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He sees them move more close and geet eyes saw him and she stopped on her track. Shock written all over her face.



She slowly moves forward to him with the boy. Aap??  Yaha? She never expected him to showup in her college. The look on his face seeing the joy with her got her notice,he is Samar. My childhood friend. He looks at him from top to bottom while Samar smirked standing behind geet with his hand on his pocket. Samar, he is maan. Samar smile and extend his hand. Hello. The process makes his chest touch geet back which made him somewhere boil. Hi. Moving his hand he looks at geet. Ghar chale. She nodded.



Both silently sat in car. He was desperate to ask more about this Samar person and clear everything while geet was smiling inwardly remembering his face when he saw them. No doubt he was extremely jealous.



Maan didn’t want to think that he is the reason behind her disagreeing this marriage, if it would have been. Then she would have told him, when he saw both of them she was not scared and that guy was also cool which means they are friends. He was sure geet can never lie; his heart told him she can never. The feelings which she is making in his heart are going deep.






They enter the house; all were busy in living room. Geet was about to go when he hold her wrist.  She gasped and turns around. Aaj raat chat pe aayogi Milne? She moves her hand from his hold and look here and there.Main sochke bataungi. With that she ran from there and entre her room. A small smile crept on her lips feeling his touch on her skin, which was burning hot by just his one hold. Her breath was so fast like she didn’t breathe for years. Jumping on bed she Ltd looking up at ceiling, just thinking about thinks which just happened. Should she go and meet him? What if someone see them? But di said to spend some time with him.





All were having dinner together. Maan was again and again stealing glances of geet, wanting to know whether she will come.  Geet look up for a second when she saw maan looking at her and raised his eyebrow silently asking her. She clear ger throat putting the spoon in her mouth and look down.



He sighed, itne nakhre kisi ke bardaasht nahi kiye jitne yeh kar rahi hai. God. Ab kya karu. All the dinner he was only eyeing her only to listen a yes from her. The dinner finishes, Sam and geet were taking all the plates when geet come to him and lean down to take his plate. Main aayungi. He look up instantly at her, she turned pink shade and went to kitchen making him grin like a fool. 
Yesss … yesss.. yessss..




Geet look out of window, she is finally going to spend some time with him. Somewhere she was very nervous about what will happen. How will she talk to him? She never has talked anything about her to anyone.  She turns to look at sleeping Sam, she is so lucky. She always gets what she wants, she always says about her heart to anyone. She. Can show her desires and Dadaji so easily accept them. Her life has always been so easy.



But she. Her life, always in complications. She can never say her desires. She didn’t have that courage. She is always left out when to ask decision because she was never asked for anything. jis ka jo di aaye dede,  jo ji aaye keh de, jo jee aaye karde.  Why her? The question she is asking from doesn’t know how long but never have got the answer.



Her life is being decided, always have decided by Dadaji or Sam. Not once have they asked during all this, weather she want all this, what she wants to do?  What she feels about maan? 







Precap: the meeting.


















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4 responses to “SAATHIYA

  1. trs1391

    December 31, 2011 at 6:27 PM

    awsem update

  2. mishy

    December 31, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    Nice nd cute update

  3. kavita

    December 31, 2011 at 9:17 PM

    wonderful update
    now maan geet ke nakhary jhelegaa

    • zoha25

      January 3, 2012 at 7:51 PM

      Ab aayega mazzaa


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