They felt like heaven feeling do close to each others in such a less time. This is really beautiful.

Maan sit on the sand making geet sit beside him holding her hand. This is really beautiful. She smile looking down at their hands And blushed remembering what happened few moment ago. How they have came so close to each others in just a day. She never has thought in her life that she can be this much happy and smiling with someone. But maan changed her life the day he came and now living without him is like impossible for her. He has given her so much happiness that it seems impossible to forget him.. Spending time with him always gives her some peace which she never has felt in her life.. Not even if she was with Samar.. Something different she feels being with him..

Maan look at her finding her lost and smiled at her shining face even in the dim light. He admired her smile which has adored on her face the moment they came and is only widening making him know how happy she is. He doesn’t have to ask her anything.. Her beautiful face and hazel eyes always speak about everything she feels..

At first when he saw her laughing for the first time today his heart missed many beat by her sweet sound and brightening face. He promised himself at that moment only to keep that smile on her face always and give her every happiness of life. He will do anything to keep her happy because this smile has given him the biggest happiness which he never has felt before..

After sometime she keeps her head on his shoulder snuggling close holding his arm still holding his hand with other. Maan move his arm around her shoulder bringing her close to which she happily keep her head on his chest wrapping her arms around him.. He kisses her hair softly looking ahead..

I always used to come in this place alone. When I used to be sad. Kisi se baat Karne ka man nahi Hota to Yahi aati ti.

Looking up at him she smiles. But today you made it different. I can never forget this night. Thank you.

Maan put his finger on her lip not letting her to complete.. Moving his finger to her cheek he caresses her skin. I can do anything to make you smile. She smile and close her eyes when his thumb stroke her lip. Moving close he brush his lips with her again bringing her in his embrace. She happily keeps her head on his chest both looking ahead.

They stayed in beach for some hours and when it was late night maan decided they should go at their room. Holding their hand he let her to her room she smile entering inside. But he too enters and looks at her room.

Geet came from washroom but was shocked to find him still there sitting on bed reading her diary. But she didn’t mind it because it’s her life he is reading and he gave her life to him only now. He should know everything about her life and she wanted to tell but can’t express..

He smile closing the diary and hold her hand making her lie down. Holding her hand he sat besides her stroking her cheek softly. Her eyes were open looking at him which was fixed on her skin. Bending down he softly kiss her cheek nuzzling his nose there making her shiver closing her eyes.

I will take your diary with me.. She smiles moving her finger on his hair making him sigh feeling her soft finger and kiss her jaw.. Geet.. A wisphere escaped from his lips to which she inhaled a deep breath feeling his breath falling on her skin.. Aapko jaana chaiye ab..

He move back at once looking at her eyes she look away but her cheeks were deep red making him smile and lean down to kiss her but she turn around mischief giving her back to him giggling.

Maan who was first shock but gained himself smirking. So she finally wants him to go Han.. But she doesn’t know him yet.. Geet smiles with her close eyes when she felt him standup and close the lights. The voice of door gave her idea that he has left the room.

Smiling she was about to sleep when his strong arms engulf her from back. Maan.. She gasped loudly but he holds her tight

Ssshhh geet. I’m tired.. Let me sleep sweetheart.

Now how can she deny him. Biting her lip she looks down at his hand covering her and shied to the level they have gone. She never thought that they can get so close in just a day.. But nothing seems wrong Infact it all seems so beautiful..

He snuggle close keeping his head on her neck kissing her soft milky skin. She closed her eyes feeling his soft breath and soft kisses from her neck to jaw.

He kissed her few time but she didn’t move which made him chuckle and sleep behind her keeping his face on her hair inhaling her shampoo. She waited until his breath becomes soft making her know he has slept.

Slowly she turns around and looks at him. So calm and handsome. Moving her finger she softly trace his jaw line and lean kissing his chin very softly not wanting to disturb his sleep. Snuggling close she hide her face in his chest while his arms hold her waist bringing her more close.






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He assured him and went to all.Well guys. I think we should let the love birds give sometime. Geet look down instantly by the look of dev and all giving her and maan. While giggling Sam hold her hand. Hmm. Chalo.. With that she drags her to their room and dev made maan enter inside closing the door behind. Take your time bro. Dev yelled making maan chuckled shaking his head,







He turns around to find her standing, holding the handle of bed looking down nervously. Geet. He stood in front of her.  She tightly holds the bed nervous being alone with him. His closeness raise her heartbeat in such a level they she also don’t know how to calm it. 

He slowly move close holding her arm softly, her breath stopped and eyes closed feeling him coming closer. He look at her eyes and red cheek.. Smiling he kiss her forehead and very slowly bring her in his strong embrace to calm her nervousness.





