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forever with you




 He stood there for a moment. Then went and slept behind her bringing her in his embrace kissing her cheek. Good night mishti. She smiles holding his hand, feeling his breath other hair. He played with her fingers. Keeping his head on her cheek. So, where do you want to go tomorrow? She sighed lightly feeling his lips on her neck. I will tell you when we will be out. But it’s going to be whole day ok. He smiled kissing her shoulder. Anything for you. Both silently lay for some time. Soon Maan felt her sleeping. He smiled slowly holding her shoulder and turning her around bringing her in his arm knowing that the only ace where she sleeps peacefully. Kissing her forehead and eyes, caressing her hair. She stirred a little and holds his waist bringing her face close to his neck. He smile and close his eyes.




Morning light came in her eyes, stirring a little she open her eyes slowly only to find his love sleeping in his arm. Smiling she move her hand on his face, tracing her finger from his forehead to nose and slowly moving to his lips. He stirred a little; she giggled softly caressing his lips with her thumb. He slowly opens his eyes to see her mischief look. Smiling he brought her close, and again close his eyes. She pouts looking at him sleeping again. Maan utho na. He didn’t move. She shook him again but he hold her hand bring them to his waist. Irritatingly she tried to move but he holds her tight. Choro. He didn’t let her go. Maan choro na. She tried to move his hand from her waist but no, he didn’t. Tired of trying she let go and only look at him. He opens his eyes and smile. Twisting her lips she looks away. Letting go of her waist he hold her hand and put them on either side of her head. Looking at her eyes. Moving close to her neck he blows, she giggles trying to let go her hand. He moved to her throat licking the area with his tongue. Her hands become fist, digging her nail on his hand. Moaning his name. Maan. Which came out as a plead. His tongue move o her neck licking the skin, she was getting tickling sensation in her body.


She wanted to touch him, hold him tight but he was not letting her. Coming to her face he smoothly licks her cheek. Chin. Her breath become fast moaning his name again and again, pleading to leave her. He didn’t let her, lick every part of her face but not lips. Seeing her breathing heavily he moves back to look at her face. When she didn’t felt him she opens her eyes and saw his face. Moving little up tried to kiss him but he move up not giving her chance. She tried again but he didn’t, only smiled at her plight. Frustrating she make a grumpy face pouting her lips. He chuckled and smashes his lips on her. She kissed him full mouth still trying to let go of her hand. The kiss become more passionate, but geet was dying to touch him. After a long time both move away for air. Inhaling she closed her eyes feeling him kissing her collarbone. slowly letting go of her hands, the moment he let go of her she hold him tight removing his vest, feeling his body, chest, moving down caressing him. It makes him go wild and took her shirt away opening her bra. She gasped feeling his hands cupping her breast tightly. Holding his hair tight she breathes hard moaning with the desire. His mouth captured them nibbling them. Ripping her other cloths. He took her lips in his mouth entering her. She moaned in his mouth tightly closing her eyes. Thrusing her hard he moves his lips to her breast nibbling them. She moaned holding his shoulder. He moved forth and down slowly, letting many little or****her moans only become louder. After a long time he moved out and laid on her hearing her heartbeat. She closed her eyes loosing every energy. They lay for long time.




Having their breakfast both got ready and sat in the car. So madam, where do you want to go? She laughs. Hmm. driver jee. Let’s go to a beach. He looks at her. Beach? She smiles kissing his lips. Yes beach. Now let’s go. He smiled and started the car. They reached the beach. She excitedly ran their dropping her slippers in car. Maan ran behind her. She stood on the sand looking at water. He came and hug her from back, smiling she hold his hand. It so lovely Na. he kisses her cheek keeping his head on her shoulder.It will be more if we go inside. He smile waded. Turning around she look at him seriously. No. I don’t want to go. You took me inside before too, you don’t know how scared I was. She said pouting her lips and plying with his shirt. He looks at her for some time and then suddenly takes her in his arm. She was shocked.Fine. I will also be with you. She holds him tight locking her hands around his neck. Maan, no. please. I really don’t want to go. He walks a little ahead.Maan please listen. Please don’t do this. Please. He saw her pleading eyes and sighed letting her down. Geet you know I’m with you. Just a little darling.


No Maan I don’t want to. He shook his head looking down. Ok fine. Looking up his cup her face. It’s your day today. Everything will be according to you. She smiles widely kissing his lips.




They walked for sometime hands in hands. Geet saw something and jump on him in excitement. Maan look gol gappe. Holding her arm she drags him, but he stops her.Wait geet. You know geet doctor strictly told you to avoid these kinds of things. She moves forward to the stall. Oh stop it Maan. It’s just for a day. Nothing will happen.


bhaiya, do plate dena. He smiles. Ok doctor geet. He only looks at her eating making cute faces. They spend hours there when finally she agreed to leave. Sitting in the car he again asked her where she wants to go. Farmhouse.


