself in the statement. He knows how much she loves her family and can’t even think of going from them.





But she will get another family also. He whispered softly looking at her sad eyes. He remembers the day of anjali bidaai when she was upset. Geet. She looks down sadly. But that wouldn’t be the same. They can’t take place of your family. This makes maan to think weather she really wants to leave her family for him? Of course he knows how much she loves them. But will she leave them all for him?




What if she has to choose between him and her family? What if he asks for her hand? Will she be able to say yes? Which clearly means leaving her family? Is he that important to her?  Did he made such a place in her heart so she can happily choose him leaving all the people she loves the most and who love her so much. Will she ever be able to choose?





He was about to ask her when her next word stick his tongue. I won’t be able to leave my family. His hold loosened looking at her lost admiring her brothers and family. It means he is not so important for her than her family. His sense stopped working at that moment. What will he do? It means she already have chosen her family?






Geet look up at him feeling his hold loose and find him lost. Maan. He snapped out and looks down immediately.  She frowned by his unusual silence. You mean… I’m just nothing for you.







 haaye. Sab k beech lost lost…







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maaneet one shot… Oo saathi re!!


She lied on her bed with her closed eyes and a sweet smile on her face.  Finally tomorrow will be the day she is been waiting from years. But this night doesn’t seem to be over; sleep is not near her eyes, the only thing she can see is him and only him. Weather with open eyes or close.  He never leaves her to a second.



Her world of dream got disturb by the slow knock on window. She frowned and went to open the window to see the person of her dream, he ump inside panting heavily. What are you doing here? She look here and there confirming door were close. He smile and went lying on bed. She come and stood in front of him with her hand on her hips. Maan I’m asking you? He open his eyes looking at her, she was cutely complaining him, holding her wrist ger pulled her on top of him with a Thud snaking his arm around her slim waist. Of course I came for you doll. I am desperately missing you. She blushes, keeping her forbear on his chest hiding her face. I can’t wait for tomorrow. She smiles. You should go now. She looks au at him, he smiled turning and jerk her beneath him slowly leaning down, she smile knowing his intention turning her face so his lips slam on her cheek. He moves back making a face. She laughs pushing him and stood up.



Now go. She pushes him toward the window. But geet. She stopped him keeping her palm on his lips. No. Not now. Go. He smile sweetly and went out by window.






Maan and geet, both were in love from five years, when they were in collage, things started by a simple friendship and soon both stated to love each other’s deeply. After two years, when they finished their study they revealed the news to their family but they didn’t approved the love marriage in their family. But him being maan didn’t stopped loving her and continuous to meet her. After three years of convincing, their family finally agreed, but somewhere geet family never approves maan nature. He is way too possessive about geet and always at his angry mood which they didn’t like but have to agree for geet.






She sat in front of mirror with her bridal dress all set to go but somewhere she was very nervous.  He has made a grand party down there and almost everybody in the city was invited. He made sure this wedding would be the nearest and most charming wedding.



She come downstares with the help of her sister and friend who made her sit on Mandap beside him. He smile seeing her and hold her hand making all laugh and tease them. But their family didn’t approve these kinds of things which he never cared.




The marriage was done, both were finally married. He smiles delight. Finally they are one after so many years, now no one can stop them meeting from each others. He hated it when their family told them to not to meet before marriage but he ignored all, if only geet wouldn’t have forced him he would never had agreed with anyone.



The Bissau ceremony came and she hug ger mother crying. Please take care of my daughter.  He nodded his head looking at geet hating tears in her eyes and squeezed her hand. She quickly wipes her tears and hugs her dad.






She sat in the bed with her knee up to her chest clutching her lehenga hard. The aroma around the room made her shiver; she inhaled, and moves her knee more close. Soon she hears some sound from outside, him fighting with his sister and Bhabhi to let him come. Finally after 10 minutes he open the door and turn to lock it. She tightened her fist nervously.



When he turns to her, his beautiful wife made him smile and sat in front of her. He hand move to her chin making her face him. You look beautiful. She smile lightly looking down. He lean forward and kiss her cheek making ger sigh and move to her neck nuzzling. She closed her eyes by his soft kisses all around her neck and shoulder.



He was way too happy, finally after so many years, after so much happening in their life they finally are becoming one. He finally will feel her today and make her his and only his. Taking all his time he takes ger cloths and jewelry kissing every part and inches of her skin making her lie down and explored her.




Coming to her he kiss ger with all his love, first really softly untilled he felt ger kissing him back, he showed his tongue inside her moving his hand to her Brest massaging gently teasing her, her hand move to his back, to torso feeling his full arouses body under her soft fingers. He move back from her mouth and hide his face on her neck biting and sucking her skin making her groan and scratch his back with the proximity.



Not wanting to stop most he move slightly and move his body to capture her, making her soul his, she moaned a loud holding him close loving his aroma and scenery inside her. They move in a rhythm they moaned feeling their organisms together and stayed in each other’s embrace promising to love each others like this always.






After two years



She waited outside of her car from an hour, outside of airport waiting for maan to come out.  He had gone from six months for some business deal and she wanted to come to receive him herself. Although his family didn’t approved it but she told him to convince them as she wanted to see him first and be close to him which can never be possible with all the family and she can’t wait until they are alone at their room.



After 15 minutes she saw him coming out with one bag in his shoulder he smile looking at her and she ran hugging him really tight. He smile holding ger waist tight. I missed you. She moves back kissing his cheek. Missed you too. He kisses her. 



They sat in car; he proceeded to drive while she sat close to him listening all his stories. He told her everything about his meeting, the place and the people. He always tells her every single about his day and she only listen to him quietly.




When they reach home he was welcomed by all his and her family together. They all hugged him and sat whole night talking to him. His eyes were on her who was really restless and know by know that this look of her means she want to be alone with him, so excusing himself ger said he is tired and stood to went his room. A smile came to his lips seeing a spark on her eyes and almost coming behind him. But when he reaches the door he heard his mom calling her and asks her to come and help. He sighed and entre his room changing his cloths.




It was almost early morning when she entre their room and find him sleeping on his stomach with his usual pants only. She went to change in her night suit and came back sitting on her side of bed admiring him. She so much missed him, missed sleeping in his arms, missed to see him so close. Sighing he keep her head on his back with one arm under her head and another went to his hair stroking softly. He smiles with his close eyes. You came? He whispered softly. She sat straight; I want to tell you so something. He smile and sat in front of her bringing her in his embrace. Bolo. She smile keeping ger head on his shoulder and trace her finger on his broad chest. WO… actually… I… he frowned keeping his palm on her cheek. 



Say doll.She giggles and kisses his cheek moving to his ears and whispered softly. I’m pregnant…he look at her with his wide open her eyes. Really? She nodded and head hugging him. He hugs her tight.  Life can’t be any better. They wanted kid’s years before but were not getting. They even consulted doctors many time but every time they were told everything is ok.



He moves back he asked. But when?  She looks down biting her lower lip. I found it three months before and wanted to tell you first. I was so desperate to tell you but not in phone. He smile widely and capture her mouth. Thanking her to come in his life and bring so much happiness, thanking her to Mae his life beautiful, make it worth leaving, to give him so much happiness and love him so much. He can’t define his happiness in words.




Other day they announced the news to all the family who were extremely happy and instantly her mom wanted her to come to their house in last month but him being himself didn’t approved and rejected.







So friends here the is by me, 

my first os for all of you..
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