She slowly circled her arms around his waist keeping her head on his chest, hearing his steady heartbeat which was beating as fast as hers. As smile crept on her cheek understanding she is not the only one to be in this situation but he too feels the same for her. His heart also beats sane like her when they are close. They stayed like this until he felt her calm down and hold his shirt tight. He kisses her head tightening his hold around her.





You are becoming something special for me geet.  She smiles turning her head looking out of window but still hearing his thudding heart.  I can’t bear to lose you. He whispered stroking her hair.  She closed her eyes feeling his soft fingers on her scalp. I need to tell you something really important. She moves a little back looking at him. He keeps his hand on her cheek. I will go to London after here geet.. I don’t know how much time will it take to settle my business there..




She just smiles looking at him. It’s ok. Maine kaha Na. I will wait for you. he sighed looking at this girl who he have met just few days and here she is ready to wait for him when even he also don’t know how long will he take. He stayed quiet looking at her gathering the courage to say the next thing. Like she understand his inner turmoil so look at him curiously.



If I took too long.. Please don’t wait for me.. She frowned looking at him confused but he cups her face looking deep in her lovely eyes.I want to see you happy.. Always..



If.. If I didn’t come… move on with someone….  but she keeps her palm on his lips not letting him to complete. How can he even think like that? Her eyes glitter in tears, just now he has given so many hopes to her and now he is saying her to leave him just like that. Shaking her head she didn’t wanted him to continue.





He could read the pain in her eyes. It really hurts to even think.. But I can’t see you in pain.. she shake her head not wanting him to say anything and hug him close fearing he may just vanish fearing for the new feeling she have just felt will go just like it came to her.





This was really hard for him. He can’t even thing his life without her now. She has become so much important to him who he doesn’t know when and how. But he can’t ignore that his business is not as easy and settling it may take too long. But he will never want anyone in their family to question her or put her again in such a situation. She has a life and has every right to live it like she wants.





Dipping his head on her head he inhaled her aroma trying to forget everything and live this moment forever.  She could feel his heavy breath and rapid heartbeat.  She could feel him restless; there was some intense fear in his voice. His heart beat was thudding so loud that she was able to hear it clearly. Moving back she keep his face in-between her palms, there was a small tears at the corner of his eyes which tear her heart.  She hates to see him like this.




Moving close she just brush her lips with his keeping them just there.  A sudden child ran to their body feeling the softness of each other’s lips. His hand move to her cheek to her hair. Bringing her lips more close to him feeling her soft texture which makes him amuse. Her lips tasted so good. It felt like heaved to both and they didn’t want to be apart from each others. Her hand caress his cheek with her thumb by which he open his eyes looking at her angelic face. Her eyes were close but there was such happiness in her face which he can read clearly. They keep their lips just touching for a long time not moving away or not even deepening it.



She moves a little away whispering softly. You will come back.. Very soon. He sighed and hugs her, holding her waist crushing her petite body with his, raising her a little so their height match. She crossed her arms around his neck hiding her face on his neck. It feel so good, so warm yet so special like this place is made for her only. She is only made to be so close to him. He is hers only and she can do anything to make him feel special.




Aap dobara aisi baat nahi karenge.. She mumbled when he put her down but didn’t let her go from his arm. He looks at her sadly but she keeps her hand on his cheek. I won’t.. I just want to spend my time with you. But here being with all its rarely possible.



She heard all his words and thought for some time for some solution to his problem.  She can do anything to bring happiness in his face. .Main aapka intizaar karungi. Aur aap zaroor aayenge mere paas, He has become the person. For whom she feels something really very special and now she wants him to feel it. She wants him to feel special. She will make his Wish come true, she will do whatever he likes..



Precap:  visiting other place…..



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They kept silence seeing maan getting all serious which is rare thing but really dangerous, dev didn’t said anything and indicated Sam to be quiet.




All elders were busy talking with each others, Dadi and mom really liked Samar mom and dad and talk to them really friendly. 





While younger one went to terrene and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Geet stood beside Samar looking down while maan steal glances of her.  You didn’t answer me? Geet look at him confuse. Geet I really can’t trust these people.





But you trusted maan in morning. Samar rolled his eyes looking ahead. But his family? They are same. They didn’t ask your opinion. Geet know very well why is he being like this. He always have hated the fact that Dadaji have fixed her wedding and now maan family also didn’t talked or asked her opinion is adding fuel.. She just kept quite not wanting to talk further on this..







Maan eyes were on both of them.  Dev and Sam took the chance and again started. Arey maan why are you so quite? He glares him knowing exactly what he means.



Samar rolled his eyes at them. You should spend more time with geet only. Sam and dev giggle dragging him beside geet. Haan. Aik dusre ko samajhne ka yahi to time hai. Sam said looking at them.