Farmhouse? But why?


Ohoo don’t ask question. Let’s go there. He takes him where she wanted to go. In the way rain started. She put her head out to enjoy the view. He only sees her and smile. He was so happy to see her like this. They reached the farmhouse, and she jumped out in the rain twirling around opening her arm. He only looks at her. She was looking extra hot; her sari was drenched and fixed to her skin. Slowly walking to her his gaze didn’t move to her wet body, it was inviting him.


she close her eyes enjoying the water falling on her face, but soon she felt Maan body near her, opening her eyes she saw desired in his eyes, moving close she lock her arm on his neck, moving close to his lips. He holds her waist tight smashing her body to his. Their lips met and it was so passionate kiss that get felt week on her knee but didn’t wanted to leave him. His hand roams around her body feeling her curves above the cloths. Kissing her hungrily, drinking the water. Finally moving away both look at eachothers and smiled. I love you. He said kissing her forehead. Suddenly there was a loud thunder, she got scared and hold him tight. He took her inside. Geet you are so wet. Go change your dress. There are jeans and shirt in the cupboard. I will make some coffee. She nodded her head and went to the room, changed in the pair of jeans and shirt. Coming out she saw Maan too changed his dress. When he saw her, he made her sit in the sofa and gave her coffee wiping her hair with the towel. She feels so relax. Closing her eyes she sipped the coffee. Finishing the coffee she moves to his lap keeping her head on his chest. I’m tired now. He chuckled brushing her hair, kissing her head. Sleep for sometime honey. He brushes her hair and soon she fall asleep. He too closes his eyes resting his head on sofa.




Precap: oopss Maan angry on geet.

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loving laments




That night he was not able to sleep. He only wanted to run to her and hug her tight. Keep her close to him. He looks at the address, carssing the letter. Which turn his destiny? He will meet her soon. I’m coming jaan.




It was early morning, Khushi was still asleep. Maan went to Sam room. She was packing her bag. The moment she saw him she speak. Sir, everything is packed. We will leave for Delhi so. He nods his head. We have to go somewhere else. She stop putting cloths and look at him curiously. Where?




London? But why? He sighed going toward her giving her the address. Geet is in London. It’s her address. Sam eyes popped out. What? Geet. You find her address. But how?


Brij gave me. Now no more questions. After going to Delhi, we will drop Khushi and go to London. She nodded her head unknowingly but after getting his word she look at him. You mean you will not take Khushi to her?


No. I don’t want to. I don’t know what she will say? How she will behave. And there are many things which should be sort out first. 

She nods her head looking down, finally she will meet geet, and the first thing she want to ask her, was her anger so big that she have to leave her own daughter. How can she live in peace leaving everyone restless? She was desperate to meet the person for whom the great Maan Singh khurana is so restless. To whom he loves so unconditional.


Maa was sad that Khushi and Maan were leaving. She wanted them to be there for some more time. But Maan excused for work. He was not willing to tell anyone about before he meets her and make things clear. They sat in the car; he booked his private jack for him and Sam. every passing second his breath word getting low. He wanted to meet her as soon as possible. His wait is finally finished. He will meet his jaan soon. He was not feared of her reaction. He wanted her to punish him. Shout at him. Hit him. Khushi slept in his arm. He asked the driver to speed up the car to get in Delhi soon.


Sam felt his restlessness. She knew he wanted to meet her soon. She tried to take Khushi many times but she clearly rejected. She was so shocked at her behavior. Normally Childs used to chatter with everyone but she is the only kid who only wanted to be in Maan arms, no one else. She thought it otherwise; maybe it could be lack of love she is getting.


They reached Delhi after one day due to speeding. He told Sam to get fresh and eat something while her take Khushi in her room. Taking Khushi he gently laid her in bed. But she stirred a little and opens her eyes. Papa. She mumbled again sitting on his lap. He smiled brushing her head. I need to go out country baby. She looks at him with her sleepy eyes and making big face. He kisses her cheek. Its important baby, I will be back soon. She keeps her head on his chest closing her eyes.Chocolate. She demanded. He chuckled kissing her head. Fine. I will bring chocolate for you. He sat there until she falls asleep again. Sam came and saw him with Khushi. He lied her down and went to her. Let’s go to airport. Sam looks at him from up to down. But sir, at least get fresh. You must be tired. He shook his head moving ahead already. There’s no time Sam. we have to go. I need to meet her soon.


