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 She just wanted to talk to Maan, be in his embrace and cry all her heart out. Tel him everything. He is the one who she needed the most. She wants to run to him and hug him doing to pour her heart out. Tel him how she is missing her mama. Holding his chain and bracelet she keeps them close to get heart and cried. The two people she wants mostly now are not with her.





It was almost night, she sat beside window looking out, feeling extremely low and lonely, and missing Maan to the core. She has called him twice but he seems busy in something and didn’t pick her phone. So she thought of not disturbing him and sat alone missing him.  Although she was desperately wanting to talk to him and cry. Closing her eyes she sighed, when her phone rang. Opening her eyes in jerk knowing who it will be she quickly takes the phone in one ring. Hello geet, sorry was busy in a meeting. She smiled with tears in her eyes after listening to his voice. That is what she was waiting for so long his voice, the concern, The softness, how much she was craving for it.Geet, you there? Wiping the tears she looks out. Feeling much better by just his voice, clutching the bracelet and the chain together she whispered. Maan. Her voice came out as a whimper which made him frown. He know something is wrong, just few hours back she sounded good, she speak nicely. What happened now? Geet, kya hua? Are you crying? His words made her more sad, oh how much she wants him. Starting to cry she told him everything which happened, not able to hold on her more, and just spill out everything and every word of all. How she was feeling lonely. How they have hided such a big thing from her. How she was left out from all. Maan curiously listened everything and knew well something must be serious that they have hides thing from her, otherwise they will never ever thing of it. He knows very well how much they all love her. He tried to console her, but she was nowhere to listen.




Why have they done it to me Maan? I’m really very hurt. He hated to listen that weak voice of hers, it hurt a lot. But the thing she said also is right. Why have none told her anything? They knew very well she is very small hearted person who feels bad on every small thing. But now consoling her is more important.  He could not see her in this condition being so sad and crying. He can never see it especially when he is away from her and can’t be there to console her.


Geet may be there is any reason. Why don’t you talk to them?


I don’t want to. I only want to talk to you. She complained cutely. He becomes more restless. He never have said her no and she is in not a condition to listen no, already she is feeling so low how can he just sit there and listen her crying. Restless by hearing her shaking voice. I am with you geet, please don’t cry.  He pleaded feeling helpless by her voice. She wipes her tears and waited for some time until she felt herself calming down slowly. He also didn’t say anything feeling she just need little time. After a long time she says. I’m missing you Maan…. allot. I want you here.  She whispered with her heavy voice. Knowing very well he will not come, how can he just leave everything and come for her here.




He sighed closing his eyes not knowing what should he do?  Should ye leave everything and come to her, hell yea he was desperate to be with her but this stupid meeting. Geet, talk to them for once please, I won’t be able to come in few days. She sniffs shaking her head. No. i don’t want to talk to them. I badly want you or mama with me now. He stood for some minute not knowing what to do and what to say to her that she would stop crying. He very well knows she needs someone desperately when she will be low. And her missing her mother, his heart drenched with the feeling if her being alone. Sighing a long breath he says. Ok. Wait a minute I will call you back. With that he hang the phone leaving a confuse geet. She sat waiting for his call,




After about half an hour her phone rang she picks it up immediately. Kya hua?  He smile listening her worried voice and cute voice, clearly could hear Ger rapid heartbeat. Nothing, I have fixed my flight. I’m going to come to you soon. She gasped in surprise. Not believing what she heard. He is coming, did I heard right?  Am I having some nightmare? Is he leaving everything for me? He found her lost and called out. Geet you there?  Coming out of her thoughts she stammered. You. You are coming…. Really? He could only smile at her. How much he love her sweet voice and just want to run you her and hug her tight keeping her away from all those worries and keep her happy always. He can do anything to bring that smile and cheerfulness on her back like before, if for that he have to extend his meeting of course he can do. He can do anything to bring that geet back to whomever he loves so much.  I’m coming geet, wait for me. And stop crying now. She quickly wipes her tears. Surprised to fell about his sudden act but was very happy to have him with her soon. So she and hug him tight and jeep him close to her.Please come soon Maan, please. She whispered hopefully. He smiled leaning. I’m coming Geet, don’t worry. I will be there with you soon. She smiles feeling little good by his so much careful. Nature. He is leaving everything just for her, she made it clear in her mind to not to let him go away from her again. And keep him very close to her always. Bye. He said hanging the phone. She smile closing her eyes and lean back, just waiting for him to come back to her and engulf Ger in his arm. I can’t wait for long. She whispered not able to control her own heartbeat which was beating so fast to have a glimpse of her.






Precap: Maan coming back.



Love you all for all your love and support.

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