You cannot win someone trust in just five days. Samar said looking at maan intentionally; geet knew very well he is still angry because she says yes to him. Kya Pata kal sab apna Faisla badal de.



Sam and dev exchanged a look. Maan came forward to him. My first decision is always last one. At this Samar chuckled giving him a meaning look. Really?  What if you like some other girl tomorrow?





Samar. Geet whispered holding his arm he look at her furiously and then at maan. She nudges him making him look at her than shake her head indicating him to be silence. Par geet.





She again shakes her head making him irritate. Jerking his arm he gave maan last look and went away. She looks at maan and went behind him. Dev look at Sam suspiciously but she told him to ignore. This was Samar who will behave Sam with her too sometime..





Maan went behind them, he wanted to know what happened which caused Samar talk like this. Just in morning he was fine and left geet with him than what happened so suddenly that he is talking like this with him. When he was little far he saw geet manoyfing Samar talking really sweetly while he was look straight not listening to her.



Why don’t you understand? She looks at him hurt by his behavior.



You do not understand them geet. She sighed standing in front of him.




Samar.. You trust me right?  Then trust me this time please.She pleaded looking at him. Samar looks at her and hated the fact that these eyes were full of pain because of him. He sighed shaking his head. What if he is just time passing with you?

She smiles holding his arm. I have seen the truth in his eyes. He really is nice.



Maan saw her talking something. He saw her convincing him but couldn’t hear anything. His curiosity was building high point but he cannot just go and listen what they are saying. Whatever t is he is seeing geet for the first time talking so sweetly. He smiled looking at her; don’t know when she will behave the same with him too.




You always have been with me.. I want you now too.. Please. He look in her eyes and could see something spark, he couldn’t ignore his sweet and little geet is falling for this person which is good, he always wanted her to be happy and marry a person whom she would love but somewhere he is afraid that he won’t break her heart. I’m just scared geet.





Don’t be.. She smiles keeping her palm on his cheek. Samar I can feel something in his eyes. I can’t define it but… she sighed looking at him pleading. She wants his acceptance more than anything, he is very important to her and she can’t move forward by his this attitude. This finally made him sigh and nods dejected. Theek hai. Let’s trust you. She smile widely, Turning they both saw maan standing little far and went to him. Samar looks at geet who nudge him. I’m sorry… Samar sighed looking at him. Maan smiled a little and look back at geet. It’s ok..  Geet smile finally seeing both of them smiling and look at maan.






They again went to dev and Sam. Two hours past but maan restless to meet geet alone only increase but she was only with Samar and no one else. He wants to meet her and tell her the thing for which he has come. The most important thing. But how will he do that? The last solution he had is to take help from his brother so he went to dev telling him to make him meet.





He assured him and went to all. Well guys. I think we should let the love birds give sometime. Geet look down instantly by the look of dev and all giving her and maan. While giggling Sam hold her hand. Hmm. Chalo.. With that she drags her to their room and dev made maan enter inside closing the door behind. Take your time bro. Dev yelled making maan chuckled shaking his head,





Precap: Aik kiss to Banta Haina









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PART 44 



Papa. She looks at him shyly. Baby. Is that you? He asked jokingly hugging her tight. Ajay and brij kiss her cheek sweetly. How did you wear this? Anjali came forward. Maan gave her this sari. All three look at him thanking him from their eyes. Must say. Today you look little matured. Ajay joked by which he receive a smack on his arm. Brij giggle cupping her face and kiss ger Godhead.



Humaari geet KO aaj Kisi ki nazar Na lage. Anjali giggle taking a tip of Kohl from corner of her eyes and put it behind her ear. He blushed by so much comments and look down shyly and hug mohinder while trio men and anjali continuous to tease her. Papa. She made a baby face, seeing all laughing at her.





Kyun pareshaan kar rahe ho meri beti ko? Chalo ab sab jao.  Saying this all smile and went to their places. Brij sat on his chair, ajay and anjali went to welcome other guest.





Geet hold maan hand tight while walking which he knows very well why. Squeezing her hand he stopped and looks at her. Geet. She looks at him. Don’t worry. You really are looking good. She smiles sweetly holding his arm.But I’m really feeling so uncomfortable. He frowned looking down at her to find her looking around.





He looks around and fined some people stealing glances and staring at her. A smile spread on his lips knowing why she is feeling like this. Firstly this sari and secondly all starring at her.





Moving his arm around her shoulder he giggles looking at her pouting lips. Hmm. To yea baat hai. She knows very well this teasing gone of him. Turning to him she gives him a glare. It’s all because of you. Making a face she hit his chest softly which only make him giggle. He so much wanted to hug ger tight in his embrace and kiss her cheek really very hard but why this people have to stare them in this moment only.





