forever with you

21 Jun




 He stood there for a moment. Then went and slept behind her bringing her in his embrace kissing her cheek. Good night mishti. She smiles holding his hand, feeling his breath other hair. He played with her fingers. Keeping his head on her cheek. So, where do you want to go tomorrow? She sighed lightly feeling his lips on her neck. I will tell you when we will be out. But it’s going to be whole day ok. He smiled kissing her shoulder. Anything for you. Both silently lay for some time. Soon Maan felt her sleeping. He smiled slowly holding her shoulder and turning her around bringing her in his arm knowing that the only ace where she sleeps peacefully. Kissing her forehead and eyes, caressing her hair. She stirred a little and holds his waist bringing her face close to his neck. He smile and close his eyes.




Morning light came in her eyes, stirring a little she open her eyes slowly only to find his love sleeping in his arm. Smiling she move her hand on his face, tracing her finger from his forehead to nose and slowly moving to his lips. He stirred a little; she giggled softly caressing his lips with her thumb. He slowly opens his eyes to see her mischief look. Smiling he brought her close, and again close his eyes. She pouts looking at him sleeping again. Maan utho na. He didn’t move. She shook him again but he hold her hand bring them to his waist. Irritatingly she tried to move but he holds her tight. Choro. He didn’t let her go. Maan choro na. She tried to move his hand from her waist but no, he didn’t. Tired of trying she let go and only look at him. He opens his eyes and smile. Twisting her lips she looks away. Letting go of her waist he hold her hand and put them on either side of her head. Looking at her eyes. Moving close to her neck he blows, she giggles trying to let go her hand. He moved to her throat licking the area with his tongue. Her hands become fist, digging her nail on his hand. Moaning his name. Maan. Which came out as a plead. His tongue move o her neck licking the skin, she was getting tickling sensation in her body.


She wanted to touch him, hold him tight but he was not letting her. Coming to her face he smoothly licks her cheek. Chin. Her breath become fast moaning his name again and again, pleading to leave her. He didn’t let her, lick every part of her face but not lips. Seeing her breathing heavily he moves back to look at her face. When she didn’t felt him she opens her eyes and saw his face. Moving little up tried to kiss him but he move up not giving her chance. She tried again but he didn’t, only smiled at her plight. Frustrating she make a grumpy face pouting her lips. He chuckled and smashes his lips on her. She kissed him full mouth still trying to let go of her hand. The kiss become more passionate, but geet was dying to touch him. After a long time both move away for air. Inhaling she closed her eyes feeling him kissing her collarbone. slowly letting go of her hands, the moment he let go of her she hold him tight removing his vest, feeling his body, chest, moving down caressing him. It makes him go wild and took her shirt away opening her bra. She gasped feeling his hands cupping her breast tightly. Holding his hair tight she breathes hard moaning with the desire. His mouth captured them nibbling them. Ripping her other cloths. He took her lips in his mouth entering her. She moaned in his mouth tightly closing her eyes. Thrusing her hard he moves his lips to her breast nibbling them. She moaned holding his shoulder. He moved forth and down slowly, letting many little or****her moans only become louder. After a long time he moved out and laid on her hearing her heartbeat. She closed her eyes loosing every energy. They lay for long time.




Having their breakfast both got ready and sat in the car. So madam, where do you want to go? She laughs. Hmm. driver jee. Let’s go to a beach. He looks at her. Beach? She smiles kissing his lips. Yes beach. Now let’s go. He smiled and started the car. They reached the beach. She excitedly ran their dropping her slippers in car. Maan ran behind her. She stood on the sand looking at water. He came and hug her from back, smiling she hold his hand. It so lovely Na. he kisses her cheek keeping his head on her shoulder.It will be more if we go inside. He smile waded. Turning around she look at him seriously. No. I don’t want to go. You took me inside before too, you don’t know how scared I was. She said pouting her lips and plying with his shirt. He looks at her for some time and then suddenly takes her in his arm. She was shocked.Fine. I will also be with you. She holds him tight locking her hands around his neck. Maan, no. please. I really don’t want to go. He walks a little ahead.Maan please listen. Please don’t do this. Please. He saw her pleading eyes and sighed letting her down. Geet you know I’m with you. Just a little darling.


No Maan I don’t want to. He shook his head looking down. Ok fine. Looking up his cup her face. It’s your day today. Everything will be according to you. She smiles widely kissing his lips.




They walked for sometime hands in hands. Geet saw something and jump on him in excitement. Maan look gol gappe. Holding her arm she drags him, but he stops her.Wait geet. You know geet doctor strictly told you to avoid these kinds of things. She moves forward to the stall. Oh stop it Maan. It’s just for a day. Nothing will happen.


bhaiya, do plate dena. He smiles. Ok doctor geet. He only looks at her eating making cute faces. They spend hours there when finally she agreed to leave. Sitting in the car he again asked her where she wants to go. Farmhouse.


Farmhouse? But why?


Ohoo don’t ask question. Let’s go there. He takes him where she wanted to go. In the way rain started. She put her head out to enjoy the view. He only sees her and smile. He was so happy to see her like this. They reached the farmhouse, and she jumped out in the rain twirling around opening her arm. He only looks at her. She was looking extra hot; her sari was drenched and fixed to her skin. Slowly walking to her his gaze didn’t move to her wet body, it was inviting him.


she close her eyes enjoying the water falling on her face, but soon she felt Maan body near her, opening her eyes she saw desired in his eyes, moving close she lock her arm on his neck, moving close to his lips. He holds her waist tight smashing her body to his. Their lips met and it was so passionate kiss that get felt week on her knee but didn’t wanted to leave him. His hand roams around her body feeling her curves above the cloths. Kissing her hungrily, drinking the water. Finally moving away both look at eachothers and smiled. I love you. He said kissing her forehead. Suddenly there was a loud thunder, she got scared and hold him tight. He took her inside. Geet you are so wet. Go change your dress. There are jeans and shirt in the cupboard. I will make some coffee. She nodded her head and went to the room, changed in the pair of jeans and shirt. Coming out she saw Maan too changed his dress. When he saw her, he made her sit in the sofa and gave her coffee wiping her hair with the towel. She feels so relax. Closing her eyes she sipped the coffee. Finishing the coffee she moves to his lap keeping her head on his chest. I’m tired now. He chuckled brushing her hair, kissing her head. Sleep for sometime honey. He brushes her hair and soon she fall asleep. He too closes his eyes resting his head on sofa.




Precap: oopss Maan angry on geet.

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3 responses to “forever with you

  1. dia

    June 21, 2011 at 1:34 PM

    That was Beautiful!!!

    loved the update …awesome!!!

  2. sharmake11

    June 21, 2011 at 8:51 PM

    simply fantasic
    love it core
    cont soonnnnn


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