loving laments

20 Jun




That night he was not able to sleep. He only wanted to run to her and hug her tight. Keep her close to him. He looks at the address, carssing the letter. Which turn his destiny? He will meet her soon. I’m coming jaan.




It was early morning, Khushi was still asleep. Maan went to Sam room. She was packing her bag. The moment she saw him she speak. Sir, everything is packed. We will leave for Delhi so. He nods his head. We have to go somewhere else. She stop putting cloths and look at him curiously. Where?




London? But why? He sighed going toward her giving her the address. Geet is in London. It’s her address. Sam eyes popped out. What? Geet. You find her address. But how?


Brij gave me. Now no more questions. After going to Delhi, we will drop Khushi and go to London. She nodded her head unknowingly but after getting his word she look at him. You mean you will not take Khushi to her?


No. I don’t want to. I don’t know what she will say? How she will behave. And there are many things which should be sort out first. 

She nods her head looking down, finally she will meet geet, and the first thing she want to ask her, was her anger so big that she have to leave her own daughter. How can she live in peace leaving everyone restless? She was desperate to meet the person for whom the great Maan Singh khurana is so restless. To whom he loves so unconditional.


Maa was sad that Khushi and Maan were leaving. She wanted them to be there for some more time. But Maan excused for work. He was not willing to tell anyone about before he meets her and make things clear. They sat in the car; he booked his private jack for him and Sam. every passing second his breath word getting low. He wanted to meet her as soon as possible. His wait is finally finished. He will meet his jaan soon. He was not feared of her reaction. He wanted her to punish him. Shout at him. Hit him. Khushi slept in his arm. He asked the driver to speed up the car to get in Delhi soon.


Sam felt his restlessness. She knew he wanted to meet her soon. She tried to take Khushi many times but she clearly rejected. She was so shocked at her behavior. Normally Childs used to chatter with everyone but she is the only kid who only wanted to be in Maan arms, no one else. She thought it otherwise; maybe it could be lack of love she is getting.


They reached Delhi after one day due to speeding. He told Sam to get fresh and eat something while her take Khushi in her room. Taking Khushi he gently laid her in bed. But she stirred a little and opens her eyes. Papa. She mumbled again sitting on his lap. He smiled brushing her head. I need to go out country baby. She looks at him with her sleepy eyes and making big face. He kisses her cheek. Its important baby, I will be back soon. She keeps her head on his chest closing her eyes.Chocolate. She demanded. He chuckled kissing her head. Fine. I will bring chocolate for you. He sat there until she falls asleep again. Sam came and saw him with Khushi. He lied her down and went to her. Let’s go to airport. Sam looks at him from up to down. But sir, at least get fresh. You must be tired. He shook his head moving ahead already. There’s no time Sam. we have to go. I need to meet her soon.


The drive to the airport was quiet fast. Sam was getting a bad feeling for him. He looks so happy, but what if she doesn’t accept him? What if she is moved on?  Keeping her view in mind she finally asks him. Sir, what if geet doesn’t accept you?  He looks at her for some time and then smiled. Sam. you will know her the moment you will see her. Now let’s go. He went out of car. Sam confusingly went behind him.


His restlessness only increase when the time passes. He wanted to land this plane as soon as possible. But that can’t be. It will take time. The moment the fight landed her hold Sam hand and drag her out fastly.finishing all the formalities he went out where the driver was already waiting for him. Both sat in the back seat. The driver put their luggage or say only Sam luggage, Maan didn’t even bothered to bring his bag. He gave the address to him. The driver drives the car to their destination.


It was late night when they reached their destination. He smiled widely. Coming out of car he took Sam bag and walk fastly. Sam has to run seeing him speedily climbing the stairs. He didn’t even bother to stay for few second for lift. She sighed running after him. When they reached the floor both stood taking their breath. He sighed a long breath and rings a bell. Waiting out. The door opened after few bells. He moved ahead. Geet. Where is she? Sam holds his shoulder to calm him but nothing worked. The lady who opened the door look at him curiously, not wanting them to come inside. Why did you come? He didn’t even bother to answer. His eyes were over her shoulder, searching for her. Sam looks at him and then the lady. Please let us in. we came for her. Sighing he shook her head finally allowing them in. he entered the house looking here and there finding her. He could feel her presence. I’m Lora. Brij told me that you are coming. But it’s late now. You can meet her. She was unable to complete seeing him glaring at her. He shot her a dead full glare and turn to a door which was closed. He could feel she was there. Her aroma was all around there.


Slowly her went and opens to the door. Lora tried to protest but Sam stopped her. Please let them talk first. They stayed outside.


He entered the room. It was dim. He looks ahead and his heart missed a beat, his geet was there, in front of him. Sleeping peacefully.

His life came back, his smile didn’t stopped, walking slowly he sat besides her looking at her closely.
 Admiring every nice of her. She looks so pale. Ever so gently he put his finger on her soft cheek. A smile crept on his face, he finally touched her, his tears flowed down, and his geet was with him. Moving close he gently and softly touch his lips on her forehead.


She felt him, but thought it will be another dream as always. She knots her eyebrow feeling his soft lips. On her skin. She never dreams of him touching her. Slowly opening her eyes, she took time to adjust the view; she saw his smiling face, teary eyes few inches away from him.hey jaan. He whispered caressing her cheek looking at her eyes. She blinks little time not knowing weathers its dream or not.

He know what she is feeling, kissing her eye he whispered. I’m here. I came to you jaan. She gasped slightly resting her back on bed rest. He only looks at her, there was no change in her behavior, but her eyes were shocked.





Precap: what will geet do or say?


so how was it friends?




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3 responses to “loving laments

  1. Jyoti

    June 20, 2011 at 7:37 PM

    awesome part…
    he saw her…finally…i am so happy…
    continue soon…
    want to know geet’s reaction….

  2. sharmake11

    June 21, 2011 at 12:09 AM

    love it
    cont soonnnnnnnn

  3. simi91

    June 21, 2011 at 12:11 AM

    wow finally he found
    waiting eagerly what i’ll be
    geet reaction


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