The drive to the airport was quiet fast. Sam was getting a bad feeling for him. He looks so happy, but what if she doesn’t accept him? What if she is moved on?  Keeping her view in mind she finally asks him. Sir, what if geet doesn’t accept you?  He looks at her for some time and then smiled. Sam. you will know her the moment you will see her. Now let’s go. He went out of car. Sam confusingly went behind him.


His restlessness only increase when the time passes. He wanted to land this plane as soon as possible. But that can’t be. It will take time. The moment the fight landed her hold Sam hand and drag her out fastly.finishing all the formalities he went out where the driver was already waiting for him. Both sat in the back seat. The driver put their luggage or say only Sam luggage, Maan didn’t even bothered to bring his bag. He gave the address to him. The driver drives the car to their destination.


It was late night when they reached their destination. He smiled widely. Coming out of car he took Sam bag and walk fastly. Sam has to run seeing him speedily climbing the stairs. He didn’t even bother to stay for few second for lift. She sighed running after him. When they reached the floor both stood taking their breath. He sighed a long breath and rings a bell. Waiting out. The door opened after few bells. He moved ahead. Geet. Where is she? Sam holds his shoulder to calm him but nothing worked. The lady who opened the door look at him curiously, not wanting them to come inside. Why did you come? He didn’t even bother to answer. His eyes were over her shoulder, searching for her. Sam looks at him and then the lady. Please let us in. we came for her. Sighing he shook her head finally allowing them in. he entered the house looking here and there finding her. He could feel her presence. I’m Lora. Brij told me that you are coming. But it’s late now. You can meet her. She was unable to complete seeing him glaring at her. He shot her a dead full glare and turn to a door which was closed. He could feel she was there. Her aroma was all around there.


Slowly her went and opens to the door. Lora tried to protest but Sam stopped her. Please let them talk first. They stayed outside.


He entered the room. It was dim. He looks ahead and his heart missed a beat, his geet was there, in front of him. Sleeping peacefully.

His life came back, his smile didn’t stopped, walking slowly he sat besides her looking at her closely.
 Admiring every nice of her. She looks so pale. Ever so gently he put his finger on her soft cheek. A smile crept on his face, he finally touched her, his tears flowed down, and his geet was with him. Moving close he gently and softly touch his lips on her forehead.


She felt him, but thought it will be another dream as always. She knots her eyebrow feeling his soft lips. On her skin. She never dreams of him touching her. Slowly opening her eyes, she took time to adjust the view; she saw his smiling face, teary eyes few inches away from him.hey jaan. He whispered caressing her cheek looking at her eyes. She blinks little time not knowing weathers its dream or not.

He know what she is feeling, kissing her eye he whispered. I’m here. I came to you jaan. She gasped slightly resting her back on bed rest. He only looks at her, there was no change in her behavior, but her eyes were shocked.





Precap: what will geet do or say?


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hidden feelings

Part 10


Both made their way down holding each other’s hands. The engagement was announced. Ajay and anjali exchanged the ring. Anjali was blushing, and smiling. Mohinder announced their marriage after two weeks. Geet and Maan went to them. Geet hug anjali and ajay. Congrats bhai and bhabhi. I’m so happy for both of you. Soon I’m going to have a great company at home. Anjali smiled at her. Ajay spoke to her. Well geet, must say, my gudiya is looking most beautiful today. She smiles widely kissing his cheek. Thanx bhai, you know Maan bought it for me. She said holding Maan arm tight. He smiled looking at her excited face. Anjali noted both of them, the look of Maan eyes toward geet and possessive hold of geet around his arm. She smiled sensing something must be going on.




Geet went to Maan parents. Mom hugs her. You are looking so beautiful geet. She smiles looking at Maan. Thank you aunty. Mom smiled and then spoke. Geet beta. Sonali is your friend?


Yes aunty, she is my childhood friend. We are best friend. Mom smiled nodding her head. Maan and geet again went to ajay and anjali, sonali was also with them. Anjali eyes were only looking them both. She shook ajay. Ajay. What do you think about Maan? He made a confusing look and whispered back. What? He is good. What else? She hit her head rolling her eyes. Geet came in-between them. Ok now bhai. Stop wisphering. You both are legally engaged. Now you can meet openly. Ajay smile and look at anjali who blush and look down.


Suddenly there was an announcement for dance. Ajay took anjali with him. Maan turn to geet. Let’s go. He smile and forward his hand. She made a baby face and look down. Maan, I can’t dance in this dress. He become sad and looks down. Sonali speek up. Maan will you dance with me? A simple question made both look at sonali and then each others. Geet didn’t like the idea; she was looking at Maan, only to hear his no.


But Maan saw her uncomfortable look at him. He smiled inwardly. Let’s see geet, how will you ignore to dance with me. Smiling he took sonali hand while looking at geet face.


