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I swear she need a tight slap…. she keep her palm in his lips looking at him terrified. How can geet say that? How can he even think like that? Maan. How could you? He rolled his eyes jerking her hand away and looks away. She move forward and cups his face. Forget everything for sometime. Let’s think about Vicky and meera only. He look at Ger for some time and hug her trying to calm himself. She is saying true. He has to be calm. He has to stay quiet.




Geet was brushing her hair and maan was tying his tie. He has to rush to office for an urgent meeting. Although he himself have said that no work will be done till engagement. There were three days left but he got important call and has to go.



She turns around to him pouting. You promised. He smiles moving his arm around her waist. I know honey. But it’s important. She makes a face and looks at his the playing. We were going for selecting a ring. Looking up she say. Together. He sighed kissing her cheek and move her hair behind her hair.Vicky and meera are with you. We both will go later. Twisting her lips she moves back making a face. He smile hugging her from back and kiss her neck. Love you. Turning she kiss him. All the best.






They went to shop selecting a ring for Vicky and meera. Sameera also came with both of them. Meera and Vicky got busy in selecting a ring, geet look at sameera who was holding a ring. She smile and stood beside her. You like it. She looks up at her, than keep the ring. Yea. It’s good. Geet smile order to pack the ring. It’s ok. I don’t need it.


Take it please. Just a gift from me. Sameera look at her for some time and then reject to pack the ring. I don’t need anything…. especially from you… with that she went out leaving an ssad geet behind. 






They brought rings for each other’s and decided to eat outside something. Geet insisted Vicky and meera to sit alone. So she and sameera sat on another chair. Geet wanted to talk to her and know what she thinks now and what she wants. Sameera, kal jo hua.. tumhe pata haina maan ko jab gussa aata hai to bus…. I’m really sorry.



Sameera smile shaking her head. It’s not his mistake. It’s all because of you. She looks up at her with all herded in her eyes. You have made him like this geet. You have snatched him from me. Geet look at her shocked. After his dad he went little away… but when you came he hates everyone. She whispered slowly looking at Ger eyes. You are only a disease in his life geet. Just a disease.  Just then she feels a hand on her shoulder. Looking up she saw Vicky looking at sameera furiously. You don’t know Bhabhi sameera.



Geet stood up holding his arm indicating him to be quite but he show his hand.She is the one who brought happiness in our, bro and everybody’s life. He move a step forward to her which made Ger step back scared from him. Geet hold his arm immediately. Don’t cross your limits. With that he holds geet hand and drags her to the car. He sat there for meera and sameera to come. They came and he silently drove to mansion.





They reached and she silently went to her room. Sameera words were still ringing in her mind. Suddenly her phone Rang. It was maan. Geet. She smile hearing his voice but soon frowned. Something was thief in his voice. It seems like he is stressed or nervous. You ok. He sighed closing his eyes. Hmm. Have one big meeting now. Wanted to gear your voice. She smile sitting on bed. I love you.


Love you too sweetheart.


Be yourself. He smiles. This voice has some magic which bring such a power in him to fight with anything possible. Wait for me.  Will be little late. She talked to him for some time until he was called for meeting.





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