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As she went inside her room Yash turn to Maan. Thank you so much Maan. I have never seen Geet this much happy. He gave him assuring smile.I know. And I will make sure she will be like this forever. He smiles at him. Surely he can’t doubt him, how cans he? When he can very clearly see the love in his eyes. The need to keep geet happy always. He can say that Maan is the person who can keep her happy. That’s why he have bright Geet to his cabin knowing very well she won’t get w better place than khurana construction to work. But now looking at the unlimited love in Maan eyes he is really happy and very much sure he will go to any extent to keep her happy. Geet won’t get anyone better than Maan. He can only bring the happiness in her life.




Geet came out and smile at both of them. I will make coffee. She turns around but was stopped by Yash.No Geet. I must go now. Naina is waiting. He stood up and went to her. Bye. Hugging her he kisses her forehead and went out winking at Maan. Actually wanting Maan to spend time with her more. He smirked and looks at Geet. Geet. I need a coffee. She nervously went to kitchen to make coffee, but desperately wanted him to go. She was scared by his closeness as she was losing her self control. He stood behind her lightly touching her back with his chest. She shivered and tried hard to concentrate on her task. Geet. He whispered softly, her hands start to shake and heart start thumbing by the proximity. She turn her head a little to look at him. Don’t forget about tomorrow. She looks down again and he could see her cheek becoming bright red. Smiling he move from there and sat on dining table making some important calls. She came after sometime and found him in call still; sitting beside him on her chair she keeps the cup. After sometime he keeps the phone.




Drinking the coffee both sat in silence. Geet was nervously look here and there or playing with her cup while Maan got busy looking at her paintings. She looks at him and find him lost in her paintings, smiling she look down sipping her coffee. You have to make a great painting for me. He said with his serious face. She smiles looking at him. Aren’t they good? 



No. They are so dull. I need something fresh, beautiful, full of love.  He complained making faces at her paintings. She sighed softly giggling. How can she make it? She have said him clearly she can’t make other than these kind of panting But she can’t deny him. He has asked so sweetly and how can she say no.I will try to. She will make one for him as he wants. No matter how much hard it will be for her but she will try to. He smiles remembering her words the other day. Slowly holding her hand he says

 Geet. You will make one for me. And I will make sure you feel all the happiness, colors, and fragrance soon in your life. She becomes lost in his word. He always has done whatever he has said and she trusts him more than anything. But will this last longer, her being with him can bring happiness to her but what about him? He can read her eyes and squeezed her hand to bring him out of her thoughts. Don’t think so much.



After sometime He keeps the paper and stood up. OK. Got to go now. Get ready early tomorrow, she smile nodding her head and went behind him. He stood by the door and turn around; he was not able to leave her. Not wanting to go away from her but he have the have to go and make things ready for tomorrow. He has to make her day the most remember and most lovely day of her life. He wants to bring every happiness in her life tomorrow and will have to go away from her for this. Sighing he glance at her and step ahead. She looks at him confused. He smiles slowly putting his hand on her cheek. I can’t wait for tomorrow.  He said very softly looking at her eyes. She smile sweetly, unable to control himself he leaned and softly kiss her other cheek softly and linger his lips there feeling her soft skin. She gasped lightly with surprise and step beck looking at him dumbstruck.  He smirked looking at her shocked face, and turn around going to his car leaving a shocked Geet with what had just happened. Slowly she touches her cheek still feeling his lips. What is he doing to her?  Why is he making her so week.  Why he always do this. When she tries hard to keep herself away and he comes suddenly and make her forget everything and just be with him. Just his face and his closeness.


With so many thoughts she turns and went to her room still with her hand on Ger fuel feeling his touch. Sighing softly she lied down and closed her eyes only to see a Smiley form of Maan. Can a dream be more beautiful than this? 






Precap: a rememable day.



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  1. Jyoti

    September 17, 2011 at 11:14 AM


    he kissed her on cheek n left her all shocked…

    cant waiti for the memorable day…

    continue soon…


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