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Sam look at her from behind, her eyes were closed but she can see a small tiny drop of tear in corner of her eyes. Holding her she kiss her cheek and lied behind her. She knows it’s hard for geet but somewhere she like maan and his family. They were so sweet and nice plus it’s the only wish Dadaji have seen all his life. He is really happy with this relation.



The day when Khurana family has to come has come. Geet was putting her books on her bag when Sam entre the room. Tu kahi jaa rahi hai? She sat in bed. Hmm. Collage. Aur kaha. Sam frowned.


Geet. At least stop going t collage for one week.


Please di.


Geet. Maan is coming today.


To main darwaaze par kari ho kar unka suaagat karu ? She put the bag and went out but was again stopped by Dadaji. Beta. Aaj bhi collage. She stayed quiet and looks down. No. You won’t go for this week. They are coming today. She hated it, why are they stopping her if they are coming. Why can’t she go?
Why are they forcing her to stay? But Dadaji.




No but beta. You have to stay. She looks up at Sam and looks down, her cheek puffed. But she can’t say anything in front of him. Sam looks at her and tried to talk to her. I will come home soon Dadaji. With that she tried to go escaping from Dadaji question. Sam went behind her. I will walk to collage. No need to come. She went out angrily. Angry with herself. Why her life is so difficult, why can’t she get what she wants for once only? Why are all trying to decide her life?






Whole khurana mansion came, Maan eyes hungrily roam around the living room searching for geet but to his luck he didn’t find her and felt strangely annoyed. He wanted badly to see a glimpse of her. After sometime Dadi asked a question which his heart was dying to ask. Where is geet Sam? Sam fumbled looking at Dadaji and said nervously.WO. She is in college.  Dadi smile nodding.



Time was passing so slowly for him. Sam show them all their room. He went upstairs and Sam too went behind him. Maan. He turns to her. Do you know where is **** college?


Of course. Who won’t know?


Actually. Geet study there. I’m quite busy. Can you please bring her?



He looks at her shocked. He will go to her college, and alone. While some part of him jumped in joy for seeing her alone. He thought for some time and smile slightly. Ok.
Sam smiled. She would have gone but has lots of work and didn’t want geet to come home alone and walking. She already went without car, the college is so far and she must be tired walking there and already is in bad mood. 






Hurriedly sitting in car he started it and went to the college to meet her. He stops the car and went out standing at the gate not knowing now where to go. Taking a breath he entre inside to get the shock of his life.



There stood geet hugging some boy whose back was to him. She was smiling, the smile he have not seen in her face. The smile which made him goes crazy over her. She move back and the boy move his arm around her shoulder and turn around walking with her.



Oh. So this is the reason she don’t want to marry. This is the reason she was not home when he came. This is the reason she didn’t wanted to fast for him. His fist clenched seeing them so close. Her being so normal with him.



He sees them move more close and geet eyes saw him and she stopped on her track. Shock written all over her face.






Precap: ab kya hoga???



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  1. mishy

    December 25, 2011 at 8:52 PM

    As usual pehle mu then clarification after long time


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