hidden feelings

19 Jun

Part 10


Both made their way down holding each other’s hands. The engagement was announced. Ajay and anjali exchanged the ring. Anjali was blushing, and smiling. Mohinder announced their marriage after two weeks. Geet and Maan went to them. Geet hug anjali and ajay. Congrats bhai and bhabhi. I’m so happy for both of you. Soon I’m going to have a great company at home. Anjali smiled at her. Ajay spoke to her. Well geet, must say, my gudiya is looking most beautiful today. She smiles widely kissing his cheek. Thanx bhai, you know Maan bought it for me. She said holding Maan arm tight. He smiled looking at her excited face. Anjali noted both of them, the look of Maan eyes toward geet and possessive hold of geet around his arm. She smiled sensing something must be going on.




Geet went to Maan parents. Mom hugs her. You are looking so beautiful geet. She smiles looking at Maan. Thank you aunty. Mom smiled and then spoke. Geet beta. Sonali is your friend?


Yes aunty, she is my childhood friend. We are best friend. Mom smiled nodding her head. Maan and geet again went to ajay and anjali, sonali was also with them. Anjali eyes were only looking them both. She shook ajay. Ajay. What do you think about Maan? He made a confusing look and whispered back. What? He is good. What else? She hit her head rolling her eyes. Geet came in-between them. Ok now bhai. Stop wisphering. You both are legally engaged. Now you can meet openly. Ajay smile and look at anjali who blush and look down.


Suddenly there was an announcement for dance. Ajay took anjali with him. Maan turn to geet. Let’s go. He smile and forward his hand. She made a baby face and look down. Maan, I can’t dance in this dress. He become sad and looks down. Sonali speek up. Maan will you dance with me? A simple question made both look at sonali and then each others. Geet didn’t like the idea; she was looking at Maan, only to hear his no.


But Maan saw her uncomfortable look at him. He smiled inwardly. Let’s see geet, how will you ignore to dance with me. Smiling he took sonali hand while looking at geet face.


Geet eyes popped out when Maan touch her hand. She didn’t like it. She was feeling like burning, snatching Maan away from her. She fumed more when she saw him dancing with sonali so elegantly. His eyes fixed on her, hands on her waist. Her hand becomes fist seeing them so close to each others.


There was someone else watching Maan and sonali dancing. His mom was smiling seeing Maan dancing with her.


Maan felt so happy. He could feel geet gaze on him. He can see her jealousy face, he was enjoying it a lot. Geet fumed with anger, and walk toward them.


Tapping sonali shoulder she smile forcefully, and took Maan hand jerking him to her. He suppressed a smile seeing her red face. She crosses her arm around his neck while he holds her waist bringing her close.I thought you can’t dance in this dress. She twists her lips, coming closer on him. Why, were you enjoying a lot with sonali? He smiles at her cute angry face. She took it otherwise and starts moving away, but she holds her tight. I can only dance with you. Suddenly forgetting her anger she blushes looking down. They danced for 5 minutes. The light becomes dim. Maan move little away, and now they cannot be seen. She was all the while at his eyes only. Won’t you ask me where are we going? She smile coming close to his ears whispering. I trust you. He smiled at her word. Her breath on his ear. Lips brushed his ears while whispering. He turns to find her face few inches away. He went little more away and takes her to the corner.


Moving his hand slowly from her waist to her back. She shivered lightly. His hand trace on her back. The moment when his fingers felt her skin of her back he was lost in her, wanted to feel her skin in his. He traces his finger giving her tickling sensation. His fingers move to her neck moving up and down slowly his finger. She stirred moving her head to his touch not able to control. Her hand went to his chest breathing heavily.


He move his face close to hers, slightly brushing his lips on her jaw line. She gasped lightly making fist on his shirt. He continuous to brush his lips there. Moving his other hand to her hair. She moaned with the pleasure. Maan. His lips move to her ears, kissing the earlobe lightly. Her hand move to his face, cupping his cheek. He opens his eyes to look at her eyes. Both lost in each others. Suddenly the voice of huge clapping brings them out of their own world. Geet become nervous moving her hand, looking down. Blushing very hard. Maan move little back, he can’t believe he almost has lost himself. He wanted to know her feelings before. But not like this. He looks at her and fins her nervously holding her dupatta tight. He cleared his throat. Ahem. She looks up to him, but didn’t dare to look in his eyes. Let’s go. She nodded her head and went behind him.


The party finished after sometime. Maan told he would stay longer. Dad didn’t ignore. He was happy that Maan was at least mixing with someone. Anjali family also went after sometime.


Geet, ajay, brij and Maan were sitting in the lawn having coffee. Maan noticed geet avoiding looking at his eyes. He didn’t like it. He wanted to know if she feels the same or not. But geet was super confused. And scared of what happened, she was confused weather whatever happening was right or wrong. She was fighting with her own emotions. Brij bid bye and went.Geet, I wonder. How you wear such different dress today. I mean we always ask you but you never agreed. Then why so suddenly. Maan eyes fixed on geet. He was curious to know what she will say. She think for some time and then say playing her finger on the cup smiling nervously looking down. It’s not like that bhai. I just wanted to wear it so I did. Ajay nodded sipping his coffee. But Maan was hurt by her reply. He was now getting restless, doesn’t she feels the same feeling for me? Did she really wear that dress just like that? Does she even know what am I feeling for her? Why is she avoiding him? Is she sorry for whatever happened? His mind was full of question. He definitely wanted to know about her feelings.


Late night he also said to go. Ajay insisted geet to go with him until out. Maan was again hurt by her continuous refusal. Both went out in great silence. Geet just went behind him looking down when they reached the car, he turn around only to find her start walking ahead. Getting furious her jerk her arm. She was pulled forcefully and jerk to his chest. He tried to look at her eyes but she was struggling to move away. Holding her arm tight he pinned her to the car. Geet, look at me.

She stubbornly shook her head looking down. Look. At. Me. his threatening voice scared her. Slowly moving her eyes up her loom at him. What’s wrong? Why are you avoiding me? She again looks down. Woh. Woh main. Woh. She was struggling to get any words but was not finding anything to say. He understood her nervousness and gently hugs her. She didn’t feel like struggling so hug him back closing her eyes.
The emotions were too much for her to handle, she was tired, tires to think what is happening to her. Her hold her for some time. Moving back he found her tears flowing down. Wiping her tears he pulls her chin. I don’t know what is happening to me. I’m so scared. She finally told him his feeling. He sighed knowing the reason for her behavior. Cursing himself to put things so fastly, how can he forget she is so nave, not like others, she definitely feels scared after having so much feeling in short time? Taking a deep breath he gently kisses her forehead.Don’t worry. Don’t think about anything. Everything going to be ok. She looks at him.I promise. She smiled lightly keeping her head on his chest, feeling better. After sometime he finally manages to go with light heart and happy.




Precap:  argh maan’s mom.

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3 responses to “hidden feelings

  1. seherf

    June 19, 2011 at 4:26 PM

    love ur every post
    its great now maan’s mom cant see maan n geet togather
    oh god ek new tention
    and please update loving lament
    please please i ant to see geet please please ab geet ko ly ao
    bye come back soon

  2. simi91

    June 19, 2011 at 8:57 PM

    lovely part
    love it
    cont soonnnnn

  3. sharmake11

    June 19, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    superb duper
    love it
    waiting eagerly next one


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