Geet eyes popped out when Maan touch her hand. She didn’t like it. She was feeling like burning, snatching Maan away from her. She fumed more when she saw him dancing with sonali so elegantly. His eyes fixed on her, hands on her waist. Her hand becomes fist seeing them so close to each others.


There was someone else watching Maan and sonali dancing. His mom was smiling seeing Maan dancing with her.


Maan felt so happy. He could feel geet gaze on him. He can see her jealousy face, he was enjoying it a lot. Geet fumed with anger, and walk toward them.


Tapping sonali shoulder she smile forcefully, and took Maan hand jerking him to her. He suppressed a smile seeing her red face. She crosses her arm around his neck while he holds her waist bringing her close.I thought you can’t dance in this dress. She twists her lips, coming closer on him. Why, were you enjoying a lot with sonali? He smiles at her cute angry face. She took it otherwise and starts moving away, but she holds her tight. I can only dance with you. Suddenly forgetting her anger she blushes looking down. They danced for 5 minutes. The light becomes dim. Maan move little away, and now they cannot be seen. She was all the while at his eyes only. Won’t you ask me where are we going? She smile coming close to his ears whispering. I trust you. He smiled at her word. Her breath on his ear. Lips brushed his ears while whispering. He turns to find her face few inches away. He went little more away and takes her to the corner.


Moving his hand slowly from her waist to her back. She shivered lightly. His hand trace on her back. The moment when his fingers felt her skin of her back he was lost in her, wanted to feel her skin in his. He traces his finger giving her tickling sensation. His fingers move to her neck moving up and down slowly his finger. She stirred moving her head to his touch not able to control. Her hand went to his chest breathing heavily.


He move his face close to hers, slightly brushing his lips on her jaw line. She gasped lightly making fist on his shirt. He continuous to brush his lips there. Moving his other hand to her hair. She moaned with the pleasure. Maan. His lips move to her ears, kissing the earlobe lightly. Her hand move to his face, cupping his cheek. He opens his eyes to look at her eyes. Both lost in each others. Suddenly the voice of huge clapping brings them out of their own world. Geet become nervous moving her hand, looking down. Blushing very hard. Maan move little back, he can’t believe he almost has lost himself. He wanted to know her feelings before. But not like this. He looks at her and fins her nervously holding her dupatta tight. He cleared his throat. Ahem. She looks up to him, but didn’t dare to look in his eyes. Let’s go. She nodded her head and went behind him.


The party finished after sometime. Maan told he would stay longer. Dad didn’t ignore. He was happy that Maan was at least mixing with someone. Anjali family also went after sometime.


Geet, ajay, brij and Maan were sitting in the lawn having coffee. Maan noticed geet avoiding looking at his eyes. He didn’t like it. He wanted to know if she feels the same or not. But geet was super confused. And scared of what happened, she was confused weather whatever happening was right or wrong. She was fighting with her own emotions. Brij bid bye and went.Geet, I wonder. How you wear such different dress today. I mean we always ask you but you never agreed. Then why so suddenly. Maan eyes fixed on geet. He was curious to know what she will say. She think for some time and then say playing her finger on the cup smiling nervously looking down. It’s not like that bhai. I just wanted to wear it so I did. Ajay nodded sipping his coffee. But Maan was hurt by her reply. He was now getting restless, doesn’t she feels the same feeling for me? Did she really wear that dress just like that? Does she even know what am I feeling for her? Why is she avoiding him? Is she sorry for whatever happened? His mind was full of question. He definitely wanted to know about her feelings.


Late night he also said to go. Ajay insisted geet to go with him until out. Maan was again hurt by her continuous refusal. Both went out in great silence. Geet just went behind him looking down when they reached the car, he turn around only to find her start walking ahead. Getting furious her jerk her arm. She was pulled forcefully and jerk to his chest. He tried to look at her eyes but she was struggling to move away. Holding her arm tight he pinned her to the car. Geet, look at me.

She stubbornly shook her head looking down. Look. At. Me. his threatening voice scared her. Slowly moving her eyes up her loom at him. What’s wrong? Why are you avoiding me? She again looks down. Woh. Woh main. Woh. She was struggling to get any words but was not finding anything to say. He understood her nervousness and gently hugs her. She didn’t feel like struggling so hug him back closing her eyes.
The emotions were too much for her to handle, she was tired, tires to think what is happening to her. Her hold her for some time. Moving back he found her tears flowing down. Wiping her tears he pulls her chin. I don’t know what is happening to me. I’m so scared. She finally told him his feeling. He sighed knowing the reason for her behavior. Cursing himself to put things so fastly, how can he forget she is so nave, not like others, she definitely feels scared after having so much feeling in short time? Taking a deep breath he gently kisses her forehead.Don’t worry. Don’t think about anything. Everything going to be ok. She looks at him.I promise. She smiled lightly keeping her head on his chest, feeling better. After sometime he finally manages to go with light heart and happy.




