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Maan stood little far letting her enjoy the way she want, he only admire her, she looks so happy, the glow the smile, he have seen it for the first time in his life. Someone being so happy with just little things. But this is not little for her,  of course it will be the most special things in her life and he have already made his mind to give her all the happiness in this day making it the most beautiful day of her life. The smile which is now in her face will always be there in her face. He will make her live her life like the way she always has dreamt of. And will make sure she will see all the happiness.







Slowly making his way he went to her. How’s it geet? She looks at him smiling delight. It’s so beautiful. I just love it. I have never seen such a beauty. He smiles holding her hand. Have you seen that water fall?  She looks ahead at water fall.  It was looking so beautiful. Yea. He holds her shoulder.Than let’s go there. She looks at him amused. Really?  He smile nodding and guide her ahead.



She was almost running when Maan have to hold her hand to stop Ger. Slow. Slow. We have a day remember?  She giggles softly and starts walking this time slow. As they went near waterfall Maan could see her eyes glittering with joy. She left his hand and stood under wetting herself and twirled around in happiness.  He just stood there and admire at her, she look so beautiful being happy.



After a long time both were sitting near the lake in silence enjoying the sweet weather. Maan stood up and gesture her also to stand.I want to ask something to you?  She smiles nodding her head. He holds her both hands and look in her eyes. Geet… will you marry me?  He asked so simply taking her breath away. She stood there too shocked not knowing what to do and say. The moment she feared to come has already come. How can he ask her this? Moving her hand from his she slowly moves back. Tears rolled down while she shakes her head looking down… geet. He tried to hold her shoulder but she shrugs it. No Maan. She whispered shakily and turns around  To leave but he hold her hand.



Just give me one good reason. She turns around and looks at him shock. There are many. How can he ask for one? Just one. She looks down removing her hand from his hold. He stood their looking at her not willing to move untilled she say yes to him.

After a long silence she look at him with her face full continuous tears and whispered painly. Maan. I’m married. He sighed and holds her shoulder making her look at him.

No you are not. I know everything geet. She looks at him shocked. He knows everything? But how?  Then it hit Ger. Yash, how can she forget he knows Yash and he must have told him. She looks down closing her eyes and again spoke up.



I’m not good for you. It made him giggle; you are the best for me. You proved it yesterday. She hated how he is having answer for her every reason. Why does he not understand this is he move forward holding her both shoulder, she was shaking by only crying, he move his one hand to her cheek to wipe her tears but she gently move his hand shaking Ger head. No. Please…



But he didn’t listen and again wipe her tears. She was feeling very week to stop him or say somewhere her heart was almost falling for him. Slowly cupping her face he looks in her eyes and say.Geet. I have promised myself to give you every happiness in your life. I want you with me all my life. Please don’t say no. She closed her eyes letting a small whimper come out. How can she say him? How could she make him understand?  She has no rights to be happy. Why does he have to make her so week with his touch? Why he have so much effect on her. Somewhere she wanted to drawn herself to all those sweet words which he has said. Because she trust him. She knows if he has said that than he will do it. But still there was some fear in her heart. Maan. What will people say? He smiles shaking his head. I never cared for people.



You have a family.



The family I have will always agree with my happiness. And who won’t are not my family. He was making her week more and more. His words were melting her heart deeply and deeply wanted to snuggle in his warm embrace. But the reality cannot split from her mind. She still tried to control her heart and hold his hands which were on her cheek. Please Maan.



I really love you geet. I have given my life to you, if you left me. I will die. Not wasting anytime she moves her fingers to his lips shaking her head. He smile kissing her fingers, and move close keeping his forbear to her, closing his eyes. She was still crying by her helpless form and holds his shirt feeling really week. Maan. A little moan escape from her lips moving close in his arms. He holds her snacking his arms around her waist rubbing her back. She holds his shirt and other hand went around his waist holding his shirt from back and kept crying.




After a long pause he says. Will you marry me Geet? She sniffs burring her face on his chest not having any ways, to convince him, and beside her herself was not in the position to fight. It’s not gonna be easy. She mumbled, I will be always with you. I promise. Sighing her both hands went to his waist while Maan remove her hair to one side kissing Ger shoulder making her shiver and glue herself in him more. He smiles caressing her hair. And move her back a little, she has stopped crying but still the sniffing was not stopped yet. He gently wipes her tears and moves his hand to his pocket taking a box outside. She saw the box but didn’t dare to look up at him. Slowly taking the beautiful ring he put it in her finger and cups her face. I love you. And now your are mine. With that he lean and kiss her forehead. Sure great don’t need any confirmation. He knew from before she is having affected by him but he also knows she will take ages to speak them.



Again bring her in his embrace he hold her close to him. Do you love me? She didn’t reply but hide her face in his neck, turning crimson red. Geet? He tried to move her to be able to see her face but she tightened her hold around his neck not wanting him to see her face. He smile and softly kiss her hair. She move close shying by his touch and hide herself in him. Maan. But she was unable to continue ahead. The feeling itself made her shiver and maan must have noticed it because he immediately say. Sshh, I got it. I love you too.  A smile crept on her face closing her eyes she rest in his arms feeling so special for the first time ever, having so much love, so much care from one person. It was a heaven for her. He move back cupping Ger face and say.




I will make sure you will see every happiness in your life. Tumara sapna, tumaari tamanna, har kwaahish Poori koruna geet. Tumhe had so khushiya dunga jiski tumhe tamanna hai. Moving close he softly kiss her cheek and turn to other kissing there, looking at her face he kiss her forehead promising her again and again.





Precap: happiness.


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One response to “TAMANNA

  1. Jyoti

    September 22, 2011 at 4:24 PM


    finally he proposed…loved his straightforward approach…

    now waiting to c happiness in their lives…


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