22 Sep




I will make sure you will see every happiness in your life. Tumara sapna, tumaari tamanna, har kwaahish Poori koruna geet. Tumhe had so khushiya dunga jiski tumhe tamanna hai. Moving close he softly kiss her cheek and turn to other kissing there, looking at her face he kiss her forehead promising her again and again.




They reached home very late; geet was feeling very cold so Maan switched the heater in car to make her body warm. Geet was all the while very quiet than usual Maan was somewhere finding it curious that why is she so quiet?  He needed to ask her badly but she was not finishing the awkward silence between them.




Finally reaching home Maan as usual came behind her but she didn’t once turn knowing very well his entry form. She changed her cloths and was about to come out when Maan stop her. You sleep. I’m just going.  She nods her head but stood there. Maan smile and hold her shoulder guiding her to bed. She silently just went and lied down. Softly covering her with delvet he removes her hair from her forehead looking at her. She was not looking at him.




Geet. She looks up at him. Aren’t you happy? She could feel some sadness and hurt in his voice.I have never been this happy before. He smile finally hearing something he wanted to since he has confessed. But I’m not used to this much happiness.  He moves his thumb softly caressing her cheek.You will get used to it. I will make sure of this little thing. She smiles looking at his pure and sincere love which have no limits.




Leaning down he kiss Ger cheek.Sleep now. Tomorrow going to be your new morning. With that he kiss her forbear and move just a little with his face only inches away from her,  very slowly moving down so she could feel his breath on her lips and close her eyes clutching the cover around her. Very softly he touch his lips with her giving her a short and soft kiss, then move back keeping his nose on her cheek nuzzling there. She was unable to move from her place with what just have happened. Slowly opening Ger eyes she found him looking at her with full love. Good night sweetheart. Giving a last kiss on her forehead he unwontedly stood and went out closing the door. Oh he loves her so much, how much he wanted to feel her soft lips more. But he knows she needs time right now. Smiling at his new happiness he went out of her house closing the door.




Inside geet was unable to sleep with what have just happened. She keeps her finger on her lips still feeling him there. A smile form on her face and eyes glitter with happiness. She prayed silently to have maan with her all the life, because she won’t be able to live without him now, after he Ave given her so much love, so much happiness in just one day. And how will be the life with him. Looking at her finger she notices his ring and smile caressing it. He has claimed her today. She remembers him saying she is only his now. He has possessed her, with all the rights. She is so lucky to find him. And somewhere she couldn’t stop thanking Yash to bring Maan in her life. If geet wouldn’t force her to join Maan office she wouldn’t have seen so much happiness and love today. She made her mind to call him at morning and tell him everything she have got, she was out of world by the love of Maan and she was so excited to explain every single thing to yash.








Next morning she woke up little late, having a very beautiful sleep for the first time in her whole life. The words of Maan only ring her head of her new morning. She sat in her breakfast table but was lost in his thoughts, all the evening, his warm embrace and his confession was running Ger mind. She smile sipping her tea remembering him softly kissing her, how he move away only to look at her reaction finding in her eyes that she won’t felt bad by his kiss.




Suddenly her phone ring bringing her out of her thoughts. She smiles seeing the name on her hone. Picking it she dare not speak a word. Good morning. A soft voice came from other side making her blush hard. Good morning. She said in her low voice unable to speak.I really don’t mind if you take a day off. But you see, my heart missing you badly. She smiles tracing her finger on the cup. Loving his so soft and lovely voice. I will come soon. She said turning very bright red. Waiting to see your lovely face. He whispered softly making her heartbeat fast. She closed her eyes to control herself. Bye.



Bye… and… I love you.


He waited for her to reply but could only feel her smiling. She hangs the phone keeping it close to her heart. How life seems beautiful with his sweet love. Will it be the same always? She blushed by the idea even to spend her whole life with him.





Precap: geet saying all to Yash.


 here next part too today,

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One response to “TAMANNA

  1. Parri muskan

    September 23, 2011 at 5:37 PM

    Wow so lovely awsome and cutiee cutiee update…
    I love the way maan propose her……
    Ooohoo shy fye and her silent cofession jst lovly…
    Waiting 4 more cute scenes:))


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