forever with you

27 Jun




Mom looks at her worriedly. Did something happen between you and Maan. Why are you sitting here at this time? Geet only look forward she doesn’t want to tell anything to her. Maan will never like it. But before she could make any excuse, a voice came from back. Mom. Geet knew who it is. She didn’t look back. Only starred at TV. Mom turned around. Maan was standing there with his arm crossed. It’s late. You should sleep. Mom looks at him and then turn to geet, seeing her not looking at Maan. She concludes there is really something wrong. They need to speak. She stood up and leaves both of them alone.



Maan stood there for some time, but geet didn’t talked or looked at him for once. Get up geet. His voice was still stern but she didn’t move or react. It’s late. You have to take your medicine. Get up now. He saw her, she was not moving.





Sighing he move and put his hand forward. Come. She didn’t look at him. He kneeled down and put his hand on her lap to look in her eyes, but she look away.I’m sorry; I was angry and told that. He said in such a soft voice that her tears flow down geet. He tried to wipe her tears but she shrugged his hand away. He was so hurt to see her like this and that too because of him. Please geet. Let’s go. She sniffs. Why do you care? Go and sleep. You are tired. He sighed. You are the only person geet for whom I care.  She sniffs. He cups her face. Please sweetheart, I really don’t want her to come. It’s the second time we are fighting and that too because of her. She sniffs wiping her tears still looking down.








You talked so harshly to me. I’m so hurt. She said pouting her lips. He kisses her lips gently wiping her tears. I’m really sorry. I was angry Na. he looks at her but she was still avoiding his eyes. Having no choice he picks her in his arms.What are you doing? Put me down. He climbed the stairs. He has to be calm.





From the corner mom was watching both of them. She smiled seeing Maan convincing her. She has seen this side of him for the first time. He never has said sorry to anyone. Even she has never seen him talking this softly to anyone. She prayed they would live happily forever.


He entered the room and laid her on bed. She sat folding her legs. He locks the door and grabs her medicine, giving it to her putting the glass to her lips.  Take it. She simply takes it and swallows. He waited for her response but she simply lied again giving her back to him. He smiled her usual nautanki. If she couldn’t be angry then why showing off. Hugging her from back he whispered softly. Itna gussa. She twists her lips. Humph. He smile and kiss her cheek. Geet I’m sorry. The guilty voice made her turn. She lied on her back. He put his warm hand on her cheek. She looks into his eyes for some time. Tears started to roll down. He moves his hand to wipe them but she holds it. Do I really have no rights? There was so much pain in her voice. He sighed closing his eyes, gently kissing her forehead. You have all the rights geet. For me, for this family. You can do whatever you want. And I know you will never make any wrong decision. She looks in his eyes when he wipes her tears.I understand there must be a reason you have made this decision. But still. His eyes become serious suddenly. One wrong step. She will not be safe from me. She looks at him. How much hatred in his eyes. What is the reason that he hates her so much? She wanted to know, but this was not the right time.


He hugs her.I’m truly sorry mishti. I know I have really hurt you. But I didn’t mean it. Please forgive your stupid husband. She moves him back. Don’t call my husband stupid. He raised his eyebrow. Really so. She didn’t reply but close her eyes. I want to sleep. He smiled, lying beside her. Bringing her close to him. My sweet mishti. She put her head on his arm hugging his waist. Hmm. kharus.


Geet. He warned her. Kharus. She repeated again. Dare you repeat it again? She opens her eyes to see his threatening eyes. Kharus kharus kharus. He looks at her angrily.Fine then. He starts to tickle her. She laughs a loud by sudden tickle. Maan. Maan. Please stop. But he didn’tmaaaaan. Sorry Na. please. He stopped looking at her laughing out of breath and hit his chest. He smiled hugging her. Kissing her lips. I love you. She closed her eyes hiding her face in his chest. He looks at her for some time, she may forgive him, but he was ashamed of himself to lose himself at her. How could he say her like that? He may not like sameera and her mere presence, but he shouldn’t have behaved this with her.


Geet open her eyes seeing he lost in thought. Moving his face to her she says. Stop thinking. Everything going to be ok. He smiles.But still. I’m truly. She put her finger on his lips not letting him to complete. Shaking her head she says.It was my mistake too. I am sorry. He smiles kissing her cheek. Good night my mishti. She giggles and says. Good night. And I love you too. Giving each other’s last kiss they finally dozed off in peaceful sleep. They surely can’t sleep with each others embrace.




It was midnight when geet stirred by a ringing noise, she turn to find her mobile. Ringing. Cursing at the person to call at this hour she receives the call. Hello.


Caller :  ·············


Hello. Who’s this?


Caller :   ··········


Suddenly the line got cut. She moves the phone and look at the screen. Maan hug her from back. What’s it. Close the light geet. She keeps the phone, which may it, be, calling at this hour. Maan move his hand under her shirt. Sleep. She holds his hand. He caresses her stomach for. Sometime and finally sleep. She turns around looking at him. He slowly opens his eyes a little. What? He asked with his grumpy voice. She traces her finger on his neck. Couldn’t sleep. he bring her in his arm brushing her hair, knowing it must be hurting her a little, massaging her scalp, sudden noise makes her makes her shiver, after a long time she finally could sleep. He kisses her forehead and holds her close.




Vicky was so excited. He was waiting restlessly for meera to arrive. They will be here any moment. But geet was little nervous by sameera present. Maan did still not like it, but he only agreed for her. All were eating breakfast when meera and sameera entered. All stood to meet them but Maan simply continuous to eat. Meera hug all. Sameera just shook her hand with geet. Geet also didn’t felt like being nice to her. She can still hear the word she told her. Meera went toward Maan. And greeted him. He greets her back. Sameera greet him but he didn’t reply. Standing up he look at geet. I’m getting late. She nods and went behind him. He kisses her forehead before going.




Meera mixed with all the others; she decided to share her room with Annie. But sameera told she will be living in guest room. Geet somewhere didn’t like the idea. Guest room was only beside their room, and Maan will not like it. But she couldn’t tell in front of everyone so decide to handle Maan.




Precap: sameera not liking maneet hows it??

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