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she closes her mouth moving away and rests her head down panting. He move down and nibble her lower lip. Should cancel the lunch. She giggles with her close eyes and shake her head. I’m hungry. He smiles kissing her forehead.Let’s go before I loose myself completely. She smiles opening her eyes.






Both sat in car, Maan was driving and having glances of geet again and again who was looking out of window lost. She is being quiet and frustrated due to her own state. She was thinking about how things being good with her and bad as well. Now she is not feeling those pains like before but the effect of them is leaving her suffocated. Things being more difficult for her, and she know this is not a good sign. even though she is taking very good care of her, Maan trying his all levels to keep her happy, to give her all the things which she wants. Then why this? Why is she now being so difficult for him? She knows very well Maan could sense her week sense, her week eye side, but he never have doubted, or objected it. But she knows it.




The car stopped at the signal. Maan got a call from office so he got busy in it. She look ahead and rest her head back, was about to close her eyes when she saw someone standing little away from their car. He was looking at her. She frowned and move toward the window to be able to see the face, but couldn’t, her eyes become blurry due to focusing, she closed her eyes tight and again open them, he stood there looking at her. Who is he? She was about to call Maan when her eyes widened by his next act. he move his two finger toward his eyes and move it to her, as if saying my eyes on you with that he turn around and went away.  She gasped and looks at him horrified. Her heartbeat increased, what does he mean? Who is he? Why he did that? Is he the one who is sending those papers, those blank calls, the feeling she feels of someone stalking her? Is he the one? What does he wants?




Maan cut the call and turn to see her, but find her looking outside horrified. He frowned and looks at the direction but there was no one. Gently touching her shoulder. She turns to him, Maan, Maan woo, waha woo. She pointed out the window, but Maan was shocked to see her so scared. Geet there’s nothing over there.  He tried to make her calm down. Taking stress is not good for her. He was here… he… he… she didn’t listen to him and again turn to look outside, he turn her face toward him. Sweetheart there is nothing.




So you think I’m lying? She said furiously and looks outside again. he was there, he… he just… just… she inhaled not able to say another word and close her eyes putting her palms in her face bending down to decrease her rapid heartbeat. He was really scared by her behavior now, she is being behaving differently. He has to take her for checkup again. Gently pulling her by shoulder he keeps her in his embrace rubbing her back. I am with you. Nothing wrong will happen. She look up at him, feeling relax by his words. He smiles lightly kissing her forehead. I brought you here with me. Don’t you think you should only look at me?




She looks at him not knowing what to say and do? But she was sure she saw someone there. That cannot be illusion. He again fined he r lost. Cupping her face, he gently brushes his lipids with her. How can you think about someone else when I’m beside you? He smiles warmly making sure she also smile and she did. Very little but she did. Bringing her close he hold her shoulder & made her come near to him. She keeps her head on his shoulder tired of all the things going around. Where do you want to go after eating? She move away but still keeps her head on his shoulder when he started driving. Wherever you will take me. She would always demand of many places, but today she just said anywhere which is not she, he was really getting worried for her. Hmm. he thought of takinf her to tahe hospital after that.




After sometime they reached the place. Maan Hold her hand in his and take her to a private sofa, making her sit comfortably and say beside her. She tried to take the menu but he snatched it. It will be of my choice remembered? She twists her lips and look away. He smile and order the simple food for both of them. Maan why are you eating this, it’s for me only.




And I’m also part of you remember. She smile sweetly and keep her head on his chest. What will I do without you? He smile holding her waist and bring her close, holding her fingers her start to play with them. You shouldn’t be worry about that because I’m always going to be with you. Forever. She lovingly look at him while he was busy playing with her soft fingers, how much she may spend time with him, it always feels so little. She just wants to be with him all the while. Slowly she looks down at their finger, how softly he was caressing her tips, and feeling them.




Soon, again her eyes become blurry by looking down for little long, it irritate her. Why it is happening to her. Now even she couldn’t see anything. Frustrated by herself she jerks her hand away from him holding his waist. And move close to his reveling chest inhaling his scent. He frowned by her jerking away. Kya hua?




Kuch bhi to nahi. She replied coldly not wanting him to know the reason. He didn’t ask further just kept her close massaging her scalp making her calm down. She sighed and look up at him, he smile caressing her cheekbone with his thumb with other hand. Little later the food arrived. Let’s eat something. He said moving away and takes a spoon of soup feeding her. Both lovingly feed each others. Hmm, I Love It. He Smile Moving Close to Her Lips. Yes it Is good. She Giggle again kissing Him when a voice disturb them. Oh my god.  Wow.






Precap: uninvited guest. 


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  1. Snow Nest

    September 19, 2011 at 3:48 PM

    oh no Zoha who is this mystery man


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