Pouting her lips she look ahead.. tell me one thing.. she asked curiously turning to him..  why this sari??  He smile looking around and hold her wrist taking her to one corner.. because I wanted to see something.. he said smiling moving her to the wall stroking her cheek with his thumb.. Kya? She whispered looking at his eyes.. how will my gift look on your skin.. saying this he move his hand to her waist tracing his finger around the waist band.. maan.. She whispered closing her eyes moving her arms around his neck.



He kiss her neck as she come close to him..hold her waist bringing her more close.. Move to her jaw kissing her softly making her moan lightly and move away.. she looks down unable to see his eyes..I can’t control seeing you in sari.. she hide her face imidiately on his chest making him chuckle… kissing her head he holds her for sometime before going to the party again..





He stayed close to her holding her hand tight, because of her walking problem due to sari. She was bit suspicious about her being on everyone’s attention but maan being on his side made her soon comfortable.





After sometime when maan went to his dad and mom geet stood with anjali and sonali talking with them. She feels a tab on her shoulder so turn around only to find Anurag.Hey hi. She extend her Han excitedly almost forgetting about the previous incident of maan.





Anurag smile shaking than with her. Hello. I thought you will forget me? She giggle at him but soon her eyes caught maan standing behind him and smirked evilly. How can I ever forget you? Anjali look at them surprise while sonali went away. Maan stood there giving her a glare which she shrugged off.





Of course now it is her turn. He has made her wear sari, which made all her family tease and almost everybody is starring at her. But now she has her own weapon. She chuckled looking at anjali who raids her eyebrow indicating her to who he is?  Oh Bhabhi. I met him in office. He is bhaiya’s friend. She said and looks at him smiling. 





Maa. Stood there looking down unable to bare this person. Show off. Stupid… aur geet…  lovely and sweet. Huh.isse to main dekhlunga..  He actually makes faces seeing geet admiring him solo much. While anjali smirked seeing his expressions, almost showing how much jealous he is. Of course she will know the look. It’s the same look which she always sees in ajay eyes whenever someone she talks nicely. Oh geet your gone baby. She giggles shaking her head.






Precap : haaye. Sab k beech lost lost…






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Finally his get smiled at him. Somewhere he have lost the battle but still she have given him the biggest hope and the biggest strength to try again, to win ger heart again and this time he won’t leave a single chance.






She made Khushi sleep in their room, maan was not home, after she spoke to him he went don’t know where. She didn’t asked him giving him sometime for alone to think. She lied beside Khushi who was in her deep sleep. But geet sleep was far gone. How things changed in few days. Everything was going so smoothly, everything was in their way and suddenly this happened.






She sighed and looks at Khushi. How lucky she is who get every attentions, care, pampering from maan. He behaves so different with her. She just loves it and those cares made her convince to forget everything and give him a chance to prove himself once again. She doesn’t know how long she has to crave but no matter how long she will wait for him.







She was in her thoughts when she feels strong arm around her waist and maan body behind her. She keeps her hand on his arm. Aa gahe. He didn’t reply but hold her tight moving his face to her neck. I always got everything in my life. Every single thing I wanted and always want. She smiles moving her hand up and down on his arm around her. And it was, is and will always be because of you only. You gave me happiness, name, fame, money, love, Khushi and much more. She closed her eyes with a sweet smile.







But I gave you, more than that… I gave you pain, laments, remorse, hurt and snatch your all happiness. She opens her eyes frowning and grid to turn but he didn’t let her.I destroyed your life; I didn’t once try to fulfill your desire, not once thought what you like and what not. She was shocked beyond words. He is speaking so helplessly which she hates the most. The tears in his eyes drop on her skin making her more restless.







Maan. She called him but he continued. Why you love me? Why you always forgive me geet? I hate myself. I hate it.. Hatehe starts crying letting all the burden of his heart to come out. She was unable to take anymore words from his mouth and turn around hugging him tight. But he didn’t stop mumbling again and again between his sobs. I’m sorry.. Sorry.






She holds him tight consoling him rubbing his back. Ssshhh. Bus. Ssshhh He cried a lot soaking her with his tears, her heart drenched by seeing him like this. Maan. Bus… her career him saying him to calm down again and again. 



After a long time she felt him calm down and his sobs finally reduced, She moves back wiping his tears while her own eyes were red due to crying. Don’t ever say that. She whispered cupping his cheek. You are everything for me. He shakes his head looking down but she made him look at her.If you think I’m unlucky to have you. Then you should make me feel the luckiest person in the world. He looks at her sniffing, than thought for some time. Yes he will, he will do anything for her, now he will live his life only for her. He will do what she wants now. Will you? She asked stroking his cheek. He nodded innocently while she smile and kiss his forehead. He holds her waist and brings her in his embrace promising himself about certain things.




Both close their eyes but coudnt sleep.. how can you love me so much? He wisphered stroking her hair. She smile and wisphered softly. You love me too..




