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she have seen so much love in his eyes, infact it was first time this love was seen. The warmth of his embrace, she felt so good. Like her world is there, and yes it is. But she can’t just show him now. She first has to make sure that did he really change? Will he really be able to be same now? She will not be weak this time. Not until she will be sure that Maan is enough responsible. He will have to face her silence, ignorant. Although she can’t ignore him but yes she will not love him openly, the way she always did. She will not support him until her trust will be back.


Her thought were broken by the door bell. She knows who it will be. Running she opened the door, while Sam look at her curiously and Lora rolled her eyes. Maan smiled seeing her. She didn’t smile back but took his file and mobile. Giving her a kiss on her lips he says. Ready? We have to go to airport fast.



 She nods going inside the room. Sam are you ready.


Yes sir.


Maan gives the luggage to the driver. Geet hug Lora. Take care. She move back and smiled. Maan came and say her bye. Thanx for everything you have done. She smiles nodding her head.

 Trio sat in the car. Geet in middle. The drive was longer than usual.


Enough geet. Give it to me. Maan snatched his mobile, in which she was engrossed checking his office mail. Maan, I was just checking. She tried to take the mobile but he put it in his pocket. She made a face at him. Sam looks both of them curiously. Who will say that these two people were away from each others? They both are so weird when together. Geet. She is so difficult to understand. It’s been two days they are together but she didn’t saw her talking with her or Lora, the only person she speaks with is Maan. Lora will only get the answer of what she asks. She was so confused by her behavior, she expected someone really high ego, stubborn person who left Maan when he love her so much. But seeing her. She is so different from others.


Geet grab his wallet from his pocket checking it, but Maan snatch it away. Geet. You will see her after sometime. She made a face and keeps her head on his chest hugging him. I want to see her. He brings her close.Geet we will be there soon. Sam said smiling at her trying to make her talk. But geet look at Maan angrily. Why have you brought her here?  He put his hand on her cheek. She wanted to see you. She moves close, holding his waist tight. I don’t like her. Maan kissed her head moving her hair from her face. He looks up at Sam and mouth at her sorry. She smile and nods her head. She chuckled looking out of window? She was wrong. Khushi is not like Maan nor is her behavior because she was not receiving love. It’s just she is like geet.


Geet was restless in the plane too. Maan sat in-between Sam and her. Geet hold his arm and keep her head on his shoulder. He played with her finger kissing them several time. Sam could only admire their love. After sometime geet dozed off. He looks at her only bringing her in his embrace caressing her cheek with his thumb.Khushi will be so happy. Sam said finding him lost in his wife. Hmm. she is going to get her mom. 

 His eyes were fixed on her, moving his thumb to her chin caressing her skin. My job is complete sir. You have found your wife. He softly kisses her forhead then cheek ever so softly. I have found my life. He turn to Sam. you can come home whenever you like. She chuckled looking at geet. He turns to her again carrying her face. She will not like it. He smiled. She will. She just needs time mixing with people. He kisses her lips softly removing her hair from her forehead.


They reached Delhi. Driver was already present there. She was getting restless as time passes. During the whole drive she hold on Maan hand tight. Oh god. Will she recognize me? He smiles squeezing her hand. She will. Don’t worry. She nods.

When they reach little nearer. She keeps his hand on her heart. He could feel her rapid heartbeat. pitting his other arm around her he rub her arm. He also called maa and brij. no one knows the reason except brij that why he strictly told everyone to be present.


finally they reached the mansion. her eyes were stuck on it. it is so changed. so big. Maan held her and took her toward the door. Sam simply walk with them. geet give a worried look to Maan, he kiss her forehead. ringing the bell geet hold him tight. he chuckled and bring her behind him. Maan. what are you doing? he hold both her hand in front of him, not letting her to move. ssh geet. I want to surprise her. she hold his shirt tight when the door opened. he smile looking all of them already waiting for him. giving him confuse look to see a big smile in his face.


KHUSHI. he shouted, still holding geet behind him. no one could see her. baby come fast. Khushi ran down. papa. she shouted from upstairs running down. geet shivered by her voice holding Maan tight. when Khushi was little away he gesture her to stop by his hand. wait their honey. she frowned putting her hand on her hips. he smile moving away so all can see geet. a loud gasp came out from all seeing her. but her eyes were stuck on her angel. tears rolled down continuously. she leave Maan hand and run toward her hugging her tight. Khushi. my baby. she cup her face kissing her both cheeks forehead. mama. she whispered in low voice and bring her little fingers on her face. mama. you came. geet nods her head smiling widely, hugging her kissing continually, tears of joy didn’t stop.I missed you so much baby. Maan stood at the door seeing the site which he dreamt for so long. all the family came near her. rano put a hand on her shoulder. geet look up taking Khushi in her arm she stood and hug her maa. rano kiss her head. all were in tears. she hug mom and dad. I’m so happy that you came. dad said kissing her forehead.


Khushi saw Maan standing. she gesture him to come. he come near and kiss her cheek. she hold geet locking her little arms around her neck. papa, you brought mama. both geet and Maan smile. geet kiss her cheek. yes princess, I finally brought her. geet was only admiring her daughter.


geet beta. go rest for a while. you must be tired, we will talk later. mom told her. she nods her head moving a step she stop, where should she go, which room should she go? she look above at their room. should she go there? have Maan still kept that room foe her too.


Maan understood and went to her he whispered. go to our room. she look in his eyes, he smile and assure her. she move and goes to their room.


Maan told everyone how he found geet. brij told that he wants to trust Maan this time. Sam bid a bye to everyone knowing they might need private time.


as geet entered the room she was shocked. Whole wall was decorated with her and their pic. There was also some Khushi pic. She smile thinking Maan has missed her so much that he tried to keep her close by seeing her everywhere. Tracing her finger to every picture she looks at them. How much she missed all this. Her Maan. Her daughter. How much she wanted to hold her like this. To see this family again. Maan have kept everything according to her wish in the room. It was clean, beautiful just as she wanted.





Precap: spending time with family

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  1. Jyoti

    June 28, 2011 at 2:15 PM

    lol…loved when geet said abt sam…i dont like her…
    everyone was so happy…
    finally they all r together…


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