forever with you

24 Jun




. He took her inside.Geet you are so wet. Go change your dress. There are jeans and shirt in the cupboard. I will make some coffee. She nodded her head and went to the room, changed in the pair of jeans and shirt. Coming out she saw Maan too changed his dress. When he saw her, he made her sit in the sofa and gave her coffee wiping her hair with the towel. She feels so relax. Closing her eyes she sipped the coffee. Finishing the coffee she moves to his lap keeping her head on his chest. I’m tired now. He chuckled brushing her hair, kissing her head. Sleep for sometime honey. He brushes her hair and soon she fall asleep. He too closes his eyes resting his head on sofa.




Both made their way to the restaurant to have dinner. Geet took the menu to order food, but Maan snatches it. Food will be of my choice. She smiled. Fine. He orders the food and turn to Geet only to find her giving him a glare. Maan I’m not going to eat it.


And why not. I have allowed you to eat that stall things now you have to eat it.


But it’s all so only salads, soup and fruit salad.


Yes I know. See I’m also eating it. She cross her hands and looks away. He didn’t want to talk more. The food arrived she was not at all eating; Maan was now getting frustrated with her avoidance. Look Geet. You know the oily stuff is not good for you and specially from out.


Then why did you bring me here. Let’s go home. He sighed and holds her hand. You wanted to spend time with me. I did everything you wanted, can’t you do this for me. She looks at him for some time, to change his behavior but he didn’t. Sighing she took the spoon and filled her mouth with salads. Happy. He smiled and kisses her cheek.Very happy. She smiled too shaking her head. She may be stubborn but not more than him. They eat in silence for some time. Then Geet remember about Vicky and Meera. She have to talk to Maan about the discussion between her and rishab chachu. Maan, you know Meera. She always wanted to take admission in the university here. So I got her admission there. He smiled nodding his head while eating. She was afraid to tell the next part. I told chachu about it today morning. He agreed. I told him Meera can stay with us. She stops to see his reaction, but he only nodded looking at the food. But chachu told he can allow her here only if Sameera also come with her. Maan stopped eating and look at her. She was now scared. I. I said. That… sameera can. Also come. She said slowly terrified with anger in his eyes. He stopped eating and looks at her. What? He said making a disgusting face. Maan, its OK Na. it’s not such a big deal. He was furious now. He stayed quiet to calm himself not wanting to yell at her. She look at him but he didn’t he look down. With whom permission you allowed them. She gulped down her saliva.I. I. just wanted. But she shut her.I asked with whose permission? She looks down. You made decision. Invited them to live with us for two damn years and you are telling me just now.


It’s not like that. I wanted to tell you.


When? When Han? When they would have come.


Why are you getting angry?


No I should be happy that some random people are coming to my house and I don’t know.


They are not random people Maan.


Yes. Yes they are. Did you get that? She shivered by his yelling. He inhaled seeing where they are. Finish your food fast.He said rudely not looking at her. But. He gave her a glare which shut her. Finish it. His threatening voice scared her, she start eating a little. When she finally finishes the plate he didn’t even look at her and stood up. Paying the bill both sat in the car.


He furiously drove. She tried to explain but he didn’t answer. Reaching the mansion he straight way went to his room. Geet stood at gate looking at him walking away. Mom watch both of them, she understood something went wrong. Geet passed everyone and went to their room. He was already changed. All cloths scattered in the room. She went to him.


Maan. What’s wrong? He turns around looking at her furiously, what’s wrong. You’re asking me geet. What’s wrong with you Han?


I only wanted meera


Do hell with meera. I don’t want anyone in my house. He points a finger to her. Did you get that? Call them and tell them they’re not going to come.



But. They are coming after two days. Now it made him angrier. Wow you have already planned everything. She looks down. Who gave you the right to made decision to your own. He furiously yelled not knowing how much it hurt her. She looks at him in shock. Very hurt by his words.










He cut her. Who the hell told you to made decision?  She only looks at him. Her eyes filled up. He looks away not daring to see her eyes. Don’t I have any rights Maan? She asked him whispering. He didn’t reply but give his back to him. She waited but nothing came. He stood like a statue. It hurts her more. Maan. He walks toward bed.I’m tired. He said and lies down covering his eyes with his arm. Fine. She stormed out of the room.





She sat in the sofa in the leaving room. She too didn’t want sameera to come here, she tried to convince chachu, but he was not ready for sending meera alone. She accepted only for Vicky. It’s important for both meera and Vicky to spend time together. She knows sameera, she still remembers her words she said in her marriage, and she can never forget how sameera tried to make her reject the wedding. But her Maan relation is too strong for her to come in between them. They love each other, trust enough. But Maan, he doesn’t want hear anything. The only thing he knows is to shout. Never give chance people to talk. She remembered his word. She was very hurt, does she really have no right. Did she really make a mistake by taking a decision? Is she not an art o this family?




Her thought were disturbed by a tap on her shoulder. Looking above she found mom standing behind her. What’s wrong geet? I have been calling you so long but you are not replying. She inhaled sharply grabbing the remote and changing the channel. I’m fine mom. Mom looks at her worriedly. Did something happen between you and Maan. Why are you sitting here at this time? Geet only look forward she doesn’t want to tell anything to her. Maan will never like it. But before she could make any excuse, a voice came from back.Mom. Geet knew who it is. She didn’t look back. Only starred at TV.





Mom turned around. Maan was standing there with his arm crossed.It’s late. You should sleep. Mom looks at him and then turn to geet, seeing her not looking at Maan. She concludes there is really something wrong. They need to speak. She stood up and leaves both of them alone.










Precap: geet crying, what have Maan done?


hope you like it.

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