Not like you… there was some sadness in his voice. Yes he love her, but not the way she do… like a mad person, without any limits, without any expectations, nothing… his llove can never be campared wiuth hers, that’s impossible. You searched for me five years… she hates to see him in this condition, his mere love is everything she wants now nothing more or nothing less… they have siffered enough but not anymore.. They need to be happy, and will be… she will take a first step and will make sure to remove these laments from his heart…  You love me. She whispered kissing his lips and keeps her herself in his embrace…

















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The ceremony ended and everyone went. Geet changed her cloths and straight way went to brij room.  Bhaiya. He looks at him and smile. She sat beside him on bed hugging him keeping her head on his chest. Kaha ti aaj?  Apne bhaiya ke paas nahi aayi. She look up at him, he kiss her forehead. I’m sorry. He smiles shaking his head. Don’t say that. He kisses her cheek and both talked for longer time. 





After talking to brij she entre her room and lied down closing her eyes but soon she hear some soft knocking on her window, frowning she open the window to find maan with his sweet smile.



He smiles seeing her in her cute tweety shirt and short. Coming down he keep a packet on table and hug her. You avoided me all day. She smiles keeping her head on his chest. She too missed him a lot.



After sometime he move back picking her in his arm and made her lie down but she hold him tight making him also lie down. Moving close she keep her head on his arm hugging his waist while he trace his finger on her cheek softly. Why you didn’t attended today function? She didn’t reply but ger know very well what is going in her heart.



You can’t forget your bhaiya for someone else geet. She move and look at him which he calmly continuous to stroke her cheek. He would have felt so bad not finding his little sister near him. She look down sadly, she was wrong, she avoided her dear brother for Sanaya who doesn’t even know anything about it. You will be with him tomorrow no matter what.  He ordered her; she just nodded closing ger eyes. He knows she must he really tired so kiss her cheek and let he sleep.







She opens her eyes next morning and sat straight finding him nowhere but a note was kept on side table. She picked it and kisses his writing before reading.



Good morning. She smiles pulling the blanket over her. Got an important meeting so went. Your dress is on table.





She pouts cutely but hurriedly takes the box. It was the dress he selected previously and wanted to design it in his wish so took it with him. She excitedly opens the packet and takes the dress out only to get the shock of her life. What the hell. Angrily putting the dress on packet she dials his number.



Maan was busy in his meeting when his phone rang, first he thought of avoiding it but the name didn’t let him. He quietly picks the phone only to jerk it off from his hear.

She shouted a loud making all look at maan, he clear his throat and keep the phone on his ear. I… I will call you back. She puffed her cheek. What?  No. You have to talk to me… now. He looks at all. Yea larki bhi na. He connects his Bluetooth and say. Yes say.





She frowned hearing other side person to talk to him. Maan. Main aap se baat kar rahi hu.








Just than anjali enter her room with a smile but soon frown finding her in phone this morning. Yea aap ne kya kardiya.  She complained making a cute face, he smile lightly at ger voice wanting to pull her cheek at that moment but he have to be present in the meeting also.





Anjali sit on her bed and open the dress for which she was yelling like hell.Aaj shaadi hai, how can I wear this? At same time anjali open the dress and become shocked but soon her shock turn to giggle and she start laughing a loud which made her angrier. Bhabhi. She yelled snatching the dress.






Mean time maan was finding it difficult to concentrate hearing anjali laugh and her yelling. God this girl. Why on the earth you turn the dress in a sari.  She said in the most cutely making anjali laugh more and pulls her cheek. Maan giggle but soon clear his throat. We will discuss it later. he said to the clients, went out and almost ran to his office laughing. She pouts her lips and sat there seeing her baby and listening him to laugh at her. 






Because I want to see you in sari. She shakes her head stubbornly. Sari and me. Oh god maan. Why? She takes the sari looking at it sadly. Anjali smile at ger. don’t worry geet. I will make you wear this.






But I hate this. First he gives me Indian cloths and now… this… I not yet married. She said angrily but soon realized, maan smile while anjali look at her with raised eyebrow. She turns deep red by her own word. Soon anjali and maan again start laughing at ger. Aagghh.  I hate you both. With that she slams the phone and ran out, embarrassed by her own choice of word.








Precap: geet with sari. 

ab to sab tease karenge bechaari ko 



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Oh my god. How can I forget? Both frowned. Today was her important presentation. And I didn’t even drop her. She sighed shaking ger head. Tabi subah itne gussein main thi. Maan and Dev exchanged a look where Dev give him a blaming look. He cleats his throat and look at Sam. Can I…. can I go to pick her. Sam looks at him for some time and time smile nervously.




