20 Sep

Part 26


  Bye geet. She only nods her head slightly. The call ended but she didn’t put it down. Hearing the beeping sound, just keeping it near her ear still feeling his voice. A tear escaped from her eyes. She badly wanted to see him. Keep him near his heart. Not let him go away. Somewhere she was having a bad feeling of him going away so sudden. Somewhere deep she is feeling pain of him going so away from her. She lied down hugging the pillow which was kept under his head and inhaled his aroma.








two days passed when Maan went, she call him again and again telling him small and small thing about all day, he will only listen to her and continue his work.



You listening Na? She asks having her food. Yes geet, just a minute some clients are coming. She nods her head munching her food.  He talks with the client while she just listens to him. How less he talks in words and that to the point. After 15 minutes he picks the phone. Geet you there.



Yea. You talk so les with others. Why? He smiles.Because no one is my geet to whom I share my heart. She was touched by his word smiling she blushed finishing her food. How much more time u you will take? She asked sadly missing him. Oh geet. Told you Na, I’m trying. She staid quite. Geet I will cal you later now ok.




Hmm fine take care. Hanging the phone she picks the plate and went out. Everyone was sitting and taking. The moment they saw her all shut their mouth and look at her Cleverly smiling which got noticed by her, why are they all behaving so weird from some days? Talking in small voices. Keeping the plate she sits beside anjali.Papa, what you all are talking about? The question which made all nervous. Mohinder spoke up. Ah…baby its nothing. We… Just you know…. Office talks….. All smile nosing their head. She rolls her eyes and say. Don’t play with me. Tell me clearly what’s going on behind me? Anjali sighed grabbing her hands.




Geet. W are actually…. You know… We are discussing about…. She curiously looks at her. Anjali never have hide things from her, she was sure she will tell. But anjali was quite nervous to tell her or not. Mohindwr clear his throat. Ahem. He smiles. May be its the time they all should say her everything. Baby, there’s soon going to be a wedding in our house. She look at ask shocked. Wedding? Whose?




Hmm… WO… We selected a girl for brij. And we will soon fix everything. Another shock came to her. Brij wedding, she doesn’t know anything about it. Every decision made in this house was always discussed with her first. Here they are almost talking about wedding.And you all hide it from me? From how long? She asked sadly and anjali. How can they do this to her? How can they just say her like this, about her own brother wedding? Ajay says. Gudia, it was sudden. We didn’t want it to be revealed.




Dad told not to say anyone. Anjali say. She looks at her shocked. Even anjali dad knows about it. And they think she is just anyone, not a part of this family. They have told anjali dad but they can’t tell her. Am I anyone to all of you? She look at ask with hurt eyes. Tears burned her eyes, totally hurt by their behavior. Baby it’s not like this. Rajiv was just taking information about them. So we were still not sure that’s why. Great. Maan family also knows. Then she really is someone from outside. Ajay speak excitedly. You know. Gudiya bhaiya soon well have an engagement. She looks at all shocked and hurt. Engagement. They have fixed the engagement date too. hurt was visible in her face, everyone look at her guiltily seeing her tears ajay stood up but she jerk his hand and Standing up she say. Oh, than I should congratulate all of you. Give me the invitation card, if you want me to come at least. With that she domed of angrily. All called her from back but she didn’t listen and went to her room thudding the dour.I told you, we should have talked to her. Anjali said sadly.





She lied on her bed and start crying.  How could they? just how? They always have talked to her first for every single thing. And now they all made such a high decision and no one even told her. If she wouldn’t have asked they wouldn’t have told her now also. Is she really only this close to them, that they just said so easily that her own brother engagement is being fixed and she is probably the last person to be known. Tears rolled down her eyes. There was knock on the door. Geet please open the door and listen to me. Anjali said knocking her dour. I don’t want to talk to anyone of you. Go away. She yelled loudly. The whole day she didn’t talk or went out to them. She just hated it to feel she was left out. Walking to cupboard she take out a bracelet which was the last thing she have of her mama. Mohinder gave it to her when she was small. Holding it close to her she cried kissing it. She was craving to be with her, to see her for one time only, to be close to her and cry her heart. Being close to her, keeping her head on her lap she just wants to see her now. May be if she would have been here, she would have talked to her. Someone she can share her heart out. It reminds her of Maan.  He will understand her. Grabbing the phone she immediately dialed his number, which was in mail box. Throwing the phone on bed she cried more and missed her mama.




All tried to talk to her but she just refused. What do they expect from her? After ask this she will happily go and say she survive them. No it is not so easy. They hurt her a lot and she will never forgive them. She hated them very much at that moment.




She just wanted to talk to Maan, be in his embrace and cry all her heart out. Tel him everything. He is the one who she needed the most. She wants to run to him and hug him doing to pour her heart out. Tel him how she is missing her mama. Holding his chain and bracelet she keeps them close to get heart and cried. The two people she wants mostly now are not with her.








Precap: pouring her heart to Maan




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