hidden feelings

26 Jun

Part 12



 Maan stopped his car in front of her mansion. Sighing he look at her. So. Finally you have to go. She smiled looking out then to him. Moving close she kiss his cheek. All the best. She smiled shyly and ran out. He was shocked with what she has done. Moving his fingers to his cheek he smiled. He looks out at her she was standing at the door. He smiled and waves her; she waved back and finally turns to leave.




Geet was pacing in the living room nervously, it was Mehndi today, and all work should be finished till night. And plus it was Maan presentation. She was calling him from morning but his cell was simply switch off. Madam, yeh kaha karna hai. The worker called out. uper waale kamre main. Jaldi karo Na aap Sab. she said again dialing maan number. Tch. why is his cell switched off.

She turn around and saw mohinder coming from office, she went and hug him.Papa, how was Maan presentation? He smiled by her nervousness. Patting her cheek he says. It was good baby, infact very good. But you see the other one was more profitable for that company. Her face fell. So it’s the reason his cell was switched off. He lost the deal. She must be so sad. You business people are so greedy. Never see how the work is, bus profit, profit and profit. She said furiously and ran to her room. Mohinder could only smile. She quickly change and went to his mansion. Entering she greeted everyone. Hey sweaty, how are you? Dev asked passing her the apple. No dev. I’m fine. She turns to dad. Uncle where is Maan?


He is in his room. Go. She nods her head and go. Dad smiled knowing it’s only her who can now make him feel light. He liked both of their bonding, geet was the only girl or say a person to whom he have seen Maan so desperate to discuss his life with. He never have talk to them properly, only did what they asked him for. But with geet he will be someone else. He many time passed his room when geet was round. He has never seen Maan so happy.




Geet entered the room and saw him lying on his stomach. She sat beside him. His eyes were close. As he felt a touch on his shoulder he knew who it could be. Sighing him open his eyes and sat looking down. She felt so bad seeing him sad, she never have seen him like this. He holds her hand. I lost it. There was so much sadness in his voice, she immediately hug him. He holds her tight. But I’m sure you were the best. Moving back she touches his cheek. You know, everything happens for good. I’m sure you will get the biggest project, which will be according to your dream. Yea to bus chota sa project, what’s in it? He sighed, feeling little well. Why didn’t you speak to me before the proect? She giggles and hit his head. You should have called me Na. i was calling you so long. But you phone is switched off. He looks down to her hand which he was still holding. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. She smiles. Not even me. He instantly lookup. How can’t I talk to you? She smiled, but her eyes caught the sight of his room. Yeh kya halat banadi. Papers were scattered all around the room. She stood and picked all the papers, he just admire her. You know today me bhai Mehndi, and you have to come. She gave him the warning look. I will select the dress for you. She went to his cupboard and start selecting the dress. He looks at her for some time. She was engrossed in his dresses. Slowly going to her he hug her from back. She shivered feeling his hard chest on her back.Will you always come to me when I feel so lonely? She smiled turning around. He holds her waist. Her hand move to his chest. You don’t have to say it. I will always be with you. He keeps his forehead on hers whispering. Promise me.

She smiled. Pakka promise. She again turns around. Now let me select something for you. She admires all the dresses and finally her eyes caught on dress. Yes this. Giving him the dress she says. You have to come early ok. I need to rush. The ceremony will start in sometime and I’m not ready yet. He nods his head. She move to go but he hold her and hug her. Thanking her to forget everything. She smile understanding it and hold him back.




Maan came early as she told her, few guests were arrived, and he went to her room knowing she will be there. Entering he saw her wearing the jewelry. She was looking so beautiful. She saw him and excitedly turns around. You came early. Good. He smiled and holds her shoulder. Stop you chatter and turn around. She frowned. Why?  He turns her around and took her in front of mirror. I bought something for you. He slides the necklace around her neck. She gasped looking at it.

Touching it and feel it. Wow. It’s so beautiful. There was a big smile on her face. Turning around she say. Thank you so much Maan. She said almost jumping. He chuckled but holds her shoulder. No thanking will work madam.


Then what? He gives her a mischief smile and forwards her cheek. Her cheek turned red by his action. There was shy smile on her face. Slowly moving close she kiss his cheek. He caught her not letting her go. And move his face close nuzzling her neck. Her breath caught on her throat. Hands move to his chest. He moves up to her chin kissing there softly. She gasped lightly. He move back to look at her eyes, and was so happy not to find any guilt, but there was shyness. He smiled and kisses her cheek. Let’s go.




The ceremony started all was present. Maan was with geet only; he was not the person who talks to others. Dad caught his sight and smiled, he always will be with him in every party, but now he is with geet everywhere. Wherever she will go he only will stand with her.


He didn’t leave geet sight, she never mind it. He didn’t talk whenever she would be with anyone. But whenever they will be alone he talk with her all the while and she only look at him. Both went and sat beside ajay and anjali. Anjali look both of them and smiled. Ajay went to his friend. kya baat hai geet, kuch to chal raha hai han? She whispered eyeing to her and Maan smiling misciefly. Geet didn’t understand her. Kya chal raha hai bhabhi? I didn’t get you. She hit her head. Who am I talking to? Maan look both of them. What happened anjali. Anjali smiled. Now it going to give her glimpse weather there is something. I am just asking Maan, what’s going between you two Han? She giggled seeing Maan looking down turning pink and smiling. Now that was for sure. Geet look both of them confusly. She hit Maan arm.Why are smiling. Bhabhi don’t talk in riddles. Say clearly. Both chuckled at her innocence. Nothing geet. Its matured talk. You will understand it after many years. Anjali and Maan both laugh. Geet shot a glare to both of them. You both are making fun of me. Fine then enjoy. With that she stormed off. Maan smiled. Looking at her. Now go. He nodded and stood up.Maan. He turns around to anjali. She is really nave, it might take time. He smiles. I know. Don’t worry. Anjali smiled at him. She is best for you. I’m sure. He look down shyly, he never have talked to anyone about his heart. He smile and went to her.


Geet. Geet suno to. She turns away from him crossing her arms.I was just joking. She didn’t reply. But he knows what will make her speak. Hmm. if you are angry, then I will go to sonali. Her eyes popped out remembering him dancing with sonali. Turning around she hold his arm. I’m not angry. Of course I know you are joking. She gives a forceful smile. He smile, she look so cute, and he felt like pulling her cheek and kissing hard. But they are in people. She didn’t left him after that. Late night he went to his mansion saying her bye.




Precap: anjali bidai and geet feeling bad.

hope you like it.

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love you all.
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2 responses to “hidden feelings

  1. Jyoti

    June 26, 2011 at 9:04 PM

    lovely part…
    the sonali card worked for her….lol…
    continue soon..

  2. seher farrukh

    June 26, 2011 at 9:49 PM

    hi nice update loved it


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