Precap:  argh maan’s mom.

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forever with you

Moving away she opens the door to find Vicky. He smiles at her. Bhabhi can I talk to you in my room. Geet frowned looking at his face. Turning to Maan, he also gave her a confusing look. What’s wrong Vicky? Vicky smiled uncomfortably.Nothing bro. it’s just. Wanted to talk to bhabhi for while. Geet look at him and says.Fine Vicky. Let’s go. With that both went out leaving a confusing Maan behind.
Both geet and Vicky entered his room; he made her sit in the bed and sat in front of her. Seeing her serious face gently smile holding her hand. You know something bhabhi, when dad past away, this family shattered very badly. He looks down sadly. But you came and changed everything. You changed Annie. You changed bhai. Geet smiled thigtening her hold. Today I want to say you something. Something which I hide from everyone from three years. She looks at him curiously. Bhabhi. There is a girl, I love her. She looks at him popping her eyes.From three years? He nods his head looking down. Still holding her hand. Then why didn’t you tell anyone. He sighed. Bhabhi, this family was not like it is now. All of us were busy with our own life. I never got anyone to share it with. Even not that girl. She gasped. You didn’t even tell her.
No. she doesn’t know it.
Why didn’t you tell her Vicky?
I don’t know. But I never tried too.  She looks at him for sometime then smile. Holding his cheek she ask him who is she? He smiled shyly.  And whispered. Meera. Her eyes popped out, she gasped a loud and asked him. What did you say? Meera. Our meera. He smiled looking at her.
She immediately became angry and smacked his arm. You idiot, moron, jerk. You love her for three years but didn’t tell her. How could you.
But bhabhi how can me? He made an innocent face. She slaps him on his cheek. Vicky you are such a stupid. Shaking her head she looks at him. So what made you tell me this? He looks at her and shrugged his shoulder. I just wanted to.
Oh yea. You just wanted to. Again hitting his arm.kehte kyun nahi, you need my help. He smiles at her. Coming close kiss her cheek. You are the best bhabhi. She smiles shaking her head. Hmm. let me think. She thinks for some time and then smiled. I got it.
What? What?
Remember, meera wanted to get admission for her bachelor. He nods his head. So. What if she gets admission over here and lives with us. He gasped hugging her. Ohh bhabhi you are great. I love you. She smiles hugging him back. Lekin. He moved back. What will happen if she will live here? In return he again got a slap. Holding his cheek he looks at her making a baby face. Stupid, if she lives here, then you can spend time with her. Befriend with her and can know more about her. His smile only got widened all the while.  When she finish he again kiss her cheek. You are awesome.
But both heard a noise. Turning around Vicky found Maan standing at door, clearing his throat. Ahem. He came forward. Both stood up. I think you forgot. She is my wife.

Geet smile standing beside him while Vicky suppresed a smile seeing his bro jealous from him. What bhai, she is my bhabhi.
So what. You cannot kiss her.
Oh cmon bro. doesn’t be so nosy. Geet giggle side hugging him and kiss his cheek. Oh, he just melts. Forgetting his every anger. He smiled looking at her. Vicky looks both of them. They were truly madefrom heaven. For each other’s only. He smiles at Maan, who never smile. But whenever he is with geet a smile is also seen in his face. He prayed silently, they always are happy like this. koi bhuri nazar na lage.
Both enters there room. So what was so important he wanted to say? Geet smile going toward bed picking his office cloths. Nothing important. He just wanted to talk. He came behind her and hugs her.hmm. I also have to talk to you. She turns around frowning. He smiled holding her waist, coming close to her lips. But soon frowned feeling her fingers on his lips. Opening his eyes he says her smiling. No talking. Moving back she says mischevely. I’m sleepy. Remember tomorrow we have to go early. So no sleeping late. She smiles lying on bed. Good night. She shouts and closes her eyes. He stood there for a moment. Then went and slept behind her bringing her in his embrace kissing her cheek. Good night mishti. She smiles holding his hand, feeling his breath other hair. He played with her fingers. Keeping his head on her cheek. So, where do you want to go tomorrow? She sighed lightly feeling his lips on her neck.I will tell you when we will be out. But it’s going to be whole day ok. He smiled kissing her shoulder. Anything for you. Both silently lay for some time. Soon Maan felt her sleeping. He smiled slowly holding her shoulder and turning her around bringing her in his arm knowing that the only ace where she sleeps peacefully. Kissing her forehead and eyes, caressing her hair. She stirred a little and holds his waist bringing her face close to his neck. He smile and close his eyes.
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loving laments



His hear founded out of his chest. Geet left him, she left her Maan. She took his words so seriously. He went mad searching for her in one long year, but then he decided to make himself what she always want him. It took him three years to hold the business. Now he is what she wants but the only thing is left. Is geet. When will she be with him…?





