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Kuch bhi to nahi. She replied coldly not wanting him to know the reason. He didn’t ask further just kept her close massaging her scalp making her calm down. She sighed and look up at him, he smile caressing her cheekbone with his thumb with other hand. Little later the food arrived. Let’s eat something. He said moving away and takes a spoon of soup feeding her. Both lovingly feed each others. Hmm, I Love It. He Smile Moving Close to Her Lips. Yes me too. She Giggle again kissing Him when a voice disturb them. Oh my god.  Wow.






Turning around they found a girl standing with her mouth open. Oh my god, I can’t believe I am seeing Maan Singh khurana in front of me. Geet frowned and look ay Maan, he shrug his shoulder indicating he doesn’t know her. Hello I’m Alisha. I am a big fan of yours sir, I just love you. Geet raised her eyebrow by which she clears her throat. I mean I like you sir. Can I sit here? With that she sat beside Maan, both gave her an irritated look but her mind was only to Maan. She start blabbering about how she is mad about her while it make Maan little uncomfortable knowing how much geet is possessive about him. Geet sat there giving a dirty look at her, while she was busy in her blabbering. You know sir; I always tried to come to your mansion. I live near it…. But you see guards. She said shyly.


 Geet rolled her eyes while man smirked. Alisha eyes went to geet; she just hated how she was sitting so close to Maan. She has a huge crush on him and wanted to take the opportunity of meeting him so she moves little close to him again starting with her stories. Maan find her coming close so he moved to geet wrapping his arm around her which got noticed by Alisha and she just burned in jealousy.



Oh, sir why are you eating these things. There are very good food available here. Now this make geet more irritated. This girl is really getting out of nerves.Why can’t we eat this? She said it really rudely which made Alisha frowned. Humph, jaise Maine isse pucha. Maan tightened his hold looking at her, she look at him and saw him shaking his head a little indicating to keep silence. Sighing she grab her spoon only to play with food. Sir I will order something good for you. She takes the menu but was stopped by Maan. Ahh, no we are ok with it. Turning to geet he knows she must be in full mood now. Rubbing her arm he brings her close. Why are you not eating? She starts eating trying really hard to hold on her anger.




Maan and geet were rather amused by the amount of her taking. God she talks a lot. After eating a little geet move back. I’m finished. He nods his head turning to Alisha. Nice meeting you. We need to go now. He stood up holding geet hand. They walk to the reception to pay the bill, not wanting to sit there more but to their dismay she comes behind them. Sir will you please drop me in a mall, it just near. He looks at geet not knowing how to get her out of them.


She rolls her eyes. Fine. Muttering she went to reception. Maan stood there paying the bill, Alisha beside him just adoring his every move.



Geet went a little ahead waiting for him to come, but suddenly someone jerk push passing her, she winced looking at him but he already passed her and went fastly.


She looks at him furiously and was about to turn but her eyes caught the paper. Lied down, looking straight at the person who was going, she picks the paper to find it a blank paper again. Her mind went to that man again who she saw at the traffic. She shivered and look at the paper scared not knowing who he is and what is he wanting from her. Why is someone doing all this to her?



She was lost in her thoughts when she felt an arm around her. Turning around she saw Maan looking at her worriedly.  You ok? She shows him the paper. Someone threw it. It couldn’t be co incident Maan. She whispered with her shaking voice. Maan was alert by her continuous scariness from small things, why is she feeling herself being involved in everything? Geet, don’t shake. It might be there from before. .it’s not necessary it for you. Holding her tightly he take her out, turning around he indicate Alisha to come.



Making her sit in her seat Alisha sat back highly irritated by the way he was taking care of geet. He sat in his seat and move to geet putting her belt knowing she wouldn’t be able to do it, finishing it he look at her and find her lost, putting his hand on her cheek he look at her worriedly.  You ok? She smile a little nosing her head, not wanting him to be worried by her statue, but somewhere she was scared for whatever was happening with her.  He turns around. Where do you want to go?




A mall near. he start driving but his mind was on geet, she was not in herself from sometime and he decided to take her to hospital after dropping this irritated girl.



 Taking her hand he kisses her fingers and keeps it in his lap. She lean back tracing her finger on his jeans. Alisha twists her lips looking at them. He reached the mall and waited for her to go out. Thank you so much sir. It’s really nice meeting you. Not wanting to go from him, she was not at all in the mood to leave a chance to be close to him for once but was irritated to see he was not once moving his eyes from her. She sadly went out. Maan sighed in relive. Finally. He said leaning back.



Geet look at him and smile finally, he smile moving close rubbing his noise with her but were again disturbed when Alisha popped in from his window. Sir.  He jerks away rolling his eyes.


Now what?


This is my number. You can call me whenever you want. Giving her number she smile, ok fine. She waved bye and moved away. Throwing her number out of window he cursed her. For some time and look at geet. Both burst in laughing at her. She is mad. She said laughing and looking at her entering the mall.  She talks a lot. God my head hurting. He said rubbing his tremble.


She giggle brushing his hair, he look at her smiling and softly kiss her lips. Hmm. finally got to taste the sweet. She looks at him blushing, hitting his chest. Chaliye ab.




Your love is true

My dreams are real

This love is so pure 

I can’t hold back

Here with you 

I want to be

Now and forever

Until the end of time

Just promise me

You’ll be mine…


                              By bloomy sunday.

                                                        Thanks dear.







Precap: will geet agree to go to doctor?



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