forever with you

22 Jun




She felt him, but thought it will be another dream as always. She knots her eyebrow feeling his soft lips. On her skin. She never dreams of him touching her. Slowly opening her eyes, she took time to adjust the view; she saw his smiling face, teary eyes few inches away from him.hey jaan. He whispered caressing her cheek looking at her eyes. She blinks little time not knowing weathers its dream or not.

He know what she is feeling, kissing her eye he whispered.I’m here. I came to you jaan. She gasped slightly resting her back on bed rest. He only looks at her, there was no change in her behavior, but her eyes were shocked. She gasped slightly resting her back on bed rest. He only looks at her, there was no change in her behavior, but her eyes were shocked.


He waited patiently for her to react, to yell at him, to cry. But nothing happened. She sat their quietly watching him. Hiding her emotion to show him as always, making her eyes blank to not make him know what’s going in her mind. Cupping her face is again whispered. I missed you so much, you have no idea what went in me without you.


She just watches him, not knowing what to do, what to say? The moment she feared have finally came, he finally found her. On the other hand she was so happy to see him. After many years. He looks so matured, totally business man type. She wanted to hug him hard and cry. But didn’t want to breakdown in front of him. She didn’t want to lose that easily. Whatever he did was not so easy to forget. She was scared; he will again be depending on her and leave everything he earned. Now if he found her he will only want to spend her time with her, which she didn’t want. She wants him to continue where he is. He was looking at her eyes, as if searching something. She knew he was searching for an answer, for the same love. No, not so easily. She gave him her famous blank look which she does. Whenever she will be angry with him.


He was not able to hold himself anymore. Hugging her he cried all his heart, showing all his pain, removing all the loneliness. She didn’t hug him. He knows there are many things he has to sort out he was ready. But now he wanted to keep her close to him.


He only hugs her crying. She didn’t like it. She never likes to see him like this. Wanting to comfort him, but afraid to speak, scared the word which will come in her mouth will be something sweet, she didn’t wanted to. Keeping quite she let him pour his heart.I love you. I love you. I love you so much. He mumbled holding her tight with every word.


After like an hour he moved back facing her. She gently wipes his tears. Still my crybaby. He chuckled with his teary eyes and kisses her softly cupping her face. Why are you not yelling at me?


Did I ever? He smiled hugging her, keeping his head on her chest holding her waist.How is Khushi? He looks up to her, she looks down at him, he wanted to see her love, but she was hiding it. Sighing he look down. She is fine. Missing you. They sat in a silence, words were never important for them. They can hear each other’s heartbeat. Maan knows she still love her the same, but didn’t wanting to shown. I am scared, I don’t trust you anymore. He sits straight and looks at her. Holding her hands he says.I know. But I will make you trust me again. She just looks at him in awe. Her Maan never have spoken any words to her like this. He never cared. Moving her hand she gently touch him. Wow, it feels so good. She missed the feeling so much. How much she loves this man, but scared to show it.


Suddenly there was knock on the door. She moved her hand and sit straight. Lora and Sam enter. Sam looks at her. She expects a hot discussion to be held. But both seem to be so relaxed. Geet look at her and turn to Maan. He understands. She is Sam. sameera. She actually. Ahh. He was finding it difficult to tell her, knowing she will be angry to know he took help finding her. She helped you. She said looking at his eyes. He gave her a pleading look. She shook her head. Still the same. Always need help. No. but I found you myself. Seriously. He said making an innocent face, she fell on it, wanting to smile, pull his cheek but hold herself. She looks at Sam.


Geet. You must sleep, it’s late. She said looking at Maan. Asking him to leave. Maan didn’t like it. He looks at geet.You both go and sleep, we are fine. Lora stormed out, she did not like it. How can she be so calm to him? He just came like that after many years. Not even giving any explanation.


Sam stood there looking at geet in confusion. Not knowing the reason of her so weird behavior. You can also go and sleep. Geet said her finding her lost. Sam again was shocked. She didn’t ask her who she is. Why she came with Maan? Nothing. With her confuse mind she made her way to Lora room.


When they went out Maan keep his head on her lap. She starts to brush his hair. They were in peace, close to each others. Why didn’t you bring Khushi? He played with her finger. I wanted to spend some time with you.


Still greedy. He chuckled looking at her. We missed you. She didn’t say anything. He close his eyes finally feeling relax; a heavy burden is removed from his shoulder. His geet came to his life. Slowly he drifts to sleep. First time after so many years he was sleeping peacefully. When geet felt him sleeping. She gently kisses his forehead, finally smiling. Tear flow from her eyes. She missed him too. A lot. But he has to do a lot. I love you. 


She whispered lightly not wanting him to hear her. Keeping her head in bed rest she too slept peacefully.


She stirred by some ringing noise, opening her eyes she saw something blinking in his pocket. Slowly m

Removing it she saw his mobile. There was a mail from office. He has to attend a meeting tomorrow in London.  Scrolling down she checks all his mails. A smile spread on her face, her Maan is handling so big project. She looks down to his sleepy face. The person who never liked to do his notes is holding so many projects, she smiled proudly finally he is responsible. But her smile faded soon. What if he left everything now?


Her thought went to Khushi, she was desperate to see her, hold her, hug her and kiss her. Give her the love which she missed so many years. Their little angel have suffered a lot in-between them. She wanted to see her, how she looks like. What she likes and what not. Hope so Maan didn’t made her stubborn. Caressing his hair, thinking of Khushi she again close her eyes and sleep.




Precap: Maan asking geet to come back.

Will she?


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4 responses to “forever with you

  1. sharmake11

    June 22, 2011 at 9:40 PM

    what beautiful part
    love it
    cont soonnnnnn

  2. simi91

    June 22, 2011 at 9:41 PM

    fantastic part
    love it
    cont soonnnnnn

  3. Jyoti

    June 22, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    awesome part….
    their bond is different….no1 can understand it…
    waiting to know what happens next…

    • zoha25

      June 23, 2011 at 10:29 PM

      thanx jyoti. for ur regular update


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