He straight way went to her collage not wanting to waste anymore time. He has to sort out everything between them. Everything he has ruined. Stopping the car he entre the college but didn’t find her so went to his car and lean to it.



Geet and Samar both came out, and saw him there. He came forward to them and looks at geet who was only looking down. Samar stood in-between them looking straight in his eyes. What do you want? He looks at him and then Geet. Not liking someone else interfering in-between them he gave him a glare. Geet. Let’s go home. Samar holds her hand not letting her go. She will not go anywhere with you.





Maan clenched his fist and move a step forward to him. Don’t cross you limits. Geet look up at him. Samar too moves a step ahead glaring him. You don’t cross your limits Mr. Khurana. She knows this is going too far. Samar. She said sternly holding his arm and made him move a step back. Maan look at her furiously and than her hold on his arm. Samar points his finger to him. I’m warning you maan. If you hurt her, I’m going to kill you with my bare hands.






Samar. She called making him move from there but his eyes were only on him, giving him deadly glare.





Maan look at him for some time, as much as he hated this person but on the other hand he can’t ignore the concern in his anger. He can’t ignore the possession in his voice. He can’t ignore his eyes that were filled with fire but deep inside it was only for her happiness. By now he knows that this person is someone very close to geet, that’s why she told him instead of telling anyone else.






Sighing he calmed himself .I know. I’m really sorry geet. I didn’t do anything on purpose. She looks at him for a second and again looks down. Samar look calmed a little by his soft voice and genuine sorry. No one have ever said her sorry for what they did with her but this person for the first time told her sorry for his act which means geet means for him.






He holds geet hand. You can take her home. But this shoudn’t happen again.. maan smile and nodded looking at geet, she quietly move from Samar and stood beside him.  They sat in car and started driving.






Maan mind went to her. She didn’t once have talked, not once she tried to fight with Home. Samar told him it’s ok and she came. He also noticed her always accepting others quietly. Why she never argue, why she never it’ll people what she want or what is in her heart.





She quietly sits in his car not wanting to talk to him Anymore. But he was having something else in his mind and stopped the car aside. She turns to him, he smiles a little but she turns her face away to window. Geet, I’m sorry. I know I hurt you but trust me I didn’t did anything purposely. He explains himself but still she was looking out like nothing hearing. I wanted to tell you something really important. Again waited for her reply she turns and look at him for some time and then look Dow. Kahiye. Oh. Finally she speaks up.







Clearing his throat he starts. The day when I was coming to see you. I was all ready to reject you. But after seeing you. He smiles looking down. Tumne to jaise mujhe pe koi jaadu kardiya. I can’t forget you from then. He looks at her and saw her crimson red cheek which gives him some positive points. He smile and continue.

But. I have my work geet. After dad our business is in very bad stage and I want to give my whole attention to it. He stopped wanting her to say something but she didn’t say.Marriage is a big responsibility, but I’m not ready for it. And I know you are also. She looks up at him blankly. I know you want to study… he hesitated for a moment. Mujhe is rishte se koi aitraaz nahi. He look at her lovingly. Infact I would be really happy… but I just need one thing…he take his time and then say.
 Time. I need little time. Jab tak tum apna MBA katam Karo aur main apna business.




She stayed quiet listening to Jim while he was busy in her eyes searching for some answer. He wanted her to say something but she just stares at him with her usual blank eyes and said nothing.






Precap: the choice is yours geet.





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You want to know?  Than listen. My detective came to know about brij. He is being trapped. Very soon Vicky. And I don’t want geet to know anything about it. Vicky frowned. I don’t want her to suffer more. She should forget everything. Only happiness.



Vicky sat there listening to his plans. Brij is the person who is stalking geet from months. He looks at him shocked.Yes. When geet told me about this in hospital than I increased the security in our mansion and behind geet. A week ago I came to know he is brij. He is behind geet.



What will we do now? Maan sighed and open his mouth to talk when Annie entre the room. Bhabhi is calling, food is ready and all here. Vicky and maan nodded and stood up.








All start eating together before chachu going back. Geet sat beside maan but didn’t look at him for once. He moves his hand to her thigh slowly under the table. She was putting a spoon in her mouth but stopped for a while feeling his hand and again start eating. His hand reaches till her waist softly stroking her making hard for her to giggle by the tickling sensation. He smiles inwardly seeing a small smile in her lips. He knows this trick will work as his sweet wife is so much ticklish.




She holds his arm removing his hand but he holds her hand keeping it on his thigh. She didn’t remove her hand and start eating with other hand. It was so good being here. Chachi said smiling and look at all. Geet smile. Yes. Hope the engagement have occurred soon.. but… all look down sighing. Geet slowly move her hand and put it above the table which maan didn’t like.Maan said he will arrange a big party after engagement.  For the project. All smile looking at maan but he look down only. You all have to come a week or two week before. Mom tried to protest. No Bhabhi. You all have to. Geet smile delighted, hopefully their maan can leave his work for at least a week and they can spend some time.