 Maan stood looking outside the window; it was dark, too dark, like his life. He lament the moment he told her to go away. He was frustrated that moment and all went out on her. He said the word which destroyed his life, not only his, but Khushi and geet life. Just because of him today geet is not here with her own daughter. How much she loves her, but still left her to him. Knowing he will not be able to live alone. The reason today he is still having hopes to bring her back is only Khushi.


His thought was disturb by Khushi voice, turning around he find her mumbling in her sleep. Going to her he strokes her hair. What happened baby? She rubbed her eyes mumbling. Water.  He look around, there was no water. He again turns to her. Wait a mint honey. I will go and bring water for you. He went out to take some water from kitchen. As he was passing, he heard brij speaking with someone in phone. He avoided and started walking passes him his room. But was stopped by his words. No, he doesn’t know anything yet. They are leaving tomorrow. Maan frowned. It was them who are leaving tomorrow. Who’s the person he is talking. And what he doesn’t want him to know. He came closer to his door to listen carefully.


Yes, I know. But make sure she shouldn’t know Maan and Khushi are with me. Maan ears got alarmed. Why does he not want him and Khushi to know, the thing he is hiding? What’s going on? Lora, take care of geet. I will call you when they will go.


His heart stops beating. Brij know where is geet. He himself has kept her away from him. His hand becomes fist. He was searching her like mad and here he have hided her from him, from her own daughter.


Brij cut the call and turn around only to find angry Maan standing outside. He suddenly become nervous, the thing which he have hided from five years, he finally came to know. He did not want him to know where she is. Maan entered his room and furiously held his collar jerking him back to the wall. You know where geet is. All the while you knew everything. Or should I say it’s you who have took her away from him. His holds were hurting brij. He winced. Leave me. He holds him more aggressively. How dare you? Brij hold his. Hand tight and jerk him away. Yes I know. I kept her away from you. Because I don’t want you to ruin her life more.


What? You ruined her life by keeping her away from me, from Khushi. From all of us. How can you think she will be happy without me, without Khushi?


Brij look at him. Maan was right; she was and will never be happy without them.


How can you? Her daughter needs her. How can you keep her away from her own daughter? She must be waiting for me, don’t know how long. I’m finding her like anything in the world. But you always kept her away from me. Even knowing very well she can’t live without both of us.


Brij went to long thought by Maan words. His every word was right. He knows exactly how geet is suffering even after not having any knowledge about her. Where was this love, when she left you? When you humiliated her every day, humiliated her feelings, her love, her care.


I know brij. I know I made a mistake. I’m suffering now. Lamenting every moment. But what you did is absolutely not correct. Can’t you see how Khushi misses her? I can feel it, that geet is dying to see Khushi.


Brij look at Maan, he was someone else brij known. The Maan he knows was arrogant, egoistic Maan. This Maan is looking so helpless. Head down, eyes full of tears. He knows geet love him, unconditional. But he always thought Maan never loved her, he only used her. Brij always hated Maan for making her pregnant and not even being with her in the time she needed him the most. But now he can see the same love in his eyes for geet, which he always have seen in geet eyes for him.


Both were disturb by the sound on the door. Turning Round they find Khushi crying, rubbing her eyes. Maan ran to her and hugged her brushing her hair. Papa. WA. Watt. She couldn’t complete due to crying. Maan kissed her cheek. Sshhu. I will get you water now. Don’t cry. Brij look both of them. Seeing Khushi he felt bad. That’s her mistake in all these. He felt sorry for whatever he did to keep them away even after knowing very well geet can never be happy without them.


He saw Maan passing out, Maan. The voice stopped him. He turns to him. Geet is in London. Maan look at him with so much peace in his eyes he smiled widely making his grip around his daughter tight. Brij move to the desk and came infront of him. It’s her address. Maan look at the paper and then to him. His smiled only widened. His happiness was visible in his eyes, but didn’t come out. They needed her to come our.  She is waiting for you. He gave him a side hug, thanking him; he cannot describe how thankful he is. What can he get better than his geet? He has given him his life, his jaan back. He was so happy. Finally he found his geet. His life. He kissed Khushi head and went out. He was out of the world; his geet will be with him soon. Soon he will look at her, hold her in his arm. Khushi will meet her mom.


