hidden feelings

23 Jun

Part 11



I don’t know what is happening to me. I’m so scared. She finally told him his feeling. He sighed knowing the reason for her behavior. Cursing himself to put things so fastly, how can he forget she is so nave, not like others, she definitely feels scared after having so much feeling in short time? Taking a deep breath he gently kisses her forehead. Don’t worry. Don’t think about anything. Everything going to be ok. She looks at him.I promise. She smiled lightly keeping her head on his chest, feeling better. After sometime he finally manages to go with light heart and happy.




It was midnight. Maan mom was sitting on her bed, her thought were on the day of engagement. Her mind was only on sonali. She smiled when Maan and sonali dance image came to her mind. Sonali is such a nice girl.


Wedding was near, preparation was going on. Geet demanded to prepare everything according to her wish. Brij did whatever she instructs him. Ajay was told to stay away from office as well as preparation work. Geet how about this color? Asked brij seeing geet confused selecting a color for ribbon. No bhaiya, not this, can you bring purple ribbon. Brij rolled his eyes. She is sending him probably third time only for ribbon. Every time she thinks of color then reject it.


She finally manages to select the color, and complete her task with ribbon. Finally brij was allowed to go to his office. Geet phone rang and she ran to her room. Hello. She said breathing hard due to running. Relax relax. Itni becheni bhi achi nahi. She smile blushing and sat on her bed. Nahi WO. I came running, that’s why. He smiled flipping the page of file.Hmm. can i have a dinner with someone special. She didn’t answer. But blushed hard by his word someone special, kya baat hai. Now a day’s someone is becoming really quiet.


Hmm. because someone else is talking too much now a days. He chuckled looking down. I will be waiting out for you after two hours. Be ready. She nods her head. And yea, please don’t bring anyone or tell anyone ok. She giggles again nodding. He smiled listening to her sweet giggles.See you soon. Smiling he hang-up.


She got ready on time. Going out she saw his car little away from her mansion. He saw her coming toward his car. She was looking so beautiful in white.

He smiled at her when she sat and look at him. Hi. She said cheerfully. He smiled and started the car. They drove to the big restaurant. He took her to the corner seat where no one can see them. She orders for herself and Maan knowing what he will like. They knew everything about each others.


When the waiter goes he slowly holds her hand entangling her finger with it. So how’s the preparation going? She was not able to answer, only looking at their hands and blushing hard. He looks up not getting her reply and smiled seeing she turned to cherry. Looking at her eyes he softly kisses the back of her hand. She shivered lightly looking down. Moving close to her ear he whispered bolo Na. making a current pass through her. She looks up only to find his face mere inches away. He looks at her eyes. She was getting uncomfortable with his gaze. Looking down she

Blurt out. Aap aise dekhoge to main kaise bolu. It took time for him to digest the word and when he got it, he started to laugh a loud. She looks at him, embarrassed of what she said. But his continuous laugh made her angry. You are making fun of me. Great. Laugh. I am going. She stood up and turned to leave but was stopped by his hold on her arm. Looking back at him she saw him serious now. Sorry. Now sit. Gently making her sit he again took her hand.


After finishing the food they sat again talking with eachothers. His hand was entangled on her all the while. You know geet, I have a presentation tomorrow. It’s a big project. If I get it. Dad will be so proud of me. She smiled.I’m sure you will get it. You’re the best.  He smiled at her confidence. That’s the reason he wanted to meet her today. To be calm, to be happy. Only she can make him so relax in these situations. Be yourself, everything will be ok. She gave him a warm smile.


They spent more time there. Maan discussed his project with her, although she hates business but still listened his every word. He always speaks so much whenever he is with her alone. Like he is someone else the world knows. Talking to her about his whole day, discussing with her his presentation. Talking about mom and dad dream.


She always listened to him calmly; to the word she was talkative. But in front of him the words seems not to be found. She loves to listen to him.  She is not the person who gives chance people to talk but here she always allows him to talk while she only admires him. She doesn’t know what hat feeling is that she wants to listen to him all the day.


I’m so scared. What if I failed? Dad will be so sad with me. He looks down sadly. She tightened her hold. He will never be sad. Ups and down comes in life. He looks at her with raised eyebrow. Are you really geet? No. I mean you are talking so maturely. She made a big face. You’re again making fun of me. She pouts looking down. He smiled kissing her hand again. Ok sorry baba. Chalo lets go. It’s getting late now. He paid the bill and both made their way out to the car.


 Maan stopped his car in front of her mansion. Sighing he look at her. So. Finally you have to go. She smiled looking out then to him. Moving close she kiss his cheek.All the best. She smiled shyly and ran out. He was shocked with what she has done. Moving his fingers to his cheek he smiled. He looks out at her she was standing at the door. He smiled and waves her; she waved back and finally turns to leave.





Precap: upset Maan. Geet trying to make him happy.




















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3 responses to “hidden feelings

  1. simi91

    June 24, 2011 at 1:21 AM

    lovely part
    love it
    cont soonnnn

  2. sharmake11

    June 24, 2011 at 1:22 AM

    beautiful part
    love it
    cont soonnnn


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