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They reached and she silently went to her room. Sameera words were still ringing in her mind. Suddenly her phone Rang. It was maan. Geet. She smile hearing his voice but soon frowned. Something was thief in his voice. It seems like he is stressed or nervous. You ok. He sighed closing his eyes.Hmm. Have one big meeting now. Wanted to gear your voice. She smile sitting on bed. I love you.


Love you too sweetheart.


Be yourself. He smiles. This voice has some magic which bring such a power in him to fight with anything possible. Wait for me.  Will be little late. She talked to him for some time until he was called for meeting.




It was almost 12 pm. Both Vicky and geet were sitting in living room and talking. Geet was sitting alone waiting for maan so Vicky sat beside her. So. How’s thing going between you? He smiles shyly.  Good. She is so quiet now with me.



Geet laugh putting her hand on his head. It happens. Give her time. He smiles nodding.



After sometime geet says. Vicky. Please don’t say maan about sameera. He looks at her and made an angry face. Why? Why not?



She will go after engagement. So let it is. He sighed shaking his head. They sat for another hour but maan was yet not back. He got tired and keeps his head on her lap closing his eyes. Geet smile looking down at him and tried to call maan. What’s taking him so long? After some ring he picks the call.



On my way honey. She sighed. Come fast.


Coming sweetie. Hanging the phone she takes the remote seeing the TV. But nothing was interesting for her. She just wanted to sleep in his arm but ger is not coming at all.



After sometime the main door opened and he stood there. She smile, he came and kiss her forehead sitting beside her and saw Vicky sleeping. Groaning loudly he smack his head waking his. Kya hai? Vicky said irritated and open his eyes.  Turning he saw maan giving him glare. What??  You were late. I felt sleepy. He said rubbing his head. Geet giggle looking at him and look at maan.



Why are you so late? He smile widely and kiss her cheek. Geet and Vicky look at him confuse. Guess what?  He asked but got nothing from them. He takes a file and show to both. Dad project is being purchased. He whispered looking both of them making them gasp loudly.




They ask together. He nodded smiling but soon crashed in a hug by both of them.Wow bro. You did it. You finally did it. He smiles at both. After sometime Vicky move back and geet kiss him.  He closes his eyes and ears yelling. Geez guys, control please. She giggles and move back keeping her head on his shoulder. Vicky gave them a dirty glare. You both just need a chance. Maan slap him while she laughs.



Vicky makes a face holding his cheek. Bhabhi. She hit his chest. Maan please. He grinned raising his eyebrow at maan who rolled his eyes. Stupid idiot.



Geet move back. Maan. How does it happen?


I got their call in morning. And there my whole day went on presenting site seeing discussing and many issues. And finally they agreed. Geet smile and hug him kissing his cheek.



Ok now let’s celebrated this. Both look at ger curiously.I will make something sweet. And ofcourse coffee for my maan. Kissing his cheek she went to kitchen getting busy while maan adore her with his love.






Precap: sagai cancel



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One response to “FOREVER WITH YOU

  1. mishy

    December 26, 2011 at 6:13 PM

    Nice update superb vicky is also cool but wat precap sagai cancel why i m sure reason is sameera


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