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He hired a detective against him and sends some trusted person behind him to collect information about him and his work which can be helpfully. He made sure to make Rahul regret whole his life to do this with his geet. Maan Singh Khurana’s geet.





Next day when maan came out of shower and saw her getting ready. Geet. She looks at him. Where are you going? He stands beside ger. Office. She was back to her usual cold self, she have become so soft after so long time and again have become the same. You shouldn’t go. She looks up at him. I will. With that she went out in another car.





Sitting in the car she still can remember what Rahul did with her and she will never ever let him do that. Again. She was week, shocked at that moment, somewhere she was broken badly, for once she trusted maan and this happened, for once she tried to do what he say and ger did this. But she won’t keep silence anymore. How can Rahul even think she won’t reply back to him, she can do anything she wants?



She enters the office where she was told Rahul was already in conference room. She inhaled and entre the room to find Rahul and rajjat, Rahul was having that dirty smile and evil eyes were all over her but she don’t care anymore. She sat on her chair, open ger file and took the first letter passing it to rajjat. Your resignation letter. Sign it. Rajjat look at her shocked and look at Rahul who chuckled. I thought this company runs by maan.



Yes. But you also forgot I’m his wife Mr. mehra. She said sternly straightly looking in his eyes. He frowned; she was so week before and just now this?



  Sign Mr. Rajjat. Rajjat take the paper sign it passing a look at her. You are dismissed for five years. She looks at him. You won’t work for any company for five long years. Another shock came for both of them. What? Rajjat whispered looking at her curiously. Yes. Now get out. He sat there shocked, not knowing what he will do now. His career is over for Five years. Out. She said again finding him lost. He stood and quietly left from their looking at Rahul angrily.






Rahul stood up coming to ger. That was great. He leans down to her bringing his face very close to ger. Her jeep her hand on his hand and push him hard standing up. Stay in your limits Mr. Mehra. Don’t forget it’s my office where you are standing. He look down at his shirt and up at her smiling amazingly. Wow. So many attitudes.  She ignores him and takes the file throwing at him. The contract is cancelled. You should get out of here right now. He takes the file and read it. His all contract was canceled and he got loss of 25 lakhs.  He looks up furiously at ger. How dare you? Throwing the file he storm toward her bit she slap him hard on his cheek. He looks at ger furiously with his hand on his cheek. Told you. Stay in your limits. I was not able to react before but you have to pay for even coming this close to me. With that she slaps his other cheek really hard.



He steps toward ger wanting to slap her but his hand stop in mid way by a strong arm around his wrist.  Grunting he look at maan furiously looking at him. How dare you? He pushes him hard so he jerks to floor lying. Maan storm to him kicking his stomach and hitting his hands. How dare you put you filthy hands to my wife. Geet called the security and they arrived. Take him. She ordered and all guards took the bleeding Rahul outside but she stops him standing in front of him. You have made the biggest mistake to come back Rahul. You just Mess with geet khurana. Count your days. She threatened him, he look at her furiously while geet stood beside maan, both glaring him.





Geet came home after that, and told maan she no more wanted to work with him in office, he quietly accepted what she told. She stayed in house not believing what happened in few days. How many things have changed? No matter how much she tries to trust maan but he always do something to hurt her deeply. If he would have been little concupiscence about his work this wouldn’t have happened.  He always takes things so lightly about her. Because she was dealing the project ger didn’t even once thought to check the file, didn’t even checked with whom he is sending her to do the project.  He is still the same careless about her.



But what can she do? Why does she love him so much that whatever he does with her, her heart never wants to punish him, never want to see him suffer Than why he always make her suffer?  How long will she wait?  How long she have to lament? How much more time will he take to understand her.



She lean back her head to window and a tear escaped from her eyes. Why he only have to hurt her so much that it become so hard for her to forget and come close to him.





Precap: maan Singh khurana faces Rahul






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