That night he was not able to sleep. He only wanted to run to her and hug her tight. Keep her close to him. He looks at the address, carssing the letter. Which turn his destiny. He will meet her soon. I’m coming jaan.





Precap: London London…   

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hidden feelings

Part 9


This was the happiest day for Maan; he came to know that geet have the same effect for him. She also might like him. He was happy that their relation is progressing slowly. But geet did not understand the strange feeling. She doesn’t know why but everything feels so right, the closeness, the warmth everything feels so good. She spends the whole night in restlessness, not knowing what the feeling is.




It was engagement day, Maan was getting ready. Dev enters his room taking his perfume. Kya baat hai bhai, you seem so happy now days. He said with the mischief look. Maan give him a glare which was enough for him to shut.


Getting ready he went down where his mom, dad and dev were waiting for him. All went out. Maan was desperate to see geet. To see her in his choice of dress. How she will be looking? He smiled a little remembering dev words in his room. Yea he is happy from many days. Life seems to be so beautiful now days. He wants to be with her only, for the first time in his life he tritely wants to escape from everything and spend his time with her.


His thought was disturb by brake. Looking outside he saw the decorated mansion infront of him. Finally he is here. He walks with his family inside. Brij and mohinder were standing and welcomed them. He shook his hand with everyone, but his eyes were only searching her. Where is she? Arjun came to him, both talked for a while. Anjali dad also joined them. Maan dad shook his hand with him.


Congratulation. I must say mohinder is very lucky to have your daughter. Anjali dad smiled. My daughter is lucky to be their daughter in law. Mohinder smiled keeping his hand on his shoulder. Sonali came to them. Well Mr. Khurana meets my second daughter. Sonali. She and geet is childhood friend.  Sonali smiled folding her hands in front of them. Namaste uncle. Namaste aunty. Maan mom smiled keeping her hand on her forehead. Jeeti raho beta. You are really beautiful. Sonali smiled looking down.


Maan mom somewhere liked sonali appearance. Her eyes were fixed on her.


Maan became restless not finding geet. Without thinking twice he went to sonali. Sonali, where is geet.


She is in her room. I don’t know what’s taking her so long. She said irritated but smiled looking at him.


From far there was another person smiling seeing Maan and sonali speaking. Maan mom was happy to see Maan and sonali together.


Maan made his way to geet room. No wonder what’s taking her so long? All are here, every guest arrived. Anjali and ajay are going to be engaged and here, his princess is still not out. Shaking his head he open the door, but the next moment his eyes popped out and his breath caught in his throat with the sight in front of him.




Geet was standing in front of the mirror looking out of world, simply like an angel. His eyes got glued to her. Admiring her beauty. Geet saw him from the mirror and turn around to face him. Maan look at her angelic face from near, gorgeous.

Geet find him lost, so shook his shoulder to bring him to world. Maan jerk away his thought and look at her making baby face looking at him and then the dress.


He looks at frowning. She so ready then why is she not coming out? Geet if you are ready, then why are you not coming down? She made a face and look down. I feel so heavy Maan. I have never worn these kinds of cloths. I’m quiet sure I’m looking very ugly. She looks down sadly. He suppressed a smile seeing her making cute faces. Holding her shoulder he pulls her chin. You’re looking very beautiful geet. She blushed smiling. Ok now. Come. Let’s go down, all are waiting. She again made face.

Maan, I’m not able to walk in this heavy lehenga. He smile bolding her hand.Fine come. I will hold you. She smiles looking at their hands. You sure Na you will not leave me. He look at her eyes, there was some hope in her eyes, he feels so happy to find her starring at him with so much hope. Tightening the hold on her hand he sweetly says. I will never ever leave you geet. I promise. She smiles finally agreeing to go.




Both made their way down holding each other’s hands. The engagement was announced. Ajay and anjali exchanged the ring. Anjali was blushing, and smiling. Mohinder announced their marriage after two weeks. Geet and Maan went to them. Geet hug anjali and ajay. Congrats bhai and bhabhi. I’m so happy for both of you. Soon I’m going to have a great company at home. Anjali smiled at her. Ajay spoke to her. Well geet, must say, my gudiya is looking most beautiful today. She smiles widely kissing his cheek.Thanx bhai, you know Maan bought it for me. She said holding Maan arm tight. He smiled looking at her excited face. Anjali noted both of them, the look of Maan eyes toward geet and possessive hold of geet around his arm. She smiled sensing something must be going on.




Precap: Maan trying to jealous geet.


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forever with you



Once they reached there he made her lie down. Sleep for some time. Not having any power to argue, she was truly feeling week. She closed her eyes and slept. He kissed her forehead, put the blanket on her and went out. He has to go back and collect the report; he has to be strong knowing what will be the report. But still hoping to hear some good news. He went and guided mom and Vicky to be with her when she will wake up and feed her. Vicky assured him that he will go and sit in their room. He thanked his little brother for helping him and went.




