30 Jan







He silently starts the car and drove to home but didn’t let go of her hand. They reached home and sat there for little moment not wanting to leave each other’s hold only if dev wouldn’t have shown up giving a teasing smile to maan. Geet reluctantly release ger hold and went inside leaving them alone.



She enters the house and straight way entre her room. Maan sat in living room with all but his mind was only on her. What if she rejects him after what he said? What if he doesn’t want to wait for him? What is she doesn’t agree to wait for him?



But he can’t blame her if she doesn’t agree. Of course this may be really very difficult for her to make decision of ger whole life and that too so suddenly. He sighed looking up at all. They all are so happy and already dreaming about their future which he himself doesn’t know where is leading.




Later Sam entered their room but didn’t find geet WO she went to balcony, which is her most usual place. She was sitting curled in a corner looking up at the sun. She sat beside her. Geet. She turns to look at ger. Is there anything troubling you? She looks straight for some time and then slowly shakes her head which made Sam sigh sadly. She never ever shares an anything to her. Ok… Samar called. He and his parents are coming in evening.






This bring a slight smile on her face, she nods her head wake up going out. Sam can never understand the relation she shares with Samar and his parents. She never understand how can she call them mom and dad. She gives them the exact place which is for their mom and dad.






All sat on dining table eating, geet was sitting beside maan. Dev observed them. They both seemed really quiet after coming from college. He absorbs the sad look on maan eyes all the while and geet staying away from all. What have happened? Maybe geet is still angry with him or something else.





After finishing the food all went leaving four of them alone. Sam looks at both of them and looks at dev with raised eyebrow who shrugged his shoulder looking at them. They both knew by than they needs sometime for alone so quietly went away.






Maan look at ger from former of his eyes playing with ger food and clear his throat. She look at him, he smile weekly by which she too smile just a little and look down. Agar aap aakar mujhe bhool jaaye to?  Maan look at her listening every single word attenditly and smile when she finishes.





I can never forget you. She sighed looking down and slowly stood up. I… I will wait for you. Saying this she went inside the kitchen





While maan sat there, what does she mean by waiting? Where am I going? Then he remembers mentioning her about his going away and that’s when he understands what she means.






He stood immediately and went standing beside her.You… you mean yes? He asked looking at ger excitedly.  She fidgets with the plate for some time, than keep it down nodding her head slowly.






He smiled happily holding her arm making her face him. She looks at his eyes which have so much happiness just because of her. There were so much peace and so Much love which never have seen for her ever. He slowly cups her face looking deep in her eyes which were searching his from one to another.






Slowly leaning forward he kiss her forward and keep his head on hers. She smile with her close eyes moving her hand and very softly hold his shirt for the first time feeling his warmness which brought a new and some sweet feeling in her.






Precap:  samar parent judging maan….





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2 responses to “SAATHIYA

  1. trs1391

    January 30, 2012 at 1:30 PM

    awsem geet said yes

  2. mishy

    January 30, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    Soooooooosweeeeeeeeeeeet update very nice zoha keep updating
    waiting for next


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