22 Dec


He knows Bhabhi. More than me. Anjali smile and stroke her hair and prayed silently for both of their happiness. These hidden things won’t bring any problem in their life and they can be as happy as or happier than she is with ajay.

She knows maan live her way more, than ajay love her. Their love is very stronger and pure. Bus kisi ki buri nazar na lage.



It was usual morning. Geet was eating her breakfast really fast because she was getting late. She and Somali have decided to go to shopping together. Ajay look at her and say. Itna mat kha moti ho jaayegi. He and brij start to giggle. She made and face. Papa. Anjali look at both. Q tung kar rahe ho usse. Tu kha geet. She smiles showing her tongue to ajay and start eating.


She entre the mall where Somali was waiting for her. Sorry. They went and got engrossed in their shopping. They almost have spender two hours there. Geet was feeling exhausted. Sona bus karna I’m tired.

Wait yar. Just some more. She rolled her eyes. That’s what she is saying for so long. Turning around she saw Sanaya in cloths section. Bhabhi. Somali turn around. Di. Kaha. Geet laugh and hit Sonali shoulder. Di nahi pagal.  Sanaya Bhabhi. Look. She looks at the direction and both look at each other’s. Chal.

They both went to her. Bhabhi. She turns around and smile looking them they hug her and chatted for a while. Can you believe Bhabhi? We are here from so long. Geet giggle and look at Sanaya. She looks at both of them than look at geet.

You shouldn’t do this geet. Both frowned. You may not have any responsibility but Sonali must have. You both should go home. Somali frowned by her reply. What does she mean by that? What do you mean Bhabhi? Sanaya shake her head chuckling. Well everyone treats her like a kid and I’m sure she doesn’t even know what responsibility is. But she should know your mom must be waiting for you, she also need your help or something.

Geet look down clearly understanding her meaning while Somali didn’t like it at all. Don’t say that Bhabhi. Instead geet was insisting me from long. Somali smile forcefully and look at the dress. Somali hold geet hand. We will go now. Bye. With that he drag geet and both hurriedly paid and sat in car. How dare she say that? She looks at geet who was sadly looking down. And why you didn’t reply back to her?

She shrugs her shoulder. Leave Na sonali.  Sonali rolled her eyes, all the drive she didn’t stop.  But geet didn’t say anything. She felt bad but somewhere she was not finding that love and affection from sonali by which she can say anything to her. It’s something she expected from her as she never has treated geet the way others do and it’s not important. She is not from this family she doesn’t know anything.

They reached home and sonali did the first thing telling anjali about the incident. Anjali look at geet who engrossed herself in kitchen but she knew how much she will be hurt. Sonali went after sometime and anjali went to kitchen standing beside her. Geet baby. Geet look up at her and anjali can see the sadness in her eyes. Holding her shoulder she hugs her tight.

Geet sighed hugging her. Anjali rub her back making her calm down.It’s ok baby. Geet move back looking down. I know. Anjali smile and cups her face kissing her forehead. Forget it now. You know it’s not true. Geet smile and nodded.


It was almost evening when anjali called geet. She ran down to her.Geet. Can you please go to office? Ajay as usuall forgot his file. Geet giggle and take the file. She entre the office and turn to ajay cabin when she hit someone and was about to fall but was saved by two strong arms.


Precap: Mr. Savior…..

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  1. mishy

    December 22, 2011 at 12:44 PM

    Nice one but too small zoha please make it big yaar thanks


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