Chachu. All will be there before two weeks, but I won’t be able to. Geet look at him curiously, he glance at her and look at chachu. I can’t leave my work. I can only come a day before. He nodded his head but geet become really upset. Can’t he even leave his work for a while?






Suddenly he gets a call from office.Fine I’m coming. With that he stood up and went to their room. Vicky looks at geet and knows well she must be upset. Bhabhi. He whispered but geet stood up and leave the table saying she is done. He sighed shaking his head. When finally everything are going well. Then also bro can’t leave his work for a while and concentrate to his wife who have supported him always and never complained knowing how much pressurized he will be. But bro can’t even do a single thing for her.








She entre their room finding him in his phone, without a word she take his office cloth out and keep them on bed.  He hang the phone and turn to her, she was removing her bangles in front of mirror when he hug her from behind kissing her shoulder. I will try to come soon. He speaks softly noticing her puffed cheek and avoiding any eye contact with him. It’s ok. You can take your time. She removes his hand and wanted to leave the room when he holds her wrist softly pulling her toward him holding her waist.Geet honey. You know I can’t go like this. She just looks down holding his button. He leans down kissing her soft cheek when his phone rang her move away leaving him.










He went to defective and they told him about brij and his contact number. Sir, we have to arrest him but for that we need prove. He nods his head. I know a way. With that he called his number, after few calls he pick the phone. Brij. I know it’s you. The other side was silence but he knows it was brij.I’m maan and I want to meet you personally. Brij took a moment and spoke up finally. Playing with me maan Singh khurana? Maan could hear him chuckled. He wanted to kill him on the spot. Whatever you think, but we have to. For your goods.




Fine. But no one else than you. Maan agreed indicating the detective the work is done. But brij was on the other side smile; he wanted to play his card too. He knows maan Singh khurana too well and knows he must be on something hut he knows what is the week point of this great maan. Geet.







Finishing his work with detective he tried to rush home to geet but to his dismay he has to go to office for some work. He knows geet must be waiting for him but things are only getting difficult for him to handle between her and his work and he know geet can wait but work can’t. 





He came home back in middle of night and find the entire house quiet. She must have gone to sleep. He also knows Chachu and everyone must have left to their place. He quietly made his way upstairs but someone caught his attention. Turning he saw geet sitting on dining table with her head resting on her arm sleeping there. He sighed and sat beside her on another chair touching her shoulder. Geet. She stirred a little opening  her eyes slowly. He smile, but she quietly got up warming the food, he went behind her standing beside her. I got busy. Work being hectic now a days. He tries to talk to her but she didn’t reply at all. I am really tired. He looks at her face, she always would kiss his cheek when he would prefer to be tired but today there was nothing. He touch her arm softly. I thought you will be sleeping. As usual she didn’t replied, taking the plates she put them on table and sat their quietly eating already. He sat and start eating looking up at her again and again but she didn’t look at him for once.








Precap: maan restless



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He sees them move more close and geet eyes saw him and she stopped on her track. Shock written all over her face.



She slowly moves forward to him with the boy. Aap??  Yaha? She never expected him to showup in her college. The look on his face seeing the joy with her got her notice,he is Samar. My childhood friend. He looks at him from top to bottom while Samar smirked standing behind geet with his hand on his pocket. Samar, he is maan. Samar smile and extend his hand. Hello. The process makes his chest touch geet back which made him somewhere boil. Hi. Moving his hand he looks at geet. Ghar chale. She nodded.



Both silently sat in car. He was desperate to ask more about this Samar person and clear everything while geet was smiling inwardly remembering his face when he saw them. No doubt he was extremely jealous.



Maan didn’t want to think that he is the reason behind her disagreeing this marriage, if it would have been. Then she would have told him, when he saw both of them she was not scared and that guy was also cool which means they are friends. He was sure geet can never lie; his heart told him she can never. The feelings which she is making in his heart are going deep.






They enter the house; all were busy in living room. Geet was about to go when he hold her wrist.  She gasped and turns around. Aaj raat chat pe aayogi Milne? She moves her hand from his hold and look here and there.Main sochke bataungi. With that she ran from there and entre her room. A small smile crept on her lips feeling his touch on her skin, which was burning hot by just his one hold. Her breath was so fast like she didn’t breathe for years. Jumping on bed she Ltd looking up at ceiling, just thinking about thinks which just happened. Should she go and meet him? What if someone see them? But di said to spend some time with him.





All were having dinner together. Maan was again and again stealing glances of geet, wanting to know whether she will come.  Geet look up for a second when she saw maan looking at her and raised his eyebrow silently asking her. She clear ger throat putting the spoon in her mouth and look down.



