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. Yes he love her, but not the way she do… like a mad person, without any limits, without any expectations, nothing… his llove can never be campared wiuth hers, that’s impossible. You searched for me five years… she hates to see him in this condition, his mere love is everything she wants now nothing more or nothing less… they have siffered enough but not anymore.. They need to be happy, and will be… she will take a first step and will make sure to remove these laments from his heart…  You love me. She whispered kissing his lips and keeps her herself in his embrace…






Next morning when he woke up but didn’t find geet or Khushi in the bed. Changing his cloths and dredging up he went to Khushi room only to find her sitting on bed playing with her Teddy bear and geet packing her cloths.





Mama Meri pink dress bhi. He saw her ordering while geet just doing what she was saying. He sat beside Khushi silently and watches geet keeping everything which will be needed by her.






Seems like someone is really excited? He taunts Khushi picking one of her toy. She look at him and then at geet who only smile at them. Papa. She sat on his lap kissing his cheek. I’m really happy papa. She said excitedly not noticing his sad look. Geet smile seeing both and continues with her work.





Yea of course.  By leaving me… you will be happy… she pout moving her arm around his neck. Papa please. He looks at her and twists his lips bringing her more close to him. Why asking me? When your lovely mamma is doing everything.





At this geet chuckled and came sitting beside him. She look at his eyes, he know this sadness is because of yesterday, her heart drenched yesterday by his every words. He was so guilty and so sad. She has never ever seen him in this condition. May be five tears of every guilt came out of him yesterday.






Her heart ached with the thought even that how lonely he had been during these years; he must have suffered a lot to only let out all his sorrow to her. She only know how week he is from inside although he shows himself the strongest person to the whole world but only to him he can show his weakness and sorrows.






But what could she do? His trusting stupid act again have brought trouble in their life which for once have brought the memories of past in her heart and she is now really very week to even trust him for once. It may be really hard for him to build up everything from beginning.







Mama khushi voice brought her back, and she saw both of them looking at her. Mama look… papa is blackmailing me. She pouts cutely which made her smile and look at maan. He sighed resting his back on her wanting her warm embrace at that moment. Not wasting anytime she tightly hugs him kissing the back of his ear.







Can she not stay? He asked her but look at Khushi who was looking both with her most innocent look. Maan. Let her go and enjoy please. He sighed nodding his head to Which Khushi Hug him. Love you papa.






She ran out when her Dadi called from outside leaving both alone. I will miss her. She giggles tightening her hold around him.Am I not here for you? He looks up at her and smile weekly turning around hugging her keeping his head above her chest. I’m really sorry. He whispered slowly. She brushes his hair kissing them.Don’t say that again and again ok. He just kisses her neck and again keep his head closing his eyes.






She continuous to bush his hair and stoke his cheek from other hand.Let’s go somewhere maan. He frowned opening his eyes moving back and look at her. Going out at this time?  But they have to drop Khushi to school.







As if she read his mind she smiles sweetly cupping his face.I want to go with you away from all this, this place. Just me and you. Let’s start from beginning.  He just looks at her in awe. How can she make everything so simple for him? He was just out of his thoughts to how to make their relation again start and here she brings the solution and that too with such a brilliant thought.







We both. She giggles nodding her head. Yes. I have booked the tickets for Malaysia.  He hugs ger tight, why she loves him so much? Even after making such a biggest mistake she is only thinking about him and still wanting to give him a chance as always. He must be the luckiest person in the whole world.





Precap: honeymoon







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2 responses to “LOVING LAMENTS

  1. trs1391

    January 29, 2012 at 1:09 PM

    awsem update geet found solution for starting there relationship again now honeymoon

  2. mishy

    January 29, 2012 at 10:24 PM

    So nice start from begining nice update waiting for honeymoon now


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