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She look at him for sometime lovingly, he was touched by the love in her eyes, leaning down he softly kiss her both eyes. Let me wash my face. He giggles moving away. She went and washes and face. After coming she fined him lying down with close eyes, she lied beside him and he quickly come close to her hiding his head close to her heart. She smile brushing his hair but soon stopped smiling when he look up at her to caught her smile but pout looking her straight face. She closed her eyes to prevent from his pout. He smile and kissed her lips again closing his eyes. Tell Na.



No. she frowned and move his head from her, tell Na. He smile shyly, she look at him curiously, what is it that he is not able to ask. He lies besides her holding her waist and bring her close. Woo, I….. Hm…. He giggle hiding his face in her neck, she became more confuse. Maan. He move away tracing his finger on her exposed skin of her chest.  I feel shy. He whispered.


Shy? You feel shy? He smiles, feeling shy to look at her eyes throughout. I… Actually Na…. I…. Want you to take….. Sighing he hide his face in shy. I want you to take me out on a date. It took a long time for her to digest the word. He wants her to take him to the date. She as a wife should take her husband on a date and he is feeling so shy in saying that. That is not surprising as she always have been the one who took the first step. But it’s been long time she have not seen this side of him. Her thoughts at least now he will understand some romantic kind of things and he will take her to a date, but oh god, what is she expecting and that to from him.


She wanted to laugh a loud. Who will believe that the great Maan Singh khurana wants his wife to take him in a date? He should have invite her but no. he look at her finding her lost. What are you thinking? She brings his face close to her neck to hide her smile from him. These innocent demands of him made her fall in love at him again. Her cutipie. Hmm. So I have to plan everything. Her breath tickles his neck. He smiles closing his eyes.


She brushes his hair to let him sleep for some time but instead he move away looking at her moving his arm around her waist. I don’t know anything about all this. You always have taken me. Remember. He asked with a slight blush, she felt like kissing his pink cheeks hard. Oh how she missed this Maan of her. His sweet demands. His so unromantic styles.


Looking at him lovingly she says. Can I have a pleasure to take my husband on a date? He giggles kissing her cheek.  Yea. He whispered shyly and hugs her tight.I would love to. She brushes his hair making them messy.I will fix a surprise date for you. He giggles kissing her neck. My jaan. She could only smile at him; kissing his hair she closed her eyes holding him.






Next day geet made her way to khurana construction with Khushi, Maan stood up seeing both of them. Taking Khushi in his arm he put his other arm around geet. I was already missing both my loves. And kiss geet cheek. Khushi giggle putting her hand on her mouth. Geet shake her head and say opposite to Maan chair. Have you asked that rajjat of your about the papers? He clears his throat putting Khushi down. She ran to her table. And he sat on his chair.Oh jaan. I will, don’t worry. She frowned by his answer. Maan he made me sign some unknown papers and you are saying later? He sighed knowing she can never ever trust anyone, but this is pointless, rajjat is really trustful employee. How can he doubt him?


Geet found him lost, shaking her head, by his usual trusting people so much she stood up and took the phone beside him. Yea, call rajjat now. She said firmly. Hanging the phone she looks at him. You can trust any second person but me still never. He could only smile at her. Yea because you are here now. My savior. She roll her eyes, he move his hand to waist bringing her close. Kya kar rahe ho? Choro. She wisphered looking at the door. He smiles stoking her waist lightly. Hmm. i thought you come office to spend time with me. Giving him a glare she moves little away while he smiles. After sometime rajjat enters the cabin. Come. She gesture him still standing beside Maan. Where is the file I signed yesterday? Rajjat look at her nervously and cleared his throat. Madam, it’s with them.


Whom? She inquired.


Mr. Mehta. She looks at him angrily and yelled. What?


They wanted them.




Ahh, woh…nm.


Do you think I’m a fool or something? He shivered by her sudden anger. Maan quietly sat and observe both of them, he dare not speak in-between knowing geet temper, and Khushi came to Maan when she heard geet yelling. Maan made her sit on table. Indicating her to be quite. I’m asking something? Do you care to explain?


Woo… maam…. they wanted to…. he just trailed off and didnt talk anything which makes any sense. It made her more frustrated.


Shut up. Just shut your mouth. He looks down taking a step back. Khushi jumped to Maan lap becoming scared seeing new side of her mama. Maan knew well she would do something worst to rajjat. Softly holding her hand he tried to calm her. She rarely gets angry. Because she rarely talks to other person. And they will have to see a cold side of her. He strokes her hand softly with his thumb.


She inhaled a breath closing her eyes, when she felt Maan softly caressing her hand with his thumb. Looking at rajjat she says. I need them to me as soon as possible, otherwise collect your resignation letter. He immediately nods his head without looking up at her. Maan sighed finally.


Go now rajjat. Maan said wanting him to leave as soon as possible so he can handle with her anger which is nothing for him. She can never show her this side to him.




Precap: how to cheer up Geet?



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  1. Jyoti

    September 22, 2011 at 4:29 PM

    is that really maan…omg….

    he is really a cutiepie….

    i am still shocked by his request….*head spinning*


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