He sighed, itne nakhre kisi ke bardaasht nahi kiye jitne yeh kar rahi hai. God. Ab kya karu. All the dinner he was only eyeing her only to listen a yes from her. The dinner finishes, Sam and geet were taking all the plates when geet come to him and lean down to take his plate. Main aayungi. He look up instantly at her, she turned pink shade and went to kitchen making him grin like a fool. 
Yesss … yesss.. yessss..




Geet look out of window, she is finally going to spend some time with him. Somewhere she was very nervous about what will happen. How will she talk to him? She never has talked anything about her to anyone.  She turns to look at sleeping Sam, she is so lucky. She always gets what she wants, she always says about her heart to anyone. She. Can show her desires and Dadaji so easily accept them. Her life has always been so easy.



But she. Her life, always in complications. She can never say her desires. She didn’t have that courage. She is always left out when to ask decision because she was never asked for anything. jis ka jo di aaye dede,  jo ji aaye keh de, jo jee aaye karde.  Why her? The question she is asking from doesn’t know how long but never have got the answer.



Her life is being decided, always have decided by Dadaji or Sam. Not once have they asked during all this, weather she want all this, what she wants to do?  What she feels about maan? 







Precap: the meeting.


















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It was almost evening when anjali called geet. She ran down to her. Geet. Can you please go to office? Ajay as usuall forgot his file. Geet giggle and take the file. She entre the office and turn to ajay cabin when she hit someone and was about to fall but was saved by two strong arms.





She opens her eyes to see someone holding her and looking at ger amazingly. She stood up smiling. Thank you. I thought I’m gone. He smiles.  It’s ok. She was about to go when he call out. Do you work here?  Turning around she smile. No.  I’m geet handa. She said proudly.


Oh. The daughter of handas.  Good to meet you.

He forwards his hand which she takes.  I heard a lot about you. Lovely meeting you. She giggles and moves her hand. Geet. A voice came from her back. Turning she sees maan. Maan. Smiling she went to him. You here?


Yea. We have a meeting. And you?







Wo. Bhai forgot his file. And see he help me to fall Down.

She said giggling and looks at him. Maan look at him. He is our client and brij friend. Anurag. Anurag smile at geet bowing down. She giggles and then looks at maan but maan didn’t like this. Geet being so close to someone didn’t liked by him. Anurag take this file and go to brij and ajay. He nodded and looks at geet. Ok geet. See you soon. It lovely meeting you.



She smile and again shame hand. Maan hold her hand and bring her to cabin. She smiles seeing his red angry face which clearly show how much he is jealous. She suppressed her smile and tries to put more oil. Anurag is so sweet Na. Such a lovely boy. She said making cute face burning maan more. He look at her angrily and hold her arm jerking her to him. Lovely, sweet.  She smirked moving close. Haan. You know. He have some image, I like it.



With this she start singing animatedly


Aanknon hi aankhon


main ishara ho gaya.


Gifted bachate jeena ka


Ishaara ho gaya…


Song idea by


Love u.



As she says that he twists her hand bringing it behind her back hurting her. Ouch. But he didn’t care and glued her body to him pressing her hand from behind.






Say it again. She tried moving her hand but his hold didn’t lose. Losing her calmness she yelled. Uuffhh. He is much better than you. More handsome more smart and more more and more lovely. Saying this she look at him angrily and he too glare at her. But soon his face softened and holds too. She frowned by this and looks at him smirking. Moving his hand around her waist he kisses her cheek. Say whatever you want. I know your only my. only mine.





She pouts and hit his chest. Then why you did that? He bring her close rubbing his thumb on her lower lips making her smile shyly and blush hard. He smile and move close very softly kissing there.I hate it when someone sees you like that. She sighed and move back not forgetting the place where they are.I will go now. He smile and nodded hugging her close to his heart.






She come home and went to anjali room.  She was sitting on bed but seems like was in deep thoughts. Smiling she sat beside her. Bhabhi. She jerks and looks at her smiling. Kya soch rahi hai anjali smile and jeep her hand on her cheek. Nothing. You say. Geet smile.






Bhabhi. I don’t know why Sanaya Bhabhi behaves like this to me.

Anjali frowned but soon understand what she is saying.Geet. She need time to be part of us. Everything will be ok. Geet look down nodding her head. Hmm.



Anjali look at her for some time and say. Whenever someone says something about you. Learn to give answer sweetie.






But you always told me to give respect.

Anjali smile.





I know. You should. But at least let people know what you are and what you have.




Geet thought for some time. Maybe it’s right. She should have told Sanaya that she know what responsibilities are. She knows what home is. If she doesn’t have a mom it doesn’t mean she don’t know anything.







Precap: marriage preparation main


 good news.













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