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One month passed. But the relation between maan and geet don’t change. Neither of them have once talked about each other’s even though were many time lost in each others. Maan would remember her beautiful face and especially her smile which bring a sweet smile on his face too.





Dev sat in office with maan finding the way to make his brother talk to geet. He not once have tried or even asked of geet. Than an idea cone to his mind. Dadi have their number. He can take geet number from there and make them talk. But what if he not talks to her. He thought for whole day than a brilliant idea popped in his mind.



Going home he immediately got their home number and talked to Sam.



When they went home he sat on living room beside maan and dial and number. Hey hi.


Sam: oh hi.


Dev: so. What’s up?


Sam: hmm. Aik minute.



Geet. Can you please attend this call? I have to go.


Dev smile and look at maan from corner of his eyes. Aahh, bro. Sam wants to talk to you.


He keeps the newspaper away and look at him curiously. Sam??  Dev smile and handed him the phone going away and stood behind the pillar. Sam went out standing outside the door.



Geet: hello.


Maan: hello


Both were confuse for some time and then speak in unison. 






A small smile crept on both of their faces understanding the teasing of Sam and dev.



Maan: how are you?


Geet: fine. And you?


Maan: hmm.


They remain quiet for sometime hearing the heavy breath of each others.


Geet: aap aayenge Karwa chauth main?
She herself doesn’t know why she asked this but really wanted him to come.


Maan: agar tum wrath Rakho. To.
He wanted to tease her to see what her true for is. What will she say?


Geet: itni jaldi main Kisi KO itni importance nahi deti.
A naughty smile lingered on her lips. He chuckled shaking his head.



Maan: acha? He whispered slowly. She smiles looking out of window. No matter how much she wants to hate him but the sweet voice of him make her think something else about himHmm. The only sound came from her mind. He smiles. How rude? She giggle softly resting her head on window, he just lost himself in her soft giggles, like a sweet rhythm. Dadi was asking me to bring something for you. What do you want?



Geet: nothing. She simply replied. Not even me? He asked with a mischievous smile.  This made her look down not knowing what she should say. Haan geet? He asked again hearing her rapid heartbeat.


Geet: main phone rakthi hu. He giggle by her shyness, she close her eyes biting her lip. Aise kaise?  Jawab to do?


I don’t know? She really didn’t know if she wants him to come or not. He smiles by her truth full nature. That’s what he likes about her. I will be coming for sure. He whispered softly making her shiver. Bye.




Maan: bye


He keeps the phone smiling. This girl is really mad. How can Dadi say her innocent? She is clearly avoiding and rejecting him again and again. But he reminded of his career and his smile vanishes. He is falling on these stupid things, and wasting his thoughts. This girl is really pushing him in unnecessary things.







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