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It was a long night for him, the most terrible and restless night which she turned into most passionate and lovely. He brings her in his embrace kissing ger forehead. Thank you. He whispered on her lips. She smile stroking his arm still feeling him inside her, her eyes were closed with the feeling he always build on her.






She feels the morning sun, move her arm on maan side but it was empty. She frowned and open her eyes, where have he gone?  Maan… she called him but there was no answer. Holding the spread around her she goes to washroom opening the door but it was also empty. Maan… It was early morning how can he leave without even telling her?  He was not well yesterday night. Something was troubling him and in this state he has to go to office. She sighed sadly and lied down not feeling much good.









Maan stood outside his car waiting for brij. He left early morning to not disturb geet sleep, she was looking little pale, plus he didn’t wanted to answer any of her questions. She is still angry with him and he don’t want her to be more upset by him hiding something from her and that too such a big thing.






After a long time he saw a car zooming to him and stood in front. There comes out brij with his two men. He gave him a smile and stand in front of him.









She come down after half an hour and saw Vicky and Annie on dining table. Morning Bhabhi. She smile and sat in-between them. Where’s bro?





He went early. She said sadly pouring tea.





Vicky looks at her sad face, why is he seeing things getting bad between them. There was always an understanding between them which can’t be seen now. He prayed for them to bring the love in their life like before.







Nice meeting you maan khurana. He shakes his hand with him but maan clenched his hand, wanting to punch his dirty face at the moment but he has his own plans. He staid quite and move his hand away from him. I’m here to warn you brij. He points a finger to him. Stay away from geet.






At this brij suppressed a giggle shaking his head. Of course why not. Only if she sign the property papers.







Don’t be sad Bhabhi. He will come soon. Vicky tried to console ger when both were alone in living room. If you say coming 1am home is soon. Than yea your right. She said scarcely and rolled her eyes. Vicky looks down. He is all the time thinking about his work only. I really can’t take it anymore.






Vicky looks at her surprised. She was the only one who always have supported him and never complained for once about his late coming or concentrating his work more but what happening to her now? May be she needs sometime for her, which is not wrong at all. They barely spend time together.






That’s never going to happen. Maan gave him a deathly glare while brij chuckled. Ok than. Let’s play a game now. With that he eyed his men who went behind maan one holding his hand behind his back and another from front. He fidgeted from their hold but they were too strong from him.  Brij chuckled and take his cell dialing a number and putting it on speaker.






Hello. The voice make maan froze in his place. Brij called geet, he smile in his victory but maan stood their shocked. This was the thing he was scaring off, including geet in this. This will really scare her.






Hey geet. Brij says taking ger breath away. Her eyes become wide in shock. Brij. He called her… but why??  She stood there alone terrified. Remember me? He asked looking at maan.  Let’s give you a surprise. Your husband is in front of me with a gun pointed in his head. He said taking a gun out pointing to him.







A loud gasp escapes from her mouth. Maan. She whispered not sure if this was true or not.  What if brij is just tricking with her but what if maan is really with him. Maan. She called again to hear at least a voice of him so she can be confirmed.







Geet. I’m ok. I’m ok. he said trying really hard to move away from the men but was not able to. Brij laugh a loud. Maan. What are you doing there? She called with here cracked voice, oh geet. See what is happening. You listed your father and now are your husband turn.






NO… she yelled a loud… no please. Please brij… don’t do anything to maan… please… she begged him crying hard. It’s too late now Sisi.






Maan look behind brij and saw all his detectives and police were there but they can’t move from their place. This was the moment where ger was unable to think anything. Brij invoked geet purposely to weekend him.  Geet. He called her but could here only her begging and cries. Brij please… please leave him… please… Nothing went to brij ear and he laughs a loud.






She was begging him when suddenly she hears a loud sound. Thrush. A gun was shooting. A gun shot on his heart making him yelp in pain and slam on ground. She gasped but was unable to say a word. Geet. She can a small wimps from his lips and suddenly there were many shots and the phone dead. Maan… maan… she shouted a loud crying hard. Maan say something… maan… but there was nothing but only ring going one.







Vicky ran down gearing her shouting a loud.  Bhabhi. He called her holding her shoulder. Vicky maan. He… maan… he killed him… my maan… Vicky… she blabbered continuously. Bhabhi. But she just faint in his arm calling maan name again and again. Bhabhi. Bhabhi… he patted her cheeks many time but she didn’t open her eyes. Poor soul dropped down saying his name in her unconscious state too.














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4 responses to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. mishy

    January 25, 2012 at 1:20 PM

    We dont hate u zoha its ok we know there will be surprise in next nd hope good one also
    We’ll wait for that but please updatesoon

  2. trs1391

    January 25, 2012 at 1:22 PM

    cliff hanger do next soon

  3. Winter Nivala

    January 25, 2012 at 5:28 PM

    It was a very nice idea! Just wanna say thank you for the information you have diffused. Just continue composing this kind of post. I will be a loyal reader, thanks a lot.

  4. automatyczne skrzynie biegow

    February 10, 2012 at 10:03 AM

    Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thanks Nevertheless I’m experiencing subject with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting similar rss problem? Anybody who knows kindly respond. Thnkx


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