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Slowly turning to geet he saw her silently looking outside with her head on window. His heart ached to see this sadness in her eyes. Reaching for her hand he slowly holds her and looks at her. She looks at him and tightened her hold bringing his hand close to her heart. She needed his support more than anything. He was the one who vanished such a terrible memory from her and she needed him to do it again.






They reached home. Maan hold Khushi and made her sleep in her room and went to his room finding geet curled in bed crying. His heart ached to hear that voice and went to her. She sat and hugs him tight and starts to cry more. Maan. He brought her more close kissing her head but she was not where to stop. The smell, the touch was making her feel so exhausted.



After a long hour when he felt her little calm down and silence,  he move her back and wipe her tears. Her face was full of tears and pink. Grabbing a glass of water  he presses it to her lips making her drink and remove her hair from her face cupping her face. Don’t cry. He will have to pay for it. Very badly geet. She sniffs and keeps her head on his shoulder. He made her lie down brushing her hair. Rahul have done the biggest mistake of his life to mess with him. His life will become a living hell now.







She was sleeping in the bed when she feels a cool breeze on her skin. Opening her eyes she sees the window open and went to close them. Maan was not in the room. She turn around but was jerked by a hard body, looking up she finds Rahul standing very close to her with his dirty smile. I love your smell. He move forward touching his lips to her but she jerk him yelling. NOOO….




Maan open his eyes by her loud voice and find her sitting. He sat and saw her sweating and panting heavily. Keeping his hand on her shoulder she winced and move back but seeing maan she clung to him. Ssshhh.  It’s just a dream…



She hides herself in his arm crying. He stroke her hair slowly wisphering again and again. It’s ok. It’s ok… I’m here.



He made her lye and removes her lock behind only to feel her skin burning. He keeps his hand on her forehead. She was having fever. Geet. She opens her eyes. You are having fever, let me give you something before medicine. He moves little away making her hold him tight. No please. I’m ok. Please don’t go. He keeps her hand on her cheek. I will be here soon. Let me make some soup for you. She shakes her head again. He sighed and kisses her forehead. You shouldn’t be scared geet. He is no one in front of me and I swear he have to pay badly for his deeds.  She look at him for sometime wanting to trust him badly but this time she only have to do what he says.








Making the soup he made her drink it and give her the medicine. After sometime her fever was gone but her continuous moaning didn’t stop. While night her hold on him only tightened which didn’t make him sleep. He was their confronting her whole night. Making sure of his presence to her. Making ger know ger is there every 15 mint.







Next day he didn’t let geet to go to office and he was home. He worked from home. But the only work was Rahul. He checked all the details of the project and came to know he is doing this project with them for three months. He checked all about him and his business. He hired a detective against him and sends some trusted person behind him to collect information about him and his work which can be helpfully. He made sure to make Rahul regret whole his life to do this with his geet. Maan Singh Khurana’s geet.






Precap: geet again in office.


Ok guys. So the part you all wanted going to come.


Our shairni is coming to office, get ready.




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