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With so many thoughts she turns and went to her room still with her hand on Ger fuel feeling his touch. Sighing softly she lied down and closed her eyes only to see a Smiley form of Maan. Can a dream be more beautiful than this? 





Next morning Geet was in her deep sleep when her door bell start ringing continuously, she groaned frustrated knowing who exactly it will be, getting up from bed she open the main door only to find all set Maan standing at door with a huge bunch of flower and huge smile on his face wearing white shirt and black coat. Wakey angel. Its morning. He said cheerily and entered inside; she forgot all her frustration and smile at such a sweet gesture. I will be back. She metered her room and opens the cupboard to select a dress for her when she hears a voice. Not them today. She closes the door to find maan standing with a box in his hand.



A dress for a lady. He bowed down extending the box like a gentleman. She giggles taking the box and open it to find a beautiful while anarkali. Looking at Maan he gesture his watch and washroom she smile and went inside taking her dress.



Coming out all ready from her room she finds Maan sitting on sofa. Maan. He turns around and his mouth fell open, the world stopped to see an angelic beauty. She was truly looking like an angel.



 She came forward shyly and looks down. He smiles extending his hand and other hand move on his back. She holds his hand softly and both start walking outside.



Sitting in car he asked her. Today you will know how happiness, colors, fragrance feel like. She looks at him not knowing what to say to this person. He is changing her life without once asking her, he is doing all the things which she always has dreamt of.



After a long drive he stops his car somewhere and got out. Geet too got out and find him standing beside Ger. He holds her hand and drag Ger. She look at him walking a step ahead while dragging her, how can a person do so much for someone. He left all his works, home, family and here spending his day with her only you make her happy.



Once they reach the place she stopped on her spot and eyes got glued in the view. There was grass all overeat till her knees, different color of flower were there. Sunflower, rose, lotus and many more. There was a huge waterfall at very far and a beautiful rainbow which made the sight breathtaking. She stood there for so long that she also doesn’t know and admired the most beautiful sight in her life.



Looking down she find a beautiful pink rose beside her. Sitting on her knee she touches the soft Patel and a smile crept on her cheek, she move close and smelled it which was like heaven. She felt so fresh so beautifully. All the memories, all tension, the whole world went far behind and she could only see beauty, color, fragrance and it felt heaven. This all look so amazing. She lost herself in all the colors and sweet fragrance that almost forgot that she came with Maan.



It was not long when she felt a tiny drop on her cheek, touching it she look up at sky and tiny drops turn to little more and drops scrawls on her face. She close her eyes and open her arms twirling around feeling rain on her body for the first time in her life. She smiles widely with her close eyes feeling so beautiful with so much happiness. Maan was right, now she really came to know how it feel to be close to nature,  it was feeling so awesome, so secure, she felt like she is out of some cage and feeling the out world for the first time.




Maan stood little far letting her enjoy the way she want, he only admire her, she looks so happy, the glow the smile, he have seen it for the first time in his life. Someone being so happy with just little things. But this is not little for her,  of course it will be the most special things in her life and he have already made his mind to give her all the happiness in this day making it the most beautiful day of her life. The smile which is now in her face will always be there in her face. He will make her live her life like the way she always has dreamt of. And will make sure she will see all the happiness.







Precap: Maan confessing to Geet.

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Posted by on September 19, 2011 in ~TAMANNA~


One response to “TAMANNA

  1. Parri muskan

    September 20, 2011 at 11:34 PM

    Wow awsome update…!!
    U portrayz the picture of natural dream land with such a skill that it seems every thing is happening before our eyes….:))
    waiting 4 next with maan’s confession and geet’s reaction.


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