With his heavy heart, he again went to hospital, hoping for some good news. As he entered the cabin, the doctor greets him and told him to have a seat. Mr. Khurana. I will not waste your time. The report has arrived and I read them. He holds his breath. Well. You have one bad news, but also good news. He let go of his breath. As you said me the medication, given to your wife had made her like this. But your wife is lucky that she is only in her second stage. Maan gave him a confusing look. Does it mean she can be treated doctor? He asked with glimpse of happiness in his eyes. Calm down Mr. Khurana, I didn’t say that. And the bad news is that your wife cannot be cured.


What do you mean doctor?

Mr. khurana, she cannot be cured. But yes, the pain can be reduce, and it will help to bring her again in her first stage which means that she will rarely have attack, which will not be so painful. Maan sat silent listening to each word patiently. Your wife has very slow blood circulation, her health is also not as good and that’s the only reason she is not able to control the pain. The only remedies are the calcium and iron which should be build up in her body. Giving him a receipt he says. There is the medication she should take. Avoid every medication she was taking before and start them. If she has enough energy to fight with her pain then the pain will slow down as time passes.

Maan nodded his head looking at the receipt. And one more thing. Please avoid any pressure, her blood pressure should be normal, one hard attack can destroy everything. She can become worst. So be careful.


He was somewhere happy; finally her pain can be reduced. He smiled and assured doctor that he will be careful.




He came to mansion. Passing through the dining table he stopped by Vicky voice, turning around to him. Vicky came to him. What happen bro? How was the report? Maan look down for some time and then sighed, the doctor said she cannot be cured but the pain can be reducing. And it will make her pain slowdown. Vicky felt him being down. Hugging him he says. It’s a good news bro. we already knew there will be no cure. But see, she will not feel the pain so hardly Na. it’s a best part. Moving back he holds his shoulder. C’mon now cheer up, and go. Your love is waiting for you for long.

Smiling he move to go to his room, somewhere he felt light after Vicky words, he was right. It is good news. Smiling slightly he open the door and find geet standing in front of cupboard and trying to reach above column to take something. Moving to her, he holds her waist tight helping her to move up.



She jerked by sudden touch, but when felt it’s him she smile and continue looking. When she found what she wanted, taking the box she looks down at him. He understood and let her down. She turns to him moving her arm around his neck while his hands lock around her waist.



When did you come? He kissed her cheek. Just now. What were you looking at? She smiled moving back showing him the box.Remember, you gave me this sari in our second day of marriage. He smiles nodding his head. So, I will wear it tomorrow, she said looking at the sari but suddenly look up to him.You remember Na, that tomorrow we are going out. He smiles kissing her lips slowly. Nibbling them. She sighed in his mouth moving her hand to his hair, brushing them. He slowed down and softly kisses her moving back. Her eyes caught the packet in his hand.You went to hospital? What was the result? She asked curiously holding his shirt tight. He put his hand on her cheek. You will have to take these medicines, avoid your previous medication. No skipping. He said firmly. She smiled nodding her head and kisses his nose.

. Maan, I’m so excited about tomorrow. We will go where ever I want; you know I have already made a plan. She said excitedly holding his waist tight smiling widely. He was happy to see her back. Her full smile, finally her happiness her found in her eyes too.



Hmm. We will go where ever you want. But right now, you have to give me what I want. She looks at him confusingly. What you want? She asked innocently. He smiled and eyed to her lips, which make her understand his mind. She smiled naughtily and start moving back whiles her move toward her. Soon she felt her back hit the cupboard and Maan fix her in-between. Coming more close to her lips. She smile closing her eyes, his breath fall on her lips, soon his lips brushed her lightly.moving his hand to her waist, slowly moving up to her churve slightly touching them above her cloths. she sighed bringing him more close. loving the effect he gave to her. soon his hand went under her sari, feeling her skin, carssing his hand on her stomach moving up to her breast, carssing them slightly. she arched back making fist on his hair.

Suddenly there was knock on the door. Rolling his eyes he move back and put his head on hers. She giggled at her.


Moving away she opens the door to find Vicky. He smiles at her.Bhabhi can I talk to you in my room. Geet frowned looking at his face. Turning to Maan, he also gave her a confusing look. What’s wrong Vicky? Vicky smiled uncomfortably. Nothing bro. it’s just. Wanted to talk to bhabhi for while. Geet look at him and says.Fine Vicky. Let’s go. With that both went out leaving a confusing Maan behind.




Precap: